Tsvangirai battling 'aggressive cancer'

HARARE - A top aide of MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai has disclosed that the former prime minister is battling an aggressive tumour that could spread throughout his body.

It has been three weeks since Tsvangirai was discharged from a South African hospital after being airlifted from Harare following the sudden onset of severe vomiting.

The normally outspoken opposition leader has been uncharacteristically quiet ever since.

On Monday, an MDC lawmaker, Eddie Cross, said in a post that the former trade unionist was suffering from an aggressive form of colon cancer.

“He has been struggling with his treatment and the family is concerned that he might not handle the election and subsequently the responsibility of being president of a country in a deep crisis,” said Cross.

“After a lifetime of principled struggle, to have it all threatened by a disease in your body, is not fair . . . Life can be a bastard at times.”

While still on a prolonged medical sabbatical in South Africa, Tsvangirai assured Zimbabweans in a short interview with Studio 7 on Sunday that he would soon be back to “concretise” grand coalition talks.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka, told the Daily News yesterday: “He is fine and he is coming back this week. Zimbabweans heard him on Studio 7. Certainly, that was not the voice of a dying man. I spoke to him today, he is fine. He will be home. I’m not sure if honourable Cross has said that.”

Details about Tsvangirai’s current conditions remain sketchy, with only the leader revealing what he sees fit to disclose.

But leading doctors who treat various forms of cancer, including those in the colon area where Tsvangirai has been stricken, say aggressive cancer points to a new, potentially critical stage for the MDC president.

“He is confronted with a very fragile set of circumstances, one of great unpredictability if the tumour is aggressive,” said a Harare-based oncologist who declined to be named for professional reasons.

“There is a risk of another lesion developing elsewhere in his body, in a lung, or in the liver. That’s called metastasis.”

The surgeon said its difficult to give a proper prognosis in the absence of direct knowledge of Tsvangirai’s health.

Tsvangirai, a 65-year-old leftist firebrand opposition leader who has formed alliances with seven other opposition parties, has been a potent political force since he formed the MDC in 1999.

But since June last year, questions about his health have dominated political discussions in mineral-rich Zimbabwe.

That was when Tsvangirai announced that he was undergoing chemotherapy in South Africa.

The MDC president revealed in a recent Daily News interview that he had had 10 chemotherapy sessions.

He then pronounced himself that he was getting cured of cancer and resumed a hard-driving campaign to secure victory in next year’s presidential election, in which he faces a 93-year-old President Robert Mugabe.

Mugabe has said Tsvangirai should throw in the towel, claiming he has no hope of overcoming a “mammoth political party” like Zanu PF in next year’s harmonised elections and claims the bumper crowds at his presidential youth interface rallies left him “trembling”.

“It made not just the opposition tremble. Vakavamba vana Tsvangirai zvino kudedera nekumabvi uku, ndopakabva pavamba pasusukidza hurwere hwacho.

“Aiwa tinoti kandai chipfumo pasi hapana kwamunosvika. Zanu PF is the mammoth party of the country. Look at its history; takabva kupi?” Mugabe said in remarks that have provoked an angry reaction from the MDC.

Tsvangirai’s extended absence has raised questions about a possible successor to him. It is unclear who would succeed the former prime minister if he had to step down.

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It is important to know that colon cancer is a lifestyle disease mostly caused by eating the wrong kinds of food and lacking exercise, therefore, you can as well reverse the condition by reversing your lifestyle, that is starting to eat healthful food and eliminating meat, dairy products and processed food from your diet. It's not easy for many people to change their lifestyle just like that but it really works and there's a lot of proof of people reversing all sorts of different cancers. So I urge Tsvang to realize that chemotherapy, radiotherapy etc. are just ways of big pharma of making money...those tumours will melt away the moment you starting feeding your body what it needs and not the junk that most people eat on a daily basis. You can heal Mr Tsvang, it's time to find alternative remedy. If you read this or if anyone who is close to you reads this please take it seriously, zvaana chemotherapy zvinotowedzera cancer yacho and it's very expensive but according to stats most people who use chemo die within 5 years of treatment. The choice is yours. Wish you well you are a good person.

misty - 11 October 2017

@misty - that is sound informaton and good advice. Thanks Misty..

Will Blackman - 11 October 2017

Morgan Tsvangirai can not be described as a 'leftist"......... He is best described as a "Neo-liberal' and at best a "Reactionary". A leftist doesn''t agree with neo- imperialist and neo-colonialists to impose diabolic, satanic, deleterious, ruinous and racist economic sanctions against his own. Never, ever! The economy is afflicted with the satanic, deleterious sanctions as much as his affliction with cancerous body. By the time he recovers; our Motherland will be awash with balance of payment support from the Bretton Woods institutions.

ivhukuvanhu chete chete - 11 October 2017

ko kuenda kwamagaya or kwemukwasha wako java ari kusimudza zvirema wani mupfanha wake ndiprophet passion aaaaa vatsvangi aaaaaaaaaa

g40 - 11 October 2017

@misty kutaura kwausina kuswera wakaita oncology here ndimi muno rambidza vanhu kun wa maARV hudoctor wepasi pemuti

g40 - 11 October 2017

Mr Tsvangirai edzai kuenda kwa VaMagaya or Major 1,inopera cancer

Munhu VaMwari - 12 October 2017

@g40....you obviously want to start a war of words with me but I wouldn't want to stoop to your level. If by now you still don't know that most cancers are lifestyle diseases and are reversible by also reversing your lifestyle, that is eating healthfully and exercising and not by chemo then you are not worthy discussing anything with, you will realize when you have some kind of cancer yourself and won't be able to afford the conventional fake treatments that you are used to. I can clearly see from the name that you use to post that you are one of those people who never question things that are deemed normal but just don't make any sense. Your comment shouts how shallow and stiff necked you are.

misty - 12 October 2017

@misty it gives you some time but ur self medication u will die ur analysis works for one without cancer kwete wanayo uri dofo rakadzidza.if u have cancer ukasaenda kwamagaya ukufa ko founder weapple app

g40 - 12 October 2017

@g40...clearly you have no idea what you talking about, do you even know what causes colon cancer at all? The fact that you are talking about visiting magaya for cancer treatment proves just how gullible and uninformed you are. If you don't take care of yourself eating anything that you see you can end up having colon cancer my friend and it's got nothing to do with magaya or any so called prophets, that's not rocket science. Those people that call themselves politicians and prophets prey on people like you who always believe everything they are told even if it clearly doesn't make sense. When you treat cancer with radiation, chemo etc you are only trying to get rid of the symptoms so to say and not the disease itself that's why you realise that after some chemo sessions when you think the cancer is gone it appears somewhere once again, so that's why i was saying it has been proven that cancers like colon cancer can only be reversed by doing the opposite of what you were doing that caused it, that is, practising a healthy lifestyle (eating whole plant food, no processed food, no fast foods ).

misty - 12 October 2017

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