Top officials stole diamonds: Moyo

HARARE - Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo has sensationally claimed that some top government officials looted diamond money and splashed it on “rural castles”.

Moyo — who is being fingered as a beneficiary of the shady land deals allegedly involving Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere in documents whose authenticity has not been confirmed — yesterday came out guns blazing, threatening to expose those behind the diamonds looting spree.

His threats to spill the beans come at a time when long-suffering Zimbabweans are demanding answers on how the ruling Zanu PF used revenue generated from sales of the gems — discovered in Chiadzwa, Manicaland, nearly a decade ago.

Responding to comments on Twitter that he received 70 hectares of land in a land scam that has triggered a fresh war in the burning Zanu PF party, the Zanu PF politburo member said some people had hired “running dogs” to smear his image.

“Lies about 70ha are peanuts compared to the truth on unaccounted $500 million diamond loot to give but one example!” Moyo said.

“...there are stories that some of them built rural castles with diamond loot!” he said, adding that people must not be misled by “thieves”.

Several officials linked to the Team Lacoste faction, including Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, have built monstrous mansions in their rural homes.

“It is common cause diamonds were stolen big time and some diamond thieves want to hide by smearing their opponents,” Moyo retorted to accusations that he was procedurally given land in Harare by Kasukuwere, who is also linked to the G40 faction.

“Where were 70ha actually allocated to me or stolen by me except in the minds or memos of stinking idiots? It’s a shame murderers and mega diamond thieves reckon they can rely on smear opponents!” Moyo said.

His rant appears to follow the same trail of what Kasukuwere said on Monday that there is a sinister plot by members of the Team Lacoste faction to malign his image.

Both Kasukuwere and Moyo are seen as vital cogs in the G40 faction that is bent on blocking Mnangagwa’s ascendence to the presidency.

Moyo added: “Yes we know them and their running dogs and they know themselves very well!”

In February this year, President Robert Mugabe claimed that Zimbabwe had not realised much from its diamond mining activities, revealing that at least $15 billion could not be accounted for.

“We have not received much from the diamond industry at all. I don’t think we have exceeded $2 billion, yet we think more than $15 billion has been earned.

“Lots of smuggling and swindling has taken place and the companies that have been mining, I want to say, robbed us of our wealth,” Mugabe said, justifying nationalisation of diamond firms.

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I have no respect,non at all for culprits who suddenly want to expose other thieves only when they are cornered wth hard evidence of their misconduct.And for a gorvenment minister to be that paranoid.Why didnt yu say this way back Minister Moyo.Yo information is dubiouse.Anyway can yu 1st answer the issue concerning yo 70 hectors of land.This land is meant for yuths,not senior party members wth homes in Borrowdale.Why did yu apply for this land meant for the poor?Who gave yu this land?How much did yu pay for it.Simple questions.Dont tell us about diamonds for now.

viola gwena - 15 September 2016

What Jonathan Moyo is saying here is akin to admitting to having witnessed a crime but not report it. Worse yet, knowing that the perpetrator of that crime is a senior government official you serve with but you did nothing to seek recourse on behalf of the people of Zimbabwe is astonishing at the very least. If he had not been accused of getting the land, would we have had such stunning admission of systematic looting of resources? How can Mugabe be sitting there listening to these accusations and counter accusations which confirm what we all suspect happened and yet he pretends not to have a care in the world. Maybe he does not have a care because it benefits him when those in two camps are fighting each other. Keeps him as the centre of power. Its shameful. What is most disgusting about the whole thing is that if an ordinary person makes such a claim as the one by Jonathan Moyo, they will be thrown in jail by the ZRP or worse. It is very unsettling to have a country that is being run by mafia gangs, most of whom have no clue the difference between their asses or elbows. Shame!

gudo - 15 September 2016

And by the way Mr Moyo,where is minister Zhuwawo.?His silence is suspect.Whats going on there at min of indeg.?The 3 of yu are buddies,chinas,yu,kasukuwere n zhuwawo.Suspiciouse minds indeed.

viola gwena - 15 September 2016

So the looters are known. Politics is such a funny thing when criminals are known but cannot be charged. Or is it that the complainant is another politician gaining leavarage

munhu - 15 September 2016

All along i thought i was going OTT by describing Zanu PF officials as thieves and murderers, well one of them has just confirmed my suspicions. Is it good "leadership" to witness a crime and keep quiet? How many "crimes" are being committed daily with these "leaders" looking the other way? What will Zanu PF promise its slaves to hoodwink them in the next elections. I wonder.

Sagitarr - 15 September 2016

Thisguy thinks we are going to help him in his factional fights.If he is referring to Mnangagwa then he should know that this guy got his monies from DRC diamonds!!!As for Marange diamonds we know who looted thank you very much.The disappearance of 20 million community share by people who loot and loot as if there is no tomorrow.STOP being silly Moyo

Moyo Get Your Head Examined - 15 September 2016

Jona,pliz shut are all thieves.the only difference is to what extent did each one of you steal.thieves..thieves..thieves..

itai musekiwa - 15 September 2016

Surely Jonathan you have just been struck by a bolt of lightning and your conscience has finally been liberated to roam and divulge the looting and pillaging of diamonds that began over a decade ago and ended at least two years ago. No one is going to be fooled by this political stunt intended to extricate you from the messy land deal you are now entangled in. I only hope that you document and provide the evidence , which is the tip of the corruption iceberg anyhow, for use in the prosecution of the perpetrators and recovery of the stolen and looted assets. This is one of the spinoffs of the ZANU PF implosion and fragmentation that should also expose some of its shenanigans and enable the public to make its members to account for their deeds.

Jaikolu Maison - 15 September 2016

what it means is we are being led by thieves. Land thieves and diamond thieves. God forbid

Jilo webasa - 15 September 2016

@viola. indeed tete viola. its trecherous for moyo to actually know people that have been corrupt thieves and not report them only to give such an outburst when he personally is conered. is he not supposed to be an honourary member with honourable behavour. why are we have senior pple in our society who for that matter do not want to leave offices with holding important information that would see corrupt pple fired and this nation rid of corrupt elements to enable it to move on?

k - 15 September 2016

Who is the murder and who is the thief, surely you must want justice to be done and they face the music as a person who believes in rule of law. This idea that people wait until they are in trouble and try to extract themselves by singing like a canary is wrong. People with pure and true intentions just stand up to be counted before they are put in a position where they are standing to lose something.

Galore - 15 September 2016

ZANUPF Officials, People who have no shame. Wanhu wasina hunhu zwe wasiganyari, wanoswera wachi ndundurudza chembere kuinyorera zwekutaura iwo wachingoba hupfumi hwenyika pasina anoti pwee! Dai President Robert Mugabe aiwa Sekuru wangu weparudzi, isu nembava idzi taipswitsana kutsime chokwadi. Zwichappera chete.

Sekuru Ndoronga - 15 September 2016

so jonathan is admitting that he clandestinely got land through "soon to be history" tyson. jona that land is for the youths and not the professor. do the right thing and surrender it back please. bringing in the diamond issue wont help to exonerate you prof. ndanyara sitereki nekusakwana kwako.

wezip - 15 September 2016

Jonathan is behaving like Joyce Mujuru and Didymus Mutasa who threaten to expose corrupt government officials if they are personally exposed.Any official who was in Bob's gvt from 1980 to now is corrupt.They only speak of corruption once they are dumped from the looting train.And then to claim we are a free and democtractic country when we are led by mafias who are just good at corruption,human rights violations and looting.What a shame!!

billy johns - 15 September 2016

We ask our Pastors and all peace loving Zimbweans to pray for our country.

Icho - 15 September 2016

When God gives people the privilege of serving their nation in a leadership role, He will one day expect an answer as to how their time and resources will use. ALL these guys will answer. If God doesn't hesitate to judge the Angels who rebelled in Heaven, what makes these goons think that they will escape? There is no slogan, fist pumping, name calling, threats, invasions, abductions that will work on that day, because it won't be the mythical "third force" that they would need to worry about.

Tippingpoint - 15 September 2016

$15b + $500m from diamonds stolen and Musorobhangu does not report to law enforcement agents. Which means he is an accomplice by association.

Kachembere kekwaChivi - 15 September 2016

so jonathan is admitting that he clandestinely got land through "soon to be history" tyson. jona that land is for the youths and not the professor. do the right thing and surrender it back please. bringing in the diamond issue wont help to exonerate you prof. ndanyara sitereki nekusakwana kwako.

wezip - 15 September 2016

all yu idiots must learn to read or re write your english,where does moyo admit to recieving 70ha of land in the article?yu are all commenting on a false premise which makes all of yu propagandists,re read the story

truth - 15 September 2016

The prof must think 1st than just ranting n throwing toys out of the pram in anger.That head is for thinking not just for wearing a hat.If yu respond to these allegations of manipulating Tyson to give yu such a large piece of land ,meant for the poor,if yu can exonerate yoself then we will listern to yo other stories of handisi ndega(im not the only one).Yu can then tell us about diamonds,rural mansions,indegnouse funds n all.Thanx mate.Then I can truely call yu a reformist.

viola gwena - 15 September 2016

Dont forget Chiyangwa s deals deals.

viola gwena - 15 September 2016

@truth, you must also understand that Jonathan Moyo is an incredibly intelligent person. When you are accused of doing something corrupt, you should defend yourself with facts or deny it unequivocally. Non-denial or flimsy defense by trying to accuse others smells bad.

gudo - 15 September 2016

De Beers was established in 1888 by Cecil John Rhodes to plunder South African diamonds and Africa's resources. Today Africa's diamonds and resources are being looted under the systems and structures set up by Rhodes. His remains in a grave at Matopos is a symbol of this complex system of looting. #Rhodes must go!

ADF - 15 September 2016

All of a sudden people are in the know of who looted what and when when they are exposed.When you were in good books you never said a thing.You want to claim to be clean?Only time will tell what you looted also.

Tahir Iqbal - 15 September 2016

Please time for prayers is over its now action time, God will be with us as we fight the wicked regime.

Rasta - 15 September 2016

this man stand by the Mugabe what ever you call him is the god of the animal called corruption for how many years the oppositions were warning and complaining about diamonds being looted by mugabe cronies . this Mugabe of yours exchanged our minerals and patronage for power that puts us to were we are today nobady can say a word against this Mugabe coz they benefited illegally now vachafumurana as the nears the end

peacelover - 15 September 2016

Tazvinzwa Jona. slowly but sure wavakubuda mudumbu rehove mawakavaka hofisi yako. Hongu shefu vakavaka mashoni kwaZhimba isina anogaramo. Ivo nesheche yavo nyuwani ndokuvakazwe imwe manishoni muBorrowdale, isina anogaramo. Kana dziri dzekunze kwe Zimbabwe (Malaysia, Singapore China, etc,etc,etc hatitaure - dzisina anogara.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 15 September 2016

Fyn Hon Minister. We want tbe names and places of these rural castles.

Mwana Wevhu - 15 September 2016

Woza lazo Joni we new that one of you will spill the beans if they do not get the equal share

Slim Cat - 15 September 2016

Now they are pointing fingers at each other!!!!!!

Mukanya - 16 September 2016

Sekuru Ndoronga, Kana nhunzi dzakaungana patsvina/human waste, pane inganzi yakachena here?

just common sense - 16 September 2016

Moyo a thief as well

dennis moto - 16 September 2016

Naiye Moyo imbavhawo, anochinja chinja kunge rwaivhi. Akanyimwa mari apa that's why ava kuchema chema. But this time vanogara pasi chete. CHAVANODA KUBATWA VESE VANOITA MA BACK DEALS, VHARIRE MUCHIZARIRA

The Big Z - 16 September 2016

W e have been crying for justice all along but nothing is happening in this country regarding that. All leaders are corrupt. Now ZANU-PF is intending to parcel land to its Youth and not national Youth hence it got allocated to other corrupt officials. I am a member of the Church so there is no land for me but for the political Youth, ZANU-PF.

Mendeka - 16 September 2016

Very sad state of affairs in our country No empathy for other fellow Zimbabwean As long as the top guys pockets are lined up ,who cares what the citizens think The truth shall prevail Even for the president to embarrass Kasukuwere about land which was supposed to go to ZANU youth Not other youths in Zimbabwe its sad Smith akavaka dzimba kumatownships and our parents used to pay reasonable rent What did this LOT do to citizens apart from looting Its sad because there wont be justice brought to this lot Our jails are overflowing with thieves who steal because they are hungry as well as activists calling for a FAIR Zimbabwe when this LOT should be occupying those cells

Naphiri Chisayi - 16 September 2016

Zanu pf has reached a point of no return as it faces imminent collapse. There will be no clear winner in their internal wars. Everyone is going down with someone,.

X-MAN IV - 16 September 2016

yaaa surely politics its a dirty game

CHINHOYI - 20 September 2016

thanks for this article

parastooparvaz - 6 February 2017

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