Mujuru boasts of Zanu PF MPs support

HARARE – Leader of the newly-formed opposition Zimbabwe People First has said she is still in contact with several top Zanu PF officials as she seeks to booby-trap the ruling party in the keenly-awaited 2018 elections.

The former vice president told South African 24-hour TV news channel eNCA on Wednesday that many in the ruling party are afraid to speak against their disillusionment with President Robert Mugabe’s continued rule. She claimed top Zanu PF lieutenants were suffering in silence but will jump ship to her party once the time comes.

“As I am speaking today, with what is happening, there are Zanu PF people who are actually working with us,” Mujuru said.

Her startling revelations are likely to ruffle feathers in the deeply-divided Zanu PF that is presently embroiled in mindless bloodletting factional wars, pitting the Team Lacoste faction that is linked to vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa and the G40 faction that is reportedly led by first lady Grace Mugabe.

This also comes amid fears by Mugabe’s inner circle that there are scores of MPs in the ruling party who are likely to jump ship in 2018 after completing their parliamentary terms. If they jump ship now, they fear losing their legislative benefits.

Analysts have noted that while Zanu PF continues on its self-inflicted path of destruction — with even Mugabe concerned that his ruling party could disintegrate — the political environment in the country is set for a major shake-up and possible rejuvenation.

Mujuru, who was considered a liberal, was kicked out of Zanu PF in 2014 along with other former leading lights of the ruling party such as Rugare Gumbo, Didymus Mutasa and Dzikamai Mavhaire.

While many are still sceptical about her sincerity in opposing Zanu PF’s rule and policies and on whether she has repented, Mujuru said her past differences with Mugabe, specifically in 2008, should show the world that she was always against violence.

“The violence of 2008, that should have shown the world that I voiced against what happened and the worst of such practices happened in my province (Mashonaland Central) and I grouped people and denounced violence and my question was who gave that order to kill people in a province that Mugabe had won resoundingly, that was my question. I don’t know who made the orders but I know that it was Zanu PF killing MDC supporters,” Mujuru said.

Hundreds of MDC supporters were killed in cold blood by alleged Zanu PF supporters and functionaries in 2008 and Mujuru’s statements are likely to cause panic among those who were involved at the time she was an insider, with access to top secrets.

Mujuru said while she tried to confront Mugabe on the killings, she got a hostile reaction, regarded as a rebel.

“When you ask who gave those orders and you get no answers, you are labelled a liberal and there are all sorts of allegations made, that made them think that I was not part of them,” she said.

Although Mujuru was expelled from Zanu PF two years ago on untested allegations of plotting a coup against Mugabe, factionalism is still raging on in the ruling party, with knives now out for her predecessor Mnangagwa ahead of the party’s conference in Masvingo next week.

“There was a struggle within a struggle within Zanu PF but even now you can see, after being chucked out was there peace and why is it that it is even worse? You can see I was not the problem, they were the problem, I was trying to bring peace, which they refused to accept.”

Describing her stay in Zanu PF as terrible, Mujuru said even when she confronted Mugabe, she was for the most part ignored.

Mujuru rose to be Zanu PF vice president in 2004, clinging on the epaulettes of her late husband Solomon, who she revealed was brutally murdered by his comrades in Zanu PF who also eventually expelled her.

NKC, a privately-owned political and economic research unit located in Western Cape, with a focus on the African continent, said Mujuru has not suddenly become a critic of Zimbabwe’s economic policies, but rather has a record of dissent from within her previous office as vice president of the country.

“Secondly, there is strong evidence to suggest that when she was expelled from the party and government, she took a large slice of her support base with her and that her party provides an attractive alternative to those still within Zanu PF who are disillusioned and resentful of the new power plays while the ailing president seems powerless to exercise his authority,” NKC analyst Gary van Staden said in a recent report.

“Thirdly, her ability to attract support from the current crop of opposition parties will be important and increase the extent to which the opposition can present a united front in 2018.”

He cited the growing discontent within Zanu PF ranks over the role and influence of the unelected first lady Grace Mugabe and “her increasingly hysterical and irrational attacks on supposed successors to her husband and their various ‘plots’”.

“Two ironies are also evident: that after the bitter and brutal infighting to succeed  . . . Mugabe, the victor loses the office to Ms Mujuru and, second, Ms Mugabe recently acknowledged that her campaign against Ms Mujuru back in 2014 was a mistake — she may yet see just how big,” Van Staden said.

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joyce should just shut up.she was aort off Zanu pf which beat up people like morgan tsvangirai.she was part of the system which rigged the elections.she was part of the sysstem which killed people in matebeleland.she was part of the system that delyed soldiers to run maguta programme which is is now criticising.she cant want to be clever now.remember she once said about joshua nkomo.."that senile old man" after nkomo had said strive masiiyiwa should be given the econet licene.joyce because she wanted strive to give her shares in econet,she was denying him the licence.she was still minister of posts and telecomms then.she presents herself to people of matebeleland as a saint now who was just being forced to support all that was going should not be fooled like that.her hubby rex was the army leader when gukurahund was hapening.she supported the taking of land and its distribution and looted farms too.because she wants the whites money she now says she will compenasste the whites.she cant even be leader of the so called coalition.if morgan agrees to her being boss..then he is tupid.why did he get beat by joyce and zanu pf at machipisa that year.being humiliated and being brought to court in a truck with a swollen head and eye..because of joyce and zanu pf.unless all along morgan was just handling the leadership waiting for joyce to come and be shef.joyce should just go back to zanu or maybe to dotito..she now says zanu pf is bad because she has been removed from the feeding trough where she was looting diamonds and because she is no longer feeding,zanu is bad and alll along she was an she is wrong

mwana wevhu - 10 December 2016

It is true that Mai Mujuru is one of the few leaders to voice concern over senseless blood-letting that took place in 2008. I think she is a bold leader, the more sensible side of the then ZANU pf. She deserves to be heard and if the people give her - a chance to lead. We all make mistakes.

Viva Unidade - 10 December 2016

I have three concerns with Mujuru & ZimPF - 1. she is happy to get current Zanu PF MPs on her side. How different will she rule with this kind of dead weight? 2. These Zanu PF MPs are greedy opportunists who always want to be rewarded with material benefits, what kind of leaders are they now and what value will they bring? 3. what kind of voter is happy and content with the two points raised above? Only morons or thieves methinks

Sagitarr - 10 December 2016

My last post should differently will she rule....

Sagitarr - 10 December 2016

CODE must not allow Joyce to join them

Pean - 10 December 2016

Itz quite true,she is an option.She seems a more enlightened a leader,far much better&more capable leader to handle leadership than the long time opposition leader Morgen Tsvangirai who has now distroyed the MDC &cut it into pieces rendering it less formidable a force on Zimbabwe's political scene/landscape bec of lack visionary leadership.A party supposed to b a giant has now fallen,buckled &unable to defeat Mugabe on its own after such a long time, bec of a leader who does not know how to keep a tight-knit group,uniting all pple towards a cause in a successful way.In Amerca they do it by not keeping closed platforms,a leader can b easily replaced in an open vote platform,&the group moves forward strong&united.They don't allow n leader's failures overshadow the main causes in their movements.While Tsvangirai was asisited by the ZCTU workers' base,Im wondering what are Mujuru's methods of reaching out to the electorate;her own background appeal as liberation war icon,&now a democratic fighter seem not to b enough,she needs to add other more aggressive methods to reach to all segments of the electorate,urban,rural,zanu pf or mdc,&pass her message.Finance yes,while Tsvangirai was helped by Roy Bunnet,she might as well hav her own donors,&arrange fundraising crusades

addmore gudo - 10 December 2016

100% CORRECT mUJURU has dirty hands and was part of the system responsible for the current state of economy, but if MDC T was able to workwith Mugabe for the sake of suffering Zimbabweans, Mujuru is by far better than Mugabe . what we only need to watch out is that she does not lead for she still has the mentality of taking in her government the same Zanu pf dead wood.

patso - 10 December 2016

So even vaMugabe can expel himself from zanu and join mdc and lead it.Why not.It wasnt him who did all those things but those surrounding him.million excuses.Maybe Mujuru will bring vibracy into mdc leadership in parly.Maybe.Do an impeachment that mdc has never had stamina to launch.Maybe.Why shuld she seek to replace va Tsvangirai rather be his deputy and wait.In no time she will be the head.VaTsvangirai is sick.Again maybe.Maybe mujuru is nolonger the same we had in zanu, she keeps saying mugabe chased her but it was moyo and grace.Mugabe did not defend her or rescue her.He let his wife feed on her.

viola gwena - 11 December 2016

It will be Joice who will be booby-trapped come 2018. She is a stooge of ZanuPF, and her hands are awash in blood and guts and tripe. She should shut up, or come clean and start criminal proceedings against the perpetrators of the bloodletting. She knows all of them, and hiding behind the Officail Secrets Act is just an excuse.

Homo Erectus - 11 December 2016

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