2018 victory is certain: Tsvangirai

GWERU - A buoyant opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, yesterday told thousands of his supporters who braved the chilly and drizzly weather in the Midlands capital that President Robert Mugabe’s advanced age — coupled with the ruling Zanu PF’s vicious infighting — would deliver victory to the MDC in next year’s make-or-break national elections.

The popular former prime minister in the government of national unity — who said he had been “energised” by the bumper crowd which packed Mkoba Stadium — also assured long-suffering Zimbabweans that change would take place in 2018 notwithstanding the involvement of a Chinese firm in the sourcing of the country’s biometric voter registration (BVR) kits.

“The coming election is not about Mugabe versus Tsvangirai, but about evil versus good. It’s also something that is going to shock the world that a 94-year-old stands for an election. How can that be possible?”

“Some in Zanu PF have said they will even conduct their party’s politburo meetings at his grave, while others have said he (Mugabe) is God. Is that what Christians do?

“Whether Mugabe stands (in 2018) or not, it’s still a loss (for Zanu PF) because those who will support him will be very few and even if they put up someone else, very few will support him ... Even if they try to steal the elections they won’t succeed,” Tsvangirai told the cheering crowds.

“Zanu (PF) cannot convince the people that it is defining a new direction for the country when is has failed dismally in the last four decades,” he thundered further.

Zanu PF is currently sharply divided, with the camp which is rabidly opposed to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa succeeding Mugabe, the Generation 40 (G40) faction, involved in a life-and-death tussle with the VP’s backers, Team Lacoste.

Mugabe and his Zanu PF colleagues, in power since the country’s independence from Britain in 1980, have also been accused of running down Zimbabwe’s once prosperous economy through ruinous policies.

Zimbabwe is also currently in the grip of a ginormous economic crisis which has seen the country experiencing acute shortages of cash, amid horrendous company closures and jobless levels.

Against this background, Tsvangirai also urged people to register to vote in huge numbers in next year’s watershed polls.

The dogged former labour union leader also allayed widespread fears about a Chinese company, Laxton Group, being awarded a tender to supply the country’s BVR kits.

“BVR cannot be manipulated. The Chinese were chosen with the involvement of the United Nations ... So, don’t doubt because it’s China, don’t be afraid,” he said.

This comes as the MDC had earlier expressed outrage over the recent decision by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) to award the BVR kits tender to Laxton — which it suspected may be used by Zanu PF to manipulate the crucial polls.

The country’s quest to acquire BVR kits had earlier in the process also caused a huge political storm, with opposition parties viewing the government’s involvement in the purchase of the equipment as problematic.

This was after the government suddenly decided to sideline the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) from procuring the BVR kits, with unanswered questions being raised about how Mugabe’s stone-broke administration was able to secure funding for this, to the staggering tune of $17 million.

Yesterday, Tsvangirai also hinted that the long-mooted grand opposition coalition was nearing finalisation.

However, he warned that without needed electoral reforms, the electoral alliance was unlikely to achieve its goals of wrestling power from Zanu PF.

“There is no other country in the region that violates Sadc principles and standards except Zimbabwe,” he said.

Tsvangirai and other leaders of the smaller opposition parties have been demanding sweeping electoral reforms ahead of the 2018 elections.

At the same time, he has been finalising talks towards the formation of the envisaged alliance, whose prospects were brightened when he recently signed memoranda of understanding (MoUs) with former Vice President Joice Mujuru and his one time secretary-general, Welshman Ncube.

Analysts have said the opposition, contesting next year’s elections as a united front, stands a good chance of finally bringing an end to both Mugabe’s and Zanu PF’s long rule.

Optimism has been high within opposition circles ever since Tsvangirai and Mujuru joined forces and walked the streets of Gweru in August last year, in a rare public show of unity.

And Tsvangirai yesterday was reminded by the exuberant crowd that turned up at his rally how important he was to ordinary Zimbabweans’ hopes for a new political dispensation in the country.

“Thank you for coming in your numbers. Gweru madadisa (you have done the country proud,” Tsvangirai said on micro-blogging site Twitter, an hour after ending his rally.

Meanwhile, eight war veterans and war collaborators from Mashonaland East who defected from Zanu PF were introduced to MDC supporters at yesterday’s rally.

Tsvangirai said it was important for both the ruling Zanu PF and war veterans to remember that the fight for independence was a collaborative effort between ordinary people and freedom fighters, adding that the purpose of the liberation struggle was to uphold the ideals of freedom and the right to vote.

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Tsvangirayi, you seem not to know ZANU PF!!!!! ZANU PF leadershio have committed huge crimes that include killing innocent Zimbabweans belonging to MDC, Kukurahundi genocide, massive public funds misuse, political opponents disappearances, farms enrichment scandals leading to them owing up to 5 farms per official/leader/minister, massive deliberate destruction of national economy, disgusting sustainable socio - economic propaganda of all sorts, abusing state security forces and traditional leaders, massive brain washing of citizens, destruction of opponents` homes, training green bombers to beat citizens using state resurces fot political campaigning, etc etc. Do you think even if they do not have majority support they can let power slide from their hands knowing guilty aware of multiple crimes they have committed. They are afraid. And Chineese CIO, Tobaiwa, Makarau` s ZEC, Chiwenga are hard at work riging and giving bribes to Chineese company officials and others who can temper with BVMs. How can the Zim Constitution work without being supported by reformed appropriate Acts and Regulations?? Only thing to force ZANU PF is for all major political groupings to boycott elections until meaningful electoral reforms are implemented. Forget, MDC cannot win for now!!!

Learning From Experence - 11 June 2017

Tsvangison, are you drunk. Why do you conduct self inflicting political sucide injuries?? You know that ZANU PF is a mafia political organization specializing in socio-politico-economis violent engineering of sucidal nature. Then you claim you will win but cry foul imediately before votes are counted. Then the world starts saying '' IS IT NOT YOU WHO CLAIMED YOU WILL WIN''? Are you a mockery stupid? Boycott the elections now. Can you go to a fight against an opponent using fists when an opponent is using guns, spears and stones and bombs? The army is against you? The police is against you. The CIO is against you. The justice is against you. Government machinery is against you. All guns are made to turn against you, state media is against you inLcuding ZTV. Keeee!!!!! Keeee Keee eeeee. These are hynas. Even their chidren and grand children see that ZANU PF members are possessed with demons. They will tell you that a white paper is black and demand you to believe that. Hokoyo. You go and report them, its you who is arrested, Keeeee!!! Ke -eeeee keeeee eee!!!

Are You Dreaming - 11 June 2017

No matter what ZANU-PF has done in the past or is going to do for 2018 elsctions they stand no chance against the will of the people - the sufferring masses. If they need change - change will come irespective of whatever dirty tactics used by this cruel regime. The ruling party is easily going to be ousted if the Zimbabwean citizens have decided to do so against any odds be it guns, torture, intimidation, propaganda or even manipulated BVR - whatever they will still be kicked out out of power by the suferring masses whenever they decide to do so.

Pythias Makonese - 11 June 2017

Save and Khuphe are doing a good job projecting the MDC brand to the PEOPLE. The PEOPLE's will must prevail over the Zanu evil. It was the PEOPLE's spirit and sacrifices that WON the struggle for self rule. That SPIRIT has rejected Zanu oppressive, corrupt and killer system...saka Save/Khuphe keep marching with the PEOPLE kusvika FREEDOM taiwana. Ne ma Warvets vari ku VANHU, ngatisunganeyi pamwechete.

Will Blackman - 11 June 2017

It concerns me that Tsvangirai keeps repeating to us Zimbabweans that he is going to win. That he has the masses behind him, and all he needs is free and fair elections. He needs to humbly ask all Zimbabweans to support him. and his coalition Tell us what he and the coalition has to offer, explain to us what he is going to do as leader of the country, and explain that if we want these things, please vote for him.

david taylor - 11 June 2017

Large crowds is not a sign of support.All politicians fail to understand this.The majority would have come only for entertainment-just to see how political fools shouting obcenities to their political opponents.Hv u ever noticed how people come to gather at, whenever there happens to be n street fights ,road accidents or n spectacular event.When some prominent person come to shout to his political opponent most people tend to want to go there to b entertained at the scene simply.Real support will only b garged at the ballot.Mind you many crowds also come at Mugabe's rallies.If u won't see crowds at your rally, it may b that you may be less entertaining or many people are busy doing something more important.Many politicians tend to lies at their political rallies which is quite entertaining-but known for certain that itz blue lies,rhetorics etc

addmore gudo - 12 June 2017

..politicians tend to tell lies at their political rallies.....

addmore gudo - 12 June 2017

Come on guy,,do u really expect Tsvangirai to just tell his supporters that if they vote Mugabe will cheat.That is not how it works,even though things seems to be wrong he must compain&give the people hope& courage.He is the leader&he is fighting for free&fair elections.His speech doesn't mean that all is well,,he have to tell the people that there is hope.Just imagine if he tell u that even if we vote we will loose,,what will happen?It's obvious people will not vote at all.Its his duty to convince the people so that at least they can vote,no one know things can turn around.Everyone knows that zanu can easy manipulate the votes but we must not loose hope

Matsotsi - 12 June 2017

everyone who is calling for an election boycotting is a zanu pf agent aiming at a walkover race. in their senses sure do they expect that zanu will implement reforms just because tsvangirai is not contesting an election. after all there are many political parties that are formed to for that purpose t legalise any election should mdc think of boycotting... to hell with anyone calling for an election boycott

padenga - 12 June 2017

everyone who is calling for an election boycotting is a zanu pf agent aiming at a walkover race. in their senses sure do they expect that zanu will implement reforms just because tsvangirai is not contesting an election. after all there are many political parties that are formed to for that purpose t legalise any election should mdc think of boycotting... to hell with anyone calling for an election boycott

padenga - 12 June 2017

So what crime has Tsvangirai committed by addressing his supportes, i dont get it. Or is this jealous? The mass is with you Save

MICHO HOVE - 12 June 2017

Whats it in this guys head people? Same mistake election after election? He is once again drunk in the illusion that people filling venues of his rallies means he has won! Mwari tinzwirei tsitsi nyika ino!

Manje so! - 12 June 2017

Sometimes you wonder why politicians treat us like kids? Treat us like adults and let's confront problems together so that mangwana we don't accuse you of taking us for a ride. Right, will keep this simple and small - can MT please refer to his comments at the end of every elections he has contested (presidential and parliamentary) and tell us what he has put in place to ensure those statements ate no repeated? In short, MT knows Zanu uses all sorts of dirty tricks to win elections. If he thinks he will just win suddenly cos RGM is old and frail, there needs to be a rethink in MDC. Elections are stolen, people are beaten, some killed, some denied voting, some told where to vote, ballots stuffed, results delayed, voters roll full of dead people, army won't salute. I could go on. Can MT tell us what will make 2018 different to the others.....or stop wasting our time and treating us like kids.

Kwidz - 12 June 2017

You're telling me!! Evil vs Good!! Good will prevail in the end!

Bee - 12 June 2017

The simple and correct message from Mr Tsvangirai is that register to vote come 2018 vote for change which we all agree is needed then victory is certain.

Sinyo - 12 June 2017

I don't understand this,,that's why our country always have negative results.I don't see anything wrong about Tsvangirai speech.The reason why they organise rallies is because they are trying to encourage people to vote.Rigging or not people must exercise their rights.Its pointless for Tsvangirai to encourage people not to votes because the registration is not even yet done&the opposition is still fighting for free&fair elections.Tsvangirai speech was 100% correct.Yes Zanu cheated before &they are trying to cheat again but that doesn't mean that they will be able to cheat this time around.The opposition introduced the biometric system&they won,still they managed to pick some errors&they are fighting for that,so what wrong about Tsvangirai telling the people that they will defeat Mugabe.Yes he said it before &zanu is still in power,but u need to know that he didn't lie about it.Truely speaking Tsvangirai won all elections he contested but zanu used their powers.Yes he can boycott elections but still it will give zanu more chance to rule using a free ticket because what will happen is,it will form its own opposition &still Mix will not do anything.Lets not loose hope guys,Lets keep on fighting,,I know that's what Tsvangirai is trying to do.Ofcourse we are now panicking &It's normal because everyone needs change,but u also have to know that a good leader can not cry always,,a good leader must give hope to his followers so that they can be courageous. Those who are critical about Tsvangirai speech doesn't understand the meaning of struggle.

Matsotsi - 12 June 2017

Gudo u also need to know that even those who come for entertainment can also receive the message &change their minds even if they don't interns to vote.The good part of it is Mdc doesn't force anyone to be at their gatherings,,so don't be jealous just keep yr comments to urself because we know that u are one of zanu propagandists.

Matsotsi - 12 June 2017

The good thing is the crowd was not bused as zanu always do forcing all schools release their buses to feery forced pple to listen to Mugabe lies . Gweru big up .

Diibulaanyika - 12 June 2017

Matsotsi, I agree with you about encouraging people but the point being made is that they should treat us like adults, not kids who don't know what is going on coz when the election is stolen, he will come out blazing about it and we will look like idiots asking him, didn't you know this is what Bob would do and cheat us out of our vote? An alternative is to tell the people that it is difficult to rig if all of us vote, if we have a voters roll, if we have an impartial ZEC, if we have no violence, equal access to media, free movement without restrictions, the army affirms the people's vote will be respected and upheld, all institutions of the state affirm they are apolitical and life will go on regardless of the election outcome. Treat us like adults, confirm the functions of state so that when things do't go as planned, we have the basis for fighting for what we want because, let's face reality here, we are not in a million years going to remove Zanu through democratic means. We need some form of action and that starts with exposing the wrong they do - not conjecture that the vote was rigged. What that form of action will take is up to debate but for now all options are on the table.

Kwidz - 13 June 2017

Yah,Zanu pf and it is said the metal ID are not compatible with the BVR,which means people have to go to Mudede again.Lets go and vote to remove this monster clinching on to power.

mapfupaachamuka - 15 June 2017

zimbabweans, winning elections its not about an individual, its about the people , the party that wins, . Leaders yes but its you the voters who win or lose. why do you think if a party loses, its the leader?

wiskycharlie - 15 June 2017

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