Magaya switches to water

HARARE - Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries founder Walter Magaya has unveiled new anointing bottle, but this time with water not oil.

The new anointing bottle containing what is called water of life was unveiled last week at his Waterfalls base in Harare.

“The new anointing bottle was inspired by biblical verse Revelations 22:1- 2 which read... “Then the angel showed me a river with the water of life, clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb. It flowed down the centre of the main street. On each side of the river grew a tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, with a fresh crop each month. The leaves were used for medicine to heal the nations.

“The anointing water is found in a bigger bottle for it to last long and the vision is to send this water of life to schools and hospitals among other places such that it will heal the nation,” said Magaya.

He described the new anointing water as very powerful.

“Iyi haumbofi wakaijairira iyi...when the water of life touches you, it transforms your life forever for the glory of God,” he said.

Back in the day, Magaya used to deal with bottles containing anointing oil.

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What happened with the oil that he was using?Does it looses its power ?This is pure madness this is not how God works .The devil uses water from the seas please people do not misled .He is not from God

Forgiveness Nyakuweka - 30 January 2017

What happened with the oil that he was using?Does it looses its power ?This is pure madness this is not how God works .The devil uses water from the seas please people do not misled .He is not from God

Forgiveness Nyakuweka - 30 January 2017

What happened with the oil that he was using?Does it looses its power ?This is pure madness this is not how God works .The devil uses water from the seas please people do not misled .He is not from God

Forgiveness Nyakuweka - 30 January 2017

The reference to Water of Life in Revelation 21:6 appears in the context of New Jerusalem and states: "I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely". Revelation 22:1 then states: "And he showed me a river of water of life, bright as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb" .

shifting to higher levels - 30 January 2017

Kkk false prophet

Ndoda - 30 January 2017

This won't cost him anything,,100%profit&vanoda zvinhu vachingo mhanyira kuzadzisa chiporofita(In the last days they will be false prophets,, they will remove the mountains, but I Jesus didn't send them.......People of Zimbabwe please verengai magwaro.Shoko raMwari hariwirirane nekutengeswa kweruponeso,,ask n'anga ndidzo dzinobhadharisa.The devil is now in the church beware!!!!!Like it or not there is no gospel of prosperity,, we pray&worship for internal life in heaven not hupfumi hwepano pasi.Seek the salvation for the time is near,,we will suffer on this earth but our wealth is in heaven.Pray for yrself&God will provide,,musazviise mumaoko asatan nekuda hupfumi hwe pasi pano.And nzeve dzekunzwa ngaanzwe.This vs Magaya is referring doesn't mean what he is claiming??????beware

Matsotsi - 30 January 2017

The strongest sandawana oil in the world to change and healer you call +27733587735

Aladdin - 30 January 2017

@matsotsi that is true, people they don't read the bible for themselves, they are after wealth but in bible zvinonzi varombo muchagara muinavo and zvakaoma kuti mupfumi awane humambo hwekudenga. my advice is salvation first then zvimwe zvozotevera. of course there are compound meaning pama scriptures but what vaMagaya is referring is totally different. Mwari haapo apa zvachose

facts - 30 January 2017

vane maziso asi havaone, vane nzeve asi havanzwe,

facts - 30 January 2017

The devil is very clever,he knows that sickness and poverty can make people believe in anything as long as they are promised wealth and healing worse if they don't read the bible for themselves.Magaya and some of these so called "prophets" are just taking advantage of this.In Matthew 24 the Bible tells us about the coming of these false prophets and they will do all kinds of miracles but they won't be representing God.So i urge all who are blindly following these "men of god" to seek the truth from the Bible and repent before they are led to a path that appear to be very wide but will eventually lead them to destruction.

Janana wa Bikaz - 30 January 2017

You comment to say its evil, hee he is making money...ndimi murikumupa mari yacho here. Have you ever used the anointing oil or the mantles and mukaona zvisingashandi. Surely what people do not understand, they call names and what they understand they destroy. He needs mercy and not sacrifice. Shame on you Zws, you cannot celebrate your own.

water of life - 30 January 2017

water of life!!! Kana zvasatan zvinomboshanda for a while zvopera. ZvaMwari hazviperiri. Know the scrpiture 'The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich and brings no sorrow with it' I wonder kuti iri kumboita marii mvura yacho.

dankay - 31 January 2017

Common sense tells,,a5litre of cooking oil is costing about R90&Magaya anointing oil is costingR100\50ml,,How many battles of 50ml anointing oil in5litres.By selling only one 50ml battle already he gets R10 profit,, guys open yr eyes.This is a day light robbing.Now he is going to take water from the tap &sell.Why he don't just ask people to bring their own oil&water so that he can pray for them.Most of the people in Zimbabwe can't afford even a750ml of cooking oil.This exactly means that only those who have money can be saved.I am not even talking about the money he is charging for one on one.Jesus was born in a very poor environment &the most expensive means of transport he used was a donky,,he was also meeting the people in mountains & healed them free of charge.He also advised his desiples not to take anything in return of Gods work.What's so special about Magaya????.Magaya is now rich more than politicians. He is the most favorite individual of ZANU pf,,he is also the number one supporter of Mugabe whilest most of Christians &church leaders condemns the evil deeds being committed by Mugabe.If truly Magaya is the man of God why then he don't use his position to confront Mugabe like most of the prophet we know eg Daniel&Elijah. Jesus was crucified because of speaking the truth.But Magaya is bz making money taking advantage of the situation,,robbing the poor.......The truth must be told guys.I know some people don't agree with me but the fact is the word of God shall never change&nometter u like it or not evil is evil.I just thank God that he gave us freedom of choice&also he showed us the way to heaven.Take it or leave it but God always show warns us against the evil of this world

Matsotsi - 31 January 2017

water of life you have lost the plot the issue is not about the power in the oil or water are you forgetting that in luke jesus desciples saw a girl with the spirit of divination and her owners used her for profiteering wen the desciples saw her she began to shower them with praises and neva said anything bad. the desciples were intrigued and said this girl must have come from were ourmaster came from. wen jesus arrived the girl saw him and began saying this is the son of God listen to him for he brings salvation and deliverance. Upon seeing this jesus looked at the girl and said OUT OUT the demon left the girl and she was normal. the desciples puzzled asked jesus why he cast out that spirit it had not offended him in any way and jesus answer was simple Gods word doesnt come out of the mouth of the devil

nutty dreadlock - 2 February 2017

true if he wants to use water why not just tell people to bring their own water and pray for it

nutty dreadlock - 2 February 2017

PHD Ministries has shifted to a New and Higher Level. Read Revelations 22 v 1-2. The Water of Life is consistent with God's Word. Thank you.

Ntini - 6 February 2017

Whether its oil, water or long as God has commissioned it! NOw the proof of whether Pophet Magaya is from God or not is really in the fruit of his works......diseases are healed, demons are cast out, the good news of the kingdom is preached, the poor are taken care of, and the good Lord has not taken awa his faithfulness from his servant...

lyn - 8 February 2017

I do not see anything wrong in selling the anointed water as long as the poor, orphans and the elderly are taken care of. John 12: 3 "Then Mary took a pound of very costly oil of spikenard, anointed the feet of Jesus....." Amen

ME - 24 March 2017

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