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HARARE - Saviour Kasukuwere, the troubled Zanu PF national political commissar, opened up recently to members of his inner circle that his rivals were agitating for his ouster because he refused to be part of their agenda to ease President Robert Mugabe out of power.

In a leaked video recording, Kasukuwere is heard telling his audience at a funeral in his Mt Darwin constituency that he had the evidence to prove his claims.

“Each and every family has a person who sacrificed for this country; our problem as Mashonaland Central province is that we refused factionalism, we refused to be co-opted into a scheme to remove the president; we refused and we have evidence to that effect and we will be presenting the evidence to the leadership, detailing how they approached us, including visiting our homes with helicopters,” he is heard saying.

Helicopters can either be public or private-owned. In the public sector, it is mainly the security services that operate helicopters, especially the police and army, although there are other State-run institutions such as the Civil Protection Unit and the national parks authority who also operate a few of them.

In the context of the factional fighting in Zanu PF, it is usually the army that often gets sucked in the internal ructions rocking Mugabe’s party, although it is difficult to tell from the video recording if Kasukuwere was targeting the security forces.

In the video recording, Kasukuwere said he will not take it lying down.

“Hapana demba pano rakapusa rinodyiwa rakasvinura (I will not be skinned alive); I, we see it, we can feel it. I was told that either you kneel down and submit to the leadership or we will kill you,” Kasukuwere said without elaborating.

“I am saying this because vekwangu mungaite dambudziko, mungadzungaidzwe musoro. (I had to say this because this is obviously confusing you as people who are close to me). Pane vamwe vanofunga kuti vanonokerwa, ndizvo zvatakadzingira mai (there are some who are getting impatient to take-over, that is why we fired (former vice president Joice) Mujuru izvozvo, iwe hatitye kukutandawo futi nekuti wanonokerwa (we will not hesitate to fire you as well),” said the national political commissar.

Mujuru was dismissed from Zanu PF in 2014 on allegations of attempting to seize power from her boss.

Kasukuwere was among those who coordinated her ouster, dashing the hopes of a woman whom many thought was a frontrunner in the race to succeed the 93-year-old leader.

“There is no one who is going to ambush the president as long as we are there, we are there to defend the president and don’t listen to all the nonsense that you hear that Mashonaland Central has done this or that; we know who was behind those nefarious resolutions, will be going back to the politburo on Wednesday and we will be telling them the truth,” Kasukuwere is heard saying.

Kasukuwere is linked to Generation 40 (G40) — a grouping of young Turks involved in a bitter succession wrangle with the Team Lacoste faction, which is backing Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa to succeed the incumbent.

During a recent public lecture, another Zanu PF politburo member linked to G40, Jonathan Moyo, accused the rival Team Lacoste faction of being impatient to topple Mugabe.

“It is notable that the political position taken by Team Lacoste runs against the grain of the nationalist agenda largely because they are divisive . . . but of greater concern to me about the threat to peace and order posed by the so-called Team Lacoste are the issues contained in a document called Blue Ocean that started circulating in 2015 and in an interview that . . . Mnangagwa gave to the elitist British magazine, the New Statesman, entitled the Last days of Robert Mugabe.

“These two sinister documents tell a very sad story of capturing State institutions and targeting certain individuals for extra judicial attacks, in as much as they threaten peace and order in the country,” Moyo was quoted saying.

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So Kasuks you know every family has a member that participated in the "liberation struggle"? Why then does your party talk about "no go" areas? Are these now Rhodesian "reserves" and "keeps"?

Sagitarr - 21 June 2017

Kasukuwere the position you hold pane vari kumakuva vakasiya nzvimbo yauri iyo vahiida, learn from Cde Chinx when it was time of him being used on rallies pange pasina Politiburo meeting to talk about aingoshandiswa sechikorobo but look today , he nothing starting the time of his illness nobody cared for his welfare. Tsuro tambatamba mushe ndakabata , its better to decide whist is still day than for them to decide for you,tt might be too late for mama.

Igwee - 21 June 2017

Anonyepa uyo, he is a liar, he just wants to save his skin

BBB - 21 June 2017

Dindingwe rinonaka richakweva rimwe..... When you were hounding others out on nonsense charges, did you stop to think what goes around comes around? Trumped up charges? Did you ever prove any of the allegations against Mai Mujuru's? What is so wrong with trying to take over from Bob? Are you saying he is a life president? Then what's the point of elections we hold? We will not shed a tear for you, I recall when you stopped an MDC transport during elections in 2008 in Mt Darwin and proceed to break people's legs with an iron bar. You said nothing would be done to you. Remember when you poured rat poison into raw wounds of the people held at war vet base camps? Remember when you held companies to ransom over indeginisation, sending Acie Lumumba to claim consultancy fees for work done at your behest? Everything happening to you is a result of your own doing. You chose to be Bob's enforcer and now Bob is too old to protect you. They are coming for you, Tyson....the very same way you went for others. And there is nothing you can do about it.

Kwidz - 22 June 2017

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