Mutasa hits hard times

HARARE - Zimbabwe's  first Speaker of the National Assembly Didymus Mutasa who held many Cabinet posts  before he was fired from Zanu PF in 2015, at the height of the party’s infamous purges, has hit hard times as he is struggling to send his  children to school and servicing huge debts including $70 000 owed to  Zesa.

Mutasa, who turns 82 at the end of the month, is also  battling to save his top-of-the-range cars from being auctioned over  outstanding fees to a local lawyer.

Things are so bad for the veteran politician that he has revealed he is beginning to fear that his family could starve unless he gets help somewhere.

“I  can’t pay them (Zesa) with nothing. It is true that they say I owe them about $70 000 and I will not be able to pay it because I don’t have that  kind of money and will never be able to get it.

“I am lucky here that I depend on borehole water and if I was using Harare water, I  would not be able to pay, I am poverty stricken,” Mutasa told the Daily  News.

“What is troubling me the most though is how it accrued to  that amount because that is what could accrue to the Rusape local authority for a whole year and one wonders how all that accrued for one  person?”

“I am telling you the truth and it’s all because of the  economic failure and very soon we might as well fail to pay for our  food.

“I am not rich because unlike others, I did not even steal a pen when I left government and all that I was supposed to leave behind  was properly accounted for.

“You are probably one of the first people that I have told my problems and one of the greatest ones is honesty,” he added.

Mutasa is now a pale shadow of a politician who wore designer suits and lived in the lap of luxury during his long career in government and Zanu PF.

His sprawling Umwinsdale home was consistent with his current troubles as the shrubbery and gardens were showing wilting stress due to lack of  consistent maintenance.

During the interview, the former Zanu PF  secretary for administration, paused in between answers as if his mind was somewhere in the distance.

Mutasa was sacked from both  government and Zanu PF together with other party stalwarts — who  included former vice president Joice Mujuru and ex-Cabinet minister and  the then spokesperson Rugare Gumbo — over untested allegations of plotting  to topple President Robert Mugabe.

The former State Security minister has a huge family including children who are still going to school.

He told the Daily News how he has to live with the pain of being a butt of bad jokes by his former colleagues in Zanu PF who mock him over his current state.

“I am an ex-combatant and according to the policy  (War Veterans Act) my children are supposed to be sent to school up to whatever level by government and why is that not happening to Mutasa?

“That is all because of corruption so they are even laughing at me yet they are the ones who are corrupt.

“Instead of laughing at me they should be asking why my children are not going to school,” a despondent Mutasa told the Daily News.

Mutasa,  however, said he was optimistic that his life and that of many ordinary suffering Zimbabweans, would improve once Mugabe leaves office.

He  said Zimbabwe needed a leader of the calibre of Tanzanian President John Magufuli who would bring a radical transformation in the country.

“We  pray sooner or later that they will change or some other authority will come into power and change the situation for the better.

“I am so fascinated by a certain Kenyan professor, Lumumba, who says there is  need for the Magufulinisation of the African continent and I think he is  right especially looking at Zimbabwe because there is too much  corruption.

“We have to look at Magufuli’s ideas and realise that  Zimbabwe will not grow economically in the face of corruption and now I am telling you about my electricity bills because there is no money,”  said Mutasa.

Mutasa’ attempts to revive his political career have  not been met with success as the party that he helped launch together with Mujuru, Gumbo and other members after their expulsion from Zanu PF —  the Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) — has been beset with problems.

In  February, exactly a year after its launch, things unravelled at the ZPF when Mujuru fired Mutasa, Gumbo and five others on suspicion that they  were spying for Mugabe and Zanu PF.

Immediately after Mujuru’s  announcement, Mutasa and Gumbo convened their own press conference and announced they had fired Mujuru.

Mujuru is now leading the National People’s Party (NPP) which is battling to stem mass desertions by disgruntled members.

Comments (22)

Welcome cde to the great pool of poverty. Join us on airtime business. Don't worry about the scoffers they will join us soon. I think by now you know know that the way up is always down.

Facts - 10 July 2017

yaah test the urine which you always made us to drink when you were in Zanu pf. i like that you are now also suffering like anyone else.

svosve - 10 July 2017

that's highly political grammar, he is enjoying life in sunsets

chahototo - 10 July 2017

That's political grammar, he is enjoying life in sunsets. people be wise man like this one are likely ZANU PFUTSEKE spies

chahototo - 10 July 2017

There is one thing his personal financial advisers failed to tell him to do, that he has to drastically adjust his lifestyle to suit the new outdoor environment which is very cold. To adjust he has to do away with luxuries like maintaining a fleet of luxury vehicles, adjusting from DSTV's Premium Bouquets to family access that costs a modest $10 per month, relocating to Budiriro or Hatcliffe extension where rates are lower and transferring children from expensive schools to relatively more affordable council schools that are all over Zimbabwe. It is the kind of suffering this man authored himself and should not blame his former employer who rightly dismissed him for poor performance.

Shamwari - 10 July 2017

kkkkkk. Mutasa azodonha manje. Listen to the guy who used to say we will carry mudhara wherever we go. Nhasi wavekudya nhoko dezvironda, kurumwa nechekuchera. What goes around indeed comes around. Please spare us the crocodile tears. coz Zanu pf yakakugadzirira size yako. Icho!!!

Madhunamutuna - 10 July 2017

I know this guy well. 1. More than 80 years old and still has children in school? How many wives does he have? 2. You sent people to grab white farms around Rusape, when you don't have one or do you but nothing is being farmed there?Which means these are the people whose farms need to be taken back and given to the right owners. 3. I don't feel sorry for such people, when they were in Zanu you couldn't touch them. 4. I'm infact glad he's experiencing what everybody else does when you get tossed out of those chauffeured vehicles. Zimbabwe is not only for Zanu, everyone must do well so welcome.

Zuze - 10 July 2017

politics is a dirty game, and it has two seasons sowing and reaping, now its time to reap what you sow Cde, i think all those involved in politics should learn from this, i think African politicians should know politics its not a career its a part time job, better done as a hobby than afulltime thing kkkkkkk ndaseka hangu

Gafa - 11 July 2017

The War Vets Act needs to be reviewed immediately and a clause where war vets children school fees has to be repealed citizenry do not owe war vets anything and should not be forced to look after their children. Since 1980 the rest of the populace have endured what Mutasa is going through now no big deal well come to reality.

Sinyo - 11 July 2017

Endai kumusha kwenyu kwa Rusape asekuru vanozorora nedzimwe harahwa muchimwa mhamba. Munotozoona kuti ndimwi shasha mumusha imomo sezvo muchine masutu nematai enyu ekupfeka.

chimuti - 11 July 2017

Welocome to the world of the living dead!

Muchaona Mapera - 11 July 2017

Wellcome to hell Mr Mutasa.Now you are tasting what we have been experiencing since the time you assisted Mugabe to destroy this country.You must not complain. I wish the difficulties would continue so that you really feel it. Do you remember how you brutalised others and even urinated on kaunye because of the makoni north constutuency. Do you remember how you used to say isai munhu tsvimbo mugotsi because he is MDC. Do you remember people who were beaten killed in vengere during your time as Minister. Teachers were taken to Tsanzaguru barracks and beaten up because of you people there. Please taste the madicine. We will never feel merciful

Zvighubhu Ngondo ngondo - 11 July 2017

This is rich, coming from Mutasa. Perhaps let's remind him of his colourful past... 1. When confronted for his comment on news that food aid was been distributed along political lines to starving villagers; his response was Zimbabwe is overpopulated anyway and the govt can do with MDC supporters dying so we have less people who need food aid. 2. When confronted with Jestina Mukoko's abduction he denied state involvement and when she was found in Hatfield police station, he denied a state security operation took place. He would later on go to court as a defendant in her lawsuit and claim state security was not accountable to the courts and they did their job for the good of the state, they kept the enemies at bay. (I don't know when citizenry like Jestina became enemies - was it when she/they exposed the rot or when their abduction threatened him with accountability and paying out damages?) 3. When Tsvangirayi was almost killed by police in Highfield, he came out saying mapurisa anodhashura, stay clear of them. 4. When Dzamara was abducted by state operators again he would claim state privileges in protecting the country (again, protecting it from whom when you're butchering the very citizens that make up the state?) 5. I could go on...I'll stop here as the point I'm making is Mutasa you're no stranger to what is happening to you, it's just that now you're on the other side. You've never been a proponent of regime change, you just wanted to be back at the feeding trough and made a lot of noise so Mugabe could hear you and bring you back. This is just another tactic for him to bring you back into his fold. No sympathy given until he truly atones for his deeds. Start by telling us all you did as state security minister.

Kwidz - 11 July 2017

I do not believe that Mutasa is now a poor guy. Anyone who believes that would need to have their head examined by a witch doctor. This guy simply does not want to pay the bills mentioned in the article. This guy might not be the wealthiest guy in town but he is far from being poor. This guy still has access to the President. Remember that he once phoned the President and spoke to him. How many people can do that? I will not be hood winked to believe that he left Zanu PF.

Petros Magomazi - 11 July 2017

Lest I forget....Christpowers Maisiri was a 12 year old son of an MDC opponent to Mutasa for the Headlands constituency. He was burnt to death while sleeping in his hut with his brothers. A 12 yearold lost his life through no wrong doing on his part or on his fathers' part. He died because Didymus Mutasa so loved power that he decided to unleash terror on those who would challenge him for power. And this is the same man who is coming here today expecting our sympathy. I shed all my tears for Christpowers a long time ago.

Kwidz - 11 July 2017

tsvaga basa oh i forgot there are no jobs thanks to your colleagues in zanu pf. wama******

nutty dreadlock - 11 July 2017

File for bankruptcy old man. It's the only way out for you.

ISO Certified Patriot - 11 July 2017

Sending children to school @ 80+? ...abuse of women, obviously the mothers are half his age. Crying 'poverty' living in Umwinsidale? to crocodile tears. sale the property and I will let you a room in Makokoba. Now that you have come to your senses; you can identify what corruption is, you can criticise and appreciate zanu critics, my advice is ... reapply for your post back in zanu pf 2000000 up for grabs. Then join Jonathan and fight from inside

Horoya Gire - 11 July 2017

Mutasa 82 yrs old and still sending kids to school - man this guy is a bull of note with the younger ladies

biggus dikkus - 12 July 2017

I don't think he is poor at all. This is political language for you

Jomz - 12 July 2017

Nyathi. You caught our eye.If it is life our dear,welcome to our world-the real one.

gabarinocheka - 13 July 2017

Nyathi. You caught our eye.If it is life our dear,welcome to our world-the real one.

gabarinocheka - 13 July 2017

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