Mliswa heaps praise on Mugabe

HARARE - Controversial Norton independent MP, Temba Mliswa, has said he likes President Robert Mugabe so much that he wants to offer the nonagenarian advice on how he can protect his legacy, when they meet.

Speaking to the Daily News on the side-lines of national hero Peter Chanetsa’s burial at the national shrine last weekend — where he made a surprise appearance for the first time since his expulsion from Zanu PF in 2014 — Mliswa said Zimbabweans should appreciate Mugabe for instilling “confidence in blacks to stand up against whites”.

“We must give credit where it is due because the man did a lot for Zimbabweans, especially the black majority by giving them confidence through education,” he said.

The former Zanu PF Mashonaland West provincial chairperson, who many thought had crossed the floor to join opposition parties after contesting and winning the Norton by-election as an independent candidate, but with the opposition MDC’s backing, revealed that he would advise Mugabe to step down ostensibly to protect his legacy, if he gets the chance.

“If I get the chance to meet him, I will persuade him to step down so that he can have time to write about himself, the liberation struggle and other memoirs,” he said.

“I have always been vocal about the need for leadership renewal in Zanu PF . . . I remain close to people in Zanu PF and I am probably the only person who freely relates with them and opposes them at the same time”.

Zanu PF is currently squabbling over 92-year-old Mugabe’s successor.

Apparently, Mugabe is refusing to relinquish power despite his advanced age and reports of poor health.

Paradoxically though, soon after Mliswa’s election to Parliament as an independent candidate, he immediately announced his intention to challenge Mugabe’s position in 2018.

Following his victory, Mliswa said: “This win is not for Norton residents alone, but for Zimbabweans and it’s a warning to Mugabe that he will lose the 2018 elections just the same way Zanu PF has lost the by-election”.

“I’m the real bull in the kraal. Mugabe sent his small bulls Mnangagwa, (vice president Phelekezela) Mphoko and (Zanu PF commissar Saviour) Kasukuwere and I defeated them. Now I’m going for the biggest bull in their kraal,” he declared.

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Themba Mliswa is so self-absorbed and egocentric, that he is blind to all other factors but his own narcissistic ideas. The man will say and do just about anything to get ahead. Calling him a political prostitute is an understatement. He is a conniving opportunist bent on getting himself well positioned while on the other hand doing everything he can for us to forget his violent ridden take over of farms in Mash West during his overt ZANU-PF days. The man is still a double agent, a spy and perhaps even worse. People shld be wary of this man, Jonathan Moyo, and Saviour Kasukuwere. They are in cahoots, but Mliswa is sort of torn because his allegiances straddle many lanes (from Mutasa, to Mnangagwa to the "gay gangsters'). I will not be surprised if someone criticized my commentary not on its factual merits but on some flimsy excuse etc.

gudo - 10 January 2017

Mliswa hayi akambodyisweiko ne Zanu ... aaaah a disgrace to manhood

Murozvi weMbire - 10 January 2017

Yes Temba, Mugabe did a lot for Zimbabweans - A LOT OF DAMAGE! The education you claim he gave Zimbabweans was paid for by the Zimbabwean parents via taxes and duties. If you say his govt used tax payers' money wisely when he was PM, I'd agree. .... As for standing up to whites, where has it got us economically? I feel he failed as a president when he encouraged lawlessness - this subtracted most of whatever credit, respect and credibility that he had. Its madness for a Head of State to encourage lawlessness and I'm yet find an epithet to describe folks who support that.

Sagitarr - 10 January 2017

This is the mentality that has drawn Zim into the mud. We cannot dwell in the past we want to know how people can put bread on the table & how the future generation will survive. There are so many people who died in the struggle because they had the boldness & courage to confront whites with a gun.

Mentalist - 10 January 2017

Themba is an idiyat or unparalleled proportions. Mugabe has no legacy to protect and history would be less forgiving than the praise singers currently paint him. The education you speak of Themba is a Rhodesian legacy. Mission schools and Smith's government as odious as it was set the framework and infrastructure. Post 1980 speak of one government hospital that has been built that can rival Parirenyatwa, one state University that can rival UZ, one government school that can rival the ones that were already in place?

Galore - 10 January 2017

Well said @Sagitar, @Mentalist and @Galore. Often these ZANU-PF guys like Mliswa will point to education rates etc, but these are just by-products of what the Smith regime left. Two decades after independence, everything started to collapse because these guys were just abusing every single thing. Now the sewage system, roads and hospitals are all crumbling because they need to be replaced but there is no money. Ian Smith and his Rhodesian friends for all their inhuman and horrible treatment of black people, at least they cared enough about the Country itself (Infrastructures). What has Mugabe and his cronies brought to Zimbabwe that is tangible? Even the so called independence, surely we are more oppressed now under black leadership than during Simth's days. What good is having a degree but not have a job? What help is it for an old pensioner to have money in the bank but unable to use it because it has been externalized. What independence can we talk about when the majority of people are oppressed and forced to live under the same recycled and incompetent leadership. Zimbabwe deserves better and Mliswa knows it. He is a beneficiary of Mugabe's misrule and he has had had a silver spoon up his ass from his childhood.

gudo - 10 January 2017

Sadly true Almost all of the current infrastructure was Rhodesian built. We inherited it and look what we've done with it.

Young Zimbo - 10 January 2017

@Gudo thanks, u have however nailed the last pin on the coffin. These chaps did nothing in terms of development, all we have is from Smith.

Mentalist - 11 January 2017

Mliswa is acting like a headless chickenHis analysis is betrayal. He is two sided and is such a dangerous figure if you are to consider someone to share very deep secrets. He must stand up straight. I hope he has a totem. Its not good to act as though he is the only person with freedom of expression. We can conclude that he might have been used by Zanu pf to access opposition secrets and strategies.

Levi - 11 January 2017

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