War vets maul Mugabe, Moyo

HARARE - Angry war veterans have ratcheted up their worsening feud with President Robert Mugabe and alleged Generation 40 (G40) kingpin, Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo — provocatively telling Zimbabwe’s long-ruling leader that the hated late Rhodesian prime minister, Ian Douglas Smith, had been a more formidable adversary to them than the increasingly frail nonagenarian.

Zanu PF bigwigs who spoke to the Daily News last night said the renewed and fierce attack on Mugabe by the disgruntled former freedom fighters — which echoes their damning communiqué of earlier this year which sealed their nasty fall-out with the nonagenarian — meant that the prospects for a much-needed reconciliation between the two parties ahead of the watershed 2018 national polls were now virtually “less than zero”.

The scathing attack on Mugabe by the fed-up ex-combatants yesterday came as Zanu PF heavy honchos have recently been trying desperately to heal their ugly rift with the disaffected liberation stalwarts, including attempting to woo them back with wads of cash, top-of-the-range vehicles and land.

Addressing the media in Harare, the forthright former Cabinet minister and Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) chairperson, Christopher Mutsvangwa, also said Mugabe owed ex-combatants as they were the ones who had made him president, not Zanu PF or the founding fathers of armed resistance to colonial rule.

“It was us who sat and made sure that Mugabe became the leader when the need to change leadership arose. We are the ones who sold his name to the people. It is not from the founding fathers (that this happened), it was because of the founding army ZIPA (the Zimbabwe People’s Army),” he said.

“We sold his and (the late Vice President) Joshua Nkomo’s name to every village. It is the liberation army that made the leadership of Zimbabwe, not the other way round. He (Mugabe) is a beneficiary of the decisions we made when we deposed (Zanu founder Ndabaningi) Sithole.

“We will never fear anything in this country because the most fearful thing which existed was called Ian Smith and we defeated him. After Smith, we don’t fear anything,” the former War Veterans minister bellowed defiantly.

The fall-out between Mugabe and the ex-combatants burst into the public domain in July after they released a damning communiqué in which they savaged the Zanu PF leader before serving him with divorce papers, and bringing to an end a relationship that dates back to the days of Zimbabwe’s 1970s liberation war.

The war veterans also said pointedly that Mugabe’s continued stay in power was now a stumbling block to the country’s development, adding almost maliciously that the nonagenarian would be “a hard-sell” if he ever contemplated contesting the 2018 polls. Mugabe responded by warning the war veterans that they would be dealt with severely, including through the use of extra-judicial suppression methods that his former liberation movement incorporated during the country’s independence war — such as incarcerating dissenters in inhuman dungeons where they were forced to live like caged rats.

After this, police duly launched a savage crackdown against the war vets leadership and arrested five officials, including ZNLWVA secretary-general Victor Matemadanda and spokesperson Douglas Mahiya who were recently set free by the courts.

Over the years, war veterans have served as Mugabe and Zanu PF’s political power dynamos, playing particularly significant roles to keep the nonagenarian on the throne in the hotly-disputed 2000 and 2008 national elections which were both marred by serious violence and the murder of hundreds of opposition supporters.

Analysts have also predicted that Mugabe will not win the 2018 polls without the support of the war veterans, while on their part the ex-combatants have vowed that they will vote for an opposition candidate if the nonagenarian stands in those elections.

Turning to Moyo and the G40 group, which is said to be rabidly opposed to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa succeeding Mugabe, the war veterans — who are solidly behind the Midlands godfather — described them as insignificant, “dull and completely unintelligent”.

“Jonathan is trying to induce an element of intimidation and fear saying because I am close to the apex of power, I can threaten, I can intimidate and I can have punishment meted out against us, but revolutionaries never fear other revolutionaries and we will never fear anything in this country because the most fearful thing which existed was called Ian Smith and we defeated him.

“So Jonathan’s efforts to try and make scare crows out of the centre of power, calling us successionists ... we dismiss it like a duck takes water off its feathers. We only respect each other as revolutionaries. We have no fear of anybody,” Mutsvangwa said.

“They are dull, and a completely unintelligent bunch this G40, intellectually barren and dumb. I have never suffered so much ignorance as I did during my time, in Cabinet and once you have no history you have no future. Where the G40 is there is no party because the party is with the people. Their barrenness is evident from the way the economy is performing. You can’t see even a crane tower building skyscrapers for almost two generations and the G40 has been in power,” he added.

War veterans have also previously accused Moyo and Zanu PF national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere of sowing divisions within the warring former liberation movement.

The duo also stands accused of imposing candidates, abusing social media to spew party secrets and to badmouth party bigwigs, and working to drown and sideline party officials perceived to be allies of Mnangagwa. The war veterans have also publicly asserted earlier this year that Mnangagwa should succeed Mugabe, further warning that if the Midlands godfather is overlooked in the divisive succession process, blood could be shed in the country.

After amending their constitution recently, which saw them scrapping the post of patron which was occupied by Mugabe, the war veterans also warned then that they would only work with the nonagenarian again if he jettisoned the G40.

But addressing war collaborators, ex-detainees and ex-restrictees at a crucial indaba in Harare a fortnight ago, Mugabe lashed at Mutsvangwa and his ZNLWVA executive for allegedly misleading ex-combatants — and reminding them that “politics leads the gun”.

Mugabe also flatly refused to give in to demands that he ditches G40 kingpins as a pre-condition for the vets to support Zanu PF in the eagerly-anticipated 2018 national elections.Vets maul Mugabe, Moyo

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Hey! Got balls this guy. Mmm!

godfrey - 29 November 2016

Are they really balls of steel? Lets wait and see!!! Seems the coast is clearing.

Mukanya - 29 November 2016

Isnt it funny that a war deserter,a worm digger ,during his brief stay in Tanzania ,now wants to appoint a president for zanu.A miserable puke.How he manages to stand next to va Mugabe beats me.A blue teac infested skunk.A profesor of morons.Who are his students?Of all known skunks ,worm diggers.he wants to be a king maker.Give us a break,I think we surely deserve it.

viola gwena - 29 November 2016

It is clear that the warveterans need Mugabe more than he needs them. If they really served him with 'divorce' papers why are continuing talking about him? Are they applying for their readmission in ZanuPF. We are tired of being told that without their support Mugabe will lose elections. It is clear that Mugabe and ZanuPF have messed up big time.hence winning elections in 2018 for him is daydreaming. With this in mind how do Mutsvangwa and his clique intend to support and come out victorious, by beating up and killing people? This strategy is not going to work. We are going to engage them man to man. We came from Mozambique with guns only and the very people whom they kill for Mugabe fed, clothed and protected us, the very mass that are brutalized left,right and centre, come on guys man up!! Do you really derive pride from killing defenseless and hungry people. What crime have they committed? Educated people cannot be used as dogs of war. I urge my fellow comrades to work for the betterment of the communities in which we were operating.

Gandanga - 29 November 2016

Gandanga ,dreams will never turn into any reality in the morning.The only dreams I know that come to reality is pissying in yo dreams and next yo bed is wet in reality.or for yungmen ,they say wetdreams ,but when yu wake up ,no beauty under yu but filthy sticky stuff.Zanu won in Chimanimani ,was anyone killed?Zanu lost in Norton was anyone killed or raped.none.Wake up bhuti.2018 is already a done deal for zanu and sanctions are being prepared big time.The voters roll needs seriouse attention .Mdc need to work from inside government to effectively change it.They cant do it from Harvest house.Forget about 2018 n form GNU.That way we all gain, both parties will work together for a better 2023.Not as it is now.Come 2018 yu will be shocked again.If yu are a warvet yu know the rural folks.They dont change,pa zanupo ngaa.Even their children are born wth clenched little fists.The voters roll is 80pc rural.how yu going to overcome that.If Dydmus Mutasa is fooling yu on that diesel n'anga s games ,then refuse to take yo shoes off for a dance ,hoping to mysteriously change the voters roll.It wont change.

viola gwena - 29 November 2016

I have said before, that the man suspected of stealing money in Kenya is now locally trying to steal the president. Beware of the professor. Don't say I didn't tell you.

machakachaka - 29 November 2016

Viola.....kikikikiki POWERFUL!!!!!! I like your observations, analysis and conclusions

OLD SCHOOL - 29 November 2016

To hell with the so called war vets, trying a space for such a useless bunch of nonsense Mnangagwa , Zimbabwe is not for the war Vets with facked war credentials , they must keep their votes that wouldn't be a problem , all of us contributed in liberating Zimbabwe , so whats special about being a war vets , damn sellouts .

Khalabemgeza - 29 November 2016

Mugabe mwana wemuroyi , I mhata yemunhu ..SATAN chaiye .....mwana we hure

truthman - 29 November 2016

If Mutvangwa and his hopeless warvets are the ones who put Mugabe to the throne then they had no vision now they want to replace a tyran by another tyran. What makes him think that they got it right this time. Does the country's suprime law say that only people who participated in the thot to rebiration war should choose anyone of their choice to lead this country. Then the all lot is comprised of dump and dull people. Let the Zimbos select a leader of their choice kana imi mawarvets mune wenyu wamunoda hazvirambidzwe is povo tine wedu wo watinoda saka free and fair election monitored by UN kana choice yenyu yafaya congratulates kana yedewo yafaya zviri correct nyika yofambira mberi kwete madhaka aya!

Goodlife - 29 November 2016

With or without the Mutsvangwa war vets Mugabe will win the 2018 elections, moreso if there won't be any coalition. Mark my words. The chances are even if coalition will be there but with an unsuitable leader, he will triump.

Icho - 29 November 2016

Its true don't argue with a fool otherwise people wont notice the difference. Mugabe remains mum and some foolish people are waffling. Please respect our president and don't continue to waffle. Pasina dailynews netumwe tumapaper itwu Mutsvangwa and his morons are finished. Hezvo wani zpf won in Chimanimani without war nonsense.

gwabu - 29 November 2016


Young Zimbo - 29 November 2016

This Mutsvangwa fellow & his comrades have an inflated sense of themselves. Others were stealing womens undergarments from washing lines and others ran away to study in the USA on full scholarship paid for by the same people they demonise today. If they (war vets) indeed elevated & over-promoted an incompetent leader to reign for 36yr disaster & at each turn degrading all institutions that checked his power then their judgement is extremely poor and have nothing to add besides misery. They failed they should apologise to the people they have brutalised inorder to force zanu and its leadership on people.

Galore - 29 November 2016

The fact that war vets are still behaving with apparent nostalgia based on their marginalization in ZANU PF betrays their allegiance and ulterior motives. Statements like "will not re-engage with Mugabe unless he dumps G40" are as much revealing as they are irresponsible, misplaced and worrying. Again we ask what does znlwva (had to use small letters) have to do with zanu PF internal affairs unless they are still part and parcel of them? Imagine, they would re-engage a "genocidal dictator" ( to use their own words) should he dump the G40, kkkkkkk. I rest my case.

Guramutunhu - 29 November 2016

mr mstvanga yu are lost when yu say sold nkomos name to the people becoz he was already father zimbabwe known thru out zim unlike your god whom you introduced or sold his name to the ppo. Talk of your god father not Dr Nkomo.

prince - 29 November 2016

mr mstvanga yu are lost when yu say sold nkomos name to the people becoz he was already father zimbabwe known thru out zim unlike your god whom you introduced or sold his name to the ppo. Talk of your god father not Dr Nkomo.

prince - 29 November 2016

mr mstvanga yu are lost when yu say sold nkomos name to the people becoz he was already father zimbabwe known thru out zim unlike your god whom you introduced or sold his name to the ppo. Talk of your god father not Dr Nkomo.

prince - 29 November 2016

cde mustvangwa, i dont understand when yu say someone without history doesnt hav a future, which the majority of zimbabweans who didnt go your liberation struggle dont hav the future, so only the old warvets hold the the future? You are confused yu talk a lot and mastered your only vocabulary during your studies otherwise yu ar an empty vessel from what yu say

BABAYI - 29 November 2016

Imi mawar vets ----That's the problem right there your continued terror on people to vote for this old man gave him too much power In 2013 why did you not say he was too old He was 89 then Its too late to issue ultimatum now

gonyeti 2 - 29 November 2016

war vets got us into this ditch anyway, l dont think any bickering will make us forgive them for taking us to hell with them. they must just shut up and not continue to make us look like we dont know whats happening. they terrorised villagers, killed, raped and distabilised this country when we needed them to represant the interests of all of us and not a particular party now who will be so stupid as to listen to them?

Phiri - 30 November 2016

Viola seems scared of an open election 2018.Who ever wins then ,that party will decide the next national step.Do not foister your GNU before that election.

April 7 - 30 November 2016

big mouthed for nothing kkkk

sir jones - 1 December 2016

the impression i have about the so called war vets, is very bad because these are the very people who masterminded the Gukurahundi, the land inversions and the UNFORGETABLE JUNE 27 KILLING of oposition supporters. Mugabe is right to dump these juntas in fact he must make sure that they are dead and berried.

patso - 4 December 2016

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