Mujuru working with feared CIO - Mutasa

HARARE - In a sensational claim that is set to rip the troubled Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) further apart, former State Security minister and one of the founders of the fledgling party, Didymus Mutasa, has accused former Vice President Joice Mujuru of working with the country’s dreaded Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO).

Speaking to the Daily News yesterday, while responding to claims by the Mujuru camp that he and the other ZPF elder, Rugare Gumbo, were working with intelligence operatives to derail her, Mutasa — who superintended over the CIO for a long time while still in government — counter-claimed that it was in fact the former VP who was allegedly collaborating with spooks.

He also said that contrary to the belief by many members of the public, Mujuru was still being “guarded and protected” by intelligence operatives, more than two years after she was hounded out of the ruling Zanu PF and subsequently fired from the government by President Robert Mugabe.

However, and according to the law, Mujuru is entitled to all the benefits accorded to sitting vice presidents — including pensions and holiday allowances, although there is no specific mention of security.

“I have not talked to any official in Zanu PF other than the president. How could we be infiltrated as we stand? We are surprised that that accusation (about working with Zanu PF and the CIO) comes from her because she is the one who is working with the CIO,” Mutasa told the Daily News in the exclusive interview.

“She is surrounded by the CIO, from her driver to her back people. The people who support her are people that I know very well. I even know them by name, so it is surprising to me that she would make such accusations.

“That accusation against Gumbo and myself . . . is what she is doing, and she thinks that is what we are also doing. If I was (working with the CIO) you would be the first to know,” the miffed Mutasa added.

But ZPF spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire scoffed at his claims, accusing Mutasa and other fired officials of working against progressive ideas.

“I used to think he is old, but I think he has gone beyond what old signifies. He was part of us and being the former CIO minister, it should have been his duty to fish out these elements for the good of the party.

“That he didn’t, and those CIO elements are still in the party as he claims, shows two things. Either that Mutasa is deliberately lying in a futile attempt to alienate supporters from the party, or that those elements were planted by him and were doing work for him,” Mawarire fumed.

“At first they didn’t want us to hold the 10 provincial rallies we did last year, and they didn’t want the party to elect a substantive leadership at the convention. They also didn’t want the party to enter into a coalition with other democratic forces.

“In fact, they didn’t want anything good for the party and worked so hard just to make sure they remained in control of every activity and everybody in the party.

“Their idea of a party was a cultist organisation where Didymus Mutasa was the deity and Rugare Gumbo his prophet,” Mawarire added.

According to the Constitution, with regards to the remuneration and perks of the executive, “A person who has ceased to be president or vice president is entitled to receive a pension equivalent to the salary of a sitting president or vice president, as the case may be, and such allowances and other benefits as may be prescribed under an Act of Parliament”.

The pensions and allowances are paid from the Consolidated Revenue Fund.

Mutasa and other ZPF party bigwigs have been feuding with Mujuru since their stunning public fall-out last week, which left the one-year-old movement on the brink.

This was after Mujuru that had expelled Gumbo and Mutasa, together with five other party heavyweights — on account of them being alleged Zanu PF agents and working to topple her from her interim position.

“Having done extensive consultation within the rank and file of the party and also in my capacity as the president with the executive authority to ensure its wellbeing, I hereby announce the expulsion of the following members from Zimbabwe People First with immediate effect: Rugare Gumbo, Didymus Mutasa, Margaret Dongo, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, Luckson Kandemiri, Munacho Mutezo and Claudious Makova,” Mujuru  said, justifying her decision to axe the bigwigs.

But no sooner had she completed her briefing than the situation turned into a complete farce, when Mutasa and Gumbo announced at their own press conference that they had also similarly and summarily expelled Mujuru from ZPF.

Mutasa and Gumbo have since taken control of the party’s affairs after they claimed that they were the owners of the fledgling opposition party and its image rights.

Apart from her bickering with Mutasa and the other senior officials, Mujuru was also dealt a body blow when she suffered mass desertions, including receiving resignations from some of her longtime aides such as Sylvester Nguni, Ray Kaukonde and retired brigadier-general Aggripa Mutambara.

Mutasa also moved to blame Mujuru yesterday for allegedly causing mayhem in ZPF, further narrating how they, during their time together in Zanu PF, had apparently plotted how to catapult her to power.

“We started talking about this thing (for Joice to lead) when we were still in Zanu PF.  Simon Khaya Moyo, Webster Shamu, Gumbo and myself used to go to her office (for this),” Mutasa told the Daily News.

“Sometimes we would go to the meetings together, sometimes we would go separately. But she knew that this could come about and as far as we were concerned we didn’t see the reason why she took such a long time to make up her mind and become our leader,” he added.

Mutasa said the three of them (him, Mujuru and Gumbo) had initially agreed that they would have equal power “but someone whispered in her ears the wrong words”, leading to the current ruckus.

“The question about whether we can go back and talk to her can best be answered by Mai Mujuru. It’s three people; two on one side and the other one on her side alone.

“We had agreed in principle that we would work together as equals, and that if there were any disagreements between us, we would stop and go and think, and then resume discussions the following time. But we had never had such an issue or position,” Mutasa said ruefully.

Despite the cracks in ZPF, Mujuru, who has been working behind the scenes with opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and other smaller parties towards the formation of the planned grand opposition coalition, remains confident of participating in the 2018 national polls.

And although Tsvangirai was said to be disappointed with the turmoil engulfing ZPF, the former prime minister in the government of national unity has said that Mujuru has proved to be a significant opposition player — and that the two would work together with others to dethrone Mugabe and Zanu PF from power next year.

Analysts have also consistently said that a united opposition, fighting with one purpose, would bring to an end Mugabe’s long rule — especially at this time when the country’s economy is dying and the increasingly frail nonagenarian is battling to keep his warring Zanu PF united.

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apa ndopasina nezviripo nyanga dzezizi. anyone supporting these guys should be thoroughly investigated for smoking ganja or drinking bronco. this is just zanu B now with team termites (Mujuru) and team madyira-nyati (Gumbo/Mutasa)

josphat mugadzaweta - 15 February 2017

I think it is now crystal clear to MDC and other serious opposition parties that a coalition with this zpf party will be a self destructing experiment.These guys have been with zanu pf all their lives and they have become inseparable despite the fact they want us to believe otherwise.You can't teach an old dog new tricks.Pesident Tsvangirai,its high time you discard these zanunoids for the sake of progress because its of no use joining forces with a retrogressive bunch of opportunists.

Janana wa Bikaz - 15 February 2017

Diesel from the Rocks Mutasa just threw Webster and Simon into the fire. The constitution needs amending if it gives such generous perks to ex-presidents and vice presidents. After Mugabe is gone these people will only be serving 1 or 2 terms if they are lucky. The wage bill of former presidents and their deputies will balloon out of hand. Given that the vice presidency is an appointment like any other cabinet minister, you could potentially have 2 different vice presidents at each cabinet reshuffle

Galore - 15 February 2017

Guys let's not rush into conclusion. The only side that is talking is Mutasa side.Me I think Mutasa &partners have big mouths,,if u read carefully u will find out that there is little truth in what they are saying&they are talking too much whilst Mujuru is quite. Since the day she announced the splitting she did say say a word afterwards. I am not a Zpf supporter but I can see the smoke.Mujuru is not talking&I know that those who talk too much lack wisdom.When fighting a mad person u must act culm so that those who witness the conflict judge u with respect. Let's not forget that when ZANU fired Mujuru she also they made noise,insulted her but she kept quiet,, that is wisdom&silence is a killer.She is not stupid,,she really know what she is doing

Matsotsi - 15 February 2017

What I don't get is why these guys always want to speak up kana zvashata kwavo. They were in Zanu PF and never at one time criticised the regime kwave kuzongotanga kuti Zanu this and that vabuda. Now he is only speaking about Mujuru being surrounded by CIO agents pavapokana naMujuru...why didn't he speak out earlier. These clowns musn't be taken seriously. Tsvangirayi must be weary of these people. They are only here to scuttle a win for the MDC in next year's elections. Tsvangirai must immediately stop these coalition talks that are just wasting our time and hit the campaign road. Better to get in contact with the people pachine time.

ISO Patriot - 15 February 2017

I pitty Mutasa. A lying leader, has great potential to lie about 4million jobs too. Thanks Dr Mujuru for chaffing this chaff out of my sight

Viva Mujuru - 15 February 2017

The old power hungry fool is at it again. Where is the world have u ever heard a party with three equals. Mujuru as the president has the final say. Firing you guys was th right decision. You wanted to use the party to make money. Not surprising that your property is being attached and your ther elder is proud of driving a Honda Fit after all these years in government

Truth - 15 February 2017

Old and vulnerable people in Harare are being subjected to extortion by people claiming to have access to the High Court through their connections with the ruling party. This a fearful situation for these old people who need to spend their last ears in this country. Suicide is uppermost in the mind of an 84 year old man that I have contact with. He says it is the only way out for him. The woman involved in this case is having multiple pregnancies (by him, she says) that need to be terminated in Johannesburg. By 1 April he is to come up with $43000 to buy her a house in Kwadzana Extension. He has a pension of $50 per month!

Louise du Toit - 15 February 2017

The whole thing her is about punami Mutasa wanted to f;;;;;;;;k Mujuru and was turned down and became so angry and influenced others to cause a revolt . This is not first time that a powerful woman has accused Mutasa of such things we remember one woman saying so not so long , But in short We for saw this and we said it many times here that zpf is ZANU and never be friend it yena lo sikeleme

Diibulaanyika - 16 February 2017

mujuru wants to look clean, how does she do it? fire mutasa a.k.a CHRISTPOWERS MAISIRI. KWEDU KU MDC WE DO JOINT VENTURE WITH clean PEOPLE

chatunga - 16 February 2017

This is very big LESSON never make any coalition with zanu breakaways bcoz they are all CIO and very dangerous to any political organisation Yet THEY WAS NO REASON TO HAVE JOIN VENTURES WITH POLITICAL PARTIES THAT HAVE ZERO POLITICAL STRONG HOLDS ON top of that it is zanu which is now ton apart MEANING A BIG POLITICAL PARTY LIKE MDC T CAN NOW SCRUIZ TO VICTORY EASILY bcoz we have these elements G40 Lacoste , zanu Mugabe ZANU elders Mutasa and not so far from now zanu Mujuru all splitingt votes against zanu no matter what and the writing is on the wall zanu to bite the dust and kick the bucket

Diibulaanyika - 16 February 2017

A marriage gone sour.

Tahir Iqbal - 16 February 2017

Didymus has sold himself out here. He used to head CIO (with all its cruel tactics - documented and otherwise) and if he is/was aware of infiltration what stopped him from taking action? The diesel saga showed he's not so bright after all but probably very evil. Remember he wanted all "these MDC people out" - genocidal maniac!!

Sagitarr - 22 February 2017

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