Minister calls for Mnangagwa's arrest

HARARE - In a stunning call that is set to tear the warring ruling Zanu PF further apart, Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister Mandi Chimene says Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa should be arrested for allegedly inciting his Zanu PF supporters to engage in acts of treason.

At the same time, the Zanu PF women’s league renewed its calls yesterday for President Robert Mugabe to implement their resolution of having one of his current two deputies dropped to make way for a woman — in a move which ruling party insiders say is targeted at Mnangagwa.

Chimene’s call came notwithstanding the fact that many of those who are toyi-toying for Mnangagwa to succeed Mugabe — including former Zanu PF youth leader for Mashonaland Central Godfrey Tsenengamu — have said that they are doing so without the Midlands godfather’s blessings.

The forthright Manicaland regional minister told the Daily News in an unsolicited interview yesterday that she firmly believed that Tsenengamu’s

announcement in Harare on Tuesday, that he and others in Zanu PF would immediately start to campaign openly for Mnangagwa to take over from Mugabe, could only have come from the Midlands godfather himself.

“Both Tsenengamu and those who are sending him are guilty of seeking to subvert a constitutionally-elected government and should therefore be arrested in line with the dictates of the country’s laws.

“The boy (Tsenengamu) is too young to have said what he said, and I am convinced that there is a powerful force behind him,” Chimene thundered.

“Alternatively, I would suggest that since he (Tsenengamu) mentioned that he wants the VP to become president, but Mnangagwa himself has not said so, the VP should make a police report to say so and so is abusing my name and to say he (Tsenengamu) has committed a serious crime of treason in my name and so he should be arrested.

“That way we can be convinced that he (Mnangagwa) is not involved because as a former minister of State security, he knows very well what subversion means, and I know what it means having been a CIO myself when Mnangagwa was my minister.

“He cannot continue to allow people to use his name as a mop, and as war veterans we are saying that small boy Tsenengamu alone has no guts to say what he said, and we will not tolerate that,” she added without mincing her words.

Ominously for Mnangagwa, the women’s league renewed its calls yesterday for Mugabe to drop one of his two current deputies to make way for a woman — a move which is seen as targeting the VP, who also doubles up as Justice minister.

Zanu PF’s other vice president is Phelekezela Mphoko who comes from the Zapu wing of the ruling party, and who is said to belong to the faction of young Turks who are known as the Generation 40 (G40) group, and who are rabidly opposed to Mnangagwa succeeding Mugabe.

Speaking at his Monday media conference, Tsenengamu called for “a mega fightback” from Mnangagwa and his allies, following Mugabe’s birthday interview with the ZBC in which the nonagenarian appeared to crush the VP’s mooted presidential ambitions by saying no one in Zanu PF was worthy of succeeding him.

“It is time we go open about this succession thing because some of us have since identified our candidate and it’s none other than Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa. If Mugabe doesn’t like him, that is up to him, but we are saying we now want him to lead now.

“To . . . Mnangagwa, Chikara, I am sorry you may say we have exposed you, but that is the game now Shumba (VP’s totem).

“We want you to take over from Gushungo and make sure that you take care of his family. So, we are going to hit the campaign trail for you as our presidential candidate next year,” Tsenengamu said.

Tsenengamu was subsequently nabbed by detectives, a day after he held his controversial press conference — and has since been slapped with three charges: violating provisions of the draconian Public Order and Security Act (Posa) for holding his press conference without clearance, undermining the authority of the president and subverting a constitutionally-elected government.

Chimene’s latest blast while stunning, is not surprising as she has previously called for Mnangagwa’s expulsion from Zanu PF for allegedly plotting to oust Mugabe from power.

Speaking in August last year, in another no-holds-barred blitzkrieg, Chimene said to Mnangagwa’s face that he and his allies should be expelled from the warring ruling party.

“Forward with expelling rebels. Down with keeping them in the party!” she shouted, to wild cheers — and going on to liken the VP to an animal, while adding ominously that all problem animals were culled at the country’s national parks.

“Crocodiles must remain in the water. They must stay in the river. They must not stay with the people. Zanu PF is not a dam for crocodiles,” she said coldly. Mnangagwa is nicknamed Ngwena (crocodile).

This assault had followed a similar earlier attack by Zanu PF women’s league secretary for finance, Sarah Mahoka, who publicly humiliated the Midlands godfather, going to the extent of claiming that he would never ascend to a higher office because he allegedly lacked a social base.

Yesterday the women’s league continued with its relentless pursuit of Mnangagwa’s demise, reviving its divisive resolution which could see the VP being axed from the presidium.

This followed the league’s provincial meeting in Mazowe on Monday, where they resolved to press the politburo to implement their resolution at its next sitting.

The outspoken Mahoka confirmed to the Daily News that women were “champing at the bit” to see one of their own become vice president again.

“We are hoping that by the time the politburo meets again next month  the party’s legal affairs department will have completed the process to include the women’s quota provision in line with the resolutions we made — hence we agreed in the meeting we had with the First Lady that if that does not happen we will have to follow up to demand action this year,” she said.

However, Mahoka would not be drawn into saying who the league preferred as its candidate to become VP, saying they would be guided on this by the processes of the party’s legal department.

“We are not in a position to suggest a candidate yet because like I said, we are awaiting the announcement by the politburo to give legal legs to the resolution.

“A woman conceives and becomes pregnant first before rushing to doctors for a scan to see whether the baby is a boy or girl. In our case, it is the legal process first and then we will talk about candidates from there,” she said.

Mnangagwa has been under the cosh in the party for allegedly working fervently to stampede Mugabe out of power before the nonagenarian’s current term ends in 2018.

Things became worse when he hosted sacked Zanu PF officials at his rural home during the festive season, with his party foes alleging that this was in fact a meeting organised to plot the ouster of Mugabe from power.

Last Friday Grace took a veiled dig at Mnangagwa during her rally in Buhera when she attacked Zanu PF bigwigs angling for her husband’s job, and mocked them on their alleged lack of “leadership qualities”.

She went on to tell the gathered crowd that if Mugabe were to die, Zimbabweans would vote for his corpse.

And on the same day that Grace was lynching party bigwigs, Mugabe was being recorded for his annual birthday interview in which he said there was no one worthy of succeeding him in Zanu PF.

His statement was seen as slamming the door shut in the face of Mnangagwa, who until recently had been touted as a front-runner to succeed the nonagenarian.

Stung by this damning statement, Mnangagwa’s angry allies have come out guns blazing, warning the increasingly frail nonagenarian that he faced a big fight if he continued to thwart the Midlands godfather’s mooted presidential aspirations.

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There is nothing treasonous about what the "boy" has said. He refered to Mugabe as the party leader and as a party member he has every right to name a (partyleader) successor of his choice. Mapererwa and it all points to Gucci taking over after elections. You will field Mugabe as candidate but after rigging the way through the elections, he will handover power to Gucci.

Apa Mashaya - 23 February 2017

Chalas, Mbanje and this useless and lunatic fake war veteran by the name Mandi Chimene had a stompie (twist) not take her seriously because she is used to bile spewing against Team Locaste. A person like me and those belong to Team Locaste should dismiss her call because she called the interview after taking a stompie (twist) hence her utterance. God should forgive her for she does not know where Zimbabwe is going politically. She is day dreaming and hallucinating because of her dopey state and mentality. The same applies to the first lady of the Robber and Muggers, the two suffer from bipolar disorder hence their public bile spewing. Useless minions and mascots singing praise of an old, senile and frail leaders like Bob. Whether you like it or not..the Crocodile has power and support hence you are afraid of him. Even your own ancestors from Mutare Mandi....know that own own Crocodile is the only one naturally to take over from the old man. Simpy put, you are all afraid of him and you know that its obvious that its him to take over because he has power. You useless cabal of war veterans are not recognized by Bob himself and why forcing yourself to be recognised..Go and hang Mandi or go back to Mocambique or rather you go buy malawi gold stompie from your relatives in Mocambique. We shall never listen to you.....until we start to see the change we want in Zimbabwe. You belong to the Robbers and Muggers and you are just nothing to us. Keep quite and zip your loud mouth. A fake war veterans.....give us you war history and what were you doing during the war. Nonsense idiot and stop that balderdash.

Clemence Tashaya - 23 February 2017

This succession is taking the country into an abyss. If we say so and so has no leadership qualities what yardstick are we using? How do those who campaign boldly claim a right to rule? Mind you a country is different from a village garden. To me, a veteran of the war has all leadership qualities: sacrifice, courage,determination and selflessness. The gun qualifies a war veteran! What qualifies those power mongers? Is it proximity to power or sheer greedy? Let us not be reckless as a country. The gun still commands an important position in the power dynamics of this country. Let me ask, How deep is your allegiance you new comers and recent arrivants? Zimbabwe is a country born out of struggle, its not some banana feja feja republic for grabbing by some powerful tycoons. The gun qualifies Munangagwa and nothing else!

tinongoona hedu - 23 February 2017

Children of Zimbabwe, I advise you to take caution! First Point: It appears as if Tsenengu was sent by Grace Mugabe and her allies to do what he did. It appears as if they are trying to get Mnangagwa out of "hiding" as soon as possible, like yesterday! They that igwara kkkk. Second Point: Robert Mugabe has already made his decision i.e. to elevate his wife to deputy just like what happened in Azerbaijan last week. Presidency there is now a family affair because IIham Aliyev, who suceeded his dad in 2001, has now appointed his wife as deputy!! Third Point: Buhera and the ZinFirst fiasco provide an excellent bedrock from where "Amazing Grace" can strike, can make a real blitzkrieg against "internal" resistance and without people telling her that she is risking Zanu-PF's disintergration. I appeal to fearless ex-combatants, those with real Stamina, to get this math and act accordingly!!

selele - 23 February 2017

Mandi watanga kuvukura achingo vukura

Genral Nunda - 23 February 2017

Tsenengamu was sent by Ngwena. whilst I do not support Zanu, I find it hard to believe where Tsenengamu got the guts to say what he said. there is a very strong power behind him. For Ngwena to host criminals like Mutodi is also surprising. I doubt Ngwena's intellectual faculty. Zanu isinjonjo tamba wakachenjera. Nkomo, Sithole and Tekere are the people who know Mugabe not Ngwena!

muchadura muchaneta - 23 February 2017

Warvets, who are they supporting? It seems to me they want to stay zanu pf, which kicked them out. Are they confused just like Mliswa. He is one of the worst flip flop henchman I have ever seen, you don't know whether he is zanu, independent or on the side of mujuru or tsvangirai. Hey you supporters of mliswa, do you know which side is your leader on? I think mliswa is just another opportunist, not a real politician.

nhemacena - 23 February 2017

We have said it here many many many times that Mnangagwa is dander head foolish and can not survive politically Yes he is very cruel and murderous but far from being intelligent more so he is not popular nor brave .Mugabe has seen it hence he has said no one can take over from him in zanu which is true very true . If he Munangagwa was brave he would come out openly that he wants to be president and that is not a crime he knows it too simple as that but alas the fool denies and deny that he wants the top post in zanu . All those who follow this coward will be arrested kidnapped and killed for nothing the guy is just useless.

Diibulaanyika - 24 February 2017

So Chimene is correct and said it all that young man was sent by Munangagwa to say what he said and Munangagwa Must be expelled from zanu i think not are rested bcoz i think dislodging a political leader in the political party is not a crime .They must choose a female to be another deputy of Mugabe which they must have done in the first place when they removed Mujuru .

Diibulaanyika - 24 February 2017

why is a party issue made to be a national issue? where is treason here, you mean in that its treason to nominate your preferred candidate. In Zimbabwe where most people fought and died for that is not treason, actually that is what was fought for, the freedom to nominate our own preferred candidates. Where is treason honestly?

uncle Real - 24 February 2017

Mandiita-wepi waka operator musector ipi and who was your detachment Commander? CIO yawakangopinda napo after 1980 you were just as good as useless. Usataura sa Queen Bee who used to say akarova chopper during Hondo when it was clearly false. Taura nezvekamufana ako (Madyira) kaunobatira as murume. Madyira idya mari ya Mandi kusvika wachemberavo.

CDE - 24 February 2017

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