Sekeramayi fallout grows

HARARE - The fallout in President Robert Mugabe’s ruling Zanu PF over the mention last week of introverted Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi as a possible future leader of the warring former liberation movement is escalating by the day.

So bad is the emotive saga becoming, that disgruntled former freedom fighters warned yesterday that Mugabe and Zanu PF even risked facing an “open rebellion” from miffed party faithfuls if they do not stem the “growing attacks” on Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa by senior party officials.

The warning by the war veterans comes in the wake of last week’s withering criticism of Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF backers by politburo member and Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo — during his presentation at Sapes Trust in Harare where he threw Sekeramayi’s name into the party’s deadly succession brawl.

However, Moyo — who Zanu PF insiders claim is one of the kingpins of the Generation 40 (G40) faction which is rabidly opposed to Mnangagwa succeeding Mugabe — made it clear then that he was not speaking on behalf of the party during his presentation.

In the meantime, the angry war veterans also warned Sekeramayi at the weekend that it would be a “big mistake and miscalculation” on his part if he “ever allowed his head to be turned by the unusual praise” that he had received from Moyo.

Yesterday, the disaffected ex-combatants also implored Mugabe to act against Moyo to dispel “any lingering doubts” that the Tsholotsho North legislator was acting on “assignment by the president” in his escalating demolition job on Mnangagwa — who has been touted in some Zanu PF circles as a shoo-in to succeed the nonagenarian.

Speaking to the Daily News late yesterday, the secretary-general of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA), Victor Matemadanda, also warned that Zanu PF could implode if Mugabe did not take action against the G40 faction.

“Moyo, as far as the revolution is concerned, has nothing useful to say about Zanu PF politics. He is just a master of division.

“He (Moyo) must just go . . . Zanu PF has lost direction because of people like Jonathan . . . These people (G40) are a threat to peace and national security,” Matemadanda claimed.

During his Sapes presentation, Moyo appeared to endorse Sekeramayi as Mugabe’s more acceptable successor compared to Mnangagwa.

“The notion peddled by the so-called Team Lacoste that its leader is the only one who is above or senior to everyone else below President Mugabe is false and that falsehood should stop. There are others that are senior to the leader of the so-called Team Lacoste.

“One of them, by way of an important example, is . . . Sekeramayi whose loyalty to . . . Mugabe, the party and country; whose liberation credentials, experience, consensus-style of leadership, stature, commitment to the nationalist project and humility have no match,” he said then.

This prompted the miffed war veterans to warn Sekeramayi that he risked ending his political career if he allowed his head to be turned by Moyo’s “unusual praise”.

“Sekeramayi should be wary of the G40 faction, whose idea is to isolate the president from former liberation war comrades.

“They (G40) have attacked ED (Mnangagwa) before, and now they are setting up Sekeramayi for failure,” Matemadanda told the Daily News’ sister paper, the Daily News on Sunday, at the weekend.

“But the big question is: Are leaders in Zanu PF so weak that they don’t see this threat that Jonathan Moyo poses in the party and to the revolution?

“Or is it that someone is using him for some personal aggrandisement? Is there any benefit for the revolution knowing his (Moyo’s) history and his record as a minister to keep him in the party?” he asked further.

Yesterday, forthright ZNLWVA spokesperson Douglas Mahiya, also chipped in saying the ruling party’s alleged failure to discipline Moyo could “trigger chaos” in the deeply-divided former liberation movement.

“The Zanu PF constitution was designed to discredit people who took part in the liberation struggle. That is why you hear people like Moyo saying what they are saying.

“However, the question is: where does he get his powers? Are the powers borrowed? Who is being protected by who? There is now no democracy in the ruling party anymore,” Mahiya said.

The former liberation movement’s spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo said the war veterans had not formally complained about Moyo’s conduct.

“They have not written to us and they should engage us on what action they want taken against people who are fanning factionalism,” Khaya Moyo told the Daily News.

Zanu PF is currently being ripped apart by serious infighting which has worsened in recent months as party bigwigs have escalated their mindless bloodletting.

Insiders have consistently said that underlying the former liberation movement’s deadly and seemingly unstoppable tribal and factional wars is its unresolved succession question.

Mugabe has studiously refused to name a successor, arguing that his party should rather follow what he sees as a more democratic process, to manage his succession via a congress.

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Jonso anemusoro unenge banga wakaomarara. Team Lacoste ichatonga chete muchida musingade. Ngwena ndiye aripanyanga not the kasukukuwiris and others

Madhunamutuna - 6 June 2017

Last time i checked the war vets had said they now stand on the side of the people. Why are they meddling in Zanu affairs now.

magame - 6 June 2017

So what is so wrong with Sekeramayi being nominated for a leadership post? Let's acknowledge that it is public knowledge now that factions exist and no one is being hounded (like Mujuru was) for wanting to succeed Bob. Is there anything wrong with people been put forward for this? Do the war vets want only one person nominated and elected unchallenged? What is wrong with a contested leadership? Don't they know how to campaign in-house, have a legitimate tussle for leadership of the party and the winning candidate unifies them all by saying they got their voice, the losers is still a member of the party and a robust system will prevail as all must uphold the will of the people, the majority? You see, Zanu has for so long done things the RGM way that they think this is not only the only way but the right way to go about leadership change. I would refer them to the last time leadersip was contested in Zanu, back in Gweru in the 60's when RGM came out elected as sec-general. Refer to those books, Takawira wronte something on it, so did Zvobgo and Tekere as well as Dzino. The essence of leadership shouldn't be how many supporters you have but how many people's wishes, desires and outlooks (Tarisiro yevanhu) you accommodate in your time in office and your policies. Do not fear a leadership contest, it shows openness and you can then rule with an admonished heart and do right by the people. If you are blocking others and take over leadership, you also block differing views in your rule and become a despot and don't cater for the people. Pafunge....

Kwid - 6 June 2017

teach them brother Kwid. maybe they can open their dump heads that are full of shit. democracy to their myopic mindset means imposing their prefered individual to the whole nation

Truth - 6 June 2017

The first good respond I've ever seen @ Truth saying...

Jasper - 6 June 2017

Kwid its not wrong to nominate but this is the same war they have with people who want ED to succeed, so they can't pick Sydney and its ok but when others had picked ED they called them successionist that is where the problem is.

vembuya - 6 June 2017

Mahiya and the cabal are just fighting to be the godfathers of Zim politics, but they lack political knowledge. - 6 June 2017

All over the world politics is about today and tomorrow. Tomorrow is succession Succession is Sekeramayi in Zanu (pf)utsek

Ron - 6 June 2017

Why do these fools WAR VETS meddling in zanu things bcoz they were expelled from zanu and are no longer members of zanu if they want Mnangagwa to be president they must form their party and make him their presidential contender in 2018 . Jonathan is in zanu and can say what he thinks about his party .

Diibulaanyika - 6 June 2017

So the Leadership of the Former Freedom Fighters, both Douglas Mahiya and Victor Matemadanda now believe ONLY in " ONE WAR VETERAN ONE VOTE" and for the rest of Zimbabweans, "NO VOTE GO HANG"? Saka wanhu hawana ku libaretwa ka.

Sekuru Ndoronga - 6 June 2017

Very clever of Jonathan. By the time he is through the whole list of Zanu succession prospects they will all have been internally destroyed and ZANU will collapse as per the plan of the Professor.

Mwalimu - 6 June 2017

Zimbabwe should be a democratic country and in a democratic country citizens have got the right to raise their views . There is absolutely nothing wrong with Jonathan's speech and his views , it is his right to say what he sees and thinks. War Vets have got their time expired long back , making unneccessary noise will never set food on top of the hungry Zimbabweans , if Mnangagwa should succeed Mugabe , then that would be not the change that we need but simple it would be perpetuation of ZANU PF regime which have already taken our beloved country into cowdungs , we can't continue with this kind of war credential leadership , Ian Smith died long back with his colonial rule system , now it is our time to do away with this ZANU PF crippled leadership , we desparately need to see and test the change . We have got young , educated and more creative leaders in this country and these old frogs must simple shift out .

Khalabemgeza - 6 June 2017

Thnks Jona for gud work being done, so far so gud, excellent u are very closer to demise Zanu, most people they dont understand u tell them u are a political strategies.

WELLY - 7 June 2017

One can only underestimate Jonathan Moyo at his or her own peril. He is the true spokesperson .Remember the queen mother herself once said mugoti unopiwa anyerere.Sydeny sinyerere panyanga pindikiti

Aluta Continua - 7 June 2017

You are all missing the point and are buying into the narrative given to you. You have all accepted kuti this is the way things should be. I haven't. I don't give a hoot who takes over in Zanu, so long they take over in a certain way as to stop the big man syndrome becoz that is wherein our problems lie. The big man takes over via a clique that supports him in return for favours (aka corruption and non-performance in public office using public funds) Why is it that since 1960 first elections, there has never been a contested leadership election in Zanu? Why do those elected suddenly become demigods who know it all, who are not worthy to be elected by those beneath" them? if they are so good, why is the country in such a sh.. state? As Zimbabweans, we need to educate ourselves on politics and the way forward. Simply supporting one or the other will not solve our problems.

Kwid - 7 June 2017

Dai Mwari vatipa mutungamiriri akanaka.. in Jesus name. Amen.

Guramutunhu - 7 June 2017

War vets are not ZANU PF members. Why is VP ED quiet about War vets? Why does he not tell them not to use his name? are War vets his spokes persons? So, it it him who gave them that permission. It is clear. People of Zimbabwe are the ones who have the right to choose the future national president, not the war vets. They can only suggest but not impose. So Jonathan is correct by suggesting and not imposing by force. War vets must remember that had it not been Jonathan, ZANU PF could have died a natural death in year 2000. Mugabe values Jonathan very much. War vets are themselves a threat to the national security - it is clear. They only want power through VP ED if he comes to power. War vets, you fought to free Zimbabwe and not to persistently oppress Zimbabwe. Get away idiots!!!

One Man-One Vote - 7 June 2017

rubbish wasting your time commenting on such bullshit nxa zve zanu zvine basa reyi

Madodi - 7 June 2017

Jonso has said what he thinks , so these drunkards so call war vets must mind their business , they were booted out of Zanu Pf so , what is their problem , if they want ED to be a president , why can't they tell him to say it , its too long since they have been making the noise about it . That is why Tyson labeled DRUNKARDS , VAKADAKWA .

Mudhara - 9 June 2017

Neither Lacoste's Mnangagwa nor G40's preferred candidate will rule Zimbabwe but the people's preferred candidates. Matemadanda and Mahiya you are offside you do not impose a president on the people! Robert Gabriel Mugabe without doubt was divinely destined to be the leader of Zimbabwe but he did not hand over the baton stick when the time was ripe to so, as a result he is now past his "sell by" date! The spirit world who Zim's next president is gonna be, watch space for details!

Cde Rusununguko Kwaedza - 26 June 2017

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