I will never let you down: Tsvangirai

HARARE - Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC yesterday said it will never let the people down as it strives to form a grassroots-driven coalition before the keenly anticipated 2018 elections.

Last week, Tsvangirai and Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) leader Joice Mujuru snubbed the South African-led coalition talks where smaller parties took part.

The opposition leaders’ stance drew criticism from fellow opposition counterparts.

“The MDC passionately believes in a people-driven process as opposed to a leaders-driven political discourse,” MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu said.

“Whilst we appreciate that a coalition of opposition political parties, if carefully structured and strategically implemented, can give the Zanu PF dictatorship a crushing and humiliating defeat in a free and fair election, the MDC is acutely mindful of the need to always take into consideration the interests of the majority of the toiling masses of Zimbabwe whenever an electoral coalition pact is to be entered into.”

Former MDC secretary-general Tendai Biti, who now leads the People Democratic Party (PDP), accused Tsvangirai of overestimating his political stamina and also took a swipe at Mujuru.

Gutu said the MDC “doesn’t find any value or wisdom in exchanging crude and rude personal attacks with other opposition political parties”.

He said through platforms such as the National Electoral Reform Agenda, the MDC was working hard with like-minded political parties to pressure Zanu PF into implementing requisite electoral reforms before elections.

“Negotiations of such a monumental significance are never conducted in public. We have our eyes on the ball all the time and going forward, the people of Zimbabwe will be kept properly informed of the progress that is being made,” Gutu said.

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I fully agree with the fact that all opposition parties must unite, FORM A COALITION and face the common enermy and that common enermy is ZANU PF, but a coalition which involves the likes of Biti who are so quick to go to the media and just waffle might fail the whole process . Tsvangarai , Mujuru and other opposition paties can do far much better without Biti who just act big for nothing not even realising that he is the biggest failure in the field of politics . Biti must go to hell , he doesnt have the crowd behind him , we will never have any sleepless nights about him .

Khalabemgeza - 6 December 2016

Biti imbiti chaiyo anozviita kunge ndiye akanga akamisa mdc but we know tsvangirai who came first iwe ukazomujoina then waakungwarisa pazvinhu zvausina kutanga zvawakatanga chako chi party uchadei kuna tsvangson hatina basa newe and hapana akakubvunza

masvingo - 6 December 2016

Its the likes of Biti that built MDC in 1998.They risked their lives that time when most of yu where scared to challenge zanu.Now he is useless?Because he refused to be rubberstamp the leaders likings.I tell yu from experience ,what Mujuru is advocating Tsvangirai to do on Biti is axactly the reason she got kicked out of zanu.Va Mugabe has kicked out all who oppose him or pose threat to him,he kicks out of zanu.Its this also in mdc.Welshman,Biti,Mangoma, these were kicked out bcoz the leader felt threatened.Those a bit older will remember the old mdc that gave us sleeples nites,Tsvangirai, Sibanda,Ncube,Biti ,Nyati ,all these great minds were somehow kicked out mdc.Now he is the only one left wth stooges as his cabinet.He wants Thoko out bcoz of that.Tsvangirai runs mdc like Bob runs zanu.Identical twins,one old one sick but same face.If yu ask me I think they are 2 cogniving snakes to the pples aspirations of unity.

viola gwena - 6 December 2016

This too much negative talk is retrogressive. Why dont pple keep their cool while the concerned leaders map the way forward...the senior opposition leaders may be doing serious thinking before leaping into coalition. Some would -be-partners can never be trusted because of their past deeds.

bugwa - 6 December 2016

Mujuru and Tsvangirai see their leadership of the opposition threatened by Biti and Makoni. Both Biti and Makoni have been excellent finance ministers.

david taylor - 6 December 2016

current leaders and all opposition leaders are all thiefs.one populist opposition will enter the field soon.keep on watching people.

Lodza - 6 December 2016

All those that are very analytical should look into the history of Morgan Tsvangirai with the secretary generals then you will see that he has already walked into another Pres Mugabe kind of style of leadership any politically upright leader does not behave that way with the secretary generals i used to love this guy but im loosing that old love.

tmark - 6 December 2016

Biti and Makoni might have been excellent finance ministers but they are ZANU, period. Agents out to confuse the masses. Morgan has his foibles what about Mugabe? Man is killing our country and all we can do is rubbish someone who rescued the country during the GNU? Zimbos don't know whats good for them and will therefore forever be under ZANU

Dunlop Munjanja - 6 December 2016

if mugabe is tyrant then tsvangirai also is a tyrant-the difference is the latter is a tyrant whose popularity is somewhat limited on the international stage .my question is if we really need a zimbabwe which is totally free of dictatorship why are we even considering tsvangson as our candidate against mugabe ?, are we not propelling an exact replica of mugabe into a position of power? and are we not going to regret a mistake of this magnitude ?.@ Viola i agree wit u sir ..

murambatsvina - 6 December 2016

who is this person yu call Biti?? don't fool yourselves people, Biti is a minus zero in terms of politics, he is nothing and absolutely nothing, politics has to do with numbers of voters, how many supporters does Biti have? Welsh thought he better and where is he now? he lost every seat he had wrestled frm Tsangirai, I challenge Biti to hold one rally and see if he can have even 20 people at his rally. I rather would talk of Joice than Biti, Welsh and the socalled small patrties. all of them joined cannot win a single seat and yu hear them waffling about coalition.those guys want to gain entry into parliament using Tsvangirais popularity. these small parties don't mind Tsvangirai being president but each leader of a part will represent his part in his constituency hence they are great chances of winning using the banner MDC. don't think they are fools, varikutodawo kudya. I rest my case

MARCUS - 6 December 2016

Tsvangirai let people down a long time ago when he opposed the land reform and teamed up with racist farmers. Those farmers are now enjoying their loot here in the western world while Tsvangirai is still trying to get into power and does not own a farm in his own country. The white farmers are here in the western world and they own farms houses and businesses through the wealth they looted from Zimbabwe. MDC and all the small parties should first of all call for dialogue with ZANUPF to agree on national economic needs and agree that Zimbabwe comes first in all their political activities and have one voice in fighting the removal of sanctions. Imagine countries like Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq that are being bombed everyday but you never hear any of their citizens calling for sanctions. Only in Zimbabwe do we have such citizens. So the statement "I will never let you down" is meaningless Morgan you let us down in 1999.

Jemedzo - 7 December 2016

Tsvangirai did not go to south Africa and 13 parties went , so no problem let them form the coalition. MDC-T simpliy said no and now its a big issue. Who is worrying here is it a force matter that everyone must join the coalition even if you dont agree. What happens if after forming this GNU Zanu registers another 20 political parties. Free and fair elections period. Mobilise to prevent cheating in rural areas. Let the winner win. If it is Zanu , Tsvangirai, mbiti Teurai, Welsh , Ngoma so be it. the people's choice should lead. Trump won the USA elections against Hillary. The Bretons won a no vote so they are all going to be happy with their choice. It should not be Mugabe at all cost must leave ,no. People must choose their leader. ZBC should be fair and newspapers should be fair. Fair coverage of all political parties and free access to all areas in Zimbabwe should be the cry point. If people want Mugabe so be it. Fidel ruled for 50 Years and handed power to his brother but you all say he is a hero . Then if Mugabe is wanted , he must be a hero/

Zvakwana - 7 December 2016

Most of my fellow Zimbabweans are dump & stupid,, u bz critising a man who tried &fought so hard,,loosing most of his precious valuable things including his wife only to liberate u from these animals zanupf.Instead of u to encourage him to do more u bz calling him names.I wonder what exactly u need???.Biti,,Welsh man&all who left Tsvangirai are all sellouts.They tried to form a party together but before they even started they fought for leadership. Zimbabweans please wake up!!!!!

Matsotsi - 7 December 2016

Never worry my brother all those blaming Morgan here are some CIO elements never take them serious we are not so stupid that is why we know only Morgan is true leader the rest are taking chances .

Diibulaanyika - 7 December 2016

This Biti is a confused coachroach when it comes to politics. Why run away from your parents and later come back to influence them to form another family using a different surname? I do respect him as a learned lawyer but not as a mature politician.

Capt D.L - 7 December 2016

Tsvangirai you have let us down by being paid by mugabe and spoiling every action taken by activists to bring to the attention of the nation the need for Mugabe to resign and also to right the economy. You are a spoiler and you will answer to God for that

steve blomefield - 8 December 2016

Tsvangirai is not at all threatened by any one. If he won against Mugabe why will we fear mbiti or Ncube. What we are simpliy saying is that the coalition has to be supported from the branches not the leadership meeting in Cape town. If anyone is afraid , it is Mbiti and his associates but I would rather say they are not afraid but they have been paid by Zanu Pf to try and infiltrate the opposition. MDC-T can stand on their own and win the elections against any party. So dear friends let Mbiti and his friends do as they please and forge their alliance of the stooges of Zanu PF. We are not hungry for the alliance. we have been in the struggle for 17 years and we are still going strong. If the alliance is hurried leaving the masses behind then count the MDC-t out. We wish you lucky guys.

Zvakwana - 8 December 2016

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