Jah Bless drops 'Way Maker' video

HARARE – Zimdancehall artiste Tavonga “Jah Bless” Padoro has released a video of his reggae version of Way Maker, a song originally done by Nigerian star Osinachi “Sinach” Kalu.

Jah Bless, who launched the video at The Volt in Harare last weekend, said he decided to do a reggae version of Way Maker because he is a huge fan of the internationally-famous Nigerian musician.

“The video is meant to promote the song as well as to spread the gospel to all. I like the message on the song Way Maker and it is my desire that the same message will touch millions of people in the world,” he told the Daily News.

Sinach’s hit was released in 2015 and its official video has attracted more than 38 million views on YouTube.

The reggae version of the song Way Maker is part Jah Bless’ latest 21-track album titled King of Zimdancehall.

Other tracks on the bumper album are Tendai, Zimbabwe, MuChurch, Unondiitira Bhoo, Muripiko, Lemi Go, Boss Mhene, Tisu Taita Party, Hatitambe NeBabylon, Ndiwe Wandada, Nditori PamaOne, Chinhu Chedu, Runaway, Type Yekaruva, Ndinamatire, Ndini Kani, Smoke in the Air, Gangstarasta Party, Ndakagumbura Amai and $Dollar Sign.

Jah Bless said his latest album is meant to cater for diverse tastes as it contains party, street and lovers’ songs among others.

King of Zimdancehall is a follow up to his debut 12-track project titled Mr Entertainer which he released in 2015.

He said his music is unlike that most Zimdancehall artistes which is full of vulgar and pro-violence lyrics.

“I took my time in coming up with my albums. I am different from other Zimdancehall artistes who rush to release sub-standard albums in order to get performing contracts from the so-called music promoters.

“I am different from them in sense that I am not desperate to stage concerts but my concern is on producing masterpiece albums and I know good products tend to market themselves,” said the Redcliff-born artiste.