Use Sona to announce resignation, Mugabe told

HARARE - Opposition parties have told President Robert Mugabe to use Thursday’s State of the Nation Address (Sona) to announce his retirement as he no longer has any viable solutions to extricate Zimbabwe from the current crisis.

After last year’s debacle when the nonagenarian ploughed through the wrong speech — People’s Democratic Party (PDP) spokesperson Jacob Mafume said the Zanu PF leader should first look at his personal health before he talks about the state of the country.

Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda announced last week that Mugabe will deliver the supposedly critical speech on Thursday.

But very few people are holding their breath as the Zanu PF strongman has usually stuck to his populist policies that are blamed for the country’s woes.

“He must do the honourable thing — which is to resign. We need to look at the state of the person giving the address, he can’t walk, he can barely read, he is almost on life support as a person and he spends much of his time . . . in different hospitals across the globe.

“Clearly, his state is equal to the state of the nation, tired, in intensive care and nothing is moving, it is a dead nation. He is presiding over the funeral of a whole nation so what he is reading is not a Sona, he will be reading an obituary for a nation that he has brutally murdered,” said Mafume.

MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu weighed in saying that against a backdrop of a rotten economy characterised by biting cash shortages and rising unemployment there is nothing that Mugabe, who has been in power since 1980, will say that will solve the myriad problems besetting the country.

“ . . . there’s nothing to look forward to mainly because Mugabe is way past his sell-by date. It will be more of the same. What Zimbabwe needs right now is a brand new government that will be in a position to drive a developmental agenda and resuscitate the comatose economy,” Gutu said.

Mugabe is not only failing to steer the economy but has also dismally failed to deal with factionalism rocking his party.

“Mugabe is overdue for retirement. His Sona will be puerile, lifeless and completely devoid of anything positive and concrete to revive the ailing economy,” Gutu said.

In 2013, Zanu PF romped to a controversial victory after promising to create 2 million jobs, provide houses and also the creation of a $1,84 trillion economy but the opposite has been happening with most companies closing shop due to unfavourable operating conditions.

Despite shrill calls for his resignation and various means of protests against his 36-year rule, Mugabe has dug in and only last week did he give a hint that he might step down.

Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire, said there is nothing to look forward to Mugabe’s Sona speech.

“There is nothing serious about it, even the president does not give it seriousness.  It’s just a religious activity that is done every year end but does not help anyone.

“With the kind of cluelessness of Zanu PF, they won’t be anything of substance,” Mawarire said.

He said the mere fact that the event is called a Sona, will not give the speech any form of magical powers, unless if Mugabe tells the people that he is retiring.

Mawarire added that Mugabe must instead tell the country to start preparing for elections that will “usher a new government with competent people who are able to turn around the economy”.

“Otherwise if Sona is not a resignation speech it won’t make sense that is what the nation is eagerly waiting for. He has made a lot of promises but delivered nothing. He also promised two million jobs but nothing has been delivered. We look forward to hear his resignation,” he said.

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Jacob Mafume is damn correct. The Robbers and Muggers of Zimbabwe have no shame. What Sona should he read when in actual fact the man is a dead in mind. Zimbabweans have become a laughing stock all over the world. Our education through Bob is damn useless. He must resign as Mafume is suggesting. Bond racho, munhu wacho, ZANU PF yacho, aiwa...Mugabe should just do an honourable thing to resign. Bile spewing Head of State...Nonsense guys. Zimbabwe does not belong to him and his family alone. Regai Grace ati...ndiye arikutonga cz kamudhara kanonzi Bob is now a goblin.........Go please...Robbers and Muggers

Clemence Tashaya - 29 November 2016

Mugabe will not resign, that is the last thing on his mind. The guy is so selfish and ruthless. He is denying other people to do a far much better job of running the country. He will use the SONA to insult our intelligence once again.

Inyika - 29 November 2016

If its all about reading a speech ,well Vp can do that for him.All parly reasoning and questions are done by vp.It will be good anyway if vaMugabe can make way for the vp this December.What a wonderfull christmas present for the nation.Zanu under a new able bodied leader.A smiling president ,walking by himself.mmmm.A president talking on tv about GDP, exchange rate,job creation.hey.Am I imagening too far?maybe.But its coming.As sure as christmas.A president thinking on how to get those jobs for men n women,not halucinating about reaching the toilet on tyme during flights.

viola gwena - 29 November 2016

The spokesman of Zimbabwe People First, I m really sorry to say this. I always try to forgive him but can't forget how he threw into this deep limitless black hole. He is the one who forced us into the rigged 2013 elections. Each time he speaks, though denouncing his once devil angel Gabriel of this land my BP goes up. I am really very upset but I try to forgive him. I humbly ask Zimbabweans to pray for me so that I completely forgive this young man.

Gandanga - 29 November 2016

Ladies and gentleman who is Mugabe's closest man. I mean the man he listens to when it comes to advice. The best thing will be for that man to advice the old man to step down. Even his intelligent officer have to advise him people are tired of his rule. He is attending funeral of former Cuba's president who passed on at 90 after retiring 8 years ago. Does he think he is God he should also retire and become former President of Zimbabwe before his death.

Xlalala - 29 November 2016


safa ngendlala - 30 November 2016

Mugabe came to power by ballot, he should go out by ballot if the people REALLY do not want him any more. Opposition want him to leave on his own terms but it is better for Mugabe to be told that he is no longer needed. The ballot is the best way. If he wins, he should rule again till next ballot. It is always the best way.

Mai Chibwe - 30 November 2016

Mugabe is a sociopath. He will never resign. In his shriveled warped mind he actually thinks he's the best thing that has ever happened to Zimbabwe. There is a huge disconnect.

Moe Syslack - 1 December 2016

@mai Chibwe Are you crazy? people seized voting for Mugabe way back. very few are voting him, he is just rigging. Even if we all vote against him, he will still win the elections resoundingly!

Langton - 2 December 2016

oh guys ,i can see you are too angry about our leader,i know its bcz of the under performance of the economy exacerbated by illegal sanctions by the west,we all know that ,his policies favors the poor majority not the west that is why we are under sanctions and the economy is not performing.its not all about sona,he has made most of us educated thru those policies some of yu call`populists`,you are able to distinguish btwn dark and light,please reverse those insults to your dear president.he knows when to retire.he can not leave office when his pple are divided.he has to make sure there is continuity within his party.he is not moribund as some may suggest his mental fucculties are working properly no doubt about it.lets not vilify our leader whom we elected,let him deliver what he promised on his tenure,it will be unfair to suggest that jobs are not coming before his constitutional mandate expires.

vivazim - 5 December 2016

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