Opposition pushes for one candidate

BULAWAYO - People's Democratic Party (PDP) secretary-general Gorden Moyo says opposition parties’ mooted grand coalition stands a chance of annihilating President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF in the 2018 election if it fields one candidate.

Opposition political parties are working on creating an electoral pact that will ultimately lead to the formation of a grand coalition, the first of its kind since independence.

“We believe that all political parties must come together and resolve the crisis we are in. We should not give up because we are almost there,” Moyo told the party supporters at its first anniversary celebrations in Bulawayo on Sunday.

“I would like to say let’s put one candidate for opposition parties in 2018. Not two or three candidates, that way we believe we can remove Mugabe.”

Zimbabwe’s opposition figures have in recent months shown signs of working together to end Mugabe’s 36-year unflappable rule which angry Zimbabweans blame for causing the current hardships.

MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai and Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) interim president Joice Mujuru — last month sent Zanu PF into panic mode when they held joint rallies in Gweru.

And officials from both parties have said a deal to form an electoral pact between the two parties which feeds into the structures already created by other smaller parties, is close to be being completed.

Mugabe, 92, is blamed for authoring the myriad problems that the country is facing, including shortages of cash and company closures.

“We should all go to the streets and demand all that we want. Let’s unite and fight for our cause. Even if we are to keep quiet, we will still die so let’s not be intimidated. Let’s fight for our right,” said Moyo.

His sentiments were echoed by Zapu president Dumiso Dabengwa who gave a solidarity speech at the same celebrations.

“I urge youths to take the lead in light of this crisis in the country. Take to the streets and demand your rights. We played our role during the liberation struggle, it’s now your time,” said Dabengwa.

“They will arrest and intimidate you but that’s part of the struggle. The good thing is people are now united.

“Go to the streets and demonstrate, the High Court cleared us. They said we should go ahead with our demonstrations, so don’t be scared and don’t be intimidated,” added the Zapu supremo.

Mugabe, in face of unrelenting dissenters, tried despairingly to contain protests when his government issued a decree banning demonstrations in Harare.

In the wake of the court ruling, the veteran but increasingly frail Zanu PF leader issued an ominous warning to opposition political parties when he threatened to jail their leaders.

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as long as that candidate is morgan tsvangirayi.

mukovhe wa tshilidzi - 14 September 2016

I will consider yo candidate only if Ngwena is not one.Not only me bt a very large group of us.We will consider campaining for yo candidate only if the Last man standing drops down,Ngwena.Its unfortunate or fortunate I had already started campaining in my Mutoko constituancy,wth massive responses.We are now just waiting for the farming inputs promised.Remember we are farmers ,tomatoes,tobbacco,mbambaira n cabbigge.

viola gwena - 14 September 2016

You all go on about removing Mugabe. What do you intend to replace him with

jason mpala - 14 September 2016

We will replace him with a donkey.

MJ - 14 September 2016

Very bad strategy, Zimbabwe needs plural politics, this is the making of another one party state. Whatever parties will sign up to this 'one' candidate and campaign for their members to vote for the selected candidate would have written their own obituary. The winner takes all. If you agree on Tsvangirai or Mujuru to lead this new Patriotic Front, when they take over they will not have an incentive to give back the powers Bob has spent 36yrs appropriating for himself, there wont be an opposition to force them. If the rigging machinery is still in place I scarcely think it will make a difference. However if the candidate is Mujuru then the Zanu types who are part of the rigging machinery might allow her to win knowing that she is zanu and after her foray in People first she & her team will go back to Zanu albeit called by another name.

Galore - 14 September 2016

It is GRAND COALITION or nothing in 2018!I will not vote for anything else but a coalition candidate-anything else would split votes and therefore a waste of time.

Chikata - 14 September 2016

Incase or incurse n curses if ngwena doesnt stand cme 2018,then make sure yo candidate avails to us Mutoko pple,farmers, tomatoe seeds, cabbage seed, tomatoe processing plant n freezer for exports.we also need a runway for cargo flights for our produce,tomatoes to overseeas ,Israel ,good customer for organic tomatoes.Ngwena promised to bring this to us .we wont need to go to Harare.Cabbage is for local market.Tobbacco dont wory ,we have the seeds all the tyme,just market.Without these,yo candidate we wont have time for .we are farmers.

viola gwena - 14 September 2016

opposition can even push for half a candidate,they will never win,even if we field mnangagwa we will still beat yu because the masses are embedded with zanu pf,the people will never support projects by former colonizers

truth - 14 September 2016

The so called coaliation,I wonder if it will ever pick off,there are no clear modalities for its formation.Tsvangirai whoz often touted to emerge as its probable leader,we all clearly see can not lead such coalition considering what he did at MDC since its emergency in 1999;he failed to lead a united front of the party,&the reasons raised for the break-ups can only b properly traced on his leadership abilities.So how come that a man who has already shown signs of failed leadership,is unable to unite all pple towards a cause to its accomplishment, can b trusted to b at the helm of such coaliation-its a sure failure fr the outset.I think Mujuru though untested, might b tried-taking her one time remark that the zim pf party is not one woman centre of power,in contrast to Mugabe's zanuPF, can actually have the capabilies to lead such a group.Bcoz sooner or later the so called coaliation will break down when everybody else begins to pick disagreements with Tsvangirai's leadership as can now normally expected that Tsvangirai will begin to call himself the boss of every ones in the coaliation-whichz unacceptable.The purpose of a leader is only to implement the group's decisions.We all know that Tsvangirai failed to implement the MDC PARTY's decisions back then when they had decided to go to the senatorial election which resulted in the break down of the party, when Ncube&Sibanda left who were then secretary general& vice president.They were in the majority.TSVANGIRAI CAN NOT LEAD SUCH A COALIATION.If u allow him to the presidency,we will find our zimbabwe standing apart ,MATEBELELAND ON ITS ON,MANICALAND ON ITS ON, &LIKEWISE MASHONALAND

addmore gudo - 14 September 2016

Truth my brother....what are you smoking these days. it seems you are slowly losing it. Zanu PF has been destroyed we no how and by whom

Viva Unidade - 14 September 2016

@Galore I share the same thoughts as yours in regard to this grand coalition. Ours is more inclined to who will get what, where and when. Its more of a shadow GNU in making. For accountability purposes we need more political shops to choose from. Each political party must for itself winner takes all and forms GVT. There is no splits of votes its zanu pf Vs MDC-T . A unified zanu pf was defeated in 2008 73%. If Mujuru wins she must form GVT alone and her zim pf people. There is no need to have another grave train without accountability and more blame games and name droppings. Zanu pf GVT have been evaluated by people and the results are there to see. The people want service delivery. Whoever gets in and fails he must go. NO to one party state!

X-MAN IV - 14 September 2016

yuare all fooling yourseves, even a coalition without Tsvangirai will get fewer votes than Tsvangirai alone, thsvanguira chigrader musadherere yu might say theories but the truth remains and yu know it, he rules

marcus - 15 September 2016

The grant coallition is nonsense. What MDC lacks is leadership. Tsvangirai on one hand has been failing since 1999. How many yrs now? Nearly 20yrs, right? But he is busy blaming Mugabe for failure and not taking an audit of his own political profile. Mujuru Joice is 99% Zanu pf. The material component that makes her up is but Zanu. So what difference do you think she will bring should she be elected. Thst's nonsense. The able bodied like Chamisa, Gutu, and the Bitis must come together and remove this idiot called Tsvangirai. He is no longer relevant. They must stand together to form a strong opposition with a clear vision for Zim. Mujuru and Tsvangirai must simply be given their package and go! Having them back is like using refuse to mould something new. Its as disgusting as using faeces to cook sadza. How disgusting??? I think you have taken my point now. Tsvangirai and Mujuru are best-before and must never be entertained anymore. Its never too late, Pliz Biti, Chamisa, prepare this is the time for you guys to plan.

Emperor - 15 September 2016

Ngwena promised you this and that tete Viola. How many promises has this VP made to the people of Zimbabwe which he never fulfilled? Tete Viola, your preferred candidate is now vintage stuff and is accused of many dirt deeds. At 77 years of age now, he will be 79 in 2018. Zimbabweans now need a generation of young politicians and not these hopeless social retards who have failed to govern this country since 1980.

Chimbwido Warvet - 15 September 2016

So clearly from reading all these statement above opposition can not agree on a single candidate , but as all that's being said remove Mugabe and then what? i've always asked a question kuti not one day have i heard opposition telll us zimbabweans on how they will take the country forward. Instead it always the same theme song Mugabe must go and THEN WHAT??? The plans proposed by Biti and Mujuru's build are replicas of ZIMASSET so what new fresh ideas do these opposition parties offer? Isaw chamisa on aljezera the other day in a debate and i was so disappointed because instead of marketing his leadership capabilities all he did was play the blame game. What future leader does that? In short the opposition yacho has nothing to offer Zimbos apart from Mugabe must go and that is not a policy. How will they assist the farmers, how will they assist smes, big companies , how will they resuscitate the economy, how will they support the miners and increase tourism arrivals?? These are the issues people want to hear and not the theme song Mugabe must go.

BringBackOurFlag - 15 September 2016

Emperor ,you are just spitting out gutter politics.To say Tsvangirai has done nothing since 1999 is to parade your lack of understanding of the zimbabwean politics.If we were to judge the most courageous individual to mount a serious challenge from zanu pf ,its no one other than Tsvangirai.The problem with people like emperor is that they have very little knowledge about politics.At the moment Tsvangirai is the only candidate that can be easily sold to the electorate without much difficult.The fact that there are now two more vice presidents is to give the electorate a wide selection of his succesor which is anytime soon.The vice presidents have now the task to prove themselves to the electorate,and to me that is democracy.Tsvangirayi has never failed anything worth mentioning because he has been wiining all the past elections and what didi we the voters do?Nothing.The results in 2008 took over a month to be announce and we the voters new we had voted overwhelmingly for MDC,and what did we do?Nothing.We should have demanded the results there and there but because we are chicken hearted we just watched from the terraces.

Janana wa Bikaz - 15 September 2016

No! No! & No! We r sick of a single party state, No!. No more monsters. we want a future government & ruling party that knows that if they do not deliver for the whole nation then they r gone. No to backroom deal, No to one powerful leader. No & Bodo!

MJombo - 15 September 2016

I believe tsvangirai is the man, only that he was rigged and there has been a lot of intimidation in the rural areas otherwise he could have been the president as we speak. he did not foot back after being butchered to death, lost his wife mysteriously, he is tried and tested and qualifies to be the candidate but hopefully because of health matters should then leave it to Chamisa after winning

sambiri - 15 September 2016

The opposition parties are coming together because they have a common enemy. Once they defeat Mugabe at the polls infighting, factions, leadership flaws will surface and the real issues bedevilling the country will take longer to address. We do not want a one party state. MDC, ZPF / Zanu Team B, PDP, etc. should go into the elections as separate entities to bring the diversity in our political landscape. Instead of finger pointing and playing the blame game card the opposition should be clearly articulating how they plan to turn around the economic, governance, rule of law, property rights' mess that Zanu PF has been concocting for the past 36 years. What is the vision, the framework to revive the economy, bring healing and reconciliation to the nation and restore / build national pride among Zimbabweans? What is the template for leadership Zimbabweans should be looking forward to? What are the checks and balances to hold the leadership to accountability, character, intergrity and delivery? What is the country's national vision that every Zimbabwean and future generations can be excited about, want to get involved in and add value to our nation, our relationships, maximising our resources (human and natural) for the betterment of all? How do we address the dark periods of our nation's history reconciling and bring healing to wounded and abused communities. We are looking forward to visionary leadership that will lead this nation rising above the social, tribal, racial gutter politics that is rife in Zimbabwe today. Unfortunately the people are sceptical about the former zanu pf leaders like Mujuru, Mutasa etc. who are crossing the floor to form the opposition. Mliswa's suggestion of retiring in 2018 is what they should be doing. Recycling the same deadwood as leadership and expecting them to spearhead Zimbabwe's turnaround

Daniel5 - 15 September 2016

I really want to appreciate for the good that mdhara has done during his term in office though he has overstayed and is now being used nevapfana vachingoti vamugabe chete, heee munhu wese kuna amai apa ivo vachimora without looking back at the suffering majority. but my question is will he be able to move around campaigning in 2018, given the age related ailments. Pakaipa, ndokupera kwazvo

sambiri - 15 September 2016

Guys, politcs in Zimbabwe since independence has not been easy and straight forward as some of you assume. What you guys need to realise is that the relevance of Tsvangirai is not in whether he can do good economics and turn around the economy but in his courage to face a vicious,deadly and fearsome monstrous system.For now what is key is to have someone who can easily be sold to the electorate at the same time whose boldness can inspire others to be bold.There are a lot of talented Zimbabweans who are capable of leading the nation and turning around things but the major question which is crucial in this phase is can their names easily be sold to the electorate and do they have the courage and resilience to face the system or just one night in the cells will make them flee for asylum.For now Morgan is still relevant but by now he should have started grooming the likes of the Chamisas

Takangodaro - 15 September 2016

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