Zodwa coming after Mugabe's fall

HARARE – Controversial South African socialite Zodwa Wabantu, who abruptly called off her three-city tour of Zimbabwe early this month in fear of former president Robert Mugabe, is expected to finally make her first appearance in Harare at the Private Lounge on December 7 Thursday next week.

Zodwa will then make her second appearance at Club Connect in Bulawayo on 8 December.

The South African socialite has agreed to come to Zimbabwe following the resignation of Mugabe who was opposed to her short dress signature style.

The cocky Durbanite confirmed the two shows on her Instagram account.

“I am ready for Zimbabwe…22 December Maseru (Lesotho),” wrote Zodwa.

Soon after Mugabe resigned on November 21, Zodwa said the stumbling block to her tour of Zimbabwe had been removed.

“I am happy about the announcement (Mugabe’s resignation) and we are already planning to go to Zimbabwe. We are talking with our promoter to find dates and are in the process of coming up with something.

“I will be coming soon. I love all my fans there and they must celebrate as much as they want and uplift the country,” she was quoted as saying by South African papers.

Zodwa is returning to Zimbabwe courtesy of Devine Assignments which also organised her maiden appearance in Zimbabwe hosted by a packed Bulawayo’s Club Connect at the end of July.

Devine Assignments director Biggie Chinoperekwei told the Daily News yesterday that his organisation was looking forward to hosting the South African socialite whose controversial signature style splits opinion.

“Since she is the one who called off her tour early this month, we are more than happy and ready to host her,” said Chinoperekwei.

If Zodwa finally makes an appearance in Harare and Bulawayo as scheduled, it will put an end to one of the most controversial tours in recent memory.

Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa Wabantu

The socialite has twice postponed her tour at the eleventh hour.

In early September she called off her trip to Zimbabwe barely two days after the Board of Censors headed by ex-Education minister Aeneas Chigwedere had authorised her tour.

At the time, she attributed her decision to abort the Zimbabwean tour on former Studio 263 actress Anne Nhira who had earlier successfully appealed to government to stop the South African socialite from participating in the Harare International Carnival which ran in the capital city from September 2 to 10.

“I am not going to Zimbabwe, I won though. I can’t be in a country run by P**** @annenhira… South Africa, It’s home. We make friends with other nations” the Durban Socialite wrote on Instagram.

The September cancellation took many by surprise because Devine Assignments, just like this time around, had been given the necessary go-ahead by the Board of Censors.