First lady hammers Mahofa

HARARE - First Lady Grace Mugabe sledged Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister Shuvai Mahofa for failing to acknowledge her while chanting the Zanu PF slogan and failing to display party regalia during a women’s league national assembly meeting last Thursday.

The party’s new regalia, unveiled at the Masvingo annual conference in December, was designed by Grace and includes the president’s face and also captures Zanu PF’s much-hyped economic blueprint Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (ZimAsset)’s clusters, among them, infrastructure development.

Mahofa, a ruling party politburo member, was covering the party regalia in a black jacket, did not mention the name of Mugabe’s wife as she was sloganeering, and did not use the honorific plural Va as a prefix when he referred to President Robert Mugabe.

Mahofa said: “Pamberi naMugabe! Pamberi neZanu PF! Pasi neMDC.”

All women who chanted the slogan before Mahofa said: Pamberi naVaMugabe, Pamberi naDr Grace Mugabe . . .”

This did not go down well with Grace, who went for Mahofa hammer and tongs, claiming there were women who were working with rival party bigwigs to stampede Mugabe out of power.

She cited an unnamed South Africa-based woman she claimed was splashing money among women’s league members, urging them to dump Mugabe.

“But it doesn’t make sense at all. That is stupidity,” fumed Grace.

“That is ignorance because the first lady is here. Let me tell you, even if you make a slogan and . . . if you do a slogan omitting me, it’s useless because I am still your president’s wife.

“I am not worried if you make slogans. It doesn’t bother me. I am still the first lady. It will never change the status quo. Don’t worry yourself ladies. I am here as . . . Mugabe’s wife, period!

That is the reality. I have been watching people making slogans, leaving me.

Oh, my God, sorry. I feel sorry for you. Women make slogans leaving me out yet I am the one who put you in that position.

“It’s not right to do that. If you are not wearing the party uniform, I will ask you why you are not wearing one and I will tell you there and then. If you hate me because I have told you the truth, don’t come to me when things go wrong. Don’t pretend to support me thinking that you now have a position, you don’t need me anymore.”

Contacted for comment on Grace’s allegations, Mahofa declined to entertain discussions around the issue, saying: “Ah! ah! ah! I don’t want to talk about that.”

Mahofa is a key ally of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa while Grace is believed to be backing the G40 faction that is rabidly to the Midlands godfather’s mooted presidential ambitions.

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You build a brand name building respecting rights of stakeholders Grace than to abuse them. Drivers of your brand name can be far better if you change approach and be seen by Zimbabweans as a good mother and not like your husband. Shame on you.

Ziziharinanyanga - 1 August 2017

Mahofa chikorobho chaBob, zvakangofanana naMnangagwa. Worseso Edison Zvobgo who paved the wayfor Mugabe to be life president - I mean Zvobgo the self -styling Havard graduate who wasso damn stupid to see beyond his eyelids. Mnangagwa got used by Bob for his lifetime , again another idiot who could not read Mugabe for his lifetime. Now sasikamu raMugabe Grace rave kuita madiro nazvo zvituta izvi.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 1 August 2017

Ha ha ha haaaaaa kuseka zvangu. Grace huratidza kusvotwa kwehupwere chaiko!

Dakarai - 1 August 2017

You cringe when this woman speaks. I guess if one is audacious enough to confer a PhD on herself, nothing else should surprise us.

zuze - 1 August 2017

hmmm Masamba pana Edson Zvobgo wanyepa. taura zvimwe.

Sekuru gudo - 1 August 2017

I agree with Masamba actually, all the so called Zanu PF stallwarts who allowed Mugabe to have his way are to blame, I really wonder why they want us to fear them when they are certainly castrated by Bob, vana mainini chaivo. Margret Dongo was right after all.

True Citizen - 2 August 2017

Hure harina kukwana iri. How can we ever progress with neanderthals like these running things? She's unpolished, she's immature. I wonder where Bob found her? Wait, don't answer that.

Moe Syslack - 2 August 2017

Musatutumidza Grace, This whore has put us in a possible civil war. The first foot soldiers are your green bomber and Chipanga youths children.Can Sekeramayi control masoja ikaita hovhio? Your Grace ndiye wakatanga zvese Hure Mhunza musha

grace jones - 3 August 2017

to be honest not even a single zimbabwean likes grace and chipanga i feel pity for them for judgement day is coming

ty - 4 August 2017

Apa ndipo Mwari akaratidza simba raakapa mukadzi kuti ingozi chaiyo. Chokwadi Mugabe nenjere dzake dzose makore ese aya aripanyanga panorura zvikara kudaro nhasi otisiya takangoringa hure richiwawata richiita muzerere yarinoda nenyika yakadeutsa ropa revanhu tikaitamburira kudaro kuti idzoke kuvapambepfumi? Chii chatibata tese tese kuti tirambe takangotarisa benzi richipisa misha yedu masikati machena?

African Renaissance - 4 August 2017

Mrs Mygabe is now by each day which passses increasingly turning an idiot! Why obsessed by such things as being mentioned in a slogan-she is turning an astronomical fool.Whatz the relevance of Mugabe being addressed as VA.Does she think her & her husband are the king & the queen of this country-she is continuously turning idiot,one who has worked for the distruction of their party & will eventually do a blow to the nation if she remained unrestrained

addmore gudo - 5 August 2017

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