'MDC, opposition lose electorate's trust'

HARARE - The Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC and other opposition political parties have lost the electorate’s trust in recent years, a leading think-tank — Afrobarometer — has claimed.

The research firm’s assistant project manager for southern Africa, Rorisang Lekalake, said a survey, which involved 9 500 interviews in Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa (SA) and Zimbabwe, revealed this.

The survey found widespread support for multi-party politics in countries such as Zimbabwe and others where sitting presidents have lost some electoral support in recent years, but opposition support has not been high enough to unseat them.

“ . . . in Zimbabwe trust in the political opposition declined sharply after 2008-2009 and similarly, the proportion of Zimbabweans who said they felt ‘close to’ an opposition party dropped from 45 percent in 2009 to 19 percent in 2014,” Lekalake said.

This dramatic reversal of fortune, Afrobarometer concluded, provides an important lesson for opposition parties like the MDC, which it said was unable to leverage its role in stabilising the country when it was part of the Government of National Unity (GNU).

Lekalake said trust in ruling parties stood at 46 percent while it was lower at 35 percent for opposition parties.

However, this was an improvement in the situation more than a decade earlier when trust levels in opposition parties was much lower.

The survey showed that in countries such as Namibia and Mozambique, levels of trust in opposition parties are at the highest levels ever.

The survey also revealed that there was a lopsided distribution of power and resources for opposition parties in countries with dominant governing parties than for those in competitive party systems such as Botswana.

Similarly, in SA, the opposition’s strong showing in the 2016 local elections has bolstered its optimism about its prospects in the 2019 national and provincial polls.

“This success suggests that confidence in the political opposition may have grown since the 2015,” the Afrobarometer said.

But public dissatisfaction with government performance doesn’t necessarily translate into perceptions that opposition parties could do a better job, Lekalake said.

This is particularly so in SA and Zimbabwe.

While eight in 10 citizens in the two countries report poor government performance on their top policy priority, only 37 percent say that another political party could solve the problem.

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Well that is a heap of rubbish of course no sane pple can take these pieces of nonsense as true .Please stop calling such pple AFROBAROMETER as think tanks bcoz they do not think or do their business with the majority they usually copy info from state media as what they are saying here we have heard it several times from the Chronicles ZBC and the Herald and as we all know the organisations have bad reputation of lies and taking side with oppressers dating back to during war 40 yrs ago . just last year opposition in Zim organised huge demos which shook the govt to a point o banning demos then if that is not support for opposition what is it . ? Any way these surveys these days have been proven to be rubbish and wishful thinking as what happened in America where Donald was never given a chance against Hillary but what happened election time Trump crushed Hillary . They can say what they want but the truth is the majority hate zanu and Mugabe and will never vote or ZANU bcoz they are poorer today bcoz of ZANU . VIVA OPPOSITION VIVA

Diibulaanyika - 24 February 2017

I always enjoy your comments @DIIBULAANYIKA. Your analysis is far better than those so called think tank /tint tank

facts - 24 February 2017

Dibulanyika you are spot on. how can a shity head think tank who doesnt know kuti nhamo yakamira sei judge us. ask zanu they will tell you that people support opposition if it was not for their rigging .

GWAUNDU - 24 February 2017

@ Facts and Gwaundu my fellow citizens which person i mean sane ones can lie to tou and me that we now have trust in ZANU ? And now some fake organisations with dubious thinking want to tell us that now zanu is good when we all eating rubbish and drinking sewage water bcoz of zanu and Mugabe that blood lies .

Diibulaanyika - 24 February 2017

Gwaundu,facts &Diibulaanyika are only Tsvangirai fans & therefor don't listen to open facts,but only to Tsvangirai support propaganda illusions,so their opinions are so unreliable & defiled.Can never b trusted since they are only motivated by their political bias towards Tsvangirai not facts.Think-tank opparators are just specialists only for facts ,irrespective of whether u like it or not.True they may also ire but only due to lack of skill or misjudgement but not bias,but in most cases they are highly skilled on the job.Itz genuely true that striking crowds is not n such big support bec the majority will b at home & not at all striking in the road

addmore gudo - 24 February 2017

So you lack common sense to see lies as long it has been said by bogus specialist . Lies are lies that is what we are saying regardless of who utters it and we who have common sense and had been hearing same thing from zbc and other soiled media houses controlled by zanu will say nonsense and it is nonsense Recently in America where they are good political surveyors they got it all wrong when they said Trump would loss to Hillary but it was opposite and some confused pple like you never learn and still swallowing lies bcoz they are are said by so called specialist and educated ones and that is how we find ourselves in the rot we are as a nation bcoz we had been listening to too much lies by educated idiots By the way Gwaundu Facts and me WHICH IS THREE THINK this is lies and you a lone think they are right

Diibulaanyikan - 25 February 2017

A baboon is a baboon you won't change it even if you put it another environment.Mr Gudo so you are telling us that you are a Zanu pf sympathiser and by the way you speak it shows tht ua confused.Up to ths age you are still believing what the socalled specialists are saying.Try to open your eyes well n see wider.

layaan - 25 February 2017

i cant trust these AFROBAROMETRE anymore. Useless reports . Imagine going in the street and asking an ordinary Zimbabwean do you trust Zanu PF or not, he will tell you yes, fearing for his life. There is fear of saying we support opposition in Zimbabwe. If you say you dont support ruling party maybe that will lead to you being harrased, beaten or abducted. So what the hell is this biased Afro Barometer. Empty think tank.

DZIMBABWE - 25 February 2017

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