Mysterious donor rescues Tsvangirai

HARARE - Mystery surrounds MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai’s emergency trip to South Africa amid swirling speculation that President Robert Mugabe’s government paid for his chartered medical ambulance.

Highly-placed sources told the Daily News yesterday that government paid for Tsvangirai’s trip although it was not clear whether it had done so because of his status as former prime minister or it was a bail-out.
Tsvangirai has previously been assisted by Mugabe’s government to foot his medical bills in South Africa where he has been undergoing chemotherapy for the cancer of colon which he publicly disclosed last year.

Mugabe’s Cabinet gave $70 000 to Tsvangirai to foot his medical bills.
While former presidents and vice presidents are entitled to all the benefits accorded to sitting president and vice presidents — including pensions and holiday allowances — there is no specific mention of the prime minister.

Tsvangirai still lives in a government house that was bought for him when he was still prime minister during the inclusive government era and has had to fend off attempts by Zanu PF hawks to have him evicted.
Sources insisted yesterday that it was government which had received an order from the “top” to charter a plane for the MDC president.

They said Tsvangirai was flown to South Africa around 2:00am with the help of one of Mugabe’s relatives with an aviation background.
The MDC leader allegedly used a plane that was being flown by a friend of this Mugabe relative who had just flown some businessman to Harare from Chiredzi.

Tsvangirai — who has been picked to represent Zimbabwe’s opposition alliance in the presidential election expected early next year, his fourth time as a presidential candidate — was rushed to the Harare International Airport in an ambulance, before boarding a private plane to neighbouring South Africa early on Friday morning.
He was said to be on a stretcher bed when he was taken onto the private plane.

The social democrat, who has dominated Zimbabwean opposition politics since the formation of the MDC in 1999, was first diagnosed with cancer of the colon in June last year and has been undergoing treatment in South Africa.
Tsvangirai — who was Zimbabwe’s prime minister in an uneasy coalition government with the 93-year-old Mugabe from 2009 until 2013 — has said after repeated cycles of treatment, he was fully fit at a crucial time when his health is the main wild card before the crucial 2018 presidential vote.

Transport minister Joram Gumbo told the Daily News that Tsvangirai’s private jet was allowed to ferry him from the Harare International Airport as government had a special waiver for smaller aircrafts in emergency medical situations.
“There is a facility at the airport that caters for medical emergencies, but I am not sure who facilitated it (Tsvangirai’s trip),” Gumbo said yesterday.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka, said he could not disclose the source of funding for his boss.
“We cannot get into that… this is not the first time he has travelled to South Africa. If you believe that he was given assistance by government then you can believe anything.

“This morning, he was in high spirits, they are some people who want to cause despondency and make their own statements,” said Tamborinyoka.
Yesterday, Tamborinyoka said Tsvangirai was in a stable condition.

A senior MDC official who asked not to be named said although the party had received some funding from government it is still broke and could not afford to hire a plane at short notice for its leader.
However, MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu said although they have resource constraints they did everything to ensure that he travelled to South Africa, adding that they had received funds under the Political Parties Finance Act.

“Our president is well-catered for by the party and we facilitated his travel, he is our leader. We received some money a few weeks ago, yes. But I am not at liberty to disclose how much exactly we received from Treasury,” said Gutu.
Under the Political Parties Finance Act, any political party that secures at least five percent of the total votes cast is entitled to receive funding from Treasury.

Currently, only Zanu PF and the MDC are recipients of the funding.
The MDC is currently drowning in debt and recently had its property attached over a $108 000 debt owed to former employees.

The property was saved from going under the hammer after the High Court stayed the auction.

    Comments (17)

    Those fellows in MDC are now broke and yes we need to unmask the sponsor and if it is the gvt or our President thumbs up for that but we need to wish the best and speed recovery to the man who may remain a perpetual opponent to the frail Leader of the country.

    eliasha - 19 September 2017

    Gushungo vanobatsira hama weee!!! Gushungo havana hutsinye nemunhu, tatenda Gushungo!!!!!

    Edza - 19 September 2017

    So the MDC won't disclose to the public where and who is funding this trip? I guess the rationale is that the public is too stupid and doesn't deserve to know. Well my question is how is this different from Zanu-PF? Will there be in difference if MDC was to run the show? I think not!

    Themba Watungwa - 19 September 2017

    So the MDC-tsvangirai is an accomplice in sharing the loot being extorted fr public confers by the use of an ill-crafted & unacceptable rule or act of parliament crafted by zanu pf gvt merely intended to grab public funds to finance projects of political parties which are basically private organisations mainly intended to benefit the hierach of the parties in question! Aaaaa! So the MDC-T are thieves too.Why did they choose to share the loot fr the suffering pubilc. Zanu pf built their headquarters fr this same loot-whichz unpopular with the general public-save only when manipulated by their dishonest parliamentarians fr political parties.In a nation wide referandum the evil act will not survive bec itz not agreable

    addmore gudo - 19 September 2017

    The act was a mere attempt to legalize theft by unscruppulous politicians & parliamentarians of the same political party in power; only now in control of these public institutions which might b reversed when their time is up,& could be called for a political interrogation in later years

    addmore gudo - 19 September 2017

    Top officials in Zanu and Gvt including Mugabe know that its only Tsvangirai who lead this country after Mugabe's demise. so taking care of his medical bills and accommodation is a way of ensuring that hope of revival

    mangena - 19 September 2017

    What is the intended purpose of your post?

    Christ In Me - 19 September 2017

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with Government footing the Mr. Tsvangirai's medical air ambulance bill. If the President authorised that, then kudos to him. I would have done the same if i were the President. Any official opposition leader's health is of great importance to the country, just like the Ministers. Remember this is tax payer money managed by government.

    Jennings Rukani - 19 September 2017


    Vharazipi - 20 September 2017

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    kamba - 20 September 2017

    whilst there is really nothing wrong with helping each other, in fact we should applaud it, i have a problem with us rushing to other nations for medical help. honestly having to charter a plane to go to our neighbour. health is a crucial matter, can we not as zimbabweans work on our health sector. nothing hinders us, we have the human capacity. wealthy pple, can we not also pump money into our healthy sector. where is our pride as a people that an emergency health scare we charter a plane. all that plane money could have been channelled to our health sector. hazvidadise kunorapwa kune dzimwe nyika mufunge. zvinoshoresa zvakanyanya.

    kelly - 20 September 2017

    If MDC needs my vote next year they must disclose who sponsored the airlift and medicals.

    sinyo - 20 September 2017

    In politics there is no enmity as we supporters think. God bless Mugabe for helping his mate.

    Hatso - 22 September 2017

    In politics there is no enmity as we supporters think. God bless Mugabe for helping his mate.

    Hatso - 22 September 2017

    To add, what some Zimbabweans doesnt know is that Mai Mugabe and Tsvangirai ndivana hommie, road inoshandishwa namai kuenda kumusha kwavo buhera from the highway branching off Chivhu-Murambinda ndeimwe chete. inoshandiswa naSave.

    Hatso - 22 September 2017

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    Bursa - 26 September 2017

    Guys are focusing on the wrong things,lets discus the economy and what to do .We all know Save holds the key to the countrys economomy whether you want it or not.Remember waht he said after the elections were rigged.You can rig andn election but you acn not rig an economy and here we are challenge him if you can.Save has not been slipping he might not have a PHD but his leutanants are powerful.Biti came back to the party on coalition because he realised that Save dull as people might think is a genious by the way he has maintabed the party,khupe was getting lost but look at save s wisdom he brought him and asked her to lead in his absence.

    chitayitayi - 26 September 2017

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