Mutasa endorses Tsvangirai

HARARE - Despite angling to mend relations with President Robert Mugabe and possibly return to Zanu PF, Didymus Mutasa still has a lot to say about the mooted grand coalition.

The veteran Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) elder has, not for the first time, put his full weight behind MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai in his bid to lead the proposed electoral alliance.

Mutasa told the Daily News in an exclusive interview that Tsvangirai must be given an opportunity to “complete the project he started” and was deserving of leading the coalition.

“The confusion that is going on about the leadership of the coalition shows that all these people who purport to be in the opposition ranks are not ready to take Mugabe head-on except for Tsvangirai, the only one I respect because of the effort he has been putting since he launched his political career several years back.

“People should thus be humble to say let’s help Tsvangirai complete this project he started not to say he is not capable of leading a coalition when it’s him who started the whole thing.

“That is why some of us will always say if we want to get there as a country, Tsvangirai should be left to do things that he knows best not to say he must now take a back seat when he is the one who has a proven track record,” said Mutasa.

Mutasa said former Vice President Joice Mujuru must be prepared to accept that Tsvangirai is more acceptable to the people.

“I regret that I supported her even when Mugabe himself did not because when I asked him why he was seemingly taking (Emmerson) Mnangagwa’s side in 2014, he said he did not think that she had capacity and now with the benefit of hindsight, I think the old man was right after all.

“To be quite honest, it was I who drew Mai Mujuru closer to Tsvangirai and I went personally to him and told him that we wanted to work together.

“When I came back, I briefed Mujuru and Gumbo that Tsvangirai had expressed his happiness and willingness to work with us but I realised she was not keen and that is when I began to question her integrity to say how does this woman deny such a fact that Tsvangirai is the real opposition deal as if us who were working with her have shut minds,” added Mutasa.

He warned opposition leaders that “when there are others who have joined the opposition ranks saying they want to go it alone, people like Nkosana Moyo have spoiled the game for others.”

“When you do it as a coalition, you field a single presidential candidate to avoid vote splitting but the moment there is more than one, it becomes difficult,” warned Mutasa.

The proposed coalition has hit headwinds as opposition leaders haggle over who should lead the electoral alliance.

Mujuru, on numerous occasions has punted herself to lead the coalition while on the other hand, Tsvangirai has acted in a manner that suggests him and the MDC hold sway to who should be in the alliance.

The announcement by the former Industry and International Trade minister that he would be contesting in the 2018 elections as one of the presidential candidates has further complicated matters for the opposition.

Analysts have consistently said a united opposition stands a chance of finally defeating Mugabe and Zanu PF in the eagerly-anticipated polls.

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Sekuru shumba vanoziva he is a true son of the soil...sekuru vamutasa mabaya dede nemukanwa maro very good speech.

Dofo - 20 July 2017

Mutasa now sees the light

Chemical Solution - 20 July 2017

This is a factual interpretation of the political environment by sekuru Mutasa.Anyone challenging this interpretation is basically focusing on personal enlargement at the expense of the suffering masses. Reality will tell us that in political contestation,numbers are pivotal and therefore any with a realistic chance of winning should naturally lead the coalition

Majorzib - 20 July 2017


Wezhas - 20 July 2017

tsvangira and mujur families have been close since rex was alive . when tsvangirai was arrested and bashed rex nhongo is the one who pleaded with mugabe to release him from jail. dhidhimasi nyarara

chatunga - 21 July 2017

Cde Dhiziri seems to have seen some light! At least some glimmer of HOPE for muzukuru Dofo, Chikala et al.. Its scary for 3 blind people playing MERRY-Go-Round!!

Will Blackman - 21 July 2017

we don't need your endorsement didi. gara nayo you are not the one who gave morgan the fame that he has saka dzokera kuzanu murugare.

josphat mugadzaweta - 21 July 2017

Mutasa is a foolish person.Democracy is not about personalities,it is not Tsvangirai who started this war of democracy in zimbabwe,Tekere also did it in the late 1980s with his super zanu & later zum in the late 1980s be4 the launch of this MDC in 1999 & collapsed only bec of lack of finance.Do u know why Tsvangirai remained to this day-had the finance of the whiteman at his back;well that was good!.Tsvangirai only happens to b the first frontman but it wasn't his idea fr day one-men& women like Gibson sibanda,Wellman Ncube,Presilla Misihairabwe were some of the brains behind,with the stamina of the workers' union mobilisation(the ZCTU) the movement of the MDC was born not for Tsvangirai,but first for coalition of democrats who intended to b fire to engulf the whole nation& embracing every one who wanted to usher this nation into democratic dispensation,no one said it was intended to b Tsvangira's movement,itz only unfortunate that the same movement is now struggling with Tsvangirai autocracy.They now can't make clear decisions bec of the Tsvangirai hegemony & complete their struggle as a coalition bec the movement/the struggle is now said to belong to Tsvangirai.The mvt in the first day intended to embrace every one who intends to fight for democracy including madam Mujuru,& even president Mugabe if only they repent to embrace democratic fight.Term limits were set for n front man & Tsvangirai manipulated it & tempered with that clause inorder to rule forever,what hope do we have fr such elements,once they reach state,they definately will temper with the constitution inorder to remain.Itz not abt Tsvangirai ,he has already done his part& history will not forget him.Lets move forward we are many itz not only Tsvangirai-lets only remain united & put capacity& talent at the front seat.People will always b mobilised towards a genuine cause

addmore gudo - 21 July 2017

Anything Mujuru touches turns to dust. Danger! Keep Away!! This woman is poison!!

Jonso - 1 August 2017

Politicians resemble the chicken and egg puzzle, only theirs is the politics and ego puzzle. What comes first- does a big ego cause one to become a politician or does being a politician cause one to develop a big ego? Some People like Dabengwa and Makoni are so full of themselves they would rather let Mugabe continue to desecrate Zimbabwe than their names not be ulogised .This is not surprising since they split the opposition vote before. Fellow Zimbabweans let us not allow them to repeat this treachery. This time around Mugabe, Makoni, Mujuru, Dabengewa, just have to go.TANETA NEKUTENGESWA!!

Jonso - 10 August 2017

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