Follow your sheep, Mwonzora tells Biti

HARARE - MDC secretary general, Douglas Mwonzora, has told People’s Democratic Party (PDP) president, Tendai Biti, to “follow his sheep” after more members of his party defected over the weekend.

Biti’s party members defected to the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC.

PDP activists — Don Mavhudzi and Brian Kanzunzuma — turned up at an MDC rally on Sunday announcing they had made the decision to cross the floor.

Mwonzora said the continued defections by PDP members to the MDC were proof that the party was more “credible” and the only plausible route to eclipse President Robert Mugabe in the approaching 2018 elections.

“We have had several members of other parties, including Zanu PF, who have defected to the MDC. We are welcoming them back,” Mwonzora said while addressing a rally in Msasa on Sunday.

“I also want to give this message to my friend. He knows himself. We went to school together,” he said in clear reference to Biti.

“You left the party but your sheep have seen the light and are now flocking back home. My friend, follow your sheep. We will welcome you back,” Mwonzora said.

In recent days, PDP has lost the party’s vice president Samuel Sipepa Nkomo, deputy national chairman Watchy Sibanda and deputy secretary-general Tongai Matutu.

Other former PDP bigwigs that have left the party include former deputy organising secretary Gift Mabhena and Gladys Mathe.

On his part, Biti is on record saying he will “never” re-join MDC.

In reaction to the defections, Biti said what Zimbabwe needs is a “strong converged opposition and not another large awkward Zanu (PF) oligopoly infiltrated by pseudo democrats”.

He added that although PDP was disappointed to have “lost courageous and esteemed comrades”, the embattled party would not hold their decision to dump those against them.

The former Finance minister said “the biggest enemy of democracy was Zanu PF which was plotting how to make Zimbabweans suffer more” and “it needed to be fought by a coalition as it would never reform itself out of power”.

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Just swallow yr pride Buti&do the right thing.U will end up as Maya who only got 2votes.

matsotsi - 25 October 2016

our beloved finance minister come back to the big tent we miss u

safa ngendlala - 26 October 2016

Never ever rejoin Morgan . Believe in yourself . Wait your time is coming , watch the space . You are a force to reckon with , worldwide and MDC knows that

Amai Mandigona - 26 October 2016

Holier than thou attitude. Will the opposition ever form a grand coalition if more time is spent bickering like this. I thoughtb what was wanted was embracing one another at leadership level - rather than throwing stones at each other. Let the sheep change paddocks and move accross as they will while you shepherds exhibit tolerance towards one another. Mr Mwonzora be warned.

tendai taguta - 26 October 2016

@ Amai Mandigona: You can not lie that Biti is a force to reckon world wide when he can not even hold a rally attended by 10 supporters. Biti is a force to reckon in your imagination. You cant have world wide popularity when you do not have grass root support in your own community.

Cde Hasha - 26 October 2016

Tsvangirai HAS FAILED AT LEADERSHIP in th MDC ,why can't you appoint/elect some one & return all former members in one tent-vision& unity are attributes of power,wil make th struggle stronger-only throw away Tsvangirai& his poor leadershi

addmore gudo - 26 October 2016

Tvangirai is poor leader, please replace him to finish up successfully

addmore gudo - 26 October 2016

biti wanyura iwe come home me also

dydmus mutasa - 26 October 2016

@addmoregudo. Can you spellout your party where you have got a good leader. Your statement seems as you are Zanupf member. Who sacrificed huis life for the nation by being bartered, arreted by his own kin because of different opinion for the purpose of freeing the mass from black oppression coming from another black person.

wemachongwe - 26 October 2016

Mwonzora should exercise caution and diplomacy. That kind of call is synonymous of what we are tired of hearing at graveside speeches. If he feels he desperately needs Biti there are better ways and fora of engaging him not at some rally.

Ndega Zvangu Ufunge - 26 October 2016

Biti is abrand name to the elite and elnightened members of the society. He proved himself to be force to reckon with and his follwing is 75% educated guys. Unfortunately when it comes to public emphathy he need to ride on a well known horse. Its only the horse that can make him popular with the crowd. The only way agin he can push his way up is through credible party structures. he would have been the right candidate to replace Mogiza had it not been greediness that hauled him prematurely. There is politics of survival then politics of winning numbers. Thes two cards are played on different endgames and not concurrently. As it stands PDP is on its way to the graveside, It will be more pronounced as an advocate for justice in our courts than a political party. Both Tindo and Morgiza must stretch their hands to fight the bigger enemy. when one publicly refuse to join hands then to the public they diplomatically lose relevance,

makaka - 26 October 2016

KKKK Dr Tsvangirai we love you. they will come back without force and we will come them. MDC.T kuseri

@Summer - 26 October 2016

KKKK Dr Tsvangirai we love you. they will come back without force and we will come them. MDC.T kuseri

@Summer - 26 October 2016

In the first place why should one leave his party,and has changed that makes one return to the fold? The country wont get anywhere with this opportunistic behaviour.

Gen. Spinola - 26 October 2016

That's why ZANU PF will rule until madhongi amera nyanga. Its not far fetched for them to say that because we have a bunch of power hungry, petty opposition parties who dream of ruling Zimbabwe one day. We need a combined opposition to challenge Zanu Pf, otherwise they will be smiling all the way to state house on all future elections. Zimbos are a selfish lot with everyone thinking about themselves only. Meanwhile, the thieving cabal currently running our affairs will have a good sleep knowing with certainty that they will rule and rule and rule unchallenged. Wake up the daily sheeple and smell the coffee, you can not defeat one enemy whilst divided. Icho!!

Madhongiameranyanga - 26 October 2016

Biti you are a spent force period. With your following, do you think you can make it to state house? That is were you get it wrong, trying to be relevant where you are not. Your English might be good, but it does not deliver victory in an election. Lets join hands and work under one coalition led by a fearless leader. At one time you praised Zanu pf. Can you explain that? Chematama used to be concerned with the masses and fearless, but he is now a spent force. The Mawarire's are a bunch of cowards who fear harm but forget that some have died in their pursuit of liberating this nation from the clutches of the current wicked cabal enslaving the masses.

Sijojo - 26 October 2016

Any political entity outside of the MDC and Tsvangirai is in political wilderness. It is true that Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC do not need any other party to win an election. Very true.

Yeoman Thomas - 27 October 2016

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