Grace savages Gen Chiwenga

HARARE - First Lady Grace Mugabe alleged yesterday that commander of the defence forces General Constantino Chiwenga had falsely claimed that President Robert Mugabe wanted sacked former Cabinet minister Christopher Mutsvangwa to lead war veterans, when it was his own decision to impose Mutsvangwa for unknown reasons.

Speaking at the youth interface rally held in Bindura, Grace also said Mutsvangwa and his colleagues in the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) deserved to be sacked from Zanu PF because they had become a problem.

But it was her claim that Chiwenga had handpicked Mutsvangwa to lead the war vets under the pretext that he had been sent by Mugabe which stunned the gathered crowd.

“I want to tell you the truth about Mutsvangwa. He was not elected. We are constantly being intimidated and threatened by Mutsvangwa that Mnangagwa has the support of the army.

“Mutsvangwa akanotorwa uko naChiwenga akanzi president ndovarikuda iwewe (Mutsvangwa was brought by Chiwenga and told that the president wants you to lead the war veterans).

“President havana kumbobvira vadaro (the president never said that). President is a very democratic person,” Grace said.

“So, Mutsvangwa deserved to go. He deserved to leave this party. Nekuti iny’any’a (he is troublesome). Haana kukwana (He is not normal). Pasi naye (down with him),” she added.

Mutsvangwa said he had no time to respond to Grace’s accusations.

“I am a revolutionary. I don’t comment on hyperactive nonentities. The man who mattered most, the president, dispensed with frivolities and made quite a refreshing speech today (yesterday) in Bindura when he talked about real challenges that we face in building the modern statecraft,” he said.

“He (Mugabe) also focussed on the collective national sacrifice for the independence of the country ... I played my modest part in that with so many youths of that epochal 1975/6 Samora Machel-Soweto Generation.

“G40 blabber mouths have been on a screech for too long. I hope after the Bindura interface rally they change tact,” the garrulous Mutsvangwa added.

Although Chiwenga stands accused of backing Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa in the Zanu PF succession wars, he has publicly distanced himself from the former liberation’s movement’s ructions.

Ruling party insiders say Grace is backing the Generation 40 faction which is fiercely opposed to Mnangagwa succeeding Mugabe.

Speaking in June, Chiwenga labelled one of the alleged kingpins of the G40, Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo as enemy of the State — after the Tsholotsho North legislator appeared to slam the Command Agriculture programme, a government-backed food security initiative which involves the military among other players.

Chiwenga issued a lengthy statement in the State-run Herald newspaper, in comments which attracted sharp criticism from opposition political parties.

Chiwenga justified what was interpreted as encroachment into civilian matters by saying food security was one of the pillars of national security, adding that an attack on the programme was an attack on the economy.

“When you attack the economy you become the enemy of the State ... This guy (Moyo) who is vomiting that nonsense, didn’t he get support from Command Agriculture.

“He has some other forces behind him? Hasn’t he written books that he is going to destroy Zanu PF from within? We read. We are all educated. We read. He has said that.

“Everyone must see. He rebelled before. Not once. He rebelled when we were in the struggle, he ran away. When he ran away he did all his nonsense . . .

“And in his book, when he was teaching, his commentary on why he went to America — we know. When he left and went independent, was he repentant?

“And we know now that the tweeting is coming from Baba Jukwa and company, we know that. But I think he has got to where we wanted him to. Let me leave it at that,” Chiwenga thundered then.

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NgesiZulu bathi u Gilesi Ukwele waze wazehlela ku Mnangagwa izolo e Bindura kkkkkkkk no one can say nyo to GRACE PASSO SKELEM KKKKKK

Diibulaanyika - 10 September 2017

Grace obviously has no respect for her husband and anybody in this country. When you do not respect the citizens what respect do you expect from those citizens?Respect is earned not demanded

sarah mahoka - 10 September 2017

Mugabe na Gire, recently the press yakambokuisayi pa tight netunyaya twevana nokurova ma gilrfriends avo. Zvikakonzera mhirizhonga nenyadzi dzekutowona mukadzi mukuru wozvipfigira mumba. SHAME! Dai Munangagwa akatisiya, iwe na Mugabe, maizotaura here zvamakuita izvi. You would be the first kunochema kwa Munangagwa, uku Mugabe prepare a 7 hour burial speech, with a finger pointing at the West for his death. Yes blaming the West for bad economy, blame Mandela, blame everyone else except himself. SERIOUSLY, blame the West for Tongogara, Chitepo, Zororo, Rashiwe, 20000 innocent Matebeles, and thousands of MDC supporters. SERIOUSLY, apa waakuda kuti vanhu vafunge kuti Moyo Jonso anechekuita ne tsaona yakapinda Munangagwa. YES, now pointing a finger at Moyo, KO IWE URI PAPI nezvirikutaurwa na Gire. Handiti Gire abuda pachena kuti ndiye ane versus na Munangagwa. SAKA MUROYI NDIANI??

Will Blackman - 10 September 2017

Mutsvangwa ,you will be a pathetic fool to think that Mugabe will like you for speaking good about him and despising his wife at the same time.You know how bad he is but somehow you tend to think that if you keep on having a soft spot for him he might remember you one day and take you aboard.You have to be in good books with his young wife for you to get any favours from the old dicator.Shame!

Janana wa Bikaz - 11 September 2017

The only person who went to war who is respected by Grace is her husband. And it doesn't need rocket science to figure out why. Without him she is ZERO!!

Jonso - 11 September 2017

Gire wenyu uyu veduwee. Tichaonerera gwendo gwuno.

Pisirayi - 11 September 2017


nutty dreadlock - 11 September 2017

What are behaviour antics of a First Lady?

Mukanya - 11 September 2017

Factional fighting in ZANU PF may be good for that party, MDC Alliance etc and the generality of the populace in that there is greater choice in determining future leader. However, this can only happen if everyone sticks to the democratic principles that we all cherish; one-man-one vote without the ugly face inter/intra violence. ( obliviously, factional fighting in the opposition is self-defeating!! ) Everyone agrees that Zimbabwe's economy is a shambles and wants that bettered. So why not everyone grab this chance and use that power to make a change for, at least the future generation? Of course most rural voters are easily intimidated and believe that ZANU PF can tell which party one voted for. Voter education should reallly target these..ZANU PF cant tell...unless propbably if they are withes and you believe that hogwash ; Mugabe has distanced himself and ZANU PF from withcraft. This fear in the electorate ( mostly in rural areas ) is the biggest threat to efforts to usher in a new political and economic dispensation in Zimbabwe in 2018; next, that is, to a divided opposition.

Maxwell Maenzanise - 11 September 2017

The worst disaster that can ever befall a nation is having a first lady who does not know when not to pick up unnecessary fights with people. Normal people will never clap their hands in appreciation of the Gire nonsense mistaken for news. Zimbabweans are not fools and they are attending these rallies, if not force marched to see for themselves this circus to really believe it. It is stupidity to believe that general populace is in agreement with this hogwash. Nguva ichakwana veduwe, Kana mudzimai waMao Tse Tung akambopinimidza wani asi hazvina kwazvakaenda,

Ngazvirehwe SezvaZviri - 11 September 2017

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menkaiimessor - 12 September 2017

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Grace Jones - 13 September 2017

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