War vets lay into Zhuwao

HARARE - Disgruntled war veterans have attacked President Robert Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao over the Indigenisation minister’s recent remarks suggesting that ex-combatants were intimidating Zanu PF supporters to back Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s mooted presidential aspirations.

At the same time, the angry former freedom fighters also escalated their feud with Mugabe yesterday, bluntly telling the nonagenarian that they would not be attending Zanu PF’s annual conference slated for Masvingo next week.

The spokesperson of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA), Douglas Mahiya, told the Daily News that Zhuwao had “no moral ground” to comment on their activities as he was “not yet born” when they waged the war of liberation.

“Zhuwao doesn’t know anything ... when we went to war he was not yet born. He is trying to personalise or making it (leadership of Zanu PF and the country) a family thing because you will never find justification when this issue comes from the nephew of the president.

“They want to separate us from the people, but we will remain with the people. We expect such a thing from Zhuwao, considering his age. If it was not the determination of war veterans, he would never have had his dreadlocks and he would never have been a minister.

“We don’t see him occupying that position as justifiable. It’s part of what we think is nepotism. He doesn’t know about the revolution, he only knows this from books. He must shut up. People must not call people like Zhuwao comrades. It’s an abuse of the name,” the forthright Mahiya thundered.

Zhuwao suggested at the weekend that some of Mnangagwa’s supporters were allegedly using fear to try and impose the VP on Zanu PF supporters. This was after war veterans had previously warned that if Mnangagwa did not succeed Mugabe blood could be shed in the country.

This, as Zhuwao’s Zanu PF detractors claim that he is one of the influential members of the party faction made up of Young Turks, which goes by the moniker Generation 40 (G40), and which is opposed to Mnangagwa succeeding Mugabe — a charge he flatly denies.

Mahiya said many war veterans would not be attending the impending Zanu PF annual conference, citing bribery and misrepresentations of their grievances by the War Veterans ministry as some of the reasons for this looming boycott.

“The ministry has gone as far as picking up war veterans who they are giving money to attend the conference so that the president will think that the war veterans are there.

“We were not invited to the conference because at the helm of the party we have a G40 cabal. So obviously, they don’t want to see us attending their function. There is bad blood between us and the G40.

“They will be celebrating victory to have a conference without war veterans, which is contrary to what we always say. Zimbabwe was born out of the liberation struggle, and the war was fought by war veterans who are surprisingly not invited. They want to remove all veterans from the party.

“But Zanu PF is not G40. Zanu PF in its proper definition is made up of the people. The Masvingo conference will be the first in the history of the party to be held without war veterans,” Mahiya added.

“As long as (Chris) Mutsvangwa and his leadership are not there, those who are going are not representing war veterans. To them, it can be meaningful but to us it’s a big anomaly which is not supposed to be done. G40 cannot represent the people,” Mahiya said further.

This comes as Mugabe and Zanu PF have been working hard to try and heal the widening rift between them, and the former freedom fighters who ended their 41-year relationship with the Zanu PF leader after releasing a damning communiqué on him in July.

Since then, Mugabe and Zanu PF have been dangling gifts to the war vets, including cash, land and vehicles in a bid to strengthen the ruling party ahead of the crucial forthcoming polls — after their initial thuggish methods failed to coerce the disgruntled ex-combatants into line.

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Lets leave, forgive and forget about this young boy from Mocambique who was born by a her mother who was a known prostitute, Zhuwao. Do we have such a Shona name from all corners of Zimbabwe? No, the bile spewing boy (cousin) from Mocambique is damn useless and irrelevant in our today's politics in Zimbabwe. The fact that he is a cousin of the Robbers and Muggers can not qualify him to bile spew to the majority of Zimbabweans. He is damn daft and dull. Zimbabwe does not belong to such a foreigner like Zhuwao. What he should be reminded is that, once the Robbers and Muggers are gone, he should be prepared to either go back to Malawi or Mocambique where he belongs. In fact, history at our hands reveals that even his so called Uncle is not originally from Zimbabwe. In fact, as a young man who hails from Mashonaland West province both Mhondoro and Zvimba, (amai nababa's roots), Mugabe family and others occupied the regions like anyone else from Mocambique or Malawi following those whites in farms. The fact still remains that they are not from home. We are the originals in the region not the Zhuwaos. (I can't even pronounce the name). We shall deport them back to their roots. Give me a year. Watch this space. Stop bile spewing and dictating on us because you are a foreigner in Zimbabwe. Mubwidi...Mubvakure...nonsense. The clock is ticking for you boy. Hamba.

Clemence Tashaya - 6 December 2016

Tsvangirai PRESIDENT, Mujuru VICE PRESIDENT, finish... The rest of the guys be votes mobilisers.

WhiteHorse - 6 December 2016

The truth has now come out clear. war vets were not invited to the conference as a group but as individuals

gwabu - 6 December 2016

I still maintain that zanu does not need the war vets finish and klaar!! The war vets over rate their value and importance but they are just a tired lot who have been benefiting from zanu for a LONG TIME . They arrogate to themselves certain rights and think those who did not fight in the liberation war have no say in the country's politics. Like Grace said-were they forced to go war? Mugabe must abolish the ministry of war vets and rightly make them fall under a department in the social services. just to show them who is the leader and to save lots of taxpayer's money!!

Ephraime - 6 December 2016

Pliz excuse my ignorance in the politics business Are the warvets boycooting the Masvingo gig or they were not invited? So all this cry is because they were not invited hey after all grapes are sour.kkkkk Pakaipa

goodlife - 6 December 2016

Ephraime i agree with u warvets do think that they are superhumans because they fought the liberation struggle .i respect them for their efforts and dedication for the countries liberation but then again they should live the younger generation take over and bring innovative fresh minds in play.their mentality and that of mugabe is the same-they seem to believe that without them the country cant function. they have to be told that thats not the issue at all,we sure can function in their absency .as for the zhuwayo dude can u jus shoot him already u can handle guns after all.

murambatsvina - 6 December 2016

"seperate us from the People" whose pple are u representing...maakushaiswa mukana wekuba maakuzvionaka..to hell nemi mawar vets..u sound as if kuenda kuhondo is everything..u are very confused man...ndomentality yatisvitsa patiri apa...

apo - 6 December 2016

Can all Zimbabweans work towards the removal of Mugabe and his Zanu from power. We are tired of reading about him and his family.

BraT - 6 December 2016

Thank yu BraT.

viola gwena - 7 December 2016

isu mavarvets tavakwatsvangirai .morgan achawana mavotes emawarvets for the first time simce 2000

adhalanyimbo - 7 December 2016

Clemence Tashaya your vile mouth spew poisonous and toxic xenophobia.

tafa mutekwe - 7 December 2016

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