Fire ministers also, civil servants tell Chinamasa

HARARE - Restive civil servants who meet government today to discuss its new measures which include retrenching 25 000 workers, say they are prepared to accept its position if it cuts ministries and off-load luxury cars being driven by the ministers.

Civil servants umbrella body — the Apex Council — meets with government to discuss the raft of measures announced last week by Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa.

The meeting comes at a time emotions are running high among government workers and ordinary Zimbabweans who are reeling from the current economic meltdown.

“We will probably listen to them only after Chinamasa surrenders his Mercedes Benz and start driving a Honda Fit, have his salary and allowances cut and various useless ministries disbanded,” said Zimbabwe Teachers Association (Zimta) chief executive Sifiso Ndlovu.

“Otherwise, we will not accept a situation where government, in its lack of wisdom, can think about us and act on our behalf without consultation.”

Presenting his mid-term fiscal policy statement last week, Chinamasa scrapped bonuses for all government workers as part of a raft of measures which include taxing civil servants’ allowances and cutting salaries of senior officials.

He also announced that government will retrench 25 000 workers as part of  austerity measures which have raised the ire of civil servants.

The emergency measures were announced as civil service salaries and bonuses have been gobbling virtually the whole national budget, worsening the country’s deepening liquidity and cash shortages.

“The battlefield has been laid and government has already fired the first shot but we are prepared to respond to fire with fire. We will also pull the trigger because the time has come to show this government that they do not own this country,” said Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) secretary-general, Raymond Majongwe.

“We will not allow any reduction of our salaries that are already far below the poverty datum line and allowances to be reduced in any direction. We have had enough of their bullying.”

The Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) in a statement described government’s “one-size-fits-all” approach in their civil service reform bid as not only shocking but a health time bomb.

“The proposed review which entails a blanket salary cuts, freeze on end of year bonuses, mass retrenchments amongst a plethora of other retrogressive and unfair labour practices will undoubtedly immerse the health sector into turmoil as characterised by very low levels of motivation and reduced health worker to patient ratio, thus compromising efficiency and quality of care in the health sector,” read part of ZHDA’s statement.

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chinamasa kwana iwe. tanga wakata maallowances arikupiwa mwana wamugabe ari ku Singapore wozotaura matuzvi ako ayo

zvambu - 14 September 2016

chinamasa kwana iwe. tanga wakata maallowances arikupiwa mwana wamugabe ari ku Singapore wozotaura matuzvi ako ayo

zvambu - 14 September 2016

Shame where is the 25000 workforce Chinamasa Why don't you retrench the ministers

Slim Cat - 14 September 2016

This gvt has gone to the dogs. And these idiots are running our country like a tuck shop. Why do fools like Chinamasa talk of cutting salaries and allowances of hard-working ordinary citizens without actually slashing the size of their parliamentarians? Why not downsize the size of these so-called gvt officials some of the posts that are created are even irrelevant but yet gobbling a handsome amount of our monies? Why then do institutions like the ZRP, Army, ZPS, AirForce, continue to recruit and yet those who have reached retirement age are spared from the axe. These institutions have many many old, useless and unfit members who are long overdue for retirement, but they still hang on to the profession and claim that they are still orphans. They should all go and create room for fresh blood! Chinamasa Kwana iwe!!!

Emperor - 14 September 2016

It sure looks like every layer of protection against decline spun by this govt over the years, is fast coming off. The main actors, in trepidation, are reacting to the unravelling by trying to threaten citizens that are now braver than them (citizens are prepared to die for freedom, the oppressors want to cling to stolen wealth) .... a situation that could make one laugh, were it not so tragic...

Sagitarr - 14 September 2016

chinamasa will soon apologise for 'not consulting' be4 issuing the fiscal policy. kkkkkkk the poor boy always announces moves only for rhobhati & co to shoot him down. the discord is just tuu machi!

SaManyika Chaiye - 14 September 2016

Get rid of all those rubbish so called ministers. That includes Chidhakwa and ZHUWAWO. Keeping a minister who cannot account for the disappearance of $15 billion diamond proceeds and the other one who comes to parliament akadhakwa. What the hell is this Robert?

james Chengeta - 14 September 2016

Judging by the poor quality of comments on this issue, I am tempted to go back to my previous assertion that Zimbabweans have not been gifted by 'ability to analyse and think critically about issues'; and am very disappointed. Chinamasa announces these measures and next day we are told cabinet or Mugabe has reversed minister's directive. Surprisingly, that minister is never fired! In the same vein we are told Mugabe dresses down Lacoste aligned war vets in the mould of Mutsvangwa and next day Mugabe accuses G40 kingpin Kasukuwere of 'illegal sale of stands to Magaya'. In all these "Evil King' machinations the gullible very educated Zimbos are left to debate on 'Evil King's next move. Wake up Zimbabweans, this 'Evil King' has been playing these tricks throughout his evil rule. When are we going to collectively; including Kasukuwere, Chinamasa, Mnangagwa etc, going to reject this Tom foolery antics of 'Evil King'. Shun selfish agendas my brothers and sisters for the 'Evil King has no umbrical cord on this land. For him, its power, power and power. Even the Muzendas, Zvobgos and Tekeres of this world were naively abused by this 'Evil King'. I am very disappointed brothers and sisters. Young generation; rise and reclaim what we, your fathers failed to do on your behalf; rise and reclaim what rightfully belongs to you PEACEFULLY, but RISE! I sill love you all!

Save - 14 September 2016

Chinamasa's proposals are commendable under the circumstances. He has no option but to take such austere measures. I, however, feel that junior employees should be spared since we can save a lot of money if we trim the bloated Cabinet & rationalise ministries, remaining with a maximum of 18 Ministers. Some Ministries should be merged, the likes of Higher & Primary Education, Agriculture & Lands, etc. We can also abolish posts of Deputy Minister, Principal Director, Deputy Director, Deputy Secretary, Provincial Minister, Provincial Administrator, Deputy Chief Secretary to the President, etc. The country can do with only one Vice President.

Chief Charumbira - 14 September 2016


matohwe - 15 September 2016

Kungotaurawo wenyu vanhu weee. Havambozviteereri vanambwa ava all what they think is power.

Dodo - 15 September 2016


NUTTY DREADLOCK - 15 September 2016

taurahako DODO this is wasting tym chasara kubuda muno ini i cantv stand for this shit. all skilled labor is leaving but gvnmt yacho is oblivious to the fact. Havanzwe vanhu ava they are so thick headed thick thick thick thick. Mugabe said a few weeks ago kuti ana wats app vakadhakwa hatinegotiate nevanhu vema wats app tinosunga chete. Now everyone who lives in this globilized world of today knows the power social media holds. just shows you how out of touch this gvnmt is. ZIM ASSET MANYARARA KA MAKUITA ZVE COMMAND AGRIC BUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA YOU GUYS HAMUNA KUENDA KUCHIKORO MAKATENGA MA DIGOZ AIWA

NUTTY DREADLOCK - 15 September 2016

Chinamasa knows very well there are thousands of ghost workers. These are Zanu PF employees on the government payroll.Kasukuwere employed them during his time at the ministry of Youth. Tinozviziva zvese!

Johno - 15 September 2016

i thought these people had promised 2 Million why cutting now.what happened to the jobs

surprised - 15 September 2016

@Save; i thought the condemnation that you are shielding on us was going to come up with something new! Who on this earth do you think doesnt know that the announcements of bonuses and their subsequent annulment by Chinamasa is an outdated political tactic by Mugabe to come in and appear as a liberator of the people? You think you made a discovery on that? Actually it happens on every public holiday or when he is supposed to say something on behalf of the people. You will see similar old tricks sooner around the round of graduations that are coming soon, and even around Dec when he will have to "say something" on the Unity Day!

Emperor - 15 September 2016

That's exactly my point and am not claiming to have discovered anything new. All I am saying is that lets remove being selfish for 'Evil King' has been manipulating us based on that weakness. Reducing wage bill is no panacea to Zim problems. Solution is governance underpinned by constitutionalism and not the Boko Haram approach to leadership, governance and developmentalism. Modern day approaches to governance revolve around stakeholder engagement paradigm and not vodo politics and economics as typified by 'Evil King'. Lets not allow ourselves to be swayed away from core issues through 'moribund and fossilised' antics of ages. How can a minister announce a fiscal policy position without backing of cabinet and President. What hogwash is this! I still love you all!

Save - 15 September 2016

VaChinamasa tipeiwo maserious plz,stop operating this country as if yu are operating ur own household,we are already earning below the poverty datum line moda futi kuti bvisira...#enoughisenough#

this country - 15 September 2016

They must fire Truth first for him to know that things are not well in his smelling country

John Mbingu - 15 September 2016

That audit report categorically stated that there are close to 40 thousand ghost workers who are being paid every month and after that we were never told the fate of the ghost workers.Someone has to be brave enough to freeze all salaries earnmarked for the ghost workers,but unfortunately as Margaret Dongo rightly said some years back,they are all the president's wives they can never initiate anything that he doesn't want.Its safe to say that the ghost workers are the so called zanu pf youths who are always ready to do any dirty job for the party.Kuripwa vagere as baba Tencen rightfully puts it.Terror youths from Border Gezi.

Janana wa Bikaz - 15 September 2016

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