Mugabe hints at retirement

MUTARE – President Robert Mugabe yesterday hinted that he was on his way out and that it is now time for youths to come on board and assume responsibilities.

He chastened his old guard at a rally held in Mutare yesterday — where he was addressing the gathering as part of his nationwide meet-the-youth rallies — saying youths must shun being used by power hungry ministers and senior party leaders in exchange for money.

Apparently, this was in reference to the dog-eat-dog affair in his party, where his top aides are savaging each other over his succession.

Two rival camps are at the centre of the vicious infighting namely Generation 40 (G40) and Team Lacoste.

The latter is rallying support behind Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, while the former claims to be interested in a Mugabe life presidency.

Yesterday, Mugabe seemed to intimate that none among the old guard could replace him.

“We need to unite, people did not say since the meeting was organised by the youths it should be for youths only but even the elders chose to join the proceedings, thank you for supporting the youths, I believe you regard the youths as deserving inheritors, ours is about who will take over after we have gone, we have lost so many people, we should not forgot that our elders are the ones who left the country heading for Mozambique. We are the past generation, isu taenda (we are on our way out) . . . ,” Mugabe said.

He, however, said the country’s independence could not have been attained had people considered tribe or regionalism.

“Some are used in tribal wars and I want (youth leader Kudzanai) Chipanga to fully understand this, if you want to follow in our footsteps.

“We were not bought by money, as individuals we were never bribed because they knew that we were united, we were principled and we had terms and conditions that we followed,” Mugabe said.

He further spoke extensively about how other ministers and senior party officials are using money to bribe the youths to support them in their quest to reach to the top.

“So you must not be bribed by your elders, be they ministers who buy cars for you to rally behind them. By merely accepting these gifts, you automatically become a sell-out. When you do that when you are in Chipanga’s position, do not assume that your juniors are not aware of what will be happening, you will be merely showing them that you are not principled.

“People will criticise you, no matter how good you were before, they will say Chipanga is no longer principled, he has lost the party principles, yet you were one of those that we trusted . . . ,” Mugabe said.

His remarks seem to suggest that the veteran nationalist could have heard something uncomplimentary about the Zanu PF youth league leader, who assumed the position in September last year after a vote of no confidence was passed on Pupuprai Togarepi, whom he had deputised.

Mugabe said senior party officials must leave the youths alone.

“We want youths that we can trust with the future of the country. Today’s youths are tomorrow’s leaders,” he said.

He also praised his government for having done a lot for war veterans, through paying school fees for their children, adding that his wife Grace, was the one behind the Command Agriculture initiative.

In the court of public opinion, Mnangagwa was seen as the brains behind the initiative.

“When we gave land to the people, we then thought that we must come up with a programme to unite the people by first checking where we have dams. In those areas, we asked those close-by to be included in the programme. The idea first came from Mai Mugabe and she shared her ideas with the Vice President Mnangagwa.

“They created the programme together and we later named it Command Agriculture, so until today we are implementing it and it has given us fruits. Of course, we had good rains this season, but we had said all those close to dams must come and benefit from the programme and we provided fertiliser, seed and equipment to use and farm as a united force. So we had a bumper harvest and harvested a lot of maize,” Mugabe said.

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Trying to hoodwink the people of Zim especially his opponents in Zanu PF, so that there culd b no bhora musango but after election might want to lead until he dies-always make excuses, why not handover power to Mnangagwa now for the progress of Zanu PF and Zimbabwe, our economy is bleeding, needs someone who is business-minded like VP Mnangagwa to lure FDI for d benefit of all Zimbos not only few as the G40 cabal can do.Please Mr President, do us the honourable thing this year by December, handover power to Mnangagwa for our country to recover bfore we fall into failed state

Prof Tackura@University of South Africa - 17 June 2017

Today's youth tomorrow's leaders? How when Mugabe himself is unashamed to be president at 93 years of old.

Inyika - 17 June 2017

too little, too late

dambudzo - 17 June 2017

It take real wisdom for the Nation of Zimbabwe to realize that the President of Zimbabwe has been laying a foundation for the upcoming leadership that is coming after His years of reign. Not everyone loves the house when its still on its foundations not even one would come to take a picture of the house foundation but all they will do is critisize. Zimbabwe is loved by many but its own people feels like they are living in venome

Zivai Fayol - 17 June 2017

Mafuza ndivanaani ? Tirikuzviona. Iwe chidhara rega kurovembwa wakaviga mupinyi. Urikurongera sheche yako Grace. Chasara kutitaura chete kuti ndirini pauchamugadza paumambo wekuState House. Tagara newe , tinokuziva. Wakativerenga isu maZimbo ukaona wega kuti izvi zvitototo zvipashumaranga zvaunokwanisa kutonga kusvika wadhiniwa.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 17 June 2017

Hapana zviri kutaurwa nekadhara aka pamusoro pevechidiki.Chokwadi ndechekuti kari kuda kuisa Grace panyanga.Zvibvunzei kuti sei paRALLY dzese ari kupihwa mukana wekutaura.Kadhara kakareva pakakati Grace ave MATURE .

Ngazvirehwe Sezvazviri - 18 June 2017

I agree with you @Tackura, a very calculated and cunning move to prevent bhora msango and also give false hope to the Chipangas of this world. @Zivai Fayol, You are either a ZANUPF zealot, an idiot, moron or all of the above. Zimbabweans hate our leadership becuase they have screwed us over and over.. If Mugabe wanted to groom young leaders, surely he would have done so by having a few in his cabinet or some senior portfilio. If you do not understand politics it is better not to comment foolishly.

Taneta nemaboorangoma - 18 June 2017

busy lying to us kuti irrigation ndoyaunza bumber harvest, dai asiri Mwari akatirangarira akatinaisira mvura gore rino sadza tairiwanepi iwe Mugabe. ukwane mudhara uchityawo Mwari futi.

gozha - 18 June 2017

Arikudakuisa mwana wake chete.Vanhu vemuZimbabwe kupusa,,unotoona munhu achiti yeeeee kupembera imimuchivharwa kumeso.Watch the space The next president is........Robert junior.Ivo ma youth anowanikwa kuma rally a bob vachiitei.Let me tell u guys,,we are destroying our own future by supporting this old selfish fool.Just after u put him in power again next year,Robert junior will be at the front&no one will do anything about it,,,,I mean no one.This is not about us,it's about him protecting his family

Matsotsi - 19 June 2017

.... we are on our way out .... the sooner the better .. please oh great one !

biggus - 19 June 2017

If all presidents take an average of 39 years ruling then the chipangas of this world will never ever test this seat of power

chakazuma - 19 June 2017

If all presidents take an average of 39 years ruling then the chipangas of this world will never ever test this seat of power

chakazuma - 19 June 2017

Who is fooling who? Bob we know you ancestor; all your wicked tricks and grand plan over Gucci ascent to the 'throne'. I curse you and your entire clan. Shame on you

Bornfree - 19 June 2017

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