Matemadanda dismisses new war vets leadership

HARARE - Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) secretary-general, Victor Matemadanda, has dismissed attempts by President Robert Mugabe to impose new leadership on the organisation, arguing it is unconstitutional.

This comes as War Veterans’ minister, Tshinga Dube, last week assigned Robert Ncube as ZNLWVA’s interim chairperson to replace Christopher Mutsvangwa, whose leadership government insists it no longer recognises.

Government argues that it is no longer tenable for Mutsvangwa to continue at the helm of the association after his expulsion from Zanu PF — a party they say cannot be separated from war veterans.

Matemadanda described the government’s actions as a "non-event".

He said Mugabe’s move “ultra vires (Latin phrase meaning beyond the powers of) the associations’ constitution because there is a court order to that effect”.

“Government should promote constitutionalism not trying to meddle in the association’s issues in disregard of standing court orders,” he told the Daily News.

Matemandanda said the association will meet “early this week” to map the way forward.

According to Dube, Ncube’s appointment will be on an interim basis awaiting a special congress to elect new leadership to replace the Mutsvangwa-led executive.

Curiously, this decision comes as the High Court barred Mandi Chimene, Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba, George Mlala, Charles Mpofu, Ester Munyaradzi, Stephen Moyo and Robert Mukwena from taking over the leadership of the association.

This was after ZNLWVA filed an interdict seeking to bar some of its members from claiming leadership of the organisation.

In the High Court application, ZNLWVA said the respondents’ actions were a threat to national security and stability.

Yesterday, government insisted it had been forced to intervene following the unusual situation of a war veterans’ chairman being expelled from the ruling party.

“..his (Mutsvangwa) position has become untenable because war veterans are an affiliate of Zanu PF,” War Veterans ministry’s permanent secretary, Asher Tapfumaneyi, told the State media.

“The party has a say on how the association is led. We are looking for a workable solution to an unusual situation.”

Tapfumaneyi went on to accuse the Mutsvangwa led-executive of running its affairs without a valid constitution, saying the process the ministry was undertaking would bring an amended constitution.

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Was that other fellow Jabulani Sibanda not dismissed and replaced the same way? Where were all these people clamouring for constitutionalism now? You should defend what is right and lawful always regardless of who the personalities are. You would have thought the government of Zimbabwe has plenty to be getting on with than wasting tax payers money to sort out the factional fights of a political party.

Galore - 12 September 2016

without the warvets association,matemadanda is nothing that is why he is clinging to his post

truth - 12 September 2016


jemba - 12 September 2016

Robert Mugabi is nothing without statehouse hiding place. thats why he clings on forever, fearing the open arms of jail or hague without the cover of statehouse. one day is one day!

Donato Matibili - 12 September 2016

matemadanda should quit politics and contest the MR UGLY contest where he is assured of winning all time,@dailynews please stop publishing this guys face,he scares my kids with his ugliness

truth - 12 September 2016

post your picture truth. May be you are so beautiful that my dog might find a perfect partner or you are so handsome that my pet monkey will wed you

Captain D - 12 September 2016

Warvets are warvets for all Zimbabweans regardless of political affiliation. They do not belong to Zanu PF. Zanu Pf has used them and will continue to use them as and when it is to their advantage to do so. The war is over and you did a good job, now be the protectors of what you fought for, freedom of speech and association etc.

Icho - 12 September 2016

Desperation at its worst.Zanu pf would end up even interfering with burial societies in the African townships as long they perceive that they have an element of Zanu pf membership.They would even impose leadership of those societies.I pity Dube for being part of this senseless cabal that never bothers to observe the constitutions of voluntary organisations let alone the supreme law of the land.

Gen. Spinola - 12 September 2016

Truth boasts of having a conservancy, a ranch and now a tobacco farm a product of the liberation war, very greed and corrupt I may add, and he chooses to deride the very war vets while praising those who never fired a single shot. A war veteran is not defined by ZBC, the Herald or the current dictatorship. A true war vet goes beyond party politicking.

Viva Unidade - 12 September 2016

Instead, the so called truth is scaring the nation by his comments. truth pliz if you have nothing to say don't say it.who are you to judge God's creation? mind you, man was created in the image of God.makanyanyanya kuba hamuchazivi musiyano wechokwadi nenhema.zvakwana.

zero - 12 September 2016

@viva unidade,yours truly is a child of a pioneer of the struggle,i have utmost respect for genuine war veterans,the josiah tongogara,lookout masuku,solomon mujuru,nikita mangena,however dont expect me to respect ill disciplined poorly trained cadres whose only contribution was hosting pungwes and raping villagers,and just a reminder,my father did not risk his life to liberate this country so that we can be poor,i will take part in all empowerment initiatives in this country,if tractors are being handed out,i will get my share,if inputs are being handed out i will get my share and i will never allow errand boys of the struggle,the likes of matemadanda to disrespect our leaders

truth - 13 September 2016

its amazing that all of a sudden mr matemadanda wants the rule of law observed and constitutionalism,amazing really

hmmmm - 13 September 2016

any attempt to smuggle victor matemadanda to contest the mr ugly contest will be frowned upon,i will lose to this man

william musvinu - 13 September 2016

the war veterans fought for zimbabwe, the country...not zanu pf, the party. Victor is right. Zanu must stop interefring in the affairs of the war vets. There are war vets in almost all political parties in Zim, including Zunde which has Paradza, the former judge.

Peter Kufahakuurayi - 13 September 2016

All the noise just because you were fathered by a so=called war vet? Do you even have O levels?, I wonder. Be your own man and argue with your own life experience instead of living in your parent(s)' armpits please. Isu vedu vana naozvimirira that's why we don't support Zanu PF. Tinozvitemba. We don't need any of their hand-outs from land, stands, TVs, scuds and idiocy.

Sagitarr - 13 September 2016

Musanyeperwe navana Truth ava.Anongovawo mupurwa zvake arikutongorota hope .Haana chinhu uyu.

chimuti - 13 September 2016

Gentlemen i hereby submit my candidature for this 'Mr Ugly " competition. I am very ugly and idiot at the same time.

Tshinga Dube - 13 September 2016

@zero matemadanda was not made in the image of god but maybe in the image of tsvangirai kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

jojo - 13 September 2016

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