Dabengwa's Zapu predicts chaos in 2017

BULAWAYO - As the country hurtles towards the crunch 2018 elections, the Dumiso Dabengwa-led Zapu fears that they will be a spike in incidents of violence as a rattled Zanu PF will once again use its old tactics to hang on to power.

With opposition parties on the cusp of forming a coalition that is hoped to challenge Zanu PF hegemony — analysts fear that the ruling party will go for broke in order to maintain its stronghold.

Zapu deputy spokesperson Iphithule Maphosa recently told the Daily News that events on the ground indicate that Zanu PF was a political organ whose sole mandate was to amass and keep political power.

“The nation is faced with a desperate regime which is the best example of a failed leadership. Zanu PF will do whatever it takes to win the polls and remain in power, albeit against the wishes of the people of Zimbabwe,” Maphosa said.

Despite the relative calm the main opposition party, the MDC’s spokesperson Obert Gutu has also called  for the African Union and Sadc to intervene before the country is plunged into chaos by a desperate Zanu PF.

“Zanu PF is a thoroughly wounded political beast that is now cornered, angry, broke and frustrated. They’re at their most dangerous level in terms of regime recalcitrance and intolerance. As the MDC, this is one of the main reasons why we would like the do or die 2018 elections to be run under the auspices of Sadc, the Africa Union and even the UN. We are dealing with a renegade and terrorist regime that will not hesitate to maim, rape and kill people for the sake of holding onto power. The majority of Zanu PF politicians will be paupers and beggars should they get out of power. Thus, to them, retaining power is a life and death situation,” said Gutu.

Citing the ugly tribal and succession brawls raging on in Zanu PF, Maphosa said the impending 2018 election will be politically charged and volatile.

“Worsening the plight of the electorate and fate of the polls is the never ending succession fights that have characterised the ruling party since the run up to their last congress in 2014. This clearly means they had little or no attention to the economy hence the current sad situation for long suffering Zimbabweans.”

Maphosa said history has shown that the ruling Zanu PF never minds how their ill-advised actions affect the greater society and economic prospects of the country as long as they please President Robert Mugabe.

He however, said the recent acquisition of 365 party vehicles by Zanu PF was a clear indication of the party’s upside down priorities.

“Zimbabweans are suffering through the country and Zanu PF has done nothing, failing even to implement their own blue print ZimAsset as a result there is no doubt about what the regime is all about.”

With Mugabe confirmed as Zanu PF candidate for the 2018 elections — Maphosa said there is no doubt that the election will be similar to previous ones when the wily politician employed violence to hang on to power.

“At that age its clear he has lost control of his warring party hence the battle can be even worse when he turns 94 in February, 2018 before the elections,” Maphosa said.

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Where did the money for the 365 ZANU-PF vehicles come from? Is this government money? If ZANU-PF money, where did the party get it?

david taylor - 2 January 2017

so what else is new? is this news? come on please.

fdfizim@yahoo.com - 2 January 2017

Bhuti Dhuu,why are yu not being invited by vaTsvangirai on this unity.?Yu seem to be out in the cold.When the tyme comes for Ngwena to talk on the GNU2 it will be wth these brothers in va Tsvangirai s corner.Joice seems to have made it.She as Tsvangirai s trust.Yu are supposed to bring in the Zipra element ,whats up on that?I think I have an idea.Yu terrorised Mdc in 2000 ,when yu were our home affairs minister.Yu promised to crush MDC .Yu promised vaMugabe yu will kill the sellouts.Yu called them sellouts .Sorry Bhuti.

viola gwena - 3 January 2017

@viola, Bhuti Dhuu is not a tribalist like yourself. You people think Tsvangirai and Mujuru, just like your dictator godfather Mugabe have more mandate to lead on the account of them being Shona. That is what has brought this nation to the sorry point it is today-tribalism. Dabengwa is making all the sense Zimbabwe needs today and you dont listen simply because he is not Shona like you. Now you tell us he terrorised MDC, do you forget the same Mujuru whom you seem to tolerate has blood from as early as 1982 plus in 2008? Is she a better terrorist because she is Shona?

Iphie-al-Harami - 3 January 2017

What unity Viola? ZAPU does not want unity with Tsvangirai, no. ZAPU wants a coalition of all opposition parties, that is why it is a member and signatory of CODE. You and Tsvangirai go ahead and forge your coalition with ZANU-we have known all along MDCT is a ZANU project to prolong ZANU stay in power. Your true colors are finally showing. Just like Mujuru's ZimPF, you will all show the world you are ZANU to the core. As we always said, those masquarading as opposition will be identified and you shall see and know them by staying out of authentic opposition coalition. There you are. What is GNU2? God have mercy on you.

sithuli ndaba - 3 January 2017

No disrespect @Viola you seem not to make sense on all your comments. You are so obsessed with Ngwena, u can finish a comment without mentioning this murderer. ZANU pf (Ngwena included) is the reason why we are in this poverty. Ngwena is going down the toilet drain in 2018 because that's were he belongs together with ZANU

Mentalist - 3 January 2017

Imphi ,is Welshman Ncube shona?skunk.

viola gwena - 3 January 2017

@Mental. Yu have a right to campain for whoever yu like.Do it.Dont wait to critisize only.Tell us yo mental candidate.

viola gwena - 3 January 2017

Who doesnt know its Dabengwa who terrorised mdc supporters in Bulawayo.He even forbade the feeding of poor rurals in Nkayi ,bcoz he accused them of supporting mdc.Ask Welshman if yu dont have the balls to ask Tsvangirai.Dabengwa had the police eat from his hand.He was in charge,just to crush mdc,to blast Tsvangirai.He warned Gibson Sibanda of playing wth fire in mdc.He was our pointman to crush mdc,only he went to the extremes.He was so eccentric he carried a whip in his car,saying its to whip mdc pple.Yu cant fool me on Dhuu.

viola gwena - 3 January 2017

Think of the ordinary people struggling for many years in their daily lives while other live lavishely buying diamonds for their wives Put your differences aside and put the ordinary people as top priority

HL - 3 January 2017

What Zimbabwe needs, for now, is a leader who commands support of Zimbos. One people can vote for whether Ndebele, Shona, Kalanga, Venda etc. Thereafter the constitution should be ammended to reflect proper people representation determined by Geography. We want people from Zim to represent their respective regions at ministerial level. Minister of Agric doesnt even know the rainfall patterns in Mat North and South.

dobbs one-four - 3 January 2017

@viola, try Iphie, not imphi. Did you call me a skunk?

Iphie-al-Harami - 4 January 2017

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