Nera walks out of Zec meeting

HARARE - Opposition parties under the National Electoral Reform Agenda (Nera) yesterday walked out of a meeting with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) in protest against “unfair treatment” by the national elections body.

Nera is a grouping of 18 political parties pushing for electoral reforms ahead of Zimbabwe’s 2018 election.

The parties want Zec to implement a biometric voters’ roll, clean the voters’ roll and that the organisation be run by independent officers who are not appointed at the behest of President Robert Mugabe.

Speaking to the Daily News, Nera’s legal affairs head, Douglas Mwonzora, said Zec was not treating political parties fairly.

“Nera members walked out of the meeting. The deadline to make submissions was August 30, but Zec informed Nera after the deadline, therefore Zec and the government are not acting in good faith,” he said.

“We were unable to send our grievances after we were informed late,” Mwonzora said, adding that “we are going to resume our struggle which is demonstrating and going to court”.

The MDC secretary-general accused Zec of creating other small political parties, which voted in their favour.

“There is proliferation of bogus political parties, which is definitely Zec’s creation. Today (yesterday), there were a number of small political parties which came to the meeting, they were voting in favour of Zec,” Mwonzora said.

Opposition parties accuse Zec of being sympathetic to Zanu PF, but it has rejected that claim.

In 2008, Zec was accused of massive ballot manipulation after it failed to release the presidential election results for six weeks.

Efforts to get comment from Zec were fruitless.

Yesterday’s meeting comes as Zec is set to hold a stakeholders’ meeting on September 15.

“The meeting is one of Zec’s initiatives to continuously engage with valued stakeholders and to discuss issues raised in their last meeting held in May 2016,” Zec said.

Last week, Nera convener Didymus Mutasa insisted that the meeting will not stop the planned demonstrations.

“Only two members of each party are going to attend the meeting and it’s . . . futile on their party. A few people will attend this meeting while the rest are going to express their views through demonstrations,” the former State Security minister said.

Comments (13)

ZEC is already rigging its stance. Shame.

therambo - 14 September 2016

kusanyara shuwa kubira nyika yose. zec??? hamyari nei chokwadi. kushaya ganda kumeso!

kelly - 14 September 2016

mmmmm...... I smell a rat

Pieter Herbst - 14 September 2016

Rita Makarau is putting her career and future integrity on the line here. No govt house or car or plasma tv is worth losing your future for. The anger in this country right now is so colossal those who don't fraternize the lower echelons will be taken by surprise.

Sagitarr - 14 September 2016

Mugabe and his ZANU PF are in full control of ZEC and due to the fact that they have never before acted fairly what makes you think that they intend doing so now? So why even bother when you know their background? Not until such time that SADC and the AU acknowledge what is going on and themselves begin to demonstrate fairness and impartiality and demand the necessary reforms will we see change. Heavy outside pressure has to be brought to bear upon this vile dictator of ours - without it I will guarantee you that we are going nowhere.

Mbewa - 14 September 2016

Judge Rita Makarau, you are a disgrace to the legal profession. I feel ashamed to be associated with the profession. What has become of the legal ethics they taught you in law school? You have shamed all the Catholics in the country who subscribe to fairness among mankind.

Mushawasha - 14 September 2016

I agree with Mbewa's thoughts.ZEC will never implement the electoral reforms because their paymaster Mugabe knows that once there are reforms Zanu Pf will never win elections thats why they want 2018 elections to be held under this status quo. If only SADC and AU can help us but unfortunately there is none of them who can confront Mugabe. Just at the mention of his name they all s..t in their pants.There is only one man Khama who can confront this monster the whole of Africa combined,but chara chimwe hachitswanye inda.If Mutasa can insist for electoral reforms then it indeed means all elections held before were rigged and there will never be an exception to the 2018 elections.God help us.

chimuti - 14 September 2016

I am shocked to learn that ZEC is creating fake political parties. This then means they have started their business of not being honest. Any opposing political party has to be a member of NERA and those not members of NERA are ZANU PF babies planted to bring in confusion. Leaders of opposition parties have to start telling electorate which are genuine opposition parties and which ones are fake. If this is not corrected on time obviously ZANU PF will win.

khithi - 14 September 2016

Fellow Zimbabweans , let us not put our hopes in the SADC and AU. Zimbabweans have liberated themselves before from colonial rule. They will liberate themselves from dictatorship , if the need arises. The AU and SADC are nothing but clubs of the Heads of States which do not benefit the man in the street. These organizations are just a bunch of kleptocracies who are looting the resources of their countries. You should never , ever expect Zuma or Dos Santos or the AU to open their mouths to openly criticize ZANU PF. It is not in their interest. If the AU stood by watching more than 800 000 Rwandans being massacred in genocidal madness, do you think they will come running to Zimbabwe. Right now more than 500 Ethiopians have been murdered in the country which hosts the AU and no one is saying anything. Zimbabweans at home and those in the Diaspora must help each other. No one is going to solve the problems of the country except Zimbabweans themselves. No one knows these problems except Zimbabweans. Let us not fool ourselves that help will be forthcoming from somewhere. That is useless day dreaming!

Raggamuffin - 14 September 2016

As for Rita Makarau, Lord help this woman. She is even the President of the SADC Election Organizations which are supposed to share best practice in the management of elections and yet she presides over the most blatant electoral fraud mankind has ever witnessed. She is not just an embarrassment to the legal profession, she is an embarrassment to all decent Zimbabweans and human beings who believe in the leveling of the playing field in politics and the rule of law. All those who are " eating" right now, vari kudya , your chickens will come home to roost. Those who are going about beating, maiming and murdering innocent people, you will also reap what have you have sown. Chisinga peri chino shura. Even Hitler , Idi Amin , Pinochet Ferdinand Marcos, and other evil dictators, with all the power and the intense fear they generated, still went down.History can recall. Ian Smith and PW Botha used to say never in a thousand years but it took less than 20 years for them to be removed from power. Those who believe ZANU PF will rule forever are ,sadly, mistaken. Those who have committed gross human rights violations and atrocities will be brought to book. There will also be taken to Chikurubi where they put other people. We do not want to send them to the Hague (ICC) where they will be in comfortable prisons. Chikurubi yakavakirwa munhu wese , even former Vice Presidents,.Ministers, G40 l Lacost faction and other ruthless people can be given free accommpodation there

Raggamuffin - 14 September 2016

Rita Makarau is embarassing, how can she stoop so low. People are watching you Rita as you play the Zanu ball game. This woman is embarrassing - Love for money.

observer - 15 September 2016

2018 is far guys, the Ritas will be gone with their Zanu Pf. Who can employ a judge like Rita. She can easily be bought, look at what she is doing now, She wants to rig another election. People of Zimbabwe lets not allow Rita Makarau to rig another election as we watch. NO NO NO. We know they is the military in ZEC and what do military officials do at an elections body. ZANU is corrupt to the its heart. We want to see how they rig the economy, the bond notes will never work and kunyepa, ZANU ino mhara chete.

zhara - 15 September 2016

You are right zhara, bond notes can only work if citizens accept them, soon all US dollars will disappear from banks as soon as they introduce bond notes, the black market will thrive, shop shelves will be empty once again - and ZANU is gone forever with Robert to the grave.

hokoyo - 15 September 2016

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