Code sets terms for Tsvangirai, Mujuru

HARARE - Opposition political parties united under the Coalition for Democrats (Code) banner have insisted that MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai and Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) interim president Joice Mujuru can only join them on an equal basis.

This comes as the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leader Tendai Biti joined Code on Thursday and vowed that those who want to be persuaded into joining a grand coalition may find themselves isolated from the masses.

Currently, Code has seven political parties — Biti’s PDP, the Dumiso Dabengwa-led Zapu, Welshman Ncube’s MDC, Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe led by Elton Mangoma (RDZ), Democratic Assembly for Restoration and Empowerment (Dare), the Zimbabweans United for Democracy (Zunde) and Simba Makoni’s Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn (MKD).

Farai Mbira, who is current chairperson of the alliance, told Code supporters that they still have seats for every political party to join them, albeit on an equal footing.

“Mujuru and Tsvangirai are welcome . . . their seats at the Code table remain . . . but we are all important because every vote counts,” he said.

Speaking after officially joining Code, Biti said while there is no doubt that a grand coalition could give President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF a run for their money, there is need for all opposition parties to put aside their selfish interests and realise that “no political party is bigger than the other”.

“This is a coalition that is not in competition with other opposition parties but we are not going to bow before anyone . . . we are going to work very hard to ensure that next year we give Zanu PF a run for their money . . . ” said Biti.

There is a general feeling that the main opposition leader has a “big brother syndrome”.

Last year, Tsvangirai seemingly slammed the door on, Biti, but embraced Ncube as talks among opposition parties continue to stutter due to personalities differences, infiltration by State security agents as well as personal hatred.

While Biti and company have been running with Code, Mujuru and Tsvangirai have been rallying behind the National Electoral Reform Agenda (Nera).

Still, there is a feeling among analysts that Mujuru and Tsvangirai offer the opposition parties the brightest chances of ending Mugabe’s 37-yearold rule.

Biti yesterday suggested that some opposition parties were making “selfish considerations.”

Last December, he told the Daily News that he is ready to work with Tsvangirai, with whom he parted company with in 2014 following the MDC’s electoral defeat in 2013 only on equal basis.

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Morgan Tsvangirayi is the Usain Bolt of the race, he should not be made to compete with every jack & jill. CODE do your elimination rounds then your winner will join Morgan in the final race.

Sinyo - 18 February 2017

Your thoughts are unproductive. If you want Tswangirai to retire without ruling then ignore a united political party at your own peril. Even Usain Bolt enters the race with others and proves himself. If its thus how MDC T thinks. Then CODE should nominate their own presidential candidate and ignore the MDC T. Tswangirai has failed to win alone not once, not twice but thrice. MDC T need serious remedial lessons

Kajawu - 18 February 2017

Vana kajawu munozivei????Biti failed to organise his own party before even contesting elections,,they fought about the name of the party,again about the colour&then about who will lead between him&Welshmen. Even some of the members followed him from MDC T now went back again to join Tsvangirai,, is this not clear that Biti is a looser????.He is a power hungry man,,since he left Tsvangirai did he gave any new ideas on how to change the situation in our country???? If he think he got all what it takes why can't he challenge Mugabe himself?????.If he was on Tsvangirai's shoes,would he talk about equality????.People don't just hate someone for nothing,,reality tells that no matter which way Tsvangirai remains a leading opposition leader.Hate him or not he is the man to challenge Mugabe.Biti is stupid,,how can he expect a big party like MDC T being equal with all these small small parties???.Open minded people accept reality as it is,,they must join the big party not the other way round. & let me tell u the truth,Tsvangirai has nothing to loose even if they team up against him instead of teaming up against Mugabe. That's being stupid,,the same way Mugabe is doing.Those who want change are wise enough to know were to put their x.Heee Tsvangirai never win any election heee Tsvangirai is this&that,,stupid people!!!!. All of u don't have people at heart,,u are just after money like ZANU people. If they really want change they are supposed to join the big&old opposition party with experience, &that would make sense, after all its a win win situation, rather than splitting the votes

Matsotsi - 18 February 2017

i get some of your points that is what debate is all about. I hope you picked out something from my discussion. There is no need to be emotional, because we are all expressing our opinion as individuals usually do not experience the same thing at the same time. Most of our so called reason consists of finding reasons to go on believing as we already do

Kajawu - 18 February 2017

The only coalition that Biti should do is to partner with already losing horse is zanu pf, Tswangirai can go it alone and win the race, i say to mr president Tswangirai run your race we are fully behind you, all sane political parties will join you not vise vesa.

kudzi - 18 February 2017

Sorry Kajawu,,I am not being emotional, the only thing troubles me is the confusion that is being created by people who come in the name of change yet they are helping the dictator.We all know the struggle Tsvangirai started & he lost most of his precious gifts in the process, he went through a lot personally just to liberate us from the evil we facing. The only wise thing for us to do is to support this man so that he can achieve what he started. Kumutsvinyira hakungokanganise iye chete,but chituko futi kwatiri.We still need Tsvangirai because he proved himself to be a true son of our soil.Instead of provoking him let's thank him for his efforts.

Matsotsi - 18 February 2017

These political rejects called code should shut up. They do not even have a following save for their wives and children. Who are they to dictate term to Tsvangirai?

Ndabazezwe viki - 18 February 2017

every time biti paanongoshama muromo anenge akananga tsvangson why. biti you have your own opposition party pinda muring sezvakaita ppf tione mhasuru dzako then tokupa position yako from there kwete kungowawata. hatiuye kucode dzenyu dzana mcheka dzafa idzo

facts - 18 February 2017

Vana Simba Makoni vakapihwa chance wani naTsvangirai MDC ikamu campaignera kwake still akadyiwa,,saka vanodei chaizvo,????hu President ka??? kkkkkkk vana Maya vakavhoterwa ne mukadzi chete nyika yese,,akazotorwa naTsvangirai after that he betrayed him avakuda iyo MDC yacho iye mbune,zvino aripi???.Kana zvisiri mauri hazvisi mauri tsigira vakapihwa zvipo zvacho simple,,kwete kutoda kudya pakuru ivo vane mombe dzakarima woti vatore padiki.CODE is just a group of monkeys &idiots.The people of Zimbabwe will never listen to u guys,,go back&ask for forgiveness that will be a good move.kkkkkkkkkk

Matsotsi - 19 February 2017

If this is not hogwash then what can ever be? It defies logic that by deliberating calling myself and family or a coterie of hangers-on then automatically I am equal & to a tried & test party of the stature of MDC_T. If this the kind day dreaming these CODE people take as serious then serious political entities should not waste energy talking to them. Nxaaaaaa!

mapingu - 12 March 2017

If we confine ourselves to facts, MDC W/Mavambo are the only parties in CODE with a tested electorate base. The rest are chancers but it is their right to want to rule Zimbabwe (albeit with less than 10,000 supporters in some cases). Perhaps this gives W Ncube or S Makoni a chance to lead CODE. These guys are also ambitious and arrogant given their academic backgrounds. CODE can stand on their own based on this ego & academics "base" whilst NPP & MDC T can stand on their own based on different criteria, proven national support base (1m plus voters), governing experience etc. Voters needs to have real choices. Those who still think technocrats on their own can turn the country's fortunes do not necessarily buy into the Joyce/Morgan combo based on acamedics only, but we have a very "book"- learned dictator with very deficient administrative or management skills, this thinking does not have a great precedent. On the other hand we have popular, well known figures who might have strategic and perhaps academic deficiencies but with strong academia in their back-up teams in the NPP/MDC T combo. I personally do not see how MDC W, Biti's PDP can ever work with MDC T given their acrimonious background - let's be honest. Let's not force the marriage let voters decide once and for all.

Sagitarr - 13 March 2017

I think all thoz individuals shouting above are not the elephant electorate but the ant,therefor insignificant.I also think the CODE initiative & the parties involved can also make an impact on our political landscape if they sell& present their message to the electorate in a clear, properly set-up & convincing way.It may b the beginning of some giant step towards a wide & broad minded effort by the generality of our citzentry to move towards the building of our democracy unless if itz going to hijacked again by egotistic individuals like what happened in the case of the MDC. Remember itz us who made Tsvangirai by selling his name to the people-we have the power to do the same on the broad movement commonly owned by all people & leave behind the so called individual brands

addmore gudo - 13 March 2017

Tsvangirai is a man from the masses and is well understood and believed by the masses. Thus why he remains relevant with many Zimbabweans. He understands the pain of the masses because he suffers along side with him. He was and still is with them despite the danger to limb and life posed by the failed regime trying to stop his ascendancy . Biti &CO are above the people. they just can not understand the Idiom that says: Anoziva kuti mwana we mbeva anorwara Ivuu! Morgan ivuu in this case. The other people think they are too educated and therefore above the people. How then do you articulate our issues when you are not in the trenches with us. Just prescribing solutions for us without understanding us. Morgan ndewe wanhu!

zviyo - 14 March 2017

Mangoma, Welshman, Biti, Simba Makoni were all once with MDC but left. They left because they thought Morgan was a simpleton and could not understand the intricasses of politics and hence they felt they could not operate under such low levels of politrics. But forgot that that is where the understanding of the populace is. When you go yonder you go alone leaving the povo behind. Look at the strategy used by Robert, very simple populist policies that resonate with the generality of the population. Despite 7 degrees he has Mugabe plays in the rural areas the games the rural folks understand. Political commissars are ordinary rural falk and even some of the MPS, chairmen and Mahokas and Chimenes. The CODE people are theorists and elitists. Just look at their grouping and see who is there and the number of degrees they have. But behind them are also a few academicians. Now the combination of Morgan and Mai Teurai is a combination from the grass roots. Teurai mai be called Doctor now but the povo know the Teurai of the then struggle . Tsvangison you already know needs no explanation from me. That combination is a mass based combination and very likely to conjure upmassive support from the people. The two are simple, reachable , not complicated , tried and now tested. Why is mugabe worried about the two if they were not a threat to his presidency? Is Mugabe feeling the same about Makoni, Welshman, Biti or Mangoma? If what I said above is correct, why then is CODE displaying this supremarcist approach. These people know Tsvangirai stands a better chance than them to take on Mugabe but they decide to form a Party then invite Tsvangirai to join them. Come on guys ! You think you understand better than the ordinary people that is why you do this. The most likely winning formullar is the the other way round. Unless your plan is to derail the coalition , please re think and think from where the people are and hear their interests in this and how they want this done.

Zviyo - 14 March 2017

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