Praise-singers destroying Mugabe: Mutodi

HARARE - Vocal Zanu PF member-cum-businessman and musician, Energy Mutodi, says President Robert Mugabe is now surrounded by “praise-singers and crooks” who are abusing his advanced age to cause chaos in the country.

Pulling no punches, the Zanu PF Mashonaland East provincial executive member blamed these “praise-singers” who he declined to name in an interview with the Daily News at the weekend, for being behind Zimbabwe’s worsening rot, and also causing the current ugly factional and succession wars that are devouring the ruling party.

“It is hard for any ordinary member in the party to reach out to the top leadership. You will simply be denied the chance to do so. Remember the party is now full of praise-singers who tell the president lies everyday and are afraid to be exposed if the president is easily reachable.

“People are also fighting to remain in their Cabinet posts or to get promotions. The system is such that those in higher positions block potentially better minds and new blood from coming in. Even where you are elected by the people to get a higher post you will be blocked.

“The party needs to do what is morally right. You cannot promote corruption, breed poverty and unemployment and expect people to be silent,” Mutodi told the Daily News in the no-holds barred interview.

He said Zanu PF needed to respond positively to the demands of ordinary Zimbabweans as citizens were raising genuine concerns which demanded the party’s action.

Mugabe and Zanu PF are blamed by critics for the country’s worsening economic situation, which has seen endless demonstrations erupting in recent times.

Pro-democratic forces, including opposition political parties and radical pressure groups, say they will continue with these protests to force the increasingly frail nonagenarian to resign.

But Mugabe has not taken lightly to these protests, vowing last week to crush them, including jailing dissenters, in an ominous warning made after the High Court foiled his government’s plan to ban demonstrations.

However, Mutodi says Mugabe’s inability to come up with a clear succession plan and failure to leave office were contributing to the growing civil unrest.

“Human beings are different from donkeys and monkeys in the sense that they are anxious about the future. Currently, the people are overburdened. They see a dark cloud over them.

“Some are saying we got ourselves into this problem by voting for Zanu PF in the first place and by entrusting the leadership of the party with Mugabe. He is not willing to leave office and see how the country can move forward without him at the helm,” he told the Daily News.

“He is now advanced in age and naturally getting weaker and weaker to perform the duties of a head of State and government. That job is enormous, laborious and tremendous and hence requires a young and energetic person to be in place. This must be making people worried, as they feel cheated and betrayed.

“While he did not disappoint as he gave the people the land and built schools and universities and allowed blacks to enjoy the rights they could not be given by Smith, President Mugabe has overstayed in office and is no longer the best person to lead in the wake of the new challenges that the country is facing,” added Mutodi.

He blamed some Zanu PF members for using tribalism and regionalism in their assessment of a likely candidate to succeed Mugabe.

“There are many people in Zanu PF who are potential presidents. Emmerson Mnangagwa is one of them. Others are Sydney Sekeramayi and Ignatius Chombo.

“These men are sober and reliable. They are usable for any task and they do it properly,” said the maverick politician.

“Honestly speaking, Mnangagwa can ensure a smooth transition as he has experience and is acceptable to the key stakeholders who include the President himself, as well as the key foreign powers. He is a natural choice.”

Zanu PF is torn apart by factionalism with one group of young Turks known by the moniker Generation 40 (G40) fighting to stop Mnangagwa’s mooted presidential ambitions which his backers say is on point.

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@Energy I agree wth all yu said bt for yu to pik Chombo to lead zanu and country ,I think its rank madnes.Maybe yu just want to apease chombo bcoz of yo land deals.Sekeramayi is a tired man.By him allowing the choice of mujuru to be his president ,means he does not have the confidence in himself.That leaves Mnangagwa.Yes that one yu spot on.Problem is he needs to move in NOW becoz of his age.He is heading for exit when he has one legg in.

viola gwena - 12 September 2016

Thank Mr Mutodi but no thank you. I say so because your candidates are good for your party zanu but not good for our country. Please how dare you mention Chombo on that list. with all we know. but thank you for those strong thoughts . You are a good Zimbabwean.

NEW NATION - 12 September 2016

wakrasika hako pa party yako asi l salute u for calling a spade a spade. rg enda unochengeta muzukuru mwana wabona namagaya kwazvimba--- nxaaaa aaaggghhhh sorry mwana wabona neuyo wamunonyepera kuti ndiye baba vemwana--- handiti pachishona tinoti gomba harina mwana kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

munyimi - 12 September 2016

shut up energy!!!!!!!!!!!,are yu desperate for a ministerial position?its a shame the president is not accessible to yu despite your money,the president has hosted top international musicians such as bob marley,don williams and has no time for village musicians like yourself,why are yu so desperate for cde ED to succeed the president,have yu been promised tenders?have yu been promised a deputy ministerial post?the president is ably assisted by cde ED and cde mphoko,if these two are tired and have no energy to assist the president then they must step aside and allow the president to elect younger deputies,the issue of a succession plan is not the presidents baby,the president as a democrat cannot impose a leader on the people,yu are so obsessed and dream of a hkaranga hegemony that is why yu fear that without a succession plan,your preferred candidate cannot even win a primary election against yours truly,that is why yu cry for a succession plan so that your candidate can be imposed,every zimbo has a right to the presidency and we will not allow your preferred candidate to ride on our presidents coattails to the presidency,as for the party breeding corruption,yu call empowerment corruption because yu have been empowered and yu want to prevent others from enjoying the priviledge,mr mutodi get used to our president being there,if yu are unhappy jump ship

truth - 12 September 2016

Well said about praise singers but Ernegy simply got it wrong when he omits Chombo among praise singers.In fact Mugabe is not comfortable with independent minds.One should look at how he purged the likes of Enos Nkala,Edgar Tekere,the Zanla Command Element consisting of Rugare Gumbo,Gwauya,Dzinashe Machingura,the list is endless.If he real wants genuine and hardworking cadres,he should had selected and assigned them critical Cabinet posts.Is there any strong reason why among all the people he appointed Mandi Chimene as provincial minister?The rot obtaining in his public administration,has no one to be blamed but himself.

Gen. Spinola - 12 September 2016

Mr mutodi,wangauripi nguva yese zvawava kutaura ikozvino.Kutaura uku wakazama kuenda pamusoro zvikaramba that's u now talking.Why can't u come open &point those people blocking u.Me I don't trust all of u zanus.Now u talking because u fail to get to the top,,u not talking because u are worried about the situation in the country. U&all the thieves u protecting must go to hell.We don't need anyone from ZANU to run the country,, we need someone not from that evil party.

matsotsi - 12 September 2016

@Truth, If the two VPs should step aside when they are tired and allow for younger deputies, what of the President. Is he not very tired and lacking energy? should he not also step aside and allow for someone younger???

Kakuli - 12 September 2016

kkkkkk Energy since the day you were harassed and shoveled out at zanu pf headquarters by the young g40 urgent you became mentally dissturbed to the extent that your selection of.. would be leaders...shows how chaotic is your mind therefor no upright thinking Zimbabwean must take you serious... chombo a blood sucker must not be anywhere near the position of presidency neither chombo nor sekeramai not even mentioning mphoko ....a better gamble mnangagwa if not then zanu pf should hire one outside the party the likes of Muchadeyi Masunda

peacelover - 12 September 2016

kkkkkk Energy since the day you were harassed and shoveled out at zanu pf headquarters by the young g40 urgent you became mentally dissturbed to the extent that your selection of.. would be leaders...shows how chaotic is your mind therefor no upright thinking Zimbabwean must take you serious... chombo a blood sucker must not be anywhere near the position of presidency neither chombo nor sekeramai not even mentioning mphoko ....a better gamble mnangagwa if not then zanu pf should hire one outside the party the likes of Muchadeyi Masunda

peacelover - 12 September 2016

Kana kuri kwedu tinoseka zvedu kuti kwekweeeee.VanaMutodi mava nesimba rekutotaurawo.who in particular blocked your ascendancy to a higher ministerial post .Name them in order to put them to shame .Never let the people keep on guessing .This guessing mantra is a recipe for disaster in our Zim politics.For example we keep on guessing who will succeed the nonegerian and results for these guessings have rather been chaotic and dangerous to fanthom.they utterly led to the purging ofv the revered amai Mujuru,sprouting of Team Lacosteand even worse the coming into super league of Zimbabwean politics of a team from division one known as G40kkkkkkkk.Zimbabwean politics has no sound succession plan.Pure politics from hell, MR Mutodi.Your master has caused all this mayhem.I opt a new face rather those crooks you have brought forward as your prefered choices.I put my wits to rest .kk

MATINYANYA - 12 September 2016

Solution to Zim crisis is just transparency chete. Meaning kuti whoever succeeds Mugabe be it opposition or ruling party needs to build a 35 000 capacity jail state of the art and dedicate this prison to all corrupt gvmnt officials. I tell you our economy will become the fastest growing economy in the world. But tikaramba tichiita zveku nanzvana m***** hapana kwatinosvika inenge iri wenhamo mukanya style

NUTTY DREADLOCK - 13 September 2016

@Kakuli nice question to @Truth. Who exactly would tire and lack energy faster the vice presidents or the president himself. Anyway @Truth the President is not in post to be assisted but to lead the country. The moment a president can only function through assistance he cease to be an asset to the country but a burden.

zc - 13 September 2016

Corruption is part of ZANU PF culture and permeates the whole Government top to bottom, inside out. Morgan won't be any different either because he is just as corrupt as everyone else. The degree of corruption in this country is what keeps Mugabe in power and he knows it. Mugabe also has the full and unconditional support of SADC and the AU even though he has proven to be one of the worst leaders having killed people and totally destroyed our economy? These protests do not pose any threat whatsoever to the Mugabe regime. I'm not at all optimistic about our future.

Mbewa - 13 September 2016

@kakuli,the president cde RG MUGABE is indispensable to the nation,he is a visionary leader who has selflessly served this country for thirty six years,the job of being president requires on to be assisted by energetic and astute deputies,the president is coping well with the task but one of his deputies is stuck in factional politics and as is the trend worldwide,vps are usually young and energetic thats why these two should be replaced with younger candidates with lots of energy,the president is needed to mentor and stabilize the govt and party,without him we like a ship without a captain

truth - 13 September 2016


mike - 13 September 2016

I think Truth has a bone to chew with every one who opposes zanu pf and its leaders why,why really you must also be a village idiot like what u said to Energy Mutodi calling him a Village musician,kkkkkk,uchamhanya Truth and very soon.

Jocho Matomatisi - 13 September 2016

I may not agree with Energy but I like the energy he applies to the discourse. The discussion about our future and the fact that the trusted old Horse may be due for a well deserved retirement. Discussion is good. Discussion is healthy. Even those of us in ZANU PF deserve the opportunity to contribute towards the creation of viable leadership alternatives. As for my good friend Chombo he is the last person we want as a Head of State. Do you want the people of Zvimba to own the whole country?

Viva Unidade - 13 September 2016 friend you have the most difficult job ever, the job of spreading propaganda is not so easy especially when you are on a forum where there are smart heads, i'm pretty sure you can see for yourself that your kind of propaganda doesn't work anymore and worse still you use the same old tired stuff, once they are done using you they'll dump you like a nobody. You, your zanu and mugabe are all fools, you can't fight the masses and win, never!!

misty - 13 September 2016

Whatever Mutodi is saying the truth is ZANU PF is made of dead wood at the top. I am not good at figures but majority of the senior leadership are over the age of 70. Secondly the issue of paying praise singers by giving them key positions is very bad. Surely if one is to think of Masvingo with Mahofa as Resident Minister without any qualification and Manicaland Mandi Chimene the same though she claims she did form three. How many Professors, Drs and Masters degrees holders in the two Provinces? But Mugabe ignores them and awarded the praise singers with positions and what do they do they only praise Mugabe even when there is virtually nothing he is doing. Ladies and gentleman enough is enough even within ZANU PF people must start thinking of bringing new brooms to clean up the Mess.

Qedhisanii - 13 September 2016

Mr Mutodi must be a bitter man, whatever, may be behind his comments, there are a lot of frustrations and dispointments,U are right that in Zanu pf there are a lot of praise singers, including yourself, how can you talk of Chombo & Sekeramai(both in their 80's) succeeding Mugabe. U a also insane upstairs.Zimbabwe has has young brains to lead this nation,the likes of chamisa,strive Masiwa,simba makoni etc not these old guards who have been corrupt since 1980. As long as u are a praise singer too, u wont be elevated by Zanu pf coz u too hv been in corrupt deals with chombo.

Taku Taku - 14 September 2016

there is no party without praise singers even in the MDC we hear them say Save ,Save ...,ZANU PF has a right to have praise singers too.every party ine madofo,so we should respect ma appointments anenge aitwa na president wedu considering his level of education and for Mutodi he is entitled to his own opinion,that is his analysis politically as a Zimbabwean not karanga or what you want to name his tribal affiliation,but to correct you guys our politics here has no tribe or ethnic grouping.we fought the war as one to liberate the country from colonial bondage,then after independence to suggest ,this tribe is better than that tribe and should rule is misguided.lets confront the our problems as one,and no one is superior than the other,we do not want an African version of arpatheid,it is potentially retrogressive.

vivazim - 14 September 2016

they are not destroying him, that's what he choses to surround himself with. Any dissenters soon find themselves outside labelled as traitors and stripped of all the perks of patronage. Energy is another praise singer himself who lack integrity and call a spade by its name. There is an executive president who can veto any law parliament makes, who is an appointing authority on all key positions in the land in the government and in his party, who chooses to break the constitution when he wants and nothing happens to him because everyone on the bench has been appointed by him and owes him, the man is an authoritarian and people like Energy have the temerity to blame praise singers for his failures? You lack moral courage, you and your zanoid collegues.

Galore - 14 September 2016

amana regai kunetseka na truth ndomuziva i know him well ndewe g40 kagrup kenzenza iya kkkkk saka haadi kunzwa ne zvamunangagwa. plus truth dont just post comments uri kuma teresi sesu hedu,kana uri murume ingobuda pachena sezvaitwa na mutodi izvi tabva tazuva kuti ndiye ataura.zvino iwe uda kumbozvipa mazita hee truth heee njani njini ,ingotaura zita chete, tikukuziva ndiwe jonathan moyo kkkkk g40 kkk

tutsi - 15 September 2016

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