Magaya bars PHD congregants from attending court

HARARE - Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries (PHD) leader, Walter Magaya, has urged his congregants not to attend his court case today.

Magaya is facing rape charges after a Harare woman filed the criminal charges against him last month.

“I urge all PHD members and sympathisers not to come to court for the hearings. No PHD congregants are allowed at the courts. This is because we don’t want to attract unnecessary attention and also that we do not want people to cause commotion at the courts which might disrupt business.

“We also don’t want to appear as if people are putting pressure on the judiciary, the courts must do their work without being disturbed by people,” Magaya said.

According to court papers, the victim knew Magaya well as she used to be a congregant at his PHD ministries.

Magaya, who is represented by Everson Chatambudza and Oliver Marwa in the current case, is accused of having raped her in June last year, allegedly at his Mt Pleasant residence.

Prosecutors said this had happened after she accepted an invitation from the preacher to visit him, whereupon she was shown around the house.

Later, Magaya had allegedly left her in one of the rooms, before returning naked.

The State claims that Magaya had proceeded to force himself on her once, and allegedly doing so without using protection. It is also the State’s case that after raping her, Magaya gave her $200 after which she later reported the matter to her boyfriend, Elliot Kudakwashe, in July 2015.

The State has lined-up three witnesses in the case.

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A simple reason Magaya does not want his congregants at the courts is so they do not hear the damaging testimony from the plaintiff. He can then go back and narrate it himself or his minions, of course doctoring the the truth for his benefit. Shame on the false prophet. Mwari harisi benzi!

gudo - 15 September 2016

what is he hiding ,i smell a rat.gbx

safa ngendlala - 15 September 2016

truth shall set us free

zvibz - 15 September 2016

only God knows the truth.....

Advisor FM - 15 September 2016

Magaya truly doesnt want his followers to hear first hand information form the complainant about what he did. He doesnt want them hear him failing to respond and being nailed in the dock. These prophets are deceivers of the people. They are as loose as hallots but pretending to be man of God. Shame to those that follow fake leaders like these so called Prophets. Anyway they will be after money even the congregends

Chitinha - 15 September 2016

Let justice take its course rather than making unnecessary inferences about why the Prophet barred his congregants from attending the hearing

Justice M - 15 September 2016

May the Lord have mercy on people who say what they dontmknow about Prophet Magaya, God is in control let them talk and God will put them to shame. Hatirwi nenyama neropa asi nemhepo dzemuchadenga, touch not the annointed ones of God.

Kudzai - 15 September 2016

Nxaa ngazviende. False prophets. They don't belong outside the cells. Vachakwana vese. Tsvagai mufana anonzi Regie he is hiding now, marriage destroyed naye Magaya uyoyi, took the young lad's wife Nyarie, who apparently aiva mubati wehomwe dze corruption yese iyoyi nema abortion eses zvakazouraisa Chipo. Zvichabuda zvese

chaguta - 15 September 2016

I have just come across a circulating whatsapp chat that says Magaya has been sentenced to 14 years.Is it true?

mahlaba - 15 September 2016

Anoziva chokwadi ndimwari, Magaya munhu waMwari Inga David akangotadzawo semunhu Wenyama

Masoka Thomas - 15 September 2016

may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ c u thru dad,may his grace and favour speak for u.May the the devil and his adversaries be brought to shame,no weapon fashioned against us shall stand or the tongue of the enemy prevail.if God z for us nothing shall b against us

prudence nyamunga - 15 September 2016

Mr Gudo It doesnt make sense for the whole church to be in a very small area obviously it will coz commotion and another traffic jam...................if you think he is hiding something the media will cover it .........................but i dont think my father will hide anything if he talk you will talk if he is silent you still do so ...................

Dexter marimbe - 15 September 2016

We love u dad,our father in the Lord no matter the outcome w wl stil luv u

prudence nyamunga - 15 September 2016

Anyone with latest news on what transpired at the courts about Magaya?

Danny - 15 September 2016

Prophet munhu wamwari chero mukadii Jehovah vanochengeta vanhu vavo. Hapana Hapana

Strive Chinhengo - 15 September 2016

@Marimbe, you have the right to your opinion but not to facts. What commotion are you talking about. If the court is full why wouldn't others sit outside. As people of God, why would there be commotion? And if he "Magaya" is a prophet as he claims to be, why would he let his congregation to cause commotion? I just don't buy this nonsense. For long, these prophets Makandiwa, Magaya etc. used poverty created by Mugabe to put the fear of Jesus into people. They also played politics, and now chickens are coming home to roost. The politicians who protected their immoral misdeeds are too mired in their own dilemmas to be involved. Mwari harisi benzi. Chine manenji hachifambisi....

gudo - 15 September 2016

munhu wese ari panyika anosvika paanotadzira mwari,asi ngatirege kuti kana umwe pakati pedu atadza, tobva tamira pakati pake namwari mozviita mwari kana magaya wacho.chokwadi chigere kuna magaya nemusikana uye namwari ndoovanhu vatatu vanoziva idi. saka chimbomirai kutinyaudza muchiti magaya haana kuzodai vamwe muchiti hee akazodai,,mirirai yenyu nguva ichasvika yekutongerwa kupupurira wekwako nhema. uyu munhu kana ari prophet wamwari zvedi haiva tinoti mwari kuda kwenyu ngakuve idi panyika,asi kana asi ndine hurombo kune mapofu achigere kusvinura,munopinda mugomba reomoto muchiteera mhombwe, munosekwa huwe kuwe nedenga,,asi chenjererai kumagumo kune moto, yava nguva yekunamata kuna mwari kwete kuna magaya.,,hezvo ndini mututsi tick tick tick time is ticking away...

tusti - 15 September 2016

magaya ita maminimini ako aye vanhu varumwe nenyoka mu court imomo ndokuti vazive kuti vatamba nesimba ramwari. hokoyo magistrate wapera ne nyoka ya moses.

wezip - 15 September 2016

podem processar, perseguir - falar o que quizerem W.Magaya é verdadeiro HOMEM de DEUS. Lembre-se do sofrimento de Jesus. Quem é esse que pode fazer o que esse Homem de Deus Faz? o PHD Ministry não vai abaixo em nome de Jesus.

TENDAI FERRAO - 15 September 2016

phd ministries has thousands of members and others above those thousands also came to support him, so yes there will be commotion if all those people go to court

mwana wapwm - 15 September 2016

Anebhora ndiye anomakwa.We luv u dad and we thank God for the strength he had given us #Zvasiyana

tana - 15 September 2016

Kana Gumbura wani munhu vamwari wat makes this hypocryte worth saving , fools open ur eyes u covered in th darkness nd blanket of stupidity nxaaaaaaa

Wechokwadi - 15 September 2016

Prophet Magaya is not just another ordinary man of the cloth but an anointed servant of God with a proved following of hundreds of thousands. It doesn't take rocket science to see the wisdom of such a step by the Prophet, but as usual there are those without common sense amongst us who only see negative motives even on something so noble and constructive. Mbiri kuna Jesu. The God of Prophet W Magaya is in control.

Manje Hameno - 15 September 2016

There is nothing to fear for God is always with us. Let the devil be put to shame. Our father Prophet W. Magaya is a great man of God who is hated because of my testimony. This is the plot of the devil who is using people to tanish the name of a great prophet. Let there be light.

Bongani Ndlovu - 15 September 2016

@ Mahlaba..Nehanda radio has issued out a statement that there is someone who wrote a fake story on prophet Magaya being sentenced 14years. Its a lie and i just wonder how a person can seat and fabricate such lies

mwana wapwm - 15 September 2016

varume pakati apa hapana kuti pastor. kana magaya akarova zvinhu chokwadi chinobuda mumatare.

wezip - 15 September 2016

may GOD punish the liar. whoever is lying between the two may they suffer bigtym.... And to all those reading dnt be personal as if Magaya or that girl is your God. THEY ARE JUST HUMAN REFRAIN FROM USING EMOTIONS ABOUT THINGS YOU HAVE NO IDEA ON...STOP SWEARING WHEN YOU NOE NOTHING NEITHER OF YOU WAS WITH THEM IN THE ROOM OR THEIR BLANKETS...YOU

Tshuma - 15 September 2016

kwadoka vaMagaya jeri rakumirirai

fungie - 15 September 2016

If Magaya is a prophet why can,t he tell us if he's going to prison or not. He sees other people's lives but can't see his future here

Madara - 15 September 2016

people must learn to spend much of their time creating and improving their relationship with God himself rather than focusing and judging on an issue happening to just a mere human being..nguva zhinji kuna mwari..magaya is just a human being so anything can hapen to him..whether its true or not,the fact remains,his just human..

Petronellah bobbie - 15 September 2016

mwari ega ndiye anoziva chokwadi . magaya kana akatadza jeri rakamumirira

vimbai - 15 September 2016

@Gudo, @Wechokwadi. Fact that you don't believe in the Prophet should not mean you are now disabled mentally and unable to reason or apply logic regarding the allegations being paraded. It's a dfferent class comparing Prophet Magaya with a man like Gumbura. A government that has failed to deliver will not just sit idly when a man of God is transforming the nation at the pace that PHD is doing. Therein lies the answer why this ''rape victim'' was nowhere to be seen until a year later, coincidentally the rape is reported now just at the same time that Prophet Magaya has launched the housing scheme that is now making ordinary people like you into landlords at a pace that can only be supernaturally anointed. Let there be light!

Manje Hameno - 15 September 2016

@Madara.yes and when Jesus was sold away he pointed at Peter n told him he wuld refuse him 3 times.Jesus prophesied on Judas ,that he wuld sell him to enermies.Bt then Magaya is not as big as Jesus.Magaya may love women,its not his entire fault.They are trials.Jesus had them, Mary Magdalene ,wasnt she Jesus s lady?The woman by the borehole?the one wth 5 husbands.These were all trials on the Son of Man,women.To all men ,throw the 1st stone at Magaya if yu are a saint.Jesus advised us to only listern to pastors bt dont do what they do.

viola gwena - 15 September 2016

ticharamba tichiita amen inobhowa satan

era of the prophetic - 15 September 2016

vanhu musataurise.Dont touch the anointed ones cos of a temptation in allegationsb kind.only if yu can follow the lives services of PHD Ministries yu can understand as to why he metioned to bar the congregants. as a father and children relatiomship, do yu think they will not go to witness and rally behind their leader despite his plea to them,surely they will. LET COMMON SENSE BE COMMON AND NOT BE LED BY HATRAGE

commander - 15 September 2016

He is not ORDINARY true true I say to you he is the son of GOD kana pamuri vana ngana munototaurwavo hamuzoendi kumacourts because you don't ANYTHING

ENISON - 15 September 2016

Zvakaoma wena, hanzi inga David akatadza, imikaimi sakamukutii manje.

Lambisto - 15 September 2016

Manje Hameno you are saying Magaya is anointed by God... Did Magaya pay for this anointing? Why does he charge for his ministry... you people are so desperate you fail to see such obvious deception..... how many times are false prophets mentioned in the bible... the reason is most of you if not all of you do not read the bible because you are busy singing Magaya instead of seeking God. Open your spiritual eyes and ask God to give you the gift of discernment of spirits...."you shall know them by their fruits" Please don't talk about false persecution. If Magaya's social media would be made available I wonder what you would say? He is not the first one and he is not going to be the last one to tarnish the name of God. You know Magaya's face not his heart. Do not defend what you do not know

Dakarai - 15 September 2016

guys i dont have a personal with walter but the people who see him as a god my marriage was broken also because of him a phd truck with people with phd tshirts came to my house to take evrything that i have worked for i didnt go to the police i know one day i mwil know why all that happened ezekiel 13verse 21

truth - 15 September 2016

zvasiyana,,ava ndiprophet not pastor.

romeo - 15 September 2016

tiudzei if magaya got arrested or not. musangoparidze zvisina order

amy - 15 September 2016

@ tshuma i think you are right only GOD almighty knows the truth but whatever the outcome people know that never put your trust in mankind only GOD the infallible

TRUTH - 15 September 2016

@manje hameno, it is important to read other people's posting accurately. Where did you see that I post about Gumbura? You can not lump postings together if they are not similar. Secondly, it is unfortunate that you are inadvertently insulting people living with disabilities by referring to me and @wechokwadi as "disabled mentally". Now, as much as you have the right to believe in your prophet, we also have the right to criticize him. I am pointing to the lack of sincerity in calling for his followers not come to the courts. He, like anyone else should be be held as innocent until proven guilty. Similarly, the plaintiff has a right to a fair trial and until the courts say otherwise, we have to treat her just as being honest. I mentioned politics because Magaya himself has meddled in politics. You are right, I have never and will never be fooled to believe Magaya, Makandiwa and Engel are prophets. I have my reasons but I do not want to discourage you from following and believing in him. I am by the way a christian and believe very much in God and our savior Jesus Christ. For scripture teaches us to "beware of the false prophets.."

gudo - 15 September 2016

we love you dad

tatenda - 15 September 2016

guys I think you can help yourself panyaya iyi one munhu munhu akavimbika chete NDI MWARI pamurume wose chinonzi mari mukadzi ne kudakutonga in short power pamurume musatanga maramba anhuwe koz ndopane downfall and weakness yemuhurume I know kuti zvorwadza kuti leader anzarwo ..... bible I think warned us about using lawyers if the guy is really innocent the truth shall set him free not lawyers engaging lawyers as man of cloth is worrisome

peacelover - 15 September 2016

guys I think you can help yourself panyaya iyi one munhu haarambirwi akavimbika chete NDI MWARI pamurume wose chinonzi mari mukadzi ne kudakutonga in short power pamurume musatanga maramba anhuwe koz ndopane downfall and weakness yemunhurume I know kuti zvorwadza kuti leader anzarwo ..... bible I think warned us about using lawyers if the guy is really innocent the truth shall set him free not lawyers engaging lawyers as man of cloth is worrisome

peacelover - 15 September 2016


MWANA WEMUPOROFITA - 15 September 2016


MWANA WEMUPOROFITA - 15 September 2016

Our God will vindicate our dad and the whole world will rejoice us we love papa its passing tidy

john marima - 15 September 2016

we love you papa because i am now a land lord its wonderfull

john marima - 15 September 2016

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