Businessman Mukandi murdered

HARARE – The State yesterday claimed that businessman Shingirayi Mukandi was murdered in a premeditated incident that was made to look like an accident, a Harare court heard.

Culpable homicide charges that were being levelled against Alfred Takudzwa Machipisa and his brother Fanwell Lloyd were altered to murder charges but their bail was not revoked.

Prosecutor Sabastian Mutizirwa said the development came as a result of further investigations that unearthed that the brothers had reportedly planned the event.

It has been established that there was a third party in the Isuzu KB 300 that reportedly caused the socialite's fatal accident. The third party had allegedly been protected from facing the charges and is currently in South Africa.

“Your worship the accused persons’ postponement is sought on that basis that we wish to amend the charges from culpable homicide to murder in light of new evidence,” Mutizirwa said.

“We actually discovered that the offence was planned and that there was a third person in the car that fateful day called Nathan Machipisa. At the moment State is recording statements and requires time to complete further investigations considering that a murder charge is a complex one.”

The duo’s lawyer had objected to the application saying the State had unfairly ambushed them with a new charge.

However, Harare magistrate Gideon Ruvetsa ruled that the accused persons had only been on remand for four months which is a reasonable time.

He allowed the case’s postponement to January 19 pending furnishing of a trial date.

Mutizirwa alleged that immediately after the accident, Machipisa who resides in Mt Pleasant approximately 100 metres from Mukandi’s house, reportedly drove his father’s accident-damaged Isuzu KB300 to Mabelreign Zambezi Flats where his brother Lloyd resides and hid the car there.

He later surrendered himself to the police following reports that they had been hunting for him.

At the time of his death, Mukandi was the executive director and head of operations for Freight World, a leading shipping, forwarding and customs clearing company.

He was well known for his love for motorbikes.

He was a victim of a hit and run incident as he approached his Mt Pleasant home. He died on the spot in July.

Mukandi was buried at Glenforest Memorial Park.