We will smash Zanu PF: MDC

HARARE - Firebrand MDC secretary for mobilisation, Job Sikhala, has promised President Robert Mugabe and his warring ruling Zanu PF an even bigger hiding in next year’s watershed polls than the shellacking they received in the hotly-disputed 2008 elections.

Sikhala’s warning comes as opposition leader and MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai has signed memoranda of understanding (MoUs) with former Vice President Joice Mujuru and his former secretary-general, Welshman Ncube — as the long mooted grand coalition takes shape.

Speaking at a rally organised by Mujuru in Chitungwiza at the weekend, Sikhala also said it was allegedly ominous for Mugabe and Zanu PF that next year ended with the figure eight, just like 2008.

“The number eight is bad for Mugabe. In 2008 Mugabe was beaten by Tsvangirai and next year, 2018, Mugabe is going to lose again to Tsvangirai and Mujuru.

“You two (Mujuru and Tsvangirai) are the only ones who have the people, as most of the so-called other opposition parties are just wasting our time.

“The future of Zimbabwe is in your hands. Let us face the dictator together, whenever Tsvangirai speaks, he does not want to hear anyone who attacks Mujuru. He does not want anyone to criticise Mujuru. If you do that, you will be expelled from the party,” Sikhala told the gathered crowd.

He also said Mujuru, just like Tsvangirai, had demonstrated “beyond doubt” that she had people at heart and thus deserved to be given a chance by long-suffering Zimbabweans.

“You are the second leader in Zimbabwe to come to this place (Chitungwiza). The other person to ever visit these grounds is Tsvangirai.

“What you did a couple of weeks ago (signing the MoU) was observed by all Zimbabweans. Let’s face Mugabe together.

“2018 is the greatest chance we have to remove Mugabe. If you waste that chance, you will not be forgiven.  Zimbabweans are not interested in positions but they want the enemy of the people to be removed,” Sikhala said.

On her part, Mujuru said the planned opposition coalition would come to fruition soon as Zimbabweans understood that it was their best chance of ending Mugabe and Zanu PF’s long, but ruinous rule.

“NPP (National People’s Party) and the MDC are one and the same thing. What Sikhala has done is the right thing.

“Going into the future, we are going to iron out our differences and we will cross the river Jordan. This is not about me or Morgan Tsvangirai, this is about you.

“Do not be afraid, the coalition is coming. Our people are working on developing from the MoU and we will come with the way forward.

“I will not make myself the leader. You know who you want. The people will elect their preferred leader and we will follow. We are not worried about that,” Mujuru said.

Last month, in developments which were hailed as very significant, Tsvangirai signed MoUs with Mujuru and Ncube, signaling his determination to quicken the process to conclude the much-talked about opposition alliance.

Before that, optimism had been high ever since Tsvangirai and Mujuru publicly flaunted their readiness to join forces against the ruling party, when they appeared together in Gweru in August last year.

Analysts have also repeatedly said Mujuru, whose liberation struggle nom de guerre was Teurai Ropa (Spill Blood), and whose husband Solomon was the first black post-independence army commander, could provide the much-needed bridge that opposition parties have been missing to ensure the smooth transfer of power if they win elections again.

They have also said a united opposition; fielding one candidate has the best prospects of finally ending Mugabe’s and Zanu PF uninterrupted rule.

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Tsvangirai not ready to see n one other him elected the coalition leader,once you do it ,you will be sure to part ways with his party & him.He is autocratic not democratic.

addmore gudo - 22 May 2017

Tsvangirai not ready to see n one other him elected the coalition leader,once you do it ,you will be sure to part ways with his party & him.He is autocratic not democratic.

addmore gudo - 22 May 2017

N one other than him no ways.A clean dictator.Tsvangison

addmore gudo - 22 May 2017

Tsvangirai is the real deal, only game in town It is democratic to have a referandum just hope its not a waste of resources and time. Has Mujuru confessed all her sins committed during her zanupf times and is she completely divorced of their machinations now?!! That woman cannot be trusted.

Sinyo - 22 May 2017

Gudo u talking nonsense,, common sense can tell u clearly that these two agreed to chose the coalition leader by voting according to Mujuru's statement.Mujuru said soon they will be primary elections to elect a leader who will lead the coalition, which means they agreed to do so.Nometter how u can criticise the process, God will be in control.U won't get anything by creating falsehood. People will choose their leader not the other way round&that's democracy&Tsvangirai is not a dictator.

Matsotsi - 22 May 2017

its true that we all hope and pray that next elections will be to our side as opposition parties but pliz lets start work on it right now. talking talking everyday is ok but has little impact coz we need to start mobilizing our structures and resources. dont forget that ZANU has everything necessary and required to lure voters to their side. so far they have used the reportedly stolen $15bln from Chiyadzwa to buy buses, ford rangers, peugot as well tonnes and tonnes of grain, seed, fertilizers and rice and second hand clothing which they will be using to coerce voters to vote for them. all gvt institutions are instructed to work towards their success during elections. its true that the economy is bad and in a state of decompose but check it, our mothers and grand pas in the rural areas are not aware and do not understand how we are struggling to send them a few groceries and little bond kwachas for grinding mills. these are the very people who will again vote for zanu, mayb out of ignorance of these hardships under mugabe and his dogs or through coercion. if you happen to pass GMBs like Mutare, murehwa and Banket, they are stocking tonnes and tonnes of maize and rice for elections. guys if we need real change that will work lets start now

muromo wenyoka - 22 May 2017

Job Sikhala needs a big team and and a huge budget to conduct door to door mobilisation.

Guranyanga - 23 May 2017

Job Sikhala needs a big team and and a huge budget to conduct door to door mobilisation.

Guranyanga - 23 May 2017

For to what extent have they neglected to win it? They will continue with a similar mix-up...Biti even went on to tell his colleagues that people won't eat slogans. Politics are locals and vote is what you DO for the people not what you say against your opponents. MDC the lOSER'S TEAM come 2018

Doc mavima - 23 May 2017

Opposition needs to be smart. Campaigning only is not enough. This war needs to be fought on multiple battle fronts. Here is one lead: Gudyanda has been moved from Perm Sec of Mining in order to shut down the ongoing investigation into a Nikuv payment from MMCZ. He refused to testify in court saying it was classified info. If MDC thinks it lost the election in 2013, well it will happen again unless this new coalition finds out how the election was stolen before. The Gudyanda issue should be dug deeper until Zanu is exposed. It's certain to happen again, if they don't know what hit them in 2013.

Zuze - 23 May 2017

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