Mujuru roasts 'drowning' Biti

HARARE - In a savage slap down of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leader Tendai Biti, former Vice President Joice Mujuru’s Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) has described the erstwhile top lieutenant of opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai as “politically drowning” and desperate to save his “sinking” ship.

This comes after Biti’s PDP launched a scathing attack on Tsvangirai at the weekend, which led analysts to believe that this would make it even harder for the country’s fragmented opposition to work together ahead of Zimbabwe’s eagerly-anticipated 2018 national elections.

Speaking to the Daily News yesterday, ZPF spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire also accused some of the leaders of the country’s smaller opposition parties of effectively working to scuttle coalition talks by attempting to “stampede the process” and roping in “dubious” characters into the ongoing negotiations.

“There is a world of difference between adopting a big brother attitude and being politically astute and refusing to be rail-roaded into activities clandestinely choreographed by Zanu PF through proxies masquerading as think tanks or civil society actors.

“We know there are individuals who are politically drowning who see a coalition as the last straw they could possibly clutch onto in order to save their sinking political careers.

“We should not be rushed by such characters and their surrogate organisations because what we want to achieve is not a rescue package for failed politicians, but a sustainable roadmap to extricate the country from the economic, social and political mess which Zanu PF has plunged Zimbabwe into,” Mawarire thundered in his thinly-disguised reprimand of Biti.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka, said while the former prime minister in the short-lived inclusive government respected the national sentiment in favour of a coalition, the MDC was nevertheless disturbed by Biti’s “tendency” to insult other leaders.

“What is also undermining the talks is what Biti is doing. How do you go about saying Tsvangirai is a fool and then talk about a coalition with the same person? Indeed, how do you build trust this way?

“How does a leader whom we also know has been deserted by his whole institution talk about a coalition? Are we supposed to look at a coalition of individuals? No, we want a coalition of institutions.

“Tsvangirai is aware of the national sentiment out there that all political parties should heed, that a coalition is a must, but that process can not be rushed,”  Tamborinyoka told the Daily News.

The MDC and ZPF’s comments also come as analysts have said that Tsvangirai and Mujuru working together, represents the best prospects of the opposition ending President Robert Mugabe and his ruling Zanu PF’s long rule in the watershed 2018 national elections.

The widening cracks among the country’s disjointed opposition became more glaring last week after the MDC and ZPF snubbed coalition talks that took place in Cape Town — rendering that gathering pretty meaningless.

Commenting on the Cape Town meeting on Thursday, Tsvangirai appeared to slam the door shut on the prospects of him ever working with his former comrades who deserted him and the MDC over the years, saying he did not see the sense of crafting a coalition with people who had previously made it clear that they did not wish to work with him.

He also said he had not seen the need for him to attend the meeting, which not only involved people who had left his party, but which he also deemed unclear in terms of its objectives.

Some analysts interpreted this as an indirect attack on Biti who once served as the MDC’s secretary-general before he acrimoniously parted ways with Tsvangirai, and whose PDP party has already witnessed its fair share of debilitating desertions.

But speaking on Friday following Tsvangirai’s outburst, some of the smaller parties scrambled to try and save the ongoing coalition talks when they held a hastily-arranged meeting in Harare to pacify him.

“We commit to reaching out to other leaders … we are not assuming that because they did not come to Cape Town therefore they will not come to Nyanga for example, when we meet again before the end of this year,” the representative of the 13 parties who met in South Africa, Simba Makoni, said.

“We are not enough as the 13 of us, hence the need to engage others. We gave ourselves up to before the end of this year to come up with a structure and working strategy for the coalition.

“We are committed to doing what is necessary to achieve this noble objective whose time has come for the benefit of Zimbabweans,” Makoni, who is also the leader of Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn (MKD) added.

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In my humble opinion, all three (Mujuru, Tsvangirai & Biti) are 'politically drowning' albeit at different rates. They should all join hands and sing Kumbaya as they exit the political arena of this country. They, maybe with little exception to Mai Mujuru, do not possess the kind of tact and shrewdness needed to survive today's political waters.

Muzukuru waTangwena - 5 December 2016

Muzukuru it is Zimbabwe which is drowning, not those guys you are talking about. No usd no bond note nothing that is how deep down the valley zanupf has taken this country to. Lucky for Zanupf Zimbabwe is fool of idiots so they can still count on those votes and the all night stuffed ballot deliveries to polling station

therambo - 5 December 2016

Zimbabwe is not full of idiots, kana. It is just that real intelligence has decided to Keep a low profile Amid threats from a clique which is not doing anything substatial for anyone. They are busy destroying everything without a single pause of thought. Who wants to sacrifice dear life for the rags and contaminated left-overs under the tables from which These vampires are eating? Not me, not many of the quiet professionals i know. They are forcing a fight on us, yes, but as Long as i can, I will keep restrained and develop my family chinyararire.

selele - 5 December 2016

Guys guys guys, if ever a coalition is necessary, Lets look into this scenario : Some small insignificant beverage companies try to convince coca cola to dismantle and Join a newly formed United beverages cooperation of some sort. Why not these small companies Join Coca Cola. Guys lets be realistic, Genuine and Practical.

WhiteHorse - 5 December 2016

mujuru and biti you are both foolish. mujuru is worse because she is also a thief. uku kusekana kwavana kamba nekuti iwe joice support yako iri mumanewspaper chete.

josphat mugadzaweta - 5 December 2016

A Brand exist, A Brand has already been established and has been selling pretty well for years. THE BRAND is MDC, if you are "Genuine and Honest" about a coalition then Join the Brand. Its too late to try and form something new now, it will be prone to many (positional) fights. If there is a good reason of not coming together under MDC then forget about the so called coalition.

Why Rebrand - 5 December 2016

why are they desperate for tsvangirai's signature, kana asingadi haadi, coal;ition is not forced it should be by mutual agreement, the sinking ships shud desist frm making unreasonable noise disturbing the fishes that are enjoying their honeymoon swimming

lodza - 5 December 2016

they went and came back empty handed,they wanted to lure Tsvangirai to SA thinking he would swallow hook,line,sinker and the fisherman.manje vakairasa chakatanga ndoo chakachenjedza.Save vaakuona

sekuru - 5 December 2016

Pot calling the kettle black

Umbrella Movement - 5 December 2016

in his right mind Who would listen to Biti, the reason why we still with a ZanuPf govt after its defeat in 2008 is because Biti and Mangoma negotiated on Zanupfs corner that's why Robert M called Lindiwe Zulu a street lady after she had pointed out that these two guys were not negotiating in good faith. In short they sold out and got a huge pay-out. So the whole hula balloo about meeting in SA is a Zanu Pf issue fronted by Biti and with Morgan T being absent from the meeting the deck of cards is crumbling hence the loud frustrations from Biti and his paymaster. He also knows that his only survival is pinned on a coalition with MRT without that he is doomed . Consider of the parties who were in SA who would even fill just one bus with its supporters , including the party leader on the drivers seat. Watch the space for more frustrations

Mbwetete - 5 December 2016

I am surprised by the focus on individual politicians rather than rescue packages for the common person in Zimbabwe. We need to think of Zimbabwe and its people rather than Biti/Tsvangirai/Mujuru and what "they" represent. We are in this sorry state because we over-trusted a personality and who it represents. Cant we learn from this?

murungu mutema - 5 December 2016

Simba Makoni is a dubious character and an extension of Zanu Pf. He has been silent all this time and only springs into action to cause confusion on genuine oppositions like MDCT and ZimPF. Who does not remember how he denied MDCT victory when he split the vote. This guy is big joke and a spoiler. Please Simba concentrate with your businesses because you have no clue how the general povo is struggling and suffering in this country. Biti is even more pathetic and should concentrate on getting treating of his undisclosed ailment which has seen him shrink in size. He is desperate to remain relevant where he is obviously not relevant. I obviously see that being learned does not necessarily mean one is wise. Biti is so clouded with ignorance and arrogance and he will be judged harshly when our history is re-written.

Mambara - 5 December 2016

This now clearly shows who is big brother in opposition politics. People may say whatever they want to say but when it comes to genuine opposition and democratic politics MDC-T leads this group. Imagine 13 tiny or very small partners all crying for MDC-T. I am against politics of individuals e.g. Mugabe, Tsvangirai, Mujuru or Biti. I like talking about the ideology of a political party. If MDC-T is not key in opposition politics why all the noise. Learn not to attach political parties to individuals even if Tsvangirai goes I will still keep on supporting ideology of MDC-T. In Science they say do not worry yourself by trying to reinvent a wheel improve the wheel already in the market. If all people joining small parties are genuine they have to join the 17year old wheel and improve on it i.e. MDC.

Mwale - 5 December 2016

Well Biti is right Mai Mujuru and Tsvangirai even if they unite they will never get my vote. They will only get my vote if they join with Biti, otherwise I will do a protest vote either vote for Zanu pf or ZAPU full stop

Jayesh - 5 December 2016

The big political picture in Zimbabwe is that ZANUPF will win in 2018. Professional opposition parties can prepare to boycott or participate in 2018 elections,frustra!

Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof) - 5 December 2016

despite of bitis utterancies on other fellow opposition members he is one the guys that make sense......trace back and look into all kinds of initiatives politically he was the pioneer brain wise anyway who thought off this coaliation

mark - 5 December 2016

clearly that is the whole game plan that we focus on an individual whose significance in this matrix might not even matter after all. We need to understand that we are talking Zimbabwe and a coalition of Zimbabwean parties should bring forward their following. We already know what MDT AND ZIMPF can bring forward. Vamurungu Mutema Tell us what the 13 other political parties are bring other that the leader. As Zimbos we have learnt a lot that opportunist exist and theier tentacles feel the dollar not your pain and suffering. Exposing them now before we bring them into the group is key, this will allow genuine Zim parties to forge a meaning full alliance that represent Zimbabweans not their pockets and Biti must stay clear of this alliance.

Mbwetete - 5 December 2016

Who would listen to Joyce Muvuyu (the baobab tree) ? By lambasting Biti she hopes to be seen in abetter light. By who ? Only by the gullibles. Surrender all what you have stollen from our country then, after then, maybe be we can take you serious, you dumb thief.

M - 5 December 2016

@Mbwetete; excellent analysis, I am tired of opportunists, freeloaders, who are getting ready for spoils, that gathering of drooling would-be-looters at the Cape achieved nothing. They know without Tsvangirayi they will not go far. Away with the whole caboodle, they are too numerous. thirteen parties! Kuda kuita mafun nesu. Tsvangirai and Mujuru partnership is enough. Let's back them.

Abishai - 5 December 2016

Morgiza must refuse any form of coalition with anybody. MDC-T beat a unified zanu pf and was robbed its victory. If any political party does not have the strength to form GVT on its own, it must simply close down. There is more sinister motives behind the scramble to be friend with MDC-T. It should be left to the winning party to decide who they want to appoint and work with in GVT from other parties. It must be a winner takes all.

X-MAN IV - 5 December 2016

you think Tsvangirai is a fool? Its the small prties which should join MDC not vice verca, I rather would urge Tsvangson to go it alone than joining hands with Mbiti, and pliz, don't ever underrate Mujuru, you might hate her or call her any sorts of names but that woman is strong, politics is about numbers, how many do you lure at your rallies, out of a thousand you are assured of 50% votes so mujuru is the second largest opposition kutokunda anaWelsh nanaMbiti vakafoma kare. Why wouldn't the other small parties call for a single rally so that we see their strength? You talk of NCA which realizes 120 votes in a constituency and yu want it to lead MDC which gets thousands of votes, lets stop joking people of Zimbabwe, I rather would urge MDC and ZIMPF to choose one presidential candidate and support him

marcus - 5 December 2016

Much as yu blame zanu for a bad job,the blame also lies squarly on oppostion.They are bad opposition.They have assisted zanu long stay in power becoz of their lack of bite.Yu may shout down Biti but remember joi ing hands as opposition is not only a game of numbers or followers.An individual like Welshman or Biti can add more value than an untested Mujuru.Every person has some form of pride .So dnt expect to force much others ,even small parties.Why did Tsvangirai allow mdc to break in the 1st place.Why so many of his comrades split away from him.?They formed Mdc together in 1998 but now it belongs to him by himself,why.?Arent these the same traits in zanu?Ownership of an institution.?Tsvangirai must show leadership acumen by uniting wth his comrades 1st before convincing all he can lead country of different views.When Tsvangirai ran away in 2008, it was Biti who soldiered on to try to claim victory.Biti struggled by himself to convince pple that Tsvangirai is coming back.Biti was nearly arrested that tyme,for standing up when Tsvangi had run.So I dont think its all about numbers but the person also.Biti and Welshman can bring vibrancy to mdc leadership,which is nolonger leadership material.

viola gwena - 6 December 2016

We have had a few by elections and Mujuru has not participated.Let her show her bite on these.Why is she shying away from them bt want to lead mdc.Show yo bite by winning these by elections.Thats the only way she can be judged on her strength.She cannot just jump in without going thru this test.Biti,Welshman, went thru this.I have respect for them.Even on leadership she must show bite 1st.Promisi g a farmer to pay back loot is not all .Clear up on issues involving war victim funds,multiple farm ownership,business deals at airport and ministry of water deals.Simple.

viola gwena - 6 December 2016

zimbabweans we are next to brainless. bieng oppressed and keep quite is not sign of intelligence but of lake of intelligence.europeans currently they have freedom and good life because they fight for it during world war.they faught for it.thats intelligent . will you say my child is intelligent when other kids always take every thing from your child without complaining or fighting back[only remaining quite]

mkmmk - 6 December 2016

My message is we must not concentrate on individuals but institutions. individuals come and go but institutions continue to live after the person. Our discussion is still on personalities rather than institutions of governance that will transform the landscape so that the people of Zimbabwe have confidence in the institution and what it will offer. we need an institution that exudes confidence in people and to spur them to vote. If people go for a vote now, they have no confidence in any of the opposition parties. this is why there is no growth in the expected numbers. Which opposition party has grown in numbers? If the terrain remains as is, less people will vote than in 2013 and you know what that means.

murungu mutema - 6 December 2016

If Biti had support he should have defended his seat in Harare when he was recalled by MDC-T. He is a spent force and will never resurrect as a party. He should do the noble thing rejoin MDC-T as a card carrier or simple quit politics. The same goes to Dr Makoni and Dr Dabengwa, We do not want people who seek relevance on the back of others. Hold rallies for people to see your popularity. Freely attended rallies are a measure of one's popularity. Politics is a game of numbers.

Gandanga - 6 December 2016

Pple in mdc,claim vp is unelectable,but who holds zanu now,staying in power.Its vp.Mind yu its fantacy claim bcoz vp has won a seat in parliament,whether he shifted or not ,he won a seat.Pm Tsvangi has never tested parliament bcoz he has failed to win a seat,even when he shifted bases he got nothing.Who is unelectable.?Warvets have already electade him,wthout him asking to be .Anyway this 2018 election is a farce.A usual non event.It will not represent pple wishes bcoz of porverty.Zanu will "romp" to victory while the opposition will count the cash havested for their families.

viola gwena - 6 December 2016

Its too late to intriduce to Zimbaweans a new political outfit. The likes of Biti have introduced their maiden names under MDC. for them to gain public sympqthy over Tsvangirayi is a toll order. Its best to work under the banner of one party with all members and prepare a congress of the united oppositions, Leadership of the coalition is then voted into poweer y by the congress. Fighting ZANU pf as entities is a sheer waste of time and resources. How do you join someone without even a city in parliament. They will be the first one to ite injequality and injustice. Meanwhile pamberi ne ZANU


any coalition anywhere on this earth is done by weaker opponents. By simpling talking about it is loudly announcing that "we are weak"and dont have the necessary support base, can we borrow your supporters and mob this stronger ZANU(PF). If ZIMPF has the necessary support Mr. Mawarire sir, go it alone like Tsvangirai was doing all along. How can you formed for coalition purposes. Ndanyara ini.

Prosper Chinamhora - 6 December 2016

Tsvangirai President, Mujuru Vice President, -the rest Votes mobilisers - FINISH

WhiteHorse - 6 December 2016

Itz the ppl, if it ever happens tht they elect Tsvangirai to the presidency of ths country,who throw their country into perpetual problems.Has shown inability to lead the MDC since 1999,hence the party is now in pieces. All the other opposition parties must unite against him &expose his dictatorship&tyrrany to the electorate inorder to save to our nation.Sense&rationality must rule the day at the end.Lets open our eyes &see ths emerging dictator

addmore gudo - 6 December 2016

the only person Tsvangirai can trust is Mujuru otherwise trusting Biti and Ncube is dining with a wounded lion. Tsvangirai should never make a mistake of entering into a pact with Biti, Mangoma and Ncube ,these gays have scores to settle with him, after all they dont have any support , we can say lets eat from the same table and share our food when another is joining the table with an empty plate.

patso - 6 December 2016

The issue of coalition to me is an admission of lack of purpose and direction by these parties that aspire to rule Zimbabwe one day. The first thing is the parties especially MDC must admit their mistakes first and then get to the people to find out what they want and how they can be mobilized to work towards the same goal. You can have the same goals with ZANUPF but differ in the way you believe how the goals must be implemented and sell your ideas to the electorate. If I was an MDC supporter I would have advised them to take the opportunity when they were in the GNU and performed diligently and impressed the electorate through the ministries they controlled but alas they lost the plot and slept and bungled on the job. Coalition government does not work in our current situation where we have not yet attained economic independence. We need economic independence which chance we bungled by not embracing the land reform and deciding to side with the colonizers to fight ourselves. MDC should be working to have the sanctions they called removed which they know is a non achievable task now because the Tony Blairs, George Bush, Barrack Obama and the evil Hillary Clinton are out of influential positions. Morgan Tsvangirai, Simba Makoni, Joyce Mujuru, Tendai Biti are clueless politicians who do not even know what they Generation Y is all about. Involve this generation into your politics and they will give you ideas of what they want because they are the future after you. This where ZANUPF beats you all.

Jemedzo - 7 December 2016

Zvakwana fully supports the idea of a coalition but has reservationsto the so so called small parties trying to lead the coalition. Zero plus zero is always zero . Let the the bigger guys in the field lead then you follow. we firmly believe that a team of proffessors without grassroots support can not lead the coalition but rather let the MDC T which has the support lead the coalition. We believe that wards, provinces and districts should lead this coalition process rather than a few failled politicians who are just trying to remain relevant spoil the party.. We fully support MDC-T stance on this issue. Waonekwa Mbiti . Wakatengwa iwe . better you join your newly found God father Gushungo and leave politics alone. Gwendoguno hazvikoni. Tinomira navo Save. Infact no to coalitions with state agents. Otherwise you will see these guys selling out before the end of next year. Save musacheuka muridzo ngwarirai mabasa eZanu. Rwendo tichasvika chete.

zvakwana - 7 December 2016

Biti you remind me of the donkey which Jesus Rod when entering Jerusalem . Seeing people laying their beautiful cloths , some ululating like hell, cheering it to go . The donkey felt like a king and without jesus one day the donkey tried the same tricky and walked into the city unannounced . It received a rude awaking when it was biten and driven out of the city with shame. Some calling it a thief some a sick donkey some i dont know , you just imagine.

Zvakwana - 7 December 2016

hey: tuma small parties ngatubvunze welshman ncube,auther mutambara kuti chinonzi mdc t vakazvionera vega,saka ngatutokumbira kuita coalition simba makoni akakonzeresa kuspliter mavotes muna 2008 iye aizviziva kuti haafe akawiner kuita president parapara baba vangu wee ,tibvirwe

Hatinzarwo - 7 December 2016

Zimbabwean opposition parties should just swallow the pride. Good example is what recently happened in Gambia. 13 opposition parties put together and field one. And remember coalition is just for defeating the ruling party to pave way for credible elections. After winning and governing for only 3 years or 5, then coalition dissolves and free and fair and credible elections held

Tisha - 7 December 2016

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