'Zanu PF politicians financially illiterate'

HARARE - Maverick businessman Phillip Chiyangwa yesterday branded Zanu PF politicians “fools”, bluntly decrying the former liberation party’s policies which he said have ruined business.

The real estate tycoon said his colleagues in Zanu PF were financially illiterate, chasing away investors and eliminating indigenous business while some were being bought with bottles of whiskey while the economy implodes. 

“Cash talk breaks no friendship,” Chiyangwa bellowed at the Affirmative Action Group’s empowerment conference held in Harare yesterday.

“We need a more proactive government, government official, ministers and people in Zanu PF where I am. The problem iripo havazive mari (they do not know money),” he said to uproarious laughter.

“This problem is very serious. Ukauya ukanzi nemunhu ‘bhodhoro rewhiskey, baba vangu, wakutoenda naye nyika ichiparara (Zanu PF politicians are being swayed by bottles of whiskey while the country burns). You cannot take me kupusa kwakaita sei kwekuti Marange igotorwa zvinhu zvigopera tozoziva zvapera. Kupusa kwakaita sei ikoko? (How foolish our politicians are that our diamonds are looted in Marange and we only find out when nothing is left, that is foolishness of the highest order). 

“We operate in a blind way yet Zimbabwe has produced serious business people that ought to be with us but they are now cut outside the country because the country has no vision for satisfying business people who should be here. 

“And sometimes we are even eliminated. I often say Strive Masiyiwa is one of those people and many others.”

Self-exiled Masiyiwa  is the chairman and founder of Econet, a diversified telecommunications group with operations and investments in Africa, Europe, North America, Latin America and the Asia Pacific. 

His business interests also straddle renewable energy, water treatment, Coca Cola bottling, financial services and hospitality; and also serves on a number of international boards.

Chiyangwa demanded that political leaders should not put barriers in front of those trying to get the economy running and make money.
“Right now, we have cash shortages, how do I feel that someone prints a paper, signs it and calls it money?” Chiyangwa said.

“How does that make me feel? For me, I want a situation where our economy is running well. Right now, I am coming from Cameroon (on football business). Each and every one in that country knows and appreciates the value of cash, yet Zimbabwe is much more illiterate. But kupusa (we are daft when it comes to) pacash big time. Big time!”

The businessman, never far from controversy, urged the government to put in place progressive policies that allow for development of the economy.
“A lot of my stands are sold at a deposit of $150 because I want everyone to have a roof over their heads. But you see politicians complaining how did Chiyangwa get all this, ndakaita buck wanga uripi? (when I was making money where were you?).

“I am young man who has made it on my own. I know the road I have walked. I was avoiding these politicians, then I joined them so that I criticise them while I am among them. Haikona kutiza chokwadi uri kundinzwa (don’t run away from the truth). Cash talk breaks no friendship. You (Zanu PF politicians) must address the issues that affect us.” 

The Native Investments Africa Group founder said every businessman should speak against what they felt was an uneven playing field, saying no one will be arrested for speaking the truth.

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True Mr Chiyangwa, Zimbos are the most foolish people i have ever seen, they are running to take that printed paper, people here are not financially literate, even the govt itself is not financially literate, how can they kill the economy like this. Zimbos accept bond paper which peels off ink being printed at the Reserve bank, aaaaa foolishness, ma degree a fake akazara mudzimba.

batanai - 3 December 2016

im questionable on how chiyangwa got his asserts ?politically or business wise like trump.but honestly speaking this guy these days i have been following his statement .he always say senseble and the truth,(he is not lay like i used to think he is.) diamond money even anticorruption never maintioned about it.yet they follow jona akaba shoma ,not meaning jona must be ignored.if 15billion diamond money was injected in the economy zimbabwe was not going to have cach crises. mpofu was given a small fraction of diamond money then gave china all diamonds

mkm - 3 December 2016

You can say that again, Zimbos are an uneducated lot, they are being looted for the second time by this govt while they watch and i also think banks and businesses are also being reckless here, the fall will be thunderous, look at the rate at which people are looking for money after introduction of bond notes, it will explode in a few months.

Zhara - 3 December 2016

They are going to print more bond for the bonus and shops will be looted with bond papers, alas they will never be able to stock again, gvt departments will be full of bond papers, treasury will be collecting bond papers, the US is being stashed is pillows and very soon even the little to import will not be there. Zanu economics kkkkkk

bond bonus - 3 December 2016

Ma Zimbo akapusa, they need to be taught several times, this Zanu Pf gvt will teach the masses for the second time. The second lesson has started with bond papers in the bank. No one should cry because u are the one queing and getting bond papers in your pocket.

Zvakaoma - 3 December 2016

Zimbabweans,we are educated but it is those few people in the small zanu pf government who control the countries resources in a circus manner.Where were you Chiyangwa when diamonds in Marange vanished?

Truth be told - 3 December 2016

True Mr Chiyangwa, however, I beg to differ from those who are saying we Have fake education and fake degrees! Guys, our predicament is that we are ruled by a government which doesant listen to the people! A government which dictates to its masses! Am not sure of the polite word to use, but we are ruled by a dictator, an absolute ruler. One who listens to no one. People, including you Chiyangwa, can't do much, because they will be killed. The dictator uncle Robert Mugabe ,Mr Chiyangwa!

Fortune - 3 December 2016

Dont be bluffed by this tricky guy.in 2004, Chiyangwa and his friends in our party,ganged up against Strive Masiiwa ,Shingi Mutasa and Nigel Chanakira.They borrowed powers from pres mugabe ,who dislikes businessmen, and started arresting the 3.Chiyangwa was the group leader claiming he got his uncles blessings.Chiyangwa teamed up wth makamba to harrass Masiiwa into submission ,to give up Econet.They failed bt were then rewarded wth Telecel,becoz Umdhala intervened and saved Econet.This man Chiyangwa is the munhu wese kunaamai.Kupusa.Now its coming back to yu ,yu want to change .Stay in yo g40 .Dont try to be clever.Yu locked up Shingi Mutasa because of his businesses.Why were yu doing that.Yu arrived at Shingi s house early morning wth cops,to arrest him.4 nights the poor shingi slept in cells ,because of yu.silly man

viola gwena - 3 December 2016

Zviripiko vanaChiyangwa. Taurira sekuru vako Mugabe nesheche yavo Grace varove pasi vakananga mabvezuva. After that then you can start to talk, kwete kuwawata kwauri kuita kunge usingazive kuti problem ndiani muZimbabwe. Chidhoma icho chakagara nyika matundu. Vanhu havana kutadza pavakati toda wedu mutema atonge Zimbabwe. Hakusi kupusa. Kondiani aikwanisa kufembera kuti taigadza chidhoma paumambo ? As peaceful people Zimbabweans do not want to see blood being shed to send the ghost packing: too much blood was lost to dislodge the the previous colonial regime. We cannot afford to have more of it being shed. Anyway nature will take its course: ghosts are not immortal.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 3 December 2016

Chiyangwa is the true son of our soil,,Arikuvataurira chokwadi

Matsotsi - 3 December 2016

Chiyangwa get rid of sekuru at the top he is the one who is holding back the economy.

Slim Cat - 3 December 2016

This is one major problem with zanu pf affiliated personalities. They just cry foul when their territories have been trampled upon. the country's economic problems are well documented and did not occur overnight. Whoever is tightening bolts, nuts and screws on chiyangwa should tighten more with vice grip and shut all valves. Chiyangwa has been beaten at internal war games.

X-MAN IV - 3 December 2016

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