Entrepreneurs drive economic growth

HARARE - Readers, welcome to this entrepreneurial monthly column, we seek to develop, nurture, motivate and encourage entrepreneurs to take the initiative to exhibit and commercialise innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our interactive platform will endeavour to be very practical, radical, thought-provoking and very limited in terms of bookish and theoretical approach to starting, developing and growing future business people.

We will try to be relevant to Zimbabwean economy, but not divorced from the fact that we will need to develop shrewd business people whose mandate, drive and ambition will see Zimbabwe having businesspeople being able to showcase business acumen and expertise beyond our borders.

The idea of this column was born out of the realisation that we have had lots of renowned corporate executives who have successfully run blue chip and listed companies, but the very day they have left these companies many of them have failed to repeat, duplicate the success stories in their own run enterprises, let alone fail to even manage tuck shops.

We have been left wondering whether these renowned corporate executives who have successfully run these multimillion conglomerates have had the entrepreneurial skills that mattered or they were hiding behind the façade of corporate well-established and long-drawn and entrenched corporate systems especially if they fail to repeat the success stories long after leaving their prestigious corporate offices and or board rooms.

We seek to promote interactive dialogue on entrepreneurship, are entrepreneurs born, and are entrepreneurs a product of circumstances, does one need to be dismissed to start and run a successful business, and does one really have to rise through the corporate ladder to eventually become a successful business person? Ultimately as we answer these noble questions our aim and objective is to have as many entrepreneurs as possible such that we create the national economic change we desperately require.

The main reason we have had to come up with this interactive column is, we strongly believe that out there, are men and women of virtue whose desire towards economic development can only be realised when somebody has stirred and awakened the entrepreneurial giant that has been sleeping within them.

We will tackle various topical and burning entrepreneurial issues and topics in our exciting entrepreneurship practical journey as we proceed, thus our aim is to build a prosperous society that ushers in equal business opportunities to all who dare stand and make a difference.

Thus, we will not be apologetic about our practical approach to entrepreneurship, we want to reach out and have intimate discussions with those who strongly believe that entrepreneurship is a channel through which one gets to decide a life that is right for you.

We want to unequivocally ignite a burning desire that will stir the hearts of the so-called successful corporate leaders to think beyond their current comfortable executive positions but to open their eyes beyond their own executive perks with limited accountability to ownership and productivity resulting in massive job creation. We are tired of corporate executives whose usefulness does not go beyond their executive tenure of formal corporate employment.

We therefore seek to challenge business executives whose innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity becomes too big to be contained and restricted to corporate environments only without having a ripple effect on the economy as a whole.

We have seen and heard of executives whose life after running multinationals has not been anything to envy about, some have even failed to fuel their 4x4 and Mercedes Benzes beyond formal employment, while their entire executive life had all the perks that come with executive corporate life. To all the corporate executives especially those that have over stayed, “Your creativity simply may not be cut out for the limitations of corporate life”.

Someone once wrote, “in life you have two choices, become rich or you work for the rich,’’ we dare to challenge as many Zimbabweans as possible to become entrepreneurs and participate in the building of our economy.

Entrepreneurship provides the base for economic growth and expansion; it unleashes the initiative of untapped and unrealised innovation that provides solutions to most of the growing economies problems.

As we embark on this journey on entrepreneurship, in closing for this instalment, I want to leave our readers with a summation from the late great innovator and entrepreneur Steve Jobs who once said: “When you grow up you tend to get told that the world is the way it is ... Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact: Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you. And you can change it, you can influence it … Once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again.”

Until we meet again next month.

* Kembo is an entrepreneur in his own right and is contacted on +263 772 446 731 and  skembo@fluidandpower.co.zw

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    I look forward to the following posts around this discussion.Our economy really needs entrepreneurs and entrepreneur thinking managers who have a bigger picture than simply running a department.Looking aside from the executives of the big companies,most of our youths are spread between jobless and hustlers/dealers.Sometimes what these people need are the directions and encouragement for them to become entrepreneurs in their own right .There really is need for the column to be practical and mainly focused on our economy as the author said.This truly is promising column.I look forward to it.

    Simbarashe Zhakata - 6 June 2017

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