'Minister plotting coup on Mugabe'

HARARE - Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister Mandiitawepi Chimene has accused War Veterans minister Tshinga Dube and military chiefs of effectively plotting a coup d’état against President Robert Mugabe by holding a crucial meeting with disgruntled former freedom fighters while the nonagenarian is out of the country.

Speaking to the Daily News yesterday, the fuming Chimene also tackled head-on the Commander of the Defence Forces, Constantino Guveya Chiwenga, who in August this year pooh-poohed her liberation struggle credentials by suggesting that she had been a mere cleaner during that bloody war, in addition to warning her to smoke “her marijuana in peace”.

Mugabe is currently attending a climate change conference in Morocco.

Chimene’s stunning claims came after Dube and his permanent secretary, Walter Tapfumaneyi, held a crucial indaba on Tuesday with war veterans leader and former Cabinet

minister Christopher Mutsvangwa and his executive, in a last ditch effort to heal the widening rift between ex-combatants and Mugabe.

Dube’s meeting with war vets took place as Mugabe and his ruling Zanu PF were still smarting from the public humiliation meted on the increasingly frail nonagenarian by the disaffected ex-combatants who met in Masvingo last weekend where they amended their constitution  to ditch the long-ruling leader as their patron.

Chimene claimed that Dube’s meeting with the war veterans was not just illegal, but also served as an effective coup against Mugabe whose party had expelled the leadership of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) from the warring Zanu PF in the aftermath of their damning communiqué issued in July this year.

“I was not at the meeting, but what I can say is this is gross insubordination. I would like to think that this person (Dube) is ill-advised. I think what he is doing will unravel soon.

“This was also done when the president was outside the country. Pane vaakuita anababa vemusha (There are some who are beginning to behave like they have powers equal to Mugabe) and so we will wait for his return,” she said.

“We know that most bad things happen when the president is outside. Maybe they are just testing the waters kuti kana taakutonga zvinenge zvichiitasei (having a dress rehearsal of how it will feel like when they assume power).

“We are playing a wait-and-see game. If we say too much they will say we have smoked mbanje (marijuana). We cannot stop a person from rebelling. Whatever they are doing, it is just a matter of time before they are caught.

“The minister should know that he was appointed by the president and he is defying what the highest authority said. Ini handidi hangu kutaura nezvazvo, muridzi wake nyakumugadza achazvinzwira handiti anoverenga mapepa? Mdara achauya (I don’t want to say much about this because the one who appointed the minister reads newspapers and is going to return very soon),” Chimene added.

However, Dube dismissed Chimene’s allegations, maintaining that the meeting with the Mutsvangwa-led war vets’ executive was part of the brief that he had been given by Mugabe.

“She is the one who is the rebel because she is trying to impose herself. I respect her as a war veteran and a minister but she is not the leader of war veterans.

“What we did (meeting war veterans) is exactly the mandate that we were given by the president, so she is completely lost,” Dube told the Daily News as the tribal, factional and succession wars consuming Zanu PF burn hotter.

Zanu PF insiders say Chimene is a prominent member of the ruling party faction that goes by the moniker Generation 40 (G40), which is rabidly opposed to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa succeeding Mugabe.

On the other hand, many war veterans, who are said to be in the opposite Team Lacoste group (Mnangagwa faction) assert that the VP should succeed Mugabe and have even gone on record to warn that if the Midlands godfather is overlooked, blood could be shed in the country.

On Sunday, Chimene had an ugly confrontation with Dube during a meeting with war veterans in Mutare, with the Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister also accusing Dube of sidelining war veterans aligned to Mugabe and the G40 last week.

After amending their constitution last weekend, which saw them scrapping off the post of patron which was occupied by Mugabe, the war veterans also warned that they would only work with the nonagenarian again if he jettisoned the G40, which they accuse of destabilising the ruling party.

ZNLWVA spokesperson Douglas Mahiya confirmed to the Daily News at the weekend that they had decided to scrap from their constitution the position of patron — a move that Zanu PF insiders described as yet another humiliating slap in the face for Mugabe by the disaffected liberation stalwarts.

However, Mahiya attempted to soften the slap-down by arguing that this move, in itself, did not imply that war veterans bore a grudge against Mugabe — adding rather incongruously that they were prepared to normalise relations with him as long as the nonagenarian dumped the G40.

Yesterday, Mahiya described Chimene as “not worthy” of any bona fide ex-combatants’ attention.

“Is she the spokesperson of the president? Can she protect the president? Why should she seek to speak on behalf of the president?

“True comrades do not behave the way she is doing, more so as she is insignificant . . . What I understand is that Dube, a senior war veteran, cannot be told by her what to do. The minister was doing the right thing to speak with comrades. We met with him as war veterans.

“She (Chimene) cannot direct the minister of War Veterans. We are no longer the war veterans of old, the nation depends on us. When we won the war we wanted to see freedom and we want to see that whoever is ruling the country is upholding the principles that drove us to the war,” Mahiya thundered.

Mugabe and his brawling ruling party have been working hard to heal the widening rift between them and the former freedom fighters, who stunningly ended their 41-year relationship with the nonagenarian after they released a damning communiqué on him and Zanu PF in July.

Since then, Mugabe and Zanu PF have been dangling gifts to the war vets, including cash, land and vehicles, in a bid to strengthen the ruling party ahead of the eagerly-anticipated 2018 polls — after initial thuggish methods failed to coerce the disgruntled ex-combatants into line.

In serving their divorce papers on Mugabe five months ago, the liberation struggle fighters also said pointedly that Mugabe’s continued stay in power was now a stumbling block to the country’s development, adding coldly that the nonagenarian would be “a hard-sell” if he contested in the watershed 2018 polls.

Mugabe responded by duly launching a savage crackdown against the war vets leadership and arrested five officials.

Analysts have also predicted that Mugabe will not win the 2018 polls without the support of the war veterans, while on their part the ex-combatants have vowed that they will vote for an opposition candidate if the nonagenarian stands in those elections.

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The nation does NOT depend on War veterans, instead it relies on the hard legal work of all those who earn a living, not by bootlicking and singing for their supper but productively economically. This, unfortunately, excludes 85% or more of the noisy bunch in Zanu PF.

Sagitarr - 17 November 2016

@sagitarr 100%. we don't need those guys in fact. the myth of war vets this war vets that is far misplaced. dube and mandi are both confused cockroaches in a bucketful of mealie meal.

mugadzaweta - 17 November 2016

All these people are confused. what is is going to happen to Zimbabwe when all war veterans will be gone. Is ZANU PF through Mugabe able to continue giving war vets whatever they want for it to remain in power. Then if the country is for 35 000 war veterans what is for the remaining 14 million people. This is the danger of living in history a country will never develop. We actually appreciate that you liberated the country. But you cannot take all the people at ransom because you went to war. What we want are jobs and development of the country. Please note we are tired of these war vet stories.

mbwembwe - 17 November 2016

If theres a person causing confusion in the party, its definately shallow minded Chimene and her obsession with trying to assert her private views to the public, shes a good potential mole voluntarily or involuntarily. i dont even see why shes concerned with what the minister does as he executes his mandate from his principal. she must focus on her ministerial role and duties. shuwa amongst all ministers she thinks shes the only one who sees a coup? Zpf watch out for this one please

Gatsheni - 17 November 2016

So according to Chimeme, the Minister Dube can only have meetings with War Veterans aligned to Zanu PF? So is he a Minister of Zimbabwe or a Minister of Zanu PF aligned Zimbabweans (war veterans in this case)? Do people ion Zanu PF even have a granule of brains?

XG - 17 November 2016

War veterans does not owe Robert Gabriel Mugabe anything. They are adults, associating and congregating with whoever and for whatsoever reason. Chimene as a war vet was supposed to be at the meeting. she did not attend because the meeting she is not a war vet.

amina - 17 November 2016

Can the President please do us all a favour and remove this brain dead bitch Chimene from that Manicaland position. I have great respect for the people of Manicaland, and they dont deserve this moronic woman to be their Minister of State for Provincial Affairs. Manicaland has many more able and well respected persons who can fill this post with dignity. Not this moronic bitch!!!! Even Zanu PF itself deserves better presentation!!!!!

MR COOPER - 17 November 2016

2MR COOPER,yo love for the ghukurahundists should not lead yu to idiotic views about cde chimene because she holds different views from yu and yo lot who are bloodthirsty for a repeat of the early eighties when yu butchered people,cde chimene talks sense,infact it is the chiwengas,mutsvangwas,mahiyas,who should give us their liberation war credentials we scrutinise them,as for minister dube,we know he is a sellout,if yu know your history yu will know he is ex frolizi,there all yu murderers find what cde chimene is saying unpalatable thats your own business,we cannot take a bunch of people calling themselves warvets whom it seems their participation in the struggle was premised on having mnangagwa rule this country and not freedom for its citizens,why are they so fearful of subjecting cde mnangagwa to a primary election in the party to choose the party leader,zimbos have a right to a leader of their choice and the sooner yu @mr cooper and your miserable lot preoccupied with mnagwagwas forced elavation realise that the better

truth - 17 November 2016

No no meetings should be held when the President is out of the country? Does Chimene put on hold all her scheduled meeting as provincial minister simply because the president would be out of the country? Does that mean all ministers should stop working until the president returns. This Chimene girl has gone mad, if she thinks all government work should be micro-managed by the president. I hope Mugabe takes action against those who don't work when he is away, starting with Mandi.

machakachaka - 17 November 2016

My dear Truth, for your information, I am a victim of gukurahundi and Zanu PF tribal politics. I have all the reason to despise all that is Zanu, but I cannot act like I dont live hear and be immune to the goings on around me. Whether Tshinga Dube was once Frolizi is neither here nor there. I should be concerned about today and tomorrow, not the past. And when people behave like imbeciles, I should not be myopic. I should speak out given a chance. For a country with a future, the likes of Mandi Chimene should not be anywhere near the corridors of power. If I were full of hatred for Zanu and its lot as I should be, I would loose focus of the future. MANDI CHIMENE IS A DIPLORABLE MORONIC BITCH!!!!!!

MR COOPER - 17 November 2016

@mr cooper,i would have loved to respond in greater detail but unfortunatetly i have to prepare for a meeting with the president of the republic tonite,however i wouldlike to invite yu to the official opening of the majestic vicfalls airport tomorrow morning,under the leadership of his excellency cde RG MUGABE,the govt has made numerous investments in matebeleland,the airport bears testimony to that and yu the people of matebeleland will not be left behind in national development,however beware of the factions that want to reverse all that and who are obsessed with power or its sake

truth - 17 November 2016

It's a fact that war veterans are a very small minority of the Zimbabwe population. They put themselves on a very high pedestal but the truth is that Zimbabwe does not need them at this point in time. They had their time in the sun. What Zimbabwe needs now are citizens who a future focussed and ready to raise from where it is now and bring back the pride. Chimene and her lot are of no value today, just like the Zimbabwean dollar.

Inyika - 17 November 2016

Nonsense this Chimene likes licking the bottom of Mugabe that is why she thinks he is god .This SIKEBERESHI TALKS total rubbish every time i think she is running short of mbanje can someone please help her give her the green leaf .All these Nyakanyaka called war vets must please forget that they will ever be in power after 2018 elections they must just make noise for the last time .The new govt will never waste listening to lunatics who just want large sums of money for doing a volunteer terrorist work during war blood swine mani

Diibulaanyika - 17 November 2016

Who,in their right mind,wuld want to coup detat an outgoing ,old ,retiring president.Zanu is busy on economy ,agriculture being the 1st step ,then construction industry ,which will add value to yuths jobs.We cannot be sidetracked by mupperts like mandi ,who noone knows how she landed that ministrial job.But she is part of a small failed group that thot they culd run things in zanu.Succesfull failiures.Vp has succefully managed to convince USAID to release funds into farming ,$8m ,which will go a good way in helping resus itate farming.A fund is being negtiated for a boom in construction industry to give yungmen jobs of value.The earnings by these yungmen will add more value to our economy.Instead of whining about warvets and clumsy chimene we prefer to stay focused on economy.Its unproductive to focus on chancers problems .They will go away soon.

viola gwena - 17 November 2016

Why label Mandi a bitch for merely expressing her opinion? Dube must be careful in his engagements with a faction of war vets making wild demands 36 years after independence.

April 7 - 18 November 2016

@ Viola u have a serious problem . Its either u are mad or your bootlicking has damaged your thinking faculties . Where does your vice prime minister fit in this storey u demented witch. Your fanaticism for gugurahundi mnangagwa has damaged ingqondo zakho shemu.

AntiViola - 18 November 2016

Some of these ministers of ours. aghh it's disgraceful. I recently watched m.p Chinotimba explain bond notes! My God these are the kind of people who are in power...

Young Zimbo - 18 November 2016

Get yo facts right ,unti me. Which deputy pm yu refering to ,Mutambara?khupe? Yu may have worms in yo heard.Which Nkayi well are yu drinking water from?Get it tested ,in case it may the source of yo head round worms.

viola gwena - 18 November 2016

it's a shame already having a ghost as a president and more shame having warvets, who are way past their sell by date,planning on our future.I met Mandi at a function in Mutare at a local hotel owned by a business man with zanu grasroots.She begin every speech with slogans even where it's irrelevent.She always refer to war events even if it does not add up.Now here she is questioning Dube's foundation forgeting it all goes back to the one whoo appoints.Dube was put there by the highest but filthiest office on land.So Mandi remind his majesty of war events rather than suspecting those who pause threats to your very existense.

NYONGOLO - 18 November 2016

Therez nothing wrong with the war veterans' positions &minister Dube.They are valuable members of our society,contributing to the fight for democracy now&are the ones who executes the war of liberation fr the white's oppression.Mugabe only joined the liberation war later fr prison.The execution of the war was actually led by Chitepo,Gen Tongogara,Mujuru&others.Mugabe joined only in early times& was arrested limiting his real participation in th heat of the war,only rejoining later together with Tekere.The point is:every one has a right to complain over Mugabe's overstay including the warverts.Chimene is wrong

Addmore Gudo - 18 November 2016

For the good of the country,peace and stability there should be unity in zanu pf,in all ranks,and those opposed to this will find themselves isolated.we salute those who do broker these manoervers in enerst.

vivazim - 18 November 2016

who is this Chimene?

tinaboy - 18 November 2016

For goodness sake the old man is 92 yrs !!!!! who in their right mind would vote for a 94 yr old man in 2018 Are we morons and blind to allow this old man to stand again for elections He has proved he is definitely past his sale by date Who in their right mind would vote for this narcisity Why are we forced to remain loyal to this -selfish destroyer ??? what is he doing in morocco Even if I was a Zanu zealous supporter I would be insane to vote for an old dictactor who is encouraging corruption He has not done anything about Kasukuwere or Moyo thuggery The war vets who ditched him are right -he is not only useless but a liability The fools who idolise him have been brain washed and yes because he is not keen to leave his presidency what is wrong in planning a replacement I wish people were more devoted to God not this old man Can we not see what he has allowed to go on in Zimbabwe Our country is not a cult wherein we believe olny Mugabe can deliver us to paradise Zim was a paradise now rave dongo BE realialistic War vets ditching him is the only sane thing coming out of Zanu There is blind royalty which is stupid Chimene is scared because she wont be a minister in the new Zim The mentioned war vets don't wear blinkers unlike the rest of zanu who want Mugabe to remain so they are not brought to book when is comes to accounting for their looting zim dry

gonyeti 2 - 19 November 2016

warvets r jus a bunch of brainless idiots who were given money to go for psychological reveiws after independence but non went to consult 1 as a result they r suffering from brain malfunctioning and wil eventually be brain dead like Bob himself..

mr Amazing - 20 November 2016

Kuswera zuro waiye una taita Oppah. Zurohe waiye pana waMnangagwa, namashi woti sikarara ndiDube naChiwenga. Mangwanihe unopomera ani futi muiswa wena iwewe. Hino takorere kuziya kuti mode kuzvihambisa waani ?

newzim.com - 23 November 2016

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