Prophet predicts new Zim leader

HARARE - There is gnashing of teeth among Zanu PF’s superstitious bigwigs who are engaged in a deadly dogfight to succeed President Robert Mugabe — after revered prophet, Madzibaba Wimbo, apparently completely ruled out any of them taking over from the wily, but increasingly frail nonagenarian.

Well-placed sources told the Daily News yesterday that the mysterious Wimbo — who is acclaimed for having allegedly foretold that Mugabe would rule Zimbabwe more than two decades before the nonagenarian came to power — “has finally spoken” on Zanu PF’s bitterly-contested succession.

The famous seer — who has been subjected to significant abuse in the brawling ruling party over the past few years, as the former liberation movement’s major factions fought to control him — had apparently prophesied recently that a new leader would emerge in Zimbabwe after next year’s eagerly-anticipated national elections.

“He has made another prophesy that a new leader will emerge next year, but did not give names. However, he said the new leader is not among the current favourites who are engaged in Zanu PF’s succession battles, but is an outsider,” one of the sources at the secretive church said.

Having correctly predicted Mugabe’s rise to the throne in 1957, Wimbo has emerged as an influential and much-sought-after cult figure in Zanu PF — with party bigwigs firmly of the belief that he will anoint the former liberation movement’s next leader.

“The prophet said the person who will next lead Zimbabwe will have a ‘foreign name’ and that there will be great suffering in the country for some months. He also predicted that the army will intervene in politics,” the first source claimed.

The Daily News recently reported that Mugabe’s spirited efforts to “rescue” Wimbo, who is said to have been “abducted” by one of Zanu PF’s factions, were dead in the water, with the prophet’s church also splitting into two due to ugly infighting linked to the ruling party’s deadly succession wars.

The multitudes of followers of Wimbo — the head of the Mount Darwin-based Johane Masowe Vadzidzi Vajesu Church — fervently believe that he prophesied in 1957 that Zimbabwe would be led by a man with the name of an angel, Gabriel; with the prophecy allegedly coming to pass when Mugabe, whose middle name is Gabriel, took power from the British in April 1980.

Tragically for Wimbo and his family, brawling Zanu PF factions have continued to fight each other viciously over the frail prophet, 95, in the seemingly vain hope that he will have a decisive influence over the ruling party’s toxic factional and succession wars.

Some aggrieved family members of the mysterious Wimbo confirmed to the Daily News recently that his church had now split due to infighting linked to Zanu PF’s ugly brawls, which they claim led to the “kidnapping” of their father by one of the ruling party’s factions two years ago.

At the same time, a number of Mugabe’s top securocrats — including police commissioner-general Augustine Chihuri, and army major general Douglas Nyikayaramba, who are both members of Wimbo’s church — also stand accused of fuelling the sect’s divisions.

Chihuri and Wimbo are blood relations, with the police chief’s father said to have been responsible for raising the leader of the secretive apostolic sect, after his mother had died soon after he was born.

Narrating to the Daily News how desperate Zanu PF bigwigs were convinced that Wimbo knows the person who will succeed Mugabe, the prophet’s children said then that they had concluded that the government’s ministerial committee which the president set up last year to secure the cleric’s release from his “captors” had completely failed in its mandate.

Wimbo’s distressed son, Abinashen Gomo — who accuses Ishmael Magodi, Zex Pamacheche, Shepherd Chingwena and Edison Mukohwa (so-called church prefects) of having allegedly abducted Wimbo on June 29, 2015 for the furtherance of their Zanu PF factional interests — said Mugabe’s team had done little tangible to help the situation.

“Since they came with a helicopter and landed at the shrine last year, and held meetings with the people there without even talking to us his children, grandchildren and wives, nothing has changed because our father is still there and we still can’t talk to him.

“We have since lost hope as they (Wimbo’s alleged abductors) have defied the president. It looks like even the president can’t do anything about it,” the despondent Gomo said.

“Now what has happened is that the church has all but split into two, with us and other church members in the village and surrounding areas congregating at home, while they (the other group) do their service at his shrine, with both camps pledging allegiance to Mudzidzi’s (Wimbo’s) leadership.

“However, on a sad note, other members have since left for other churches while some have quit worshipping altogether out of frustration,” he added.

In July last year, Mugabe was forced to intervene in the dispute, including holding a lengthy meeting in Bindura with Wimbo’s family and his security chiefs, in a desperate bid to get to the bottom of, and to resolve the long-running “abduction” saga of the popular prophet.

This was after the nonagenarian had been petitioned to intervene in the matter, following the alleged assault of high-ranking police officers related to Wimbo by the soldiers who are now guarding the prophet and his shrine day and night.

Mugabe subsequently set up a ministerial committee headed by State Security minister Kembo Mohadi, to try and break the impasse over Wimbo, and to investigate the claims of thuggery by the soldiers at the shrine.

The ministerial team also included the ministers of Defence and Home Affairs, Sydney Sekeramayi and Ignatius Chombo, respectively.

In 2015, Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa visited Wimbo at his shrine and got involved in a bizarre church rite, with the popular prophet telling the gathering that the VP needed help if he were ever to ascend to the presidency.

Mnangagwa was told by Wimbo, who is also known as Mudzidzi Majinetsa, that it was time that he got others around him to put their shoulders to the wheel to help him in his mooted presidential ambitions.

Gomo told the Daily News that there was fear by Wimbo’s “captors” that if Wimbo was ever allowed to return to his family, their plan to have him influence the country’s politics would crumble.

He said it was disturbing that despite Mugabe’s visit and subsequent meeting with some of the players involved in the sad saga, Wimbo remained “abducted”.

“Equally concerning is that the five-member ministerial committee established by Mugabe to facilitate VaWimbo’s return home has so far not managed to resolve the issue.

“One wonders whether there is a third and hidden element that continues to defy the president. But why? Surely, this is not about religion,” he said.

Gomo also claimed last year that the so-called church prefects were part of the group holding his father hostage, fearing that if he was ever allowed to return to his family their plan to influence the country’s politics would crumble, and “expose all the lies that they have peddled to church members”.

Further fingering the quartet — which is not related to Wimbo — of having committed a series of heinous crimes ranging from extortion, adultery and murder, Gomo said they had roped in senior politicians for protection as they sought to get their way.

He also accused Nyikayaramba of having allegedly taken over security matters at the church thuggishly, where the top securocrat was now referred to as the security chief for Wimbo’s church, despite being still in full-time military service.

Gomo also told of how Nyikayaramba and Chihuri had allegedly and repeatedly clashed over the frail prophet, further claiming that during the meeting with Mugabe in July, the two had openly traded barbs in front of the president.

Nyikayaramba has previously told the Daily News that he would only speak on the matter once Mohadi and his team have presented their findings.


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Idiots! Please present evidence that what Wimbo said came to pass. Zimbabweans are simply stupid, fools of the highest order - fooled by Mugabe to make us believe that he was sent by God.

dick mboko - 11 May 2017

Guys seriously these are the kind of people that are leading us, people who believe in superstition rather than reality. This only shows how outdated these guys are, I can't believe this saka nyika ingagoendawo nekupi guys when the so called leaders are this deluded. Instead of being realistic and come up with good policies to sell themselves to the populace they prefer to be superstitious like this. Hahaha this is embarrassing to say the least. It's unbelievable just how much some people don't believe in themselves it's a shame

misty - 11 May 2017

Is it true that TB Joshua predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the USA Presidential Election 2016? Those that go to church say God has millions if not billions of angels and Gabriel is the name of one of the angels. I am so sure that some people too have names of angels. Wimbo's prophecy in 1957 might have been utter guesework. How possible do you think it is for a someone with a foreign surname to win a presidential election in Zimbabwe?

Ben Maricho - 11 May 2017

Constantino Guveya Dominic Nyikadzino Chiwenga - CGDNC. Thats what is meant by a foreign name...

Azog - 11 May 2017

Zimbabwe, a land of prophets ! Seka zvako imbwa yaKachuta. Vema pepa vanaDaily News kubva vakukugwa nezvimaporofita. Ndaisimbofunga kuti kuenda kuchikoro kunobatsira vepfungwa shoma asi ndashamiswa ini ne Daily News at the significance they attach to these wierd dudes calling themselves prophets. You are behaving like drowning people desperately clutching at straws. There is no prophecy required to tell what comes next in Zimbabwe. All what you need is to see is how past and recent events are playing to map out what will happen in Zimbabwe. Here are the obvious things everyone can see: 1. Mugabe is cannot defy nature: as it is he will be lucky to survive a couple of months, I mean a couple of months. If he continues to expose himself to the stresses of a country he ran down he may not last up to October this year. This is not a prophecy but a scientific calculation based on scientific evidence. Remember, I do not wish him dead, but I would rather have him continue till he admits he messed us up. 2.Mugabe made it a point that when he is gone their will be a serious tribal war in Zimbabwe so that it would appear as if he and him alone was the only leader capable of maintening peace in Zimbabwe. 3. As to who will lead the country: after after the fight, after the dust has settled, a leader with appeal to all tribes will emerge.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 11 May 2017

Very interesting prophecy. I think he will forced to retract this unpleasant prophetic prediction.

Taivanavo Zhou - 11 May 2017

imi vapositori mava kushandiswa ne hurumende overtime isingabhadharwe,izwi rakaramba kuti muite zvematongerwe enyika

kotsi yatota - 11 May 2017

Madzibaba Wimbo vakandiudza kuti ndi Trump

Tindo - 11 May 2017

Foreign names can be Morgan, Strive, Constantine, Emmerson, Grace, Saviour, Sydney, Joyce etc. the only one shut out of the equation is Biti. so wimbo itsotsi.

Rodgers - 11 May 2017

A NEW PRESIDENT WITH A FOREIGN NAME!!!! ??? 99% of Zimbabweans have foreign names so Its ME , ARTWELLS. So the gate is open to all zimbos with foreign names. Hamheno zvenyu vana TONGAI, CHIMUTENGWENDE, DAMBUDZO, NDABANINGI, DUMISO. KKK. ISU TAPINDA.

BASOPO ARTWELLS. - 12 May 2017

Have you ever noticed that prophecies are usually very vague? To ensure a very wide catchment area or reduced margin of error. Why do they not tell it all e.g. the next president has one eye, plays njunga, walks with a slight limp, recently acquired an STI and always sits in a secluded corner of President bar at 7pm sharp drinking straight Gold Blend with his favorite wench called Xoxo ??

Sagitarr - 12 May 2017

hapana chisingaperi nyangwe mukaita sei zvinongozopera chete mamanje tinenge takutaura kuti taimbova na nhingi

muzvindapanyo - 12 May 2017

Pakaipa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cry My Beloved God Given Beautiful Country Z.I.M.B.A.B.W.E. I believe only God can rescue us from all these machinations of the devil. Greediness is driven by incessiable passion to to keep stealing. If i read and understand my Holy Book very well I think it teaches the mortal mankind to be humble. Zvekupamba n'anga or ma cult leaders izvi hazvichinji hurongwa hwaShe. Ndiyani pakati pedu angaudza Mwari zvekuita nema svibiro akaita mabasa edu. Remember God is not a man that He should change His mind nor lie. Vana hapurakatapura, vamunotenda ava, ndoo vamwechete vekukutii diesel rabooka padombo kkkk. God loves us so so much let's just seek His face and pray - and LET HIS WILL BE DONE. The WORD says "if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and PRAY and SEEK my face, and turn from their WICKED WAYS, then i will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins and HEAL THEIR LAND. 2 Chron.7:14. God {The Almighty} will definitely give us a leader that we deserve. My humble prayer is to patiently wait to witness "The Goodness of the Lord in the land of the Living, in Christ Jesus' Mighty name."...Amen

kb - 12 May 2017

Zimbabweans dont fooled by these sentiments.This is politics there are a lot of uniformed people behind this ,because they know that in 2018 the zanu pf ikudyiwa .Thats why vakuti arm ichapindira kkkkkkkkkkkkkk.Rambai kunyengedzwa vana ve Zimbabwe

xeloniy - 12 May 2017

kkkkk azog usadaro wandipedza

aiwabo - 12 May 2017

kkkkk azog usadaro wandipedza

aiwabo - 12 May 2017

Deputy Police Commissioner MATIBILI

Zud - 12 May 2017

politics has nothing to do with these foolish prophecies. these so-called prophets are just witches and wizards who are good at one person snatching the wife of another. all the prophecies about Mugabe over the past five or so years have not materialised whether the prophet is from Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria or Zimbabwe. just tell kuti anofa riinhi. also, the thought of a person who is not morgan as next president is laughable theory.

mukovhe wa tshilidzi - 16 May 2017

Ok, so now we have a Prophetic Crisis. I think some law, like the witchcraft suppression act is in order to protect gullible Zimboz -- I just was laughing at a headline of someone being GOD's Number 4 Guys, and another having GOD's phone number. The WORD commands me to "Touch not the Annointed", and since I am not sure of the validity of these Claims and the authenticity of the prophets , I pray that they had better be genuine coz KUDENGA KUNA MWARI

Samaz - 17 May 2017

only pastor Chris prophesied well in the Zimbabwean political realm- "Change Direction, Change Strategy"- Zimbos ougtt to mark his words rather than listening to heathen, profane, superstitious hallucination of modern day 'seers"

Lawrence - 17 May 2017

Anhu woye lets pray for our country. Zvemaporofita izvi zvinotadzisa vazhinji kusvika kuna Mwari. Mwari watinoziva ane tsitsi, ane nyasha, akatendeka. Ngatiteurire nyika tipundutswe munyatwa. Vanhu vakafunda ndatirizenei ruling party from the past yaichishandisa mareligious figures for their benefit nekutamba nemafeelings edu kuti titi vakasarudzwa naMwari ari matsotsi, mhondi nemakororo nanhasi takutambura kana kuwana mari dzatinosewenzera. Ngatinovhota tichikumbira tsitsi, rudo nenyasha zvashe zvitionewo. shasha idzi dzinozvifunga too much

Tinotenda Makoni - 31 May 2018

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