Innscor, Cabs clinch top awards

HARARE – Innscor Africa was the overall listed companies winner of the Excellence in Corporate Governance Awards, while CABS was the overall banking sector winner.

The Deposit Protection Corporation was the winner of the State Enterprises and Parastatals Award.

Innscor was judged the overall winner for the second year running for the Best Corporate Governance Disclosures in the listed companies’ category. The first runner-up was NicozDiamond Insurance Company. Turnall Holdings was second-runner-up.

CABS was judged the overall winner for Banking Sector Corporate Governance Disclosures. FBC Bank was first runner-up, while NMB Bank was second runner-up.

The first runner-up in the State Enterprises and Parastatal Awards was Zesa Holdings. The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority was second runner-up. Merit Awards were given to ZimTrade and the Industrial Development Corporation of Zimbabwe.

The awards ceremony, which is held annually by the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators in Zimbabwe (ICSAZ), took place on Wednesday at the Harare International Conference Centre.

In the listed companies’ sub-categories, Bindura Nickel Corporation came first for Best Shareholder Treatment Disclosures. The first runner-up was Nicoz Diamond, while Innscor Africa was second runner-up. Merit awards were given to CBZ Holdings and RioZim.

Innscor Africa won the Best Stakeholder Practices and Sustainability Reporting award. Turnall Holdings came second and FBC Holdings third. Merit awards were given to Econet Wireless and Padenga Holdings.

NicozDiamond was winner of the Best Board Governance Practices Disclosures award, with Turnall Holdings coming second and Barclays Bank Zimbabwe coming third. Merit awards went to Axia Corporation and CBZ Holdings.

In the banking sector, CABS won all but one of the awards. It was first for Best Board Governance Practices Disclosures and Best Risk Management Disclosures, as well as winning the overall trophy.

First runner-up in the Best Board Governance Practices Disclosures was NMB Bank. FBC Bank was second runner-up. Merit awards went to CBZ Bank and MBCA Bank.