Mugabe's sons returning home

HARARE – The First Family is working towards bringing back home — for good — Robert Junior and Chatunga Bellarmine, who are currently based in neighbouring South Africa, the Daily News can exclusively report.

Robert Jnr and Chatunga have been a thorn in the backside for the first family because of their waywardness, and indulgent lifestyles.

They are both infamously known for their extravagant lifestyles, hanging out with stylish girls and wild drinking binges.

President Robert Mugabe’s sons relocated to Johannesburg, the commercial capital city of South Africa, at the beginning of the year after running into discipline problems involving brawls and abuse of banned substances.

The older Robert Junior was previously based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates where the Mugabes frequented in a futile bid to restrain him.

Chatunga Bellarmine had been staying in Zimbabwe.

Given the wave of crime in South Africa, and the negative attention they have courted, the first family now fear for Chatunga and Robert Jnr’s safety such that they are considering moving them back to Zimbabwe.

Mugabe has confided in his inner circle that the boys’ wayward behaviour was causing him sleepless nights, adding that he feared their security risk was high.

The rebellious children lead a wild partying lifestyle, which badly exposes them to South Africa’s rampant crime society.

Mugabe’s concerns come amid an incident, which has attracted global attention whereby First Lady Grace Mugabe reportedly violently assaulted a 20-year-old woman, Gabriella Engels, whom she found in a hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg in the company of her volatile sons.

The boys have apparently been staying at the hotel since last month after they were evicted from a luxurious apartment Sandton — home to South Africa’s wealthiest people — following a violent brawl that left one security officer at the place severely injured.

Grace has since landed herself in trouble with the law in South Africa, where she is battling to avoid prosecution for assault and has since invoked diplomatic immunity which, however, South African authorities are fiercely contesting.

The incident could trigger a diplomatic stand-off between Harare and Pretoria.

Impeccable sources told the Daily News yesterday that Mugabe told his inner circle that he was travelling to Pretoria to attend the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) heads of State summit, two days ahead of schedule, to try and secure his wife’s freedom as well as make arrangements to bring back to Zimbabwe his sons.

Mugabe flew to Pretoria late on Wednesday afternoon despite the fact that the summit only kicks off today.

Grace had hurried to the Rainbow Nation to follow up on the boys after contact with them was lost between Thursday and Friday last week, heightening security fears.

This was contrary to the earlier statement which Mugabe gave at a rally in Gwanda where he claimed Grace had travelled to that country to seek medical attention for her ankle which she claims was caused in a freak accident at the Harare International Airport last month.

“He expressed deep concern over the behaviour of the boys. He told us that he was going there ahead of the Sadc summit schedule to attend to the incident involving the first lady as well as to arrange for the boys’ repatriation,” said a Cabinet minister who cannot be named.

“It is clear that he is worried about their safety given the high crime rate in that country,” the minister added.

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ndonyanya, mharapatsetse, masekausavi, mabvumbura, zvisakuramabwe zvekupedzisira izvi. ukaona joza yoramba ziva kuti hapana kumwezve kuchaita. vane shave rekuvhima regai vadzokere kumusha. this goes on to show that they inherited the genes eurombe kuvabereki vapanyika urombo.

mukovhe wa tshilidzi - 18 August 2017

book them in gonarezhou or hwange national park!

SaManyika Chaiye - 18 August 2017

'...marokwe dambu dambu shuwa ere wana wakatarisa, chidzidzoyiko chawachadzidza kubva kweuri, pawanozodaro zvozni wana awa wafana dziiiinza, tese tichati kudiiko nazvooo, wanambhuya wachati kudiiko, diiiko nhaaayi....'

SaManyika Chaiye - 18 August 2017

If you want to understand the boys' behaviour look closely and analyse their mother speaking. kana DHOTI rechidembo rinosara pasi kunhuwa. Makavi anobva kumasuviro. I hate Robert for condoning corruption to the extent of killing our country but I should admit I admire his behaviour which he exhibits in public. His genes are completely missing in his sons.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 18 August 2017

kuti vana vake here?

anti-zanu,-bhobho-girepfambi - 18 August 2017

'Akadzipwa neganda remhuru' This idiom has a strong message to Mugabe. He can use force to control 14 million people in Zim but can't control 2 young boys. Well-done boys for causing and threatening to kill your own satanic parents from heart attack and free the beloved nation. I have some good sniffing stuff called 'father&mother heart attack killer'. If you boys smoke that one and your parents see you high on it, they will suffer heart attack immediately and Zimbabwe will never be a colony of Mugabe and Grace again. Contact me Chatunga on, zizi@uraya_mai\nababa\heartattack.dictactors

Ziziharinanyanga - 18 August 2017

Good move that will save taxpayers a lot of sweat earned and hard to come by money. They were being supported by the State.

zuze - 18 August 2017

Zimbabweans w ereat a point asked to saytheir opinions on a subject at twitter. I got finished beyond repair when many, instead of saying out their views, they twitted to say they are scared. Such is the degree of fear Robert hads instilled in people. But if anyone haas at least a primary school education it shouldbe a different case. So where is the problem ? Maduche akaindakuzvikoro nemaUniversities anofunga kuti the days of mana from heaven are still around on this earth. Best wishes to you all idiots who have fear for Mugabe`s dynastty willbe be garanteed for you and your posterity - you swines !

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 18 August 2017

Keep watching the news guys they will soon be heading to University of Zimbabwe for a Doctorate.

Slim Cat - 18 August 2017

Between Mrs Mugabe and her sons, they are a 3-person crime wave!! How dare they behave like this in a foreign country? Who do they think they are? They deserve to face the full force of the law.

Mugabeisadomkop - 18 August 2017

Please South Africa, keep them! And, if you don't mind, keep her too.

david taylor - 19 August 2017

Mugabe chiwona mhepo dzawakabatana nadzo. You are too old, you don,t have "energy" yokupingudza. Gire watadza, and these boys will be running circles around you. They have a wild streak and back home they can only associate ne Chipangano kune vaye vawakamboti "havana mutupo" like ana Jukwa. A suitable destination for the boys right now would be Malawi!!

Will Blackman - 19 August 2017

Vanhu vese kuna Amai Doctor Grace Mugabe

Youth InterFace - 19 August 2017

Zvaiwana ngwarati. I wish the two boys can carry on in the fast lane of self destruction, maybe they will be buried at the National Heroes Acres of kwa Zvimba depending on the ZANU PF politiburo. Mwari ndowe munhu wese and anorangira pano pasi. Isu vana vepovo we are enjoying this live drama

zano - 21 August 2017

we stopped sending me news l do know why

Douglas Gama - 24 August 2017

This is brilliant. Karma has begun to work its magic. You can't mess with the Universe for too long before it comes back at you. Let them carry on and it will only multiply their future bad fortune. What goes around sure does come around.

Patricia Murray - 24 August 2017

When you have bad genetics from the mother and father. You produce demented, brainless, beast. The apple does not fall far from the tree. And in this case the apples have rotten, just as the tree they are from is lacking in proper care. So you produce bad, worthless fruit. And in this case poison fruit. Just as the parents are. Poison.

Piankhi - 31 August 2017

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