Mutasa telephones Mugabe on Zim rot

HARARE - Former senior Cabinet minister and now Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) elder, Didymus Mutasa, has confirmed phoning President Robert Mugabe to convey the message that opposition leaders, alarmed by the deteriorating situation in the country, wanted a face-to-face meeting with the increasingly frail nonagenarian.

Speaking to the Daily News yesterday, Mutasa said he had done so after he was tasked by the leaders of the National Electoral Reform Agenda (Nera), a grouping of opposition parties, to engage Mugabe on the need for electoral reforms  ahead of the eagerly-anticipated 2018 national polls.

The former close Mugabe confidante and Presidential Affairs minister spoke after claims by Mugabe during the nonagenarian’s address to war collaborators in Harare at the weekend that his former senior aide had called him on his arrival from a trip to Morocco last week wanting more than just to check on his health and family.

“He is quite right that I called him, but certainly not that I wanted any favours from him. I wanted to convey a Nera message to him and I thought this was between him and me. But since he has let the cat out of the bag, let us deal with it now that it is out there.

“Nera leaders wanted me to follow up on their letter a few months ago in which they requested to meet with Mugabe to demand that his administration reforms the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) before 2018,” Mutasa said.

“Leaders such as VaTsvangirai (opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai), the Transform Zimbabwe leader, Zanu Ndonga and the  African Democratic Party particularly expressed a keen interest in meeting with him as Zanu PF president, just like we have been meeting with Zec.

“They do not want to play hide and seek with him, hence their desire for a face-to-face meeting because things are not right in the country,” he added.

In his weekend address Mugabe had said he suspected that Mutasa was looking for favours from him.

“He asked over my health and that of my family and I in turn asked over his health and that of his family. I also asked over the health of his mother-in-law who I heard was not feeling well.

“I asked if it was all he wanted and he said yes it’s all, but I am not stupid. I know there was something he was looking for,” he said.

But Mutasa said he had chosen to start by asking Mugabe over his health as a “human and ice-breaking move” before he told him what he really wanted.

“I was going to follow up on that call to tell him what I wanted because you don’t go straight into a matter of such significance. I wanted to calm him down first.

“I hope he did not think that I want to go back to Zanu PF because I will never do that unless the party joins Nera and reform itself under Nera, with a leader democratically elected. In that case, I will be able to work with them again, not in its present form,” Mutasa said.

He said Nera had initiated the process to meet Mugabe and to also bring to his attention the poor state of the country’s economy.

The former Zanu PF secretary for administration said Nera leaders also wanted to meet State security chiefs, who were critical in the administration of polls, as they normally campaigned for Zanu PF.

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surely mutasa misses mugabe and he called to check if mugabe was still angry at him...those pipo are zanu to the bone

field marshal - 21 November 2016

I think Mugabe here is saying the truth..i doubt Mutasa ever talked about electoral reforms, they all miss their Papa and they want to go back.

mike - 21 November 2016

I think Mugabe here is saying the truth..i doubt Mutasa ever talked about electoral reforms, they all miss their Papa and they want to go back.

mike - 21 November 2016

Haasi Mutasa chete. Even Temba Muliswa. I dont trust that boy. Vose vakatandwa they want to go back. have you ever noticed tat they don't say anytheing bad about their God father. Even their election tactics.

felix - 21 November 2016

These elderly comrades may have differences but they have been in arms for the greater part of their lives that they are calling each other is good news

Mike Johwa - 21 November 2016

Electoral reforms will come naturally one Zimbabweans embrace Indigenization and ZimASSET.

ADF - 21 November 2016

Mliswa is going to shocked come 2018. He is more into talking than doing. He labelled Moyo and Kasukuwere as CIA agents,gay gangster and so forth. Today he is picking a fight with the very person whom he thanked for assisting win the Norton constinuency. I see him gong back to ZanuPF BEFORE 2018 mark my words.He is afraid of losing all that loot he got under Mugabe patronage. Other opposition parties should be careful of jumping into embrassing these so called 'expelled ZanuPF' people. They are still ZanuPF MEMBERS we had Jim Kunaka castigating Mugabe left,right and centre but he returned to ZanuPF, Brighton Matonga just to mention a few. Remember that if all these were not forced to leave ZanuPF they would be still in ZanuPF DENGRATING US and supporting the introduction of bond notes, Do not be fooled a domesticated baboon will never remove the jungle mentality from its thinking.

Gandanga - 21 November 2016

You know this boy Themba is very pompous just bcoz he won al mp seat in Norton he has become big headed already and he thInks he can insult Save just like that BCOZ HE NEVER ATTENDED HIS CElEBTATION RALLY IN NORTON, COME ON THAT IS NONSENSE MANI .Come 2018 that seat is going to MDC T THEY IS NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT . THAT IS WHY HE WAS CHASED AWAY FROM ZANU HE TALKS A LOT OF SHIT .But as of uncle Mutasa that is rubbish talking to Mugabe wont solve anything it is just a waste of time . Mugabe is too old to solve anything in this country he is just as good as dead and totally useless .

Diibulaanyika - 21 November 2016

Come Comrade Mutasa...mudara say the truth....saka weida kuzofona futi kechipiri wechibvunza kana kubwereketa ngezve NERA...usareva nhema mhani mudara...! This should save as an eye opener to people claiming kuti let the opposition unite! Need to be very careful...most of these Zim PF are Zanu PF through & through! Unity of the opposition is important but hey....these people are Zanu PF mhani!! If the Mutasas were really genuine, the could have told us and the whole world kuti elections rigging yaifamba sei...they surely know all the details, especially Mutasa..!

abs - 21 November 2016

There is nothing wrong with Mutasa's call to Mugabe.Nera shld simply hav to firm if it had mandated Mutasa to call Mugabe to prove everything -if itz a lie wil b exposed.We are not fighting for Tsvangirai's presidency in ths country but for democracy.Mutasa's act if itz all found to lead to the cause(war for genuine democracy) then itz fine.We can use all avenues.If n one thinks Tsvangirai n more n popular opposition leader, is missing the point,2018 wil tell.We are increasingly having more serious players now coming into play,with even more stronger messages&stature against Tsvangirai's failed leadership since 1999.Their popularity will b growing by day&everyday as the electorate is slowly consuming their campaign messages.Everything starts small but grows.We all know Tsvangirai only started with ZCTU SUPPORT STAMINA &the finance from ROY BUNNET'S friends not his own abilities at all

addmore gudo - 22 November 2016

we might comment and utter all kind of words but....TIME WILL TELL

george tanjani - 22 November 2016

Mutasa Diesel From The Rock akomana! Iwe watumwa to follow up on a request by NERA to a meeting with Mugabe iwe kwakungo perera pama pleasantries chete. Hanzi ndanga ndichazofonazve mumwe musi kuchizotaura nyaya yangu. Who takes this clown seriously?

Dzingwena - 22 November 2016

guys you should keep quite until you know politics better.RG is our president and will be our president are just wasting your time guys

uya - 22 November 2016

kkkkk. tete viola sekuru mutasa is back with you.Tambirai sekuru venyu murunyararo movasvitsa.

ali waziri - 22 November 2016

The best Mutasa could have done was to keep it to himself and then make his second call to His Excellency, joke about the statement he made. It's not every matter that requires public response when you're into this game - 23 November 2016

politics is a date game, no easy walk to freedom. Zimbabwe yakanaka vakomana. 1 day we shall all admire this old man. what is happening in Iraq,Lybia? food for thoughts?

phanuel mukura - 25 November 2016

date game meaning its all about time.

phanuel mukura - 25 November 2016

Once ZANUPF always ZANU PF mark my words. Deep inside them all those who were chased want to go back to ZANU PF.

PLATO - 6 January 2017

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