Moyo's presidential bid divides opposition

HARARE - Former Industry and International Trade minister Nkosana Moyo announced yesterday that he will run for president in 2018, but his presidential bid has been met with whispers of disapproval, especially from civic society leaders who are concerned about the possibility of splitting the opposition vote.

Moyo, who was appointed in President Robert Mugabe’s Cabinet in July 2000 but resigned in May 2001 after publicly speaking out against attacks on businesses and factories by war veterans, claimed during a press briefing in Harare that the call for him to run for president came from members of “virtually all political formations.”

“I have concluded that the vehicle for my candidacy has to be a people’s movement. This is after all about the people’s agenda. Working with some of you, the vehicle that we have settled on is Alliance for the People’s Agenda,” he said, adding that he is offering himself as one of the best presidential options in next year’s elections, where he would stand as an independent candidate.

Moyo dispelled fears that he could divide the votes in the same way former Finance minister Simba Makoni did in 2008, where he garnered eight percent of the vote to deny MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai an outright win.

Moyo, who is against the idea of forming a coalition against Mugabe, said such an arrangement is not feasible.

“Combining things does not always give you the result that you expect,” he said, giving an example of mixing petrol and water.

The former World Bank’s International Finance Corporation staffer added: “We are offering a leadership option that all Zimbabweans will be proud to join. We are not therefore going to be part of a formation which is set out to be confrontational with any grouping of Zimbabweans. The only issue at stake is that of the appropriate leadership for the job that needs to be done at this point in the life of our nation.”

The former banker with Standard Chartered Bank said it is time for Mugabe to relinquish power.

“Personally I believe President Mugabe has run his leg of the relay and I think we need to respect him for that, we need to respect him for the contribution he has made, but we actually need to persuade him to understand that there comes a time when a disciplined participant in a relay has to hand over the baton to the next runner, in order for the total team to succeed,” he said.

“There’s a whole generation of young people who have not known anything other than this abnormal situation.”

Civil rights activist, Gladys Hlatywayo, said while it was well within Moyo’s democratic rights to run for president, she was not too sure whether that was a strategic position to take given the magnitude of challenges Zimbabweans face in their quest to dislodge the 37 year rule of Mugabe.

“It leaves me to question in whose interest is his candidature. At a time efforts are being made for a coalition, one would have thought he was going to work with the current opposition players. It’s more strategic to have one opposition presidential candidate in the 2018 election in-order not to split the vote,” she said.

Reacting to Moyo’s presidential bid yesterday, Zanu PF said the 65-year-old economist who is the executive chairman and founder of the Mandela Institute for Development Studies, stands no chance against Mugabe at next year’s polls.

“...He must consider himself a very lucky man by all accounts if gets 500 votes and that’s because unlike President Mugabe’s candidature, his isn’t based on any sound policy or any thought-out plan and much less any tangible support base. It is based merely and purely on social media. And in Zimbabwean politics, as he will soon enough find out, that is a suicidal thing to do,” said Psychology Maziwisa, the former Zanu PF director of information and now legislator for Highfield West.

Jacob Mafume of the People’s Democratic Party said it would appear that the silly season of Zimbabwean politics is upon the country.

“The issue is that the main political parties are taking too long to form a coalition leaving gaps that can be exploited. The issue is not to pursue ideology but to create a platform to remove Mugabe,” he said.

MDC spokesman, Obert Gutu, said their party was a social democratic political party that believes in multi-party democracy.

He said the MDC’s real political adversary remains Zanu PF and are not at all concerned by Moyo’s candidacy.

“We are a seasoned political party with massive grassroots support and tried and tested policies and programmes. Our record during the inclusive government clearly proved that we have got what it takes to deliver Zimbabwe to the next level,” said Gutu.

“Politics is a game of numbers and strategies. In a free and fair election, no other political party in Zimbabwe can beat us. We are the real dealt he only game in town,” added Gutu.

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This is daydreaming from a highly respected academic. Dr Moyo is too academic for him to be understood by some rural folk where Mugabe claims to command support. My advice for him is to join any one of the political parties as a card carrier and wait to be invited to the 'high table'. If he wants to contest as a president let him start by holding rallies. People know political leaders who have massive support. Perhaps he is being invited to lead Zimbabwe People First.

Bvongodzamutokusevanowakaguta - 30 June 2017

The challenge with Zimbabweans is the mentality that Presidency has anything to do with the number of degrees one has.,when in actual fact it is a number of games.To try and portray one's suitability on the basis of educational qualifications completely misses the point. If anything there is no university that offers a degree in Presidency. A clever president simply appoints technocracts to relevant positions.

major zib - 30 June 2017

Akatumwa naBob uyo.Himself he knows that he is just playing games,,even if he can be a good candidate there is no way he can get enough votes to remove Mugabe.If he is not a zanu candidate this means he is an old fool with no values.This is wrong timing

Matsotsi - 30 June 2017

MR moyo i advice you to withdraw your statement becz now zimb does not need chancers 2 zimb even they do not need time wasters kandi why vanhu vekuside kwenyu mese musingaone you need to see the actual point, the actual problem or else mr moyo you are stupid the same way simba makoni did last time 2008 endai munorwarira kure kure ...hapana anokudai uye you will never win 100 % never pamunenge muchida kusplita mavotes saka makatumwa nezanu pf........your are also the Thambo mbeki type who pretends to know yet you know nothing just a zero minded person see how people are suffering,no money,no medication, no industries no work and you, you want to split the vote...dzidzai kuona point you a so low mr moyo...very low both morary academically ndimi maiita hu Dr whekubhadhara kuti mupiwe madeegrees amunawo why you can understand the point or zim problem shame mudhara SINKOSANA MOYO HAUFUNGI DZAKAENDA

dofo - 30 June 2017

These coming elections are not for independent candidates.You have to join the coaliation,otherwise you are wasting your time and energy.Moyo is one of those politicians who emerge before elections and submerge immediately after losing the elections.Don't divide united people.

widzo - 30 June 2017

Another zanu pf project to divide matebeleland vote beware every one

Tatenda Muchafa - 30 June 2017

To move forward,Moyo should be engaged instead of being demonised or insulted for his personal academic and professional achievements.His choice of involvement in the country's political discourse should be respected.He is equally concerned with the meltdown of our economy.In any case,the people would be the final arbiters in a national general election.

Gen. Spinola - 30 June 2017

hapana discussion apa warum us as oppositions ngatimubudire pachena kana vatanga yako woupedza se zanu pf.....isu tikaona his intentions is to split even one of our peoples vote lets meet him head on izvozvi vanhu vaona zvakawanda machancers akadai anomuka mumagumbeza hanzi i want to split the peoples vote mudhara akakwana here uyo.....mubatei asati arohwa....As zimbabweans let safiguard our peoples votes from the word go machancers akadai.....we must no give them room if is guinuine must join others and if is a good candidate other will tell.......taneta nekushandiswa....guys lets guard and protect our peoples vote ndiwo maggings iwaya .those close to sikosana moyo go and tell him kuti afunge nekumagaro ngafunge nemusoro zvinoita wamwe.....vese vana Dabengwa,Biti, w Ncube nevamwe wose havaziwi iwe ndiwe unoziwa manje.....batai mudhara uyu anosirisa akauwadzwa vanhu vazwa nenhamo hachadi zvakadai so marara enemy of freedom in the name of kutenderera musoro

dofo - 30 June 2017

Reading about this guy history it seems he has never failed he has achieved what ever he wanted but i am afraid this time around he has chosen the wrong subject and for the first time big failure is hovering over his head . We will have taken him serious if he contested the presidency in 2002 instead he ran away leaving Tswangison fighting for a change which everyone including him now can feel it and it is here within our reach tha is why he is making uninformed choices . Mr Moyo you are jealous let Morgan finish what he started .Kanti unjani wena baba .He even says we forget about gukurahundi heey bastard .Nothing will move forward if this issue is going to swept under carpet just like that 20 000 innocent unarmed pple killed for no reason can not be ignored like that and that makes this guy dull boring and confused and they is no way he can be a good president with such foolish thinking awuyo phumla kancani baba ukhathele ngaloku ukufunda izingwalo . Sewusangene

Diibulaanyika - 30 June 2017

i dont trust this guy, he must be a zanu pf project, be careful of him, where was he all along. This is another ZANU PF project to derail opposition unity, ignore him.

batanai - 30 June 2017

We are all not fair to ourselves,Moyo has never invited n one who think he can divide the votes to vote for him-all the people are free not to vote him if they think he can divide the votes.His candidature only came for those who support him,who otherwise would not bother to vote bec of the possible imposed candidature of Tsvangirai among opposition cycles.His candidature will only depend on the people & the great God who would work with people to elect the capable guy to Zimbabwe House.The great God will bless his way to Zimbabwe House like in the days of King David who was elected to the Throne as an underdog candidate.He is the great GOD's answer to Tsvangirai's refusal to renounce his candidacy to make way for a suitable candidate among opposition groups to Zimbabwe House.The great god is not short of other plans & ideas.Many more will emerge

addmore gudo - 1 July 2017

kkkkkkk this moyo guy i bet my last bond coin he wont get more than a hundred votes

tempo - 1 July 2017

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