Some bigwigs want Mugabe out: Kasukuwere

HARARE - Zanu PF political Commissar Saviour Kasukuwere yesterday appealed to church leaders to pray for President Robert Mugabe from party insiders whom he claimed were ready to use any means necessary to remove him from power.

Apparently leaping to the defence of under-fire Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo, Kasukuwere said there is a clique within the deeply-divided ruling party that stands ready to do anything to snatch power from Mugabe.

In a thinly-veiled attack on Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who is accused by the Generation 40 (G40) faction — to which Moyo and Kasukuwere are believed to belong — of harbouring unrestrained presidential ambitions, the ruling party’s political commissar insisted that despite corruption allegations levelled against senior party officials, the party remained “strong”.

“The tell-tale signs are worrying, a direct onslaught which I don’t know for some reason (they) are trying to grab power from a sitting president . . . my appeal to the church leaders is let’s pray for our leader. Let’s pray for his health . . . leadership comes from God,” Kasukuwere said.

“It doesn’t need you to be involved in violent shenanigans to become a leader . . . You don’t have to rope in services of a n’anga to become a leader.

“Uchiteya mariva, mamwe mariva are useless (Some traps are useless),” he added.

“Vafundisi nyika inoda kudefendwa (pastors we have to defend our nation). We have to stand up against evil,” he said.

“We must have peace in our country, the signs of the last two weeks are not encouraging for any political party, you can see an uncalled for contestation for power.

“The party has a leader...we chose a leader,” he insisted.

The Local Government minister also admitted that factional wars were hindering development, creation of jobs and the provision of decent housing to the ordinary Zimbabweans struggling to make ends meet in a dying economy.

“We are not defending corruption, but don’t say ‘you are fighting corruption’ when you are playing politics,” he said.

“Some say they are fighting corruption but they are fighting for themselves and we don’t want churches to be brought into these issues. We don’t want Norton to be a victim.”

Kasukuwere used the event to endorse Zanu PF party candidate Ronald Chindedza ahead of the Norton parliamentary by-election scheduled for October 22.

Chindedza will go toe-to-toe with independent candidate Temba Mliswa and David Choga from the National Constitutional Assembly in the by-election which the opposition say will be a platform to send a strong message to Mugabe that his time is up.

More rattling for the ruling party is the emergence of Mliswa, who has been setting the campaign train ablaze.

The ruling party has previously adopted a soft approach to by-elections in which it posted easy victories, mainly owing to the fact that its main challenger, the MDC, is boycotting the polls, citing an uneven playing field.

However, this time, Zanu PF is desperate to hold on to the Norton parliamentary seat that fell vacant following the expulsion of war veteran’s leader Christopher Mutsvangwa for allegedly undermining the authority of the president.

And Kasukuwere did not hide his concern yesterday, calling on church leaders, through their congregations, to overwhelmingly vote for Chindedza.

Wittingly, the pastors also used the opportunity to request for church and residential stands, land for agricultural purposes and income-generating projects, which Kasukuwere directed the Norton council to provide.

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Leaders come from God? Not all leaders come from God. Man is mortal and hence it stands to reason that one day you will cross over. Hatidi leader anoti handiende because you will go indeed. History is full of examples which i think those with wisdom learn from and try to balance these books of history. All is vanity and chasing the wind because man will join his ancestors in the graves. Siraiwo vamwe vatonge nyika iyi ndeyedu tese. Ngwena's time yasvika. Icho!!

chibwido - 13 October 2016

Kasukuwere you seem to be living in your own world!Church leaders are actually praying to God for the removal of the evil system called zanu pf and all its leaders.Which chaurch leaders are you talking about?Maybe madzibaba Wimbo.In your warped mind you believe the old man is going to defy age and live forever?There is nothing wrong with anyone in zanu pf trying their luck to take over from Mugabe when he is gone.So are you saying the presidency vacancy will not be filled when the old man is gone?And you call that democracy.Your thinking belongs to the stone age era.

Janana wa Bikaz - 13 October 2016

I don't understand Kasukuwere. Does he mean that investigating corruption is the same as trying to topple the president? Will the president fall if corrupt public officials are asked to account for their deeds. In what way does corruption strengthen Zanu PF and the President, and in what way does arresting criminals weaken Zanu PF and the President? Where is the link, Saviour?

machakachaka - 13 October 2016

These guys, Kasukuwere and company are the devils agents so no need to be amazed by their level of cruelty. But what i know is that light will difinately prevail over darkness. Nguva yakwana you can see the writing is already on the wall. Even the blind can see...

gangara - 13 October 2016

Poor Kasukuwere. He thinks that all Zimbabweans are stupid. People like Kasukuwere want to continue to blind the people using stupid biblical based slogans like " Leaders Come From God" to justify and cover up their thievery. Kasukuwere should be asked to answer these simple questions: 1, Did God send Ivan The Terrible? 2. Did God send Adolf Hitler? 3. Did God send Idi Amin? 4. Did God send Mobutu Seseseko? 5. Why does he want us to accept that God sent us Robert Mugabe when the results of the later's decision makings has led to the suffering of millions of Zimbabweans? Kasukuwere ngaa kwane mhani. He must be reminded that he can only fool some of the people all of the times BUT he cannot fool All of the people All of the times.

Sekuru Ndoronga - 13 October 2016

Maybe from the Church of the Devil, i honestly don't know how you people have the gall to go to a Church before God with a straight face, you are the lowest of the lowest

Anthony Galtieri - 13 October 2016

If leaders come from God, then why do we have the elections? And if Hitler, Amin, Saddam & Mugabe came from God then where does that leave us?

MJombo - 13 October 2016

It is boring to hear the same people trying to loot in the name of serving Mugabe from being ousted by invisible conspirators only known to these youngsters.The country is getting nowhere with these king size thieves masquerading as ministers.

Gen. Spinola - 13 October 2016

Savior Kasukuwere, Robert Gabriel Mugabe is old and a liability to the country. He is long past his sell by date. All right thinking Zimbabweans want him out of office, including the majority of people in Zanu PF. The problem is that he has created an army of murderers who would do anything to anyone who dare raise their voice against him. You are all enslaved by his intimidation and therefore sing for your supper to appear good to him. If you truly believe that he should be the man at the helm of this country, then you are more of a moron than I thought. No sane person should waste their breath praying for Mugabe, to remain in power. But they can only pray to the Almighty to have mercy on the people of Zimbabwe by removing this despot which ever way!!!!

MR COOPER - 13 October 2016

name dropping is a big cancer. Society will struggle to recover from it. 73% wants him out. He has failed to run both party and country politics.

X-MAN IV - 13 October 2016

All we just have to do is wait and let Zanu Pf and all other corrupt parties self-distract.

Smoky - 13 October 2016

Robert Gabriel Matinjili Mugabe came from the devil. God did not give us such a cruel man at the same level with hitler, Idi Amin, Saddam, Gaddafi. Those are the devil's agents. Leave God out out of this please and campaign with Mugabe's name or little Lucifer if you would love to call him that.

Donato Matibili - 14 October 2016

kasukuwere you are forgetting that Tsenengamu told us about you doing wicked stuff at graveyards You were then entrusted with land you were supposed to give youths but they were so unimportant to you >you decided to make profit Then we heard about your sexual preferences as well and how you really feel about Grace was revealed in Tsenengamu speech so where does church leaders feature in all this ? We are not fools You guys are busy looting because you know the old man has not long to go You will go to Gehenna Don't talk about God when you know your god is satan

Naphiri Chisayi - 14 October 2016

Exactly Zanu pf is looting what resources are left as much as they can. They know the end is near so they're trying to milk as much as they can until Mugabe is gone.

Young Zimbo - 14 October 2016

church leaders ts way much good and progressive that you pray for own redemption and your families....Amen God Bless

pogba06 - 14 October 2016

Kasukuwere has a very short memory or is suffering from selective amnesia. Not so long ago he spearheaded a campaign which assailed Mai Mujuru with a myriad of corruption allegations which were never proven in a court of law. Now that his factional comrade Jonathan is getting a dose of the same medicine he cries foul and says there should be a distinction between corruption and politics. Come on Tyson this is the rough and tumble of politics don't try and change tack because you have been found with your hands in the cookie jar. Zvinonzi didingwe rinonaka richakweva mamwe kana rave iro rinoti mavara azare ivhu. Handei tione macomrades panosvika Congress muna December kuchatsva badza kuchisara mupinyi mu ZANU PF.

Jaikolu maison - 14 October 2016

Kaskwere, you crook. RGM is YOUR leader. Some of us never voted for him. He stole elections. We are actually praying to be delivered from your patronage framework which has bled this country of all glory. If the entire govt were to perish at once some of us will actually publicly celebrate.

Sagitarr - 14 October 2016

tave marombe coz yemunhu akaiswa namwari, ndozvauri kutaura iwe maromo ShiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiT

mashotopiyana - 14 October 2016

tave marombe coz yemunhu akaiswa namwari, ndozvauri kutaura iwe maromo ShiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiT

mashotopiyana - 14 October 2016

tave marombe coz yemunhu akaiswa namwari, ndozvauri kutaura iwe maromo ShiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiT

mashotopiyana - 14 October 2016

Everyone wants this ancestor to go , even you Kasukuwere. Our living ancestor should be reporting to his maker as we speak and Zim will be a free country

larry hoover - 14 October 2016

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Shaun - 14 October 2016

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