Blood on the floor

HARARE - Feathers are expected to fly when Team Lacoste, the Zanu PF faction rallying behind Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s mooted presidential aspirations, comes face to face with the under-fire Generation 40 (G40) group — which rabidly opposes the Midlands godfather — at tomorrow’s politburo meeting in Harare.

This comes as the tribal, factional and succession wars devouring President Robert Mugabe’s ruling party have become even more intractable over the past few weeks, amid damaging public accusations and counter-accusations between the two of corruption and abuse of State institutions.

A politburo member who spoke to the Daily News yesterday said he expected “fur to fly” at tomorrow’s meeting, given the alarming deterioration in the relationship between the two factions over the past few days.

“I feel for President Mugabe as he is in the middle of all this, and definitely I expect fur to fly (at the meeting),” the cagey bigwig linked to Team Lacoste said.

In the past week alone, alleged G40 kingpins — Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo and his Local Government counterpart Saviour Kasukuwere — have come under the cosh, as the fortunes of Team Lacoste have increasingly appeared to soar both within Zanu PF and the government.

Moyo was arrested and charged with corruption by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) last Wednesday, while the anti-graft body has also threatened to nab Kasukuwere, a message relayed through State media, on account of alleged shady land deals that the Zanu PF national political commissar has been involved in.

On his part, Moyo has been hitting back with venom, stunningly accusing Mnangagwa and Team Lacoste of using Zacc and other key State institutions to grab power from Mugabe.

And Kasukuwere took the war a notch higher at the weekend. Addressing thousands of Zanu PF supporters at a rally in the Harare small dormitory town of Epworth on Sunday, Kasukuwere made the startling claim that some ruling party bigwigs who are angling to take over from Mugabe wished death upon the increasingly frail nonagenarian.

Party insiders at the rally told the Daily News that the shocking claim was “the beginning of the public outing of Team Lacoste”.

“Despite the fact that people voted for President Mugabe in 2013 and the party declared that he is our 2018 candidate . . . there are some among us who are now losing sleep each time mudhara (Mugabe) goes out of the country inquiring whether he is still alive or not.

“Is that politics to wish others dead so that you can assume power? Isn’t it that you have to work for the people to get to the top?” Kasukuwere asked cryptically.

“However, he is not dying anytime soon. He will be there even to bury some of you and some of us will not be moved from the position that we have taken to let him rule forever.

“I will face my accusers head-on. Let those who are saying and writing what they want do so. But be warned, I am ready for you.

“Now they are using State institutions such as the police and Zacc to fight a political war. But we know what you are up to. I am in politics for life, not for the short term. This is our game,” he added.

Kasukuwere also suggested that Mnangagwa’s allies had sabotaged Zanu PF in the Norton by-election which was won by independent candidate Temba Mliswa.

Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo was not reachable yesterday when the Daily News tried to get a comment from him, as well as the agenda of tomorrow’s politburo meeting.

However, a senior party official linked to the G40 did not mince his words, saying they would now take the war to Team Lacoste, including at tomorrow’s meeting.

“While in the past we have had heated politburo meetings, this time it will be different because the factions will confront each other over succession like never before.

“There will be war, and if the president does not handle it well, it may even turn physical. There has never been so much animosity going into a politburo meeting,” the official said.

And writing on his Twitter account after the tumultuous events of the past week, Moyo launched yet another scathing attack aimed at Team Lacoste, and also making it abundantly clear that the fallout between the two camps could now be irreconcilable.

“The capture and abuse of State institutions to target perceived opponents for factional purposes risks triggering irreconcilable differences!” he said.

In another thinly-veiled attack against Mnangagwa — who last week attended a United Nations Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva Switzerland, where he advocated for the abolition of the death penalty — Moyo said, “It’s phoney to call for the abolishment of an unenforced death penalty when you’re brazenly assaulting liberty. No life without liberty!”

All this came after his hard-hitting statement on Tuesday last week in which he also threatened to sue Mnangagwa, other senior government officials and State media.

And provocatively responding to one of his followers on Twitter who had appeared to suggest that Mnangagwa’s famed toughness did not equate to cruelty, Moyo said, “Your lot will be taught a hard lesson. Make no mistake about it. Your cruel and murderous regional project won’t succeed. This time hamulume (this time you will not win)!”

Respected University of Zimbabwe lecturer, Eldred Masungure, said the fact that the party’s fights were getting uglier were a sign that the situation had now reached “boiling point”.

“By the time this year’s (December Zanu PF) conference is held, we could see worse things in terms of the factional fights because as it is, Lacoste is going all out to obliterate G40 which is also fighting for sheer survival.

“It is also indisputable that Zanu PF’s performance come 2018 will not be as clinical as they would want even in the face of rigging, because there is too much discord and the players involved are too suspicious of each other, especially in terms of who will benefit from the victory when it is delivered,” he said.

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I urge all of to always remember that Mugabe is still as cunning as before. This is yet another purposely designed ploy to pretend like he is against the G-40 faction while propping up team Lacoste, as a way to curtail their influence. Soon enough he will be after team Lacoste again if they seem to becoming more powerful. He alwasy uses the divide and conguer tactic and each time we fall for it. Why should anyone think this time is different? It is his way of remaining relevant and centre of power in ZANU-PF. Both factions are well known for thier corruption and looting of state resources including amassing of hotels, supermarket chains, petrol stations, mines etc.. Why doesn't Mugabe allow for their arrest. Notice how Jonathan Moyo was "arrested" but is out and working as if nothing ever happened...

gudo - 8 November 2016

The job of politicians is to serve the people ,enabling government to explore the needs of the country ,solving the problems.Self serving politicians like kasukuwere have no place in our politics.They manipulate the votes,they amass wealth for their children,they are scared of the law.Vp is doing a good job ,hunting criminals out of government.This will trim cabinet and reduce graft,thereby concentrating on serving pple.What good has kasukuwere ,zhuwawo,undenge ever done for this country? Nothing besides showing off wealth.,stolen wealth.There is no factionalism here,is just the law catching up wth yu.

viola gwena - 9 November 2016

Ngavarwe tione firimu

Cde Chasura - 9 November 2016

There is nothing happening here. A lot has happened before and nothing was done and history is repeating itself here. This is done just to divert our attention at least for now. During the inclusive government, the then Energy minister,Mangoma was hauled to the courts in a barbaric manner in leg irons and we were made to believe that he committed heinous crimes only to be released and that left eggs on the faces of ZANUPF bigwigs who wanted him to rot in jail. The selective treatment being shown here speaks volumes about their commitment to combat corruption. Mahumbwe.

Mazuru - 9 November 2016

Sure who in his right sense can be worried when bobjaans fight and kill each other.People are suffering bcoz of zanu and they feel if this party can be torn into thousands pieces and die for ever that will easy their poverty .We never care if zanu blood can flow from Zambezi to Limpopo let it flow we do not feel sorry no way it satan 's blood

Diibulaanyika - 9 November 2016

Sure who in his right sense can be worried when bobjaans fight and kill each other.People are suffering bcoz of zanu and they feel if this party can be torn into thousands pieces and die for ever that will easy their poverty .We never care if zanu blood can flow from Zambezi to Limpopo let it flow we do not feel sorry no way it satan 's blood

Diibulaanyika - 9 November 2016

where cde moyo is the link btwn yr corruption charges and factional wars devouring zanu pf.are yu saying yr case should be left just like that now for democracy and justice sake yu should face the wrath of the law after that debate yr factional war.zimbabweans are sick and tired of this so called revolutionary has criplled our economy.we need new blood ,new leadership.shame on zanu pf.

lodza - 9 November 2016

@viola hmmm l think everyone in Zanu pf has to be investigated including mr President himself thank you

safa ngendlala - 9 November 2016

@Viola , your defence to Mnagwagwa is a mere comradeship approach which will never take our country forward . Mnagwagwa have got his hands bleeding the blood of 20 thousands people of Matland who were killed during the gugurahundu period , now because he is your closest comrade you just waffle and unreasonable suggest that he should lead this country . Never, never . never , let him lead you to your bedroom , this country doesn't need murderous leaders anymore .

Khalabemgeza - 9 November 2016

After all Jonathan Moyo is a criminal offender he has a case to answer because he can't just embezzle state funds and expect the whole nation to zip our mouths. After all he wants to defend his mischief by pointing fingers at others labeling them murderers as if he wasn't part of the same system that carried the heinous act of brutality. Shut your mouth and face the wrath of the law. How can you justify allocation of Academic funds towards your constituency as if you are not allocated your Constitutional Development Fund that is specifically aimed at developing projects in your respective constituency? That is total utter rubbish to justify foolishness against madness. You take war of words threatening others citizens on your twitter handle just because you have the blessings of the first family. My fellow citizen it is because of the vote rigging and the massacres of your countrymen and late father that caused all this untold suffering. If everyhting was right why is it that you had to repatriate the remains of your late father who was murdered by the same system that you are singing praise about. You threaten I will expose those who stole 15billion worth of diamonds if you continue tarnishing my image talking of defamation of character and what a view. You are bound to rot in jail because of you scandalous acts. Face the music and dance to it.

Dokonda Nyamakate - 9 November 2016

Yu are cowerds.yu know the person whos hands zre dripping of blood,if any.You are nust cowards ,in hiding.Thats why when yu are caught stealing ,yu say yu are caught bcoz yu are ndebele,yu stole because yu are ndebele.shame.Matebeleland deserves beter than these clunks .

viola gwena - 9 November 2016

Vp is hard not shy to say it.If yu allow him to deal wth the Zambezi Water Project ,yu will be witnesses of his calibre,hardworking.Bt ofcourse yu have yo prefered leaders who are still fumbling on that project, yo other vp.This Vp ,ngwena,is clean to the bone like him or not.No invaded farm, no war wounds claims(99p.c) disability.No housing schame.Why shuldnt I like him.

viola gwena - 9 November 2016

@viola only God knows of your preferred candidate

Mthwakazi - 9 November 2016

I dnt support aperson out of fantasy thinking based on innuendos.I dnt look at fictional stories created by oppornents to tannish image.I look at the history of the person.The character of the person.Their objective in politics.I see only 2 persons good enuf for our battered country ,Emmarson Dambudzo Mnangagwa and please believe me,Strive Masiiwa.I have no doubt in my mind at all about these 2 characters.

viola gwena - 10 November 2016

Don't feel anything for Robert Mugabe! He is the architect for all this. He is devilshly enjoying the whole show!!

Jonso - 10 November 2016

@ Viola -Temba Mliswa, Kusekuweru Tyson, Kembo Mohadi and probably Morgan Tsvangirai can be among the candidates to carry out people's mandate . Viola -good enough that you have said the candidate's history must be looked at , therefore your friend Mnangangwa's history definately disqualifies him to be among the contenders, as long as he is alleged and linked to amiss actions of gugurahundu then solely that disqualifies him at all .

Khalabemgeza - 10 November 2016

@Khala. I do follow your comments ,for some quite some time now.This guku issue pains yu ,obviously yu were affected,like all Zimbos .I will not try to lessern yo pain on guku,by comparing yu to all Zimbos.Yu may have had it personally.Its a very sad and painfull chapter for our country.Trust me noone feels good about guku,noone at all.Pointing fingures at individuals without hard evidence does not help to heal this.We may need a Truth tribunal to let this sorry,sad issue to rest.But until then pointing and blaming individuals without hard evidence is not the correct way of solving this.Yu can blame government yes ,they were in charge but dont leave out the causers also.I personaly find it hard to pick on Vp ,bcoz that tyme he was a mere junior minister and not in army operations.There was Nkala,Zvobgo,Calistus Ndlovu,Msipa, President Mugabe,Shamuyarira, Gen mujuru, and many seniors that tyme.But still yu need evidence to link any of these pple.

viola gwena - 10 November 2016

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