Record turnout at Magaya service

HARARE - Prohetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries founder and leader Walter Magaya said they made a mistake of  holding the fifth edition of Night of Turn Around event at his Waterfalls base as the place became too small for the crowd that turned up on Friday night.

Hundreds of thousands of people from different countries, including South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana and Portugal among others turned up for the annual event and the crowd was historic.

“We have noticed that we actually made a mistake. Next time, we are going to change the venue and we will go to our farm.

“People have tested the power; they know what God can do. To my understanding, there are more than 900 pastors, 50 prophets and 80 bishops in attendance; it’s an acknowledgement of what God is doing,” Magaya said.

“I’m overwhelmed this was tricky but to see this support, I feel like God wants to raise me higher, considering the number of people coming from outside the country.

“However, some of my foreign visitors were denied visas for unknown reasons but still I am happy with the turnout.

Magaya described 2016 as a horrible year for him punctuated with many trials and tribulations.

“It was a tricky year but we managed to build a prayer mountain, hotel and it was the same year that funny stories came up in the media but still we are going strong,” he said.

“The vision to build a $90 million church this year has been replaced by bigger plans, we bought a bigger place which we are intending to build a primary and secondary school among other facilities, and we are going to build a big and more expensive church. The new land is better than that in Chishawasha.

Responding to allegations of indulging in fraudulent means to acquire land, Magaya said he was clean.

“I did not take anyone’s land, whatever I did was above board; I bought land through correct channels. I am a person who represents people and I should lead by example.

“I did not connive with anyone but I bought land, if you have got money you are allowed to buy land, but all the same, I will never touch land which has any controversy behind . . . if you go and ask them right now, I returned whatever was supposed to be returned if it had some controversy behind,” Magaya said.

“The issue was resolved in a good way, whatever was supposed to be discussed was discussed and whatever was supposed to be returned was returned . . . if we had taken someone’s land, it’s simple, it is said give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, it’s simple. We did not take anyone’s land and I will never do that. I will acquire it lawfully and after all I am a Zimbabwean.”

The Night of Turn Around 5 was attended by Cabinet ministers, including Information minister Christopher Mushohwe among others.

The event was also graced by a number of both local and international artistes such as Mathias Mhere, Freeman, Benjamin Dube, Winnie Mashaba and Keke Phoofolo among several others who all took turns to entertain the massive crowd.

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Its true, religion is the opium for the masses. Our leaders are bleeding the continent dry and all we can do is flock to see some charlatan. No hope whatsoever for the blackman.

Dunlop Munjanja - 6 November 2016

Kkk 50 fake prophets , hayi wena mfana zidlele kahle iusd

Ndoda - 6 November 2016

Yes and the Good Bible in Matthew 24 tells us that false prophets shall arise and they are going to deceive MANY.So its not a game of numbers!Kuzadziswa kwemagwaro with the likes of Magaya and company.It will all come to pass then you will know the end of the world is near.

Janana wa Bikaz - 7 November 2016

Where in the Bible have you ever read of people paying for salvation and healing with money?The Devil knows that sickness and poverty can make a person bealive in anything no matter how educated.

Janana wa Bikaz - 7 November 2016

zvasiyana preach the gospel papa

#team pwm - 7 November 2016

please accept that God works through our Prophet and people received their packages. its not our fault that you do not believe in him .but remember if you believe in a prophet you will receive a prophet's reward .WE believed and received a prophet's reward. our own record breaking GLORY BE TO GOD.

SIYAPELA SIBANDA - 7 November 2016

A prophet is without honour in his land. Matthew 13:53

letwin mashonganyika - 7 November 2016

Janana wa Bikaz, Let me tell you the truth. NO ONE PAYS TO BE HEALED AT PHD Ministries. People with various ailments/ diseases have been healed for free. The insane were healed as well. Just ask yourself one question- Do all these multitudes who attend PHD Ministries mad? Note, we attend each service in 100s of thousands. We are being bless. Join us. Do judge others. Some of us are very educated but come what may KwaMagaya ndichaenda the rest of my life. Zvasiyana

Sithole I - 7 November 2016

I pray that God opens the spiritual eyes of those that are blind to the work of God in our Papa and Prophet W. Magaya. At some point in time in your douttful lives you will come to PHD Ministries seeking for healing and deliverance. Uchanyarirepi???

Me - 7 November 2016

You amaze me ,you defend him as he is a god of some nature, you say if we dont beleive inHIM...who so you believe in your prophet more than God Almighty no wonder...I will never in this lifetime come to PHD looking for help i look at GOD for help i seek God NOT some one .

Liberty - 7 November 2016

The Bible says 'Freely you have received, freely give'

dankay - 7 November 2016

Food for thought

dankay - 7 November 2016

Musi wamunoita problem,thats when you will realise the importance of Prophet Magaya.He is mightly used of God.Please,dont comment much coz muchazonyara tave kukuonai muchiuya mave kuita zvekuhwanda imi maimboshora.We salute you Papa,May The lord continue to use you.MBIRI KUNA JESU!!!!!

glady - 7 November 2016

Beware of fake prophets Zimbabweans.Last year I travel all the way from Bulawayo with my child with heart problem .Kusvika ndokuudzwa zvisinei nezvandavinga and iye magay kana kutaura kana 1 issue yeuhwere hwemwana wangu.And up to now ndikafunga nezvamari yangu wasted on accommodation and lodges ndorwadziwa.Mwana wangu akazopora neOp kuIndia.Kana kwasara YaMagaya chete ndingarega kunamata kusvika ndafa.Uye if Magaya is a true prophet Mwari ndiurayei nokusatenda kwangu.

Jokonia - 7 November 2016

glady, read your Bible please

dankay - 7 November 2016

Zvasiyana! No matter what people of religions do say, not even the continuous persecutions will stop the Almighty from using His able servant, my Papa, from doing His work. He is called of God and is being used of God. Non-believers tichakuonai 1 day mauya zvenyu no problem. My prayer is that God opens your hearts and spiritual eyes to His works that are manifest through His servant. Muchishora zvenyu kudai, isu we are being elevated to a higher level spiritually, everyday.

#kutshiyene - 7 November 2016

@Jokonia, the Prophet speaks what God will have revealed to him and not what you want him to say to you. If you knew the solution to your problem then why waste your time going to a Man of God? Ask yourself, of all the millions who come forth, including myself, testifying about what the God of our Father has done for us, we are mad? check your Mat

#kutshiyene - 7 November 2016

**check your Math, 1 out of a million is equal to what? @dankay: read John 14:12 "read your Bible dankay"

#kutshiyene - 7 November 2016

Didn't mean to judge the 'man' of God nor to offend you brother. Read Matthew 10.8. It's just that Jesus never asked for consultation nor healing nor deliverance fee. As the Father had sent Him, the condition was to believe in Him and healing and deliverance was the gift of God FREELY. God has a way to provide for His true servants which neither you nor I can comprehend.

dankay - 7 November 2016

@dankay, you very right, "freely you receive, freely you give" Exactly what we do at PHD Ministries, no one pays for their deliverance or healing, nor does our Papa charges for preaching/teaching, all is for free. If anybody claims they have been charged for this, then they are not referring to PHD Ministries. Only the guest house visitors pay for their accommodation, food and housekeeing at the hotel, well the hotel was not freely received, kikkk, neither do the hotel staff work for free. So @Jokonia, stop spreading lies, you blocked your own healing by not believing that your child could be healed.

#kutshiyene - 8 November 2016

Dai taimirira Jehovha semamiriro atinoita Mafundisi nema prophet edu ka,,i tell u we wud b smwher else.....Mwari anotukwa uripo ukaita seusinga munamati,,asi Prophet vako vangorehwa chete unoita seuchadya munhu..

krugar - 8 November 2016


sibs - 9 November 2016

was there....ummm...zvasiyana...chikomo chiremera varikure (as reaveled with hundreds of international guests who landed at PHD) varipedo vachitamba nacho...we dont only go healing but wisdom inter alia so many good things to learn from the Man of God... life to you BOLTCUTTER.

mkalaz - 13 November 2016

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