Zim burns as Mugabe's Zanu PF brawls

HARARE - As Zanu PF’s deadly tribal, factional and succession wars reach alarming levels, there are growing fears that the country, particularly government business, will soon grind to a halt if the mindless bloodletting continues unabated.

This comes as President Robert Mugabe’s stone-broke government once again missed its revenue targets in 2016, on the back of company closures, continuing job losses and the consequent ever falling tax base.

Analysts who spoke to the Daily News yesterday said the country was now “definitely on auto pilot” as Zanu PF’s two major factions escalated their succession wars.

“We have no government. The economy is on auto pilot and we are on our own. While they fight, service delivery is affected, and their mandate as government is negated as they concentrate on fighting.

“This is what happens when leaders lose their vision and run a country blindly. Zanu PF has no succession plan and we are paying a high price for it,” said political analyst Maxwell Saungweme.

The ruling party is split in the middle as a faction of young Turks, going by the moniker Generation 40 (G40), fiercely opposes Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa succeeding Mugabe.

On the other hand, the Midlands godfather’s backers, known as Team Lacoste, have been throwing the kitchen sink at the G40, resulting in a toxic political environment in the troubled country.

The two factions have even recently quarrelled over a coffee mug of all things, after Mnangagwa was pictured holding a mug inscribed with the words “I am The Boss” during the festive season.

At the weekend, vocal Cabinet minister and alleged G40 kingpin, Jonathan Moyo, savaged Mnangagwa severely, characterising the VP as evil and vowing never to support his mooted presidential aspirations.

Political analyst Gladys Hlatywayo said just as the grass suffered when two elephants fought, it was the masses that were bearing the brunt of Zanu PF’s ugly ructions.

“Our leaders only care about their own positions in government and not about who slept without eating or who does not have a job ... power is number one on their priority list and they do not care about anything else.

“They pay lip service to corruption and other ills affecting our society. They expend all their energy on petty factional fights, and on who must take over from Mugabe while the country is suffering.

“The real issue is that for them politics is a way of amassing ill-gotten wealth and no matter how rich they become, they still yearn for more.

“We are as good as without a government. These people have overstayed their welcome and must now leave office. As they say, politicians like diapers must be regularly changed for the same reason,” Hlatywayo told the Daily News.

Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC said the future would continue to look very bleak under a Zanu PF government.

“The situation doesn’t bode well for ordinary Zimbabweans. As long as Zanu PF, in whatever shape and or form, remains in power, then Zimbabwe is doomed. It’s as simple as that.

“Zanu PF is fundamentally and incorrigibly beyond redemption. It’s totally damaged goods. That’s the cold, hard fact,” MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu said.

“As opposition political parties, we should be acutely aware of the fact that Zanu PF is inherently evil, violent and corrupt, no matter which faction you are dealing with.

“The only viable and sustainable solution is a complete, thorough and total dismantling and annihilation of the Zanu PF regime. That’s the bottom line,” he added.

Economic experts have also previously told the Daily News that contrary to the government’s propaganda, Zimbabwe’s economy was “definitely dying”, as manifested by ongoing liquidity challenges, company closures and job losses.

The experts also laid the blame for this undesirable state of affairs squarely at the door of Mugabe and his warring Zanu PF — while also lamenting the fact that the nonagenarian appeared “completely clueless” about finding solutions to the problems.

Economists also say Zimbabwe cannot afford a further contraction of the economy in 2017 as the country is already grappling with high unemployment, estimated at up to 95 percent — which has forced many, including university graduates, to resort to street vending for a living.

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    As long as we have a very weak opposition,things will continue like this.Mdc lead council of Mudzuri was so good in administation of the city.Mugabe was so enmviouse of Mudzuri s work.Now its a shame ,like their counterparts in government.Town roads are so bad yu think its Somalia.Harare council has stopped all civil works .They say all the revenue collections are now going to salaries and fuel,.The number of highly paid officials has gone up verticaly.We all know each surburd contributes paying rates but no services rendered.Even the rubbish collectors seem on leave.Manyenyeni s career seems to be James Mushore and fighting Kasukuwere,thats all.THE ROADS PLEASE.PUT ALL REVENUE TO ROADS PLEASE.

    viola gwena - 25 January 2017

    On this one,road repairs and service delivery ,I chose to insist on action from Vp.No bootlicking here.The dignity of being VP is displayed and enhenced when he undertakes the had n difficult tusk for citzens.When yu do that yu become a heroe ,an adorable Vp.Our roads are now a tragedy.Action is needed NOW.Supporting a candidate does not rquire blind faith n sheeplike thinking.Support from citizens means they want yu to change things,change the way business was done historicaly.Cultural tendencies of worshiping super heroes for doing nothing IS GONE.Action or shipo out.Simple.When yu move into government ,its to serve pple and the country.

    viola gwena - 25 January 2017

    The roads are an obvious eye sore. The not-so-obvious problems are festering in hospitals, refuse collection, sewage burst pipes, lack of clean water etc This is an indictment of the present "govt" which focuses more on hero-worshipping than service delivery. Its definitely NOT a govt voters would prefer.

    SIM SIM 2 Bad - 25 January 2017

    Viola if this has been your thinking always,I salute you.You are advancing good motivational leadership.If you are going to push the vp to to work for us citizens then you have my full attention.Tete yu talk of seke road yes you have not visited Zengeza 1 road between zengeza 1 and st.marys. I dont know how best to give you a proper discription.Its potholes now turned into stinking latrins as raw sewage is pouring into these holes on the main road.My children are continuosly sick as they play there during my absence.Zengeza is an eyesour tete.Im contemplating moving my family to rurals as it is safer there and healthier than Zengeza.All my visits to the town council have been to nothing.The officials there shrug their shoulders and always agguing on other political issues.Viola you yoself can be president.I will vote for you.

    mike banda - 25 January 2017

    Motorists are forced to adhere to all traffic regulations by the the municipality and the traffic police.Any one found without the required documents is fined heavily.The municipalities in my opinion are the worst culprits because their fines are too exorbitant.My bone of contention is who should force the municipalities to also do their part in repairing the roads that we are made to pay for?Should we just keep on paying when the services that we pay for are not provided?Vehicles are damaged day in day out yet we always smile all the way to Zinara to pay for services that they are failing to deliver.We are doing our part as motorists yet Zinara and municipalities are just collecting our hard earned cash with no services rendered?I think its high time people speak with one voice and stop paying until we get the services that we deserve.Roads have turned into gulleys yet we keep on paying.Its like paying them money so that our vehicles get damaged by Zinara's roads.

    Janana wa Bikaz - 25 January 2017

    Viola if you read all papers,govt has seen the damage on roads.We appreciate your orbservations and thank you very much.Our 2 ministers toured the country and cities to evaluate the damage caused by rains.VP Mnangagwa is on leave and may not be able to respond on this ,since you addressed this issue to him.But be on leave as he may ,he is aware of the comments.Viola Gwena you may also want to take on city councils to do their part in towns they control.It is not only gvt.

    civil servant - 25 January 2017

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