Mujuru 'wrecks' Tsvangirai pact

HARARE - Former Vice President Joice Mujuru’s fledgling National People’s Party (NPP) has once again cast doubt about its participation in the mooted grand opposition coalition — attacking MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai as “power drunk”, while expressing reservations about him leading the alliance in next year’s watershed national elections.

The NPP, through its rash spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire, also slammed at the weekend what it said was desperation ostensibly on Tsvangirai’s part to have him endorsed as the leader of the planned coalition.

“The desperation to have Tsvangirai as the coalition leader is manifest in some contrived and funny endorsements by politically tainted people like (Zimbabwe People First elder Didymus) Mutasa who, only yesterday, were fighting tooth and nail to stall any progress that we were making to ensure an MoU (memorandum of understanding) between our parties was signed.

“It should, however, be made abundantly clear that Mujuru and NPP are amenable to a coalition but we are against individuals who are so power drunk to the extent of wanting to be endorsed by questionable characters who have no political party, have a dirty and murderous past and are known now for their desperate attempts at getting back to good terms with (President Robert) Mugabe,” Mawarire thundered in a statement.

“It is imperative that political parties form a coalition but it is politically dangerous to have characters that are so desperate to lead the coalition that they don’t want a democratic process to select the leader of the coalition.

“We don’t want leaders who are so power drunk that they would turn a Nera (The National Electoral Reform Agenda) platform into an endorsement pedestal even from people that we know are working with the ruling party to foil any prospects of the opposition going into the next election as a united front,” he added, in the injudicious reaction to the ringing endorsements that Tsvangirai has received from other opposition leaders.

This comes as Mujuru was conspicuous by her absence  at the Nera rally in Harare last Wednesday, where opposition parties demonstrated against the government’s hijacking of the country’s quests to procure biometric voter registration (BVR) kits.

Because of this and other developments of the past few weeks, question marks are increasingly being raised about Mujuru’s role in the proposed opposition coalition, particularly as she has also had a nasty public fallout with  Mutasa, who is playing a leading role in Nera.

Reacting to the NPP’s allegations yesterday that he had a tainted past, Mutasa told the Daily News that he was “miles better than Mawarire”.

“If you look at me and Jealousy, who has a better past?  He thinks we don’t know about him, we do. However, I don’t want to talk about individuals. What I can say to him is that he should mind his own business.

“Before he starts attacking me he should also look at the person who is leading him first. We know that he was used by Zanu PF to cause the last election (in 2013). Was that a good thing to do?” Mutasa fired back.

The former State Security minister, who for long superintended over the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) also recently told the Daily News, following ZPF’s brawl with Mujuru, that the former VP was allegedly still collaborating with spooks.

He added that contrary to the belief by many members of the public, Mujuru was still being “guarded and protected” by intelligence operatives, more than two years after she was hounded out of the ruling Zanu PF and subsequently fired from the government by Mugabe.

“She is surrounded by the CIO, from her driver to her back people. The people who support her are people that I know very well. I even know them by name, so it is surprising to me that she would make such (counter) accusations.

“That accusation against Rugare Gumbo and myself (that the two men are Zanu PF plants) . . . is what she is doing, and she thinks that is what we are also doing. If I was (working with the CIO) you would be the first to know,” the miffed Mutasa said further.

Mujuru announced last month that she had expelled Mutasa, Gumbo and five other party heavyweights — on account of them being alleged Zanu PF agents, and working to topple her from her then interim ZPF position.

But no sooner had she made this surprise announcement than Mutasa and Gumbo also announced at their own press conference that they had similarly and summarily also expelled Mujuru from ZPF.

Mujuru was later dealt a further body blow when she suffered mass desertions; including receiving resignations from some of her other long-time top aides such as Sylvester Nguni, Ray Kaukonde and retired Brigadier-General Aggripa Mutambara.

Meanwhile, analysts have said the mooted grand opposition coalition could bring to an end Mugabe and Zanu PF’s long rule in the much-awaited 2018 polls.

A large cross-section of Zimbabweans — including politicians and civic society — have also been making loud calls for Tsvangirai to be the face of the proposed electoral alliance, with Mutasa among those rooting for the MDC president to lead it.

Apart from Mutasa, former Finance minister and leader of Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn, Simba Makoni, has also thrown his weight behind the dogged former labour union leader.

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Mujuru and Mutasa are apples from the same basket.For Mujuru its a case of a pot calling another pot black.You all have a very tainted past and the fact that you all have been welcome into the coalition doesn't make you clean.And this Mawarire guy should just shut up because you are not better either.If it was up to me i would have wanted MDC T to go it alone in the 2018 elections because i have a feeling that as soon we are close to the election these guys kicked out from zanu pf will throw spanners in all efforts to chuck out the old dictator.Maybe it is just a feeling,but people must keep an eye on them.Who knows,maybe some of the expulsions were stage managed so that zanu pf spooks would come closer to their "enemies" and cause confusion in the opposition ranks.It doesn't hurt to be alert.

Janana wa Bikaz - 28 March 2017

Vamwe vose ngavabatane asi Mujuru nevake ngavamire voga tione kuti vane chavanowana here come 2018.

chimuti - 28 March 2017

For many many times we said coalition with useless political parties with no single political bases is not going to work pple like Mujuru who are not leaders by nature but bcoz they had sex with some commanders in bush in Moza were rewarded for that after independence and got jobs which they did not deserve to have should not be taken serious or trusted . Actually these political parties are just groups of cio wanting to spoil pple 's victory bcoz they are spying for zanu .JMawire is a cio everyone knows that . Never take Mujuru serious she is just a confused lot and better leave her out side alone before she soils every one .

Diibulaanyika - 28 March 2017

@JANANA WA BIKAZ, CHIMUTI & DIIBULA you are all in line. It seems that the coalition is not going to work with these mujurus, their minds are full of zanu. I we should not make coalition by x-zanu members. These people are spoilers and they are buying our time.

Facts - 28 March 2017

Please let the mujurus and company be on their own. We don't need company to defeat zanu. All what we need is to take away fear from the people in rural areas and to make sure there is no rigging.

cde gabarinocheka - 28 March 2017

This is another trick by zanu while opposition will throw all their focus in the BVRs, intimidation, violence and nikuvus, the real rigging will come in this so-called Grand Coalition. Be careful whom you go to bed with this time around. Remember 2013 was in GNU and now..?

Regalia - 28 March 2017

Mujuru should not be allowed in the coalition in whatever circumstances. She is only there to spoil everything.

Gutu - 28 March 2017

When the new govt comes into power next year i foresee these fake political parties who want to be MDC T comrades in fighting zanu causing problems for the new govt accusing it of being not different from zanu just watch space . They are going to cause a lot problems and its better to be aware of that now .

Diibulaanyika - 28 March 2017

All of them accept mdc t have no capacity to beat zanu they are just a bunch of failed politicians seeking to redeem their lost political mojo please never form any coalition it is useless .

Dave - 28 March 2017

Mahumbwe haaitwe nevana vadiki chete, kunyangwe vakuru vanoaitawo. Ndiwo atiri kuona aya parizvino.Chinobuda pamubatanidzwa uyu hapana. Chokwadi chaicho ndechekuti patinozosvika panguva yesarudzo zvese izvi zvinenge zvaparara, ave mazvake-mazvake. Havana kumbotanga vari pamwe here vakaparadzana nekusaona neziso rimwe? Chazosanduka chii nhasi uno kuti vabatire pamwechete? Pane vari kutambiswa nhodo apa. Vanhu musaone maziso edu kutsvuka mukati kurwadza, kwete, asi kutoti ingura yekuona zvakawanda.Nguva ichakwana tigokuyeuchidzai nezvemahumbwe anenge apera aya pasina chekudya chabuda maari.Ngazvirehwe sezvazviri vana veZimbabwe.

Ngazvirehwe Sezvazviri - 28 March 2017

This is a clear picture to those who use their heads,,Tsvangirai didn't even impose him self to lead the coalition, vanhu ndivo varikutaura vachitarisa kwakabva Tsvangirai nepaave Ikozvino. There is no doubt about Tsvangirai leadership,, he proved himself to be a true & trusted leader with a clean record.Vana Mujuru vakaitei zvakawonekwa nevanhu,they are just pretending to be angels yet they are devils in disguise.Guys let's not be fooled,either let's open our eyes&do the right thing once. I also so suggest that Tsvangirai must not join any party. He must stand on his own&be our next President. The question is,why these small parties talking too much about the position of presidency.

Matsotsi - 28 March 2017

GUYS, BE CAREFUL OF mUTASA. This leopard has lots of debts which zpf will pay. He has a big project to destroy and he will soon receive a big cheque for that

CHARLESB BINGA - 28 March 2017

I agree with Diibullanyika,,these small parties will cause problems. Please Tsvangirai carry on with our struggle. I know we alone will win elections & redeem our country from the evil party.All these new small parties are power hungry dogs with no teeth's to bite.They want to use MDC to get what they want

Matsotsi - 28 March 2017

What we have in Zimbabwe is POLITICS OF THE STUPID. The sooner this crop of leaders are dead the better for the rest of the country. They are only concerned about themselves, and themselves only, never for the people they should represent. The good news is even the dummest of youngesters growing up in Zimbabwe can see through their stupidity. That is where lies hope for Zimbabwe.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 28 March 2017

But I said it before:now the two fools :Tvangirai &Mujuru &their clowns now are at each other's throat for the so called coalition leadership.All what they want is power not democracy,I told you.Tsvangirai i zombie & Mujuru izombie they don't qualify to be elected to zimbabwe house-they love their names more than democracy.Only want the presidency not democracy.If u show n signs of not wanting to give them the presidency then they don't cooperate with you.They can't imagine n one at the leadership other than themselves alone-so they don't give n other person space

Addmore Gudo - 28 March 2017

The so called coalition wont work . if possible Tsvangison must run it alone

sandondo - 28 March 2017

Janana, chimuti, Diibula, Facts, gabarinocheka, regalia, Gutu, Dave, Matsotsi, thanks guys. Your comments have been worthwhile reading. Great foresight. Pliz keep us enlightened.

Will Blackman - 29 March 2017

i have not come across any mdc-t supporter supporting this coalition nonsense. how on earth will it helps us going to bed with traitors with no known support base?

josphat mugadzaweta - 29 March 2017

MDC t should focus on reuniting with erstwhile original MDC members bring back the powerful 1998 MDC rather focusing on these chancers .

Pro, Mare - 29 March 2017

I think it was crystal clear from the beginning that this was a zanu thing and some of us had long realised it, if MDC T still decides to join with the devil then they also cannot be trusted and it means they are also zanu because though it was clear at first it's now in the open so MDC T should go it alone.

misty - 29 March 2017

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