Dramatic twist in Magaya rape case

HARARE - The Harare Magistrates’ Court heard yesterday how a complainant in a rape case involving Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder Walter Magaya was allegedly threatened with being shot if she did not testify in a manner that nailed the popular preacher.

It also emerged that the complainant is applying for the withdrawal of the rape charges against Magaya, 32, although police professed ignorance about her affidavit to this effect, even as they admitted that she had recently visited them wishing to withdraw the case.

The claims by the 25-year-old complainant, a student with a local university, are contained in an affidavit which was anonymously slipped into the offices of presiding magistrate Vakayi Douglas Chikwekwe.

Chikwekwe confirmed in court yesterday that he did not know how the affidavit had got into his office, leading to the State objecting to its admissibility and arguing that it should have been produced by them and not the magistrate.

Magaya is accused of raping the complainant at his home last year, after inviting her to visit him.

An investigating officer who testified in the case yesterday told the court that the complainant had visited their offices on November 8 this year, seeking to  withdraw the charges.

However, he professed ignorance on the compilation of the affidavit that surfaced in court, referring all questions to the Prosecutor-General’s office, where the case docket is being held.

“After considering what my family and I have gone through for the past four months since the commencement of the case, I have suffered greatly and I am living in fear and do not want to keep living under threatening conditions.

“I have people who are threatening to shoot me in the event that I don’t testify well in order to get the accused person convicted or if by any chance I decide to withdraw the case. I then realised that if I do not win this case, my family will be in danger,” the complainant’s disputed affidavit reads.

“I have also come to understand that the greater evils are the people outside this matter that want me to get accused convicted even if it means adding lies to my testimony in court. I am not able to go through with this case as I cannot testify under these conditions.

“Please note that I was not forced by anyone to withdraw but it is the circumstances now surrounding it. The accused person has not contacted me or given me money. I did this out of my free will,” the complainant said further in the affidavit.

Chikwekwe claimed that he had found the affidavit in his office yesterday morning, although no one would account for its delivery — leading to the State questioning the procedure in which the affidavit ended up in court.

“If they were affidavits tendered by the complainant, I was supposed to be the very person to bring them before the court,” prosecutor Sebastian Mutizirwa objected, before he moved for the case to be postponed to November 30 — a request which Chikwekwe acceded to.

Magaya was arrested in August on allegations that he had raped the student who was once a congregant at his PHD Ministries. According to court papers, the complainant knew Magaya well.

The State alleges that the rape happened after the complainant accepted an invitation from the preacher to visit him at his residence, whereupon she was shown around the house. Later, Magaya had allegedly left her in one of the rooms, before returning naked.

The State further claims that Magaya had proceeded to force himself on the complainant once, allegedly doing so without using protection.

It is also the State’s case that after raping the complainant, Magaya gave her $200 after which she later reported the matter to her boyfriend in July 2015.

The State, which has lined up three witnesses in the case, also says it has audio recordings between the popular clergyman and the complainant which allegedly prove the alleged rape.

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There is no rape case at all, these are all lies, lies and nothing else.

karengure - 16 November 2016

You never get anywhere with lies. How can you force someone to press charges against an innocent person and now threatening to kill her if she does not testify or withdraws the case. Young lady, you need to tell the truth and God will protect you. Tell the world you were never raped and expose those that are threatening you. Ndiwo mubairo wechivi. Wakatadzira Mwari and you are now living in torture. YOu have put yourself in your own prison and the only person who can rescue you is God. Ask for forgiveness and confess the truth. Only the Truth shall set you free.

tinotenda - 16 November 2016

I'm neither medically or legally literate but if these two are put together in the right context in this case the truth will come out. If she reported the case immediately after the rape, before "washing off the evidence " there should be clinical proof of insertion or attempted insertion. Rather than passing remarks and dismissing either side's claims let the courts exonerate the dear Prophet. I wonder if there is a provision of the law which compels a case to be heard, despite attempts by complainant to withdraw. May justice prevail.

Hwacha - 16 November 2016

Yadah- The praise that pushes away darkness

#team pwm - 16 November 2016

Truly this is just an act of jealousy, hatred of what the man of God has been able to achieve, to bring the nation of Zimbabwe closer together.Something that generations and generations of leaders have failed to achieve. But one thing is we are certain of as His children, is that they cannot stop the inevitable.If they are getting agitated by these humble beginnings, what then shall become of them that are behind these fowl accusations with the greater things that are yet to come?! MBIRI KUNA JESU! YADAH!

Anathoth ( We Tryumf! ) - 16 November 2016

This young lady was forced on gunpoint by Magaya's goons to write this withdrawal application at gunpoint.The tone of the application especially where it says,I have people who are threatening to shoot me in the event that the accused does not get convicted.She gives herself way where she says that accused has not contacted me or given me any money.Quite an ametuerish way of doing it even a newly recruited cop can smell it.

Janana wa Bikaz - 17 November 2016


shutto - 17 November 2016

This lady told the congregation she was offered $100 000 to nail Magaya the very day he got arrested. You even went as far as being trained how to act a lie and YOu are not the only one who was approached by these politicians to try and crucify the prophet. Dai wakaramba zvakaita vamwe but wakakara mari. Mazvekuda mavanga enyora. Wakatamba nasatan manje akunyudza.

chido - 17 November 2016

Yaa, you derived joy in nailing an innocent prophet, now its your turn. They will for sure kill you. Money is not everything girl.Who else has helped people freely other than Prophet MAGAYA? God is omniscient and omnipresent.

DZ - 17 November 2016

Yaa, you derived joy in nailing an innocent prophet, now its your turn. They will for sure kill you. Money is not everything girl.Who else has helped people freely other than Prophet MAGAYA? God is omniscient and omnipresent.

DZ - 17 November 2016

he is just a fake prophet just look at his predictions on the results of the outcome of the american voting just a money thief from the poor

jack - 18 November 2016

@Janana wa Bikaz- that's a sharp observation - doesn't need an eagle's eye to estalish that -surely ametuerish and stupid

zc - 18 November 2016

zc and jack you are very lost. YOu dont even know who gave that prophecy. hahahahahahah sori maningi. you need help. your hatred towards Magaya wont change anyone's mind. KUrwadziwa nemari yaProphet Magaya.

tinotenda - 18 November 2016

muchamuvenga Magaya kusvika marutsa. Hamumubate makabvira rinhi VAVENGI

Alex - 18 November 2016

This matter is very weird. I have been following closely this matter, the girl has never appeared in court on any of the days that Magaya was in court for this case. There is also the issue of Magaya's former friend who is now the boyfriend refered to this matter (this man is married as well). Truly such cunning characters and greedy haters will always be put to shame when the worst comes to the worst. In as much as i do not want to judge this case, musikana uyu kana akakanganisirwa should honestly be making noise about the rape, but apa hmmmmm im full of questions

wadzy - 18 November 2016

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