Mutsvangwa warns Moyo

HARARE - War Veterans leader Christopher Mutsvangwa has warned Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo that the country’s army will soon descend on him if he does not shut up.

This comes after Moyo has cast aspersions on the defence chief Constantino Chiwenga’s PhD from University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, challenging the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander to state the real authors of “his” dissertation.

The spat was actuated by the Command Agriculture scheme linked with Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Moyo has railed against the agriculture scheme as a successionist programme.

This infuriated Chiwenga, who put up a spirited defence of the scheme in the State media, telling Moyo he was a coward who deserted the liberation war and a homosexual avowed to destroy Zanu PF party from within.

The army boss also claimed that the Higher Education minister was “Baba Jukwa”, a shadowy Facebook character who spilled Zanu PF secrets ahead of the 2013 elections.

Air Force of Zimbabwe chief Perrance Shiri also joined the fray last weekend, aiming his guns at the Higher Education minister.

“Jonso (has) gone bananas . . . which police force and law officer will entertain that? Those whom the gods want to destroy, they first make mad,” Mutsvangwa said.

“Ian Smith and Peter Walls were the last humiliated villains to take on Zanla forces . . . I think ZDF as State channel is now the right channel for him.

“Kagame of Rwanda too, in DRC campaign, nearly scalped by ZDF, Jonso ngaatambe nezvimwe (Moyo must not play with fire).”

Moyo was not picking up his mobile phone yesterday and also did not respond to texts messages sent to his mobile phone.

However, he was quoted by an online publication saying that Chiwenga made false and defamatory allegations against him.

Academic Eldred Masunungure said: “The Zimbabwe military must be understood from its historical origin, the security apparatus as a whole and Zanu PF.

“If there is a perception that there are some destabilising forces, they believe that it is their role to secure the country, they have an expansive definition of national security.

“The general is saying what some ministers are doing compels them to intervene, but also that the security is part of that conflated party-State, so it is not surprising that the military makes such pronouncements. The generation of liberation war heroes cannot disassociate itself from Zanu PF.

“They have an option of arresting him (Moyo) but it suggests that they are now about to contain him and that can take several forms and arresting is one, the options are open-ended, it appears as though they have reached a stage where they are saying enough is enough.”

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Chris Mutsvanga is mentally ill. Where in the civilised world have you heard of an army descending on a civilian? It's an open secret that Constantino Chiwenga and Jonathan Moyo hate each other with a passion. However, their hatred for each other does not affect the territorial integrity of Zimbabwe. They can settle their issues in the courts of law without involving the whole army in their dispute.

Douglas Nzondora - 13 July 2017

Kris the Knicker stealer is now defending his mate the ZDF boss. The guy was some political commissar in zanla and has no military nuance, remember he failed at staff college and attempted to take his life and he failed at that too. He is a form 2 drop out who now claims to have written a PHD thesis. He was sent to DRC to secure the diamond mines and he failed in that too until they brought proper professional soldiers jnr to him to do the job.

Lt General - 13 July 2017

Haa the Mutsvangwa are barking nonsense, Noone gives a fuck bout this Zanu madness, Real sordiers do not interfer with civilian matters, If Chiwenga was Genearl enough he would not use state media to attack Jonso, He attackes Jonso , Jonso retaliate and now the whole army is against Jonso , bullshit excuse of an army , horo dzevanhu

Tafa Mahoso - 13 July 2017

Ka Jonso kachazvimamira gore rino. You play the with the security apparatus at your peril blaz munongokudza kamusoro ikako. Rwendo rwuno uchagadzirirwa size woita kafira mberi. At least wakambopihwa warning which you refused to take heed of. Itya ma generals aya sahwira ndivo vane bhora rese.

Madhunamutuna - 13 July 2017

Your real colours Mutsvangwa will never leave you.You are literally telling the army to take action against Jonhso when he has done absolutely nothing wrong.Thats the way zanu pf mafia works.Its not surprising that we may be hearing of Motormouth's arrest in a short time.Zanu pf zealots thrive on the use of force through police,the military ,the cio and the violence brigade called he green bombers.This type of culture is so entrenched in zanu pf such that even the ordinary person believes that as long as you are doing something for the party no matter how illegal it may be,nothing happens to them.Even when the youths beat up and kill people during elections they actually think it is a legislation in the constitution of Zimbabwe that they have a right to abduct,beat up or even kill people opposed to their party.According to the doctrine which they are fed with their mafia party it is their duty to commit any type of crime in the name of the party.I don't remember of any zanu thug who was arrested during the 2008 elections even though around 200 people were killed in cold blood.When a cop was killed in Glen View the police did not waste in arresting MDC activists for the murder and chances are high that the guys who were arrested are all innocent but they are languishing in prison after they were given 20 years in jail.The poor cop coud have been murdered by mafia party so that they could implicate the MDC activists.Remember the Cain Nkala murder?They arrested MDC activists and the guys were later aquitted after spending years remand in prison.Inonzi Mafioso

Janana wa Bikaz - 13 July 2017

Masunungure must know that the Military are required to abide by the laws of their profession-ie distancing themselves fr civilian politics irrespective of the so called background they were conscripted fr & the so called links to n party,which must only be acting as a civilian organisation& not n part of the army,that is what demacates the proper exercise of their office-which is by far above civilian politics.The nature of their job is only to combat national threats at the command of the executive which in turn has the mandate to act on behalf of the people who hold absolute rights over the use of the national army

addmore gudo - 13 July 2017

Soo, Form 2 drop out heh? That's why - njere ishoma. Taneta ne vanhu vezvibhakera ava.

Sagitarr - 14 July 2017

I was a team member of 'maguta' - between 2005 - 2008. Lesson learnt during my tenure are very clear. You cannot 'militarize food production'. As a model of food production, it was tried in a number of countries with disastrous consequences. Russia tried it under Stalin; China under Mao Ste Tung; Cuba under Castro. Ironically, the countries that have experimented with this failed policy were 'dictatorships'. Command agriculture is no different from the failed 'maguta' programme. The 2015-2016 agricultural growing season 'succeeded' largely because of the good rains. If it does not rain, the programme will fail. Research evidence shows that droughts do not result in famine. Consider these thoughts.

Never Dhliwayo - 14 July 2017

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